'give me a second to take my pants off'

signs as The Adventure Zone quotes

aries: i very flirtatiously hit it with my warhammer

taurus:  and instead of using castor sugar like i normally would, i went with uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰ splenda

gemini:  PERCEPTION CHECK i want to see if he wet his pants

cancer:  no dogs are allowed on the moon. they just run right off the goddamn thing

leo: “the second ruffian –” “give them names.” “ –……..craigory”

virgo:  it covers all of his essential, uh, oils, but it does say “juicy” where his butt would be

libra: “and when i take my hand away, i’ve stuck a ‘kick me’ sign on his back” ”i kick him”

scorpio:  i need to do a check to see if him being on fire gives me the idea for spicy food

saggitarius:  somewhere in the distance, ludacris smiles

capricorn: “you run up and tear the box open, it explodes, you die. no, you tear the box open, it DOESN’T explode, you DON’T die –” “i’m fine either way.”

aquarius: abracafuck you!

pisces: the three of you walk into this room singing showtunes, and everyone inside this building looks at you, and kills you

Say My Name- Ashton Irwin

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve written smut. Sorry if it’s shitty, but here ya go!


I didn’t even bother asking for his name. He was staring at me with desirable hunger, something I’ve been craving all night. I marched over to his, grabbed the back of his hair, and pushed his lips onto mine. One thing led to another which brings me to our current situation. The nameless man sits on the edge of my bed with my legs on either side of his torso. I slowly move my body over his in slow movements. He groans below me causing a shock of pleasure run through me. I moan into his mouth and I feel him tense up. Suddenly he grabs my hips, flips us around, and slams me onto the bed.

He looks at me up and down and licks his lips, “Damn, you’re gorgeous.”

“Thanks,” I smirk. I flip myself over so I’m lying on my back, “Want to help me unzip?”

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Harry Styles - #SoloHarry Interview Imagine

[I too am in love with shy, bumbling Harry. I’m in love with any and all Harry’s there are, though honestly. Enjoy!]

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BTS reaction to when they are walking with their s/o  and they need to take their clothes because they are about to shift

Jimin: ‘jagiya, umm can we go somewhere private.. I need to take off my clothes”
You: “Gosh, Jimin are you that needy?”
“what? Oh NO I just need to shift”

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Jin: “Jagiya, can you come with me for a second, I feel like shifting”

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Jhope: *After Jhope told you that he needed to shift, you guys went to a more private place. Jhope was left with only his pants on when Jimin and Jungkook was walking by. 
Both of them: “Hyung! Gosh do it at home”

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You: “Um, Jungkook why are you taking off your clothes” 
“Heh, I sort of need to shift”

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Suga: “Babe” *Give you a sign that he needs to shift*
You: “Ah, okay. Let’s go somewhere more quiet”
“I love you jagi”

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You: “Um, babe why do you have your clothes off”
“Heh, shifting time”

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Rap Monster: “Baby, I need to take off my clothes and shift… Can we rush to somewhere private” 

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Something New

Summary: Sam and Y/N are pretty calm when it comes to sex. But Sam wants to try something new. He’s a little nervous not knowing how she’ll react to having anal sex. 

 Characters: Sam Winchester. Reader 

Pairing: Sam Winchester X Reader 

 Warnings: NSFW, anal sex, unprotected sex (suit up), oral sex (female receiving), language 

 Word Count: 2,675

 Request:  Can you do one about anal sex with Sam? -Anonymous 

 A/N: a Thanks @impala-dreamer for beta reading this. I hope y'all enjoy feedback is welcomed.

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Y/N is sitting there on the bed staring at me with those big and beautiful Y/E/C eyes. I’m leaning against the wall, watching as the book she was reading slowly slips out of her hands. She’s in shock but hell, I guess any normal girl would be too after what I just asked of her. Her cheeks and the tips of her ears flush as her jaw drops slightly. The poor thing must be replaying my words over and over in her head, unsure of what she should say.

“Hey,” I finally speak up, running my fingers through my hair, “it’s like I said, we don’t need to do it I was-” I clear my throat, running my hand over my slightly stubbled chin, her eyes are locked on mine, “I was just wanting to know if you were interested in trying it.”

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Heaven and Hell and Everything Inbetween: Part III


“Remember to use small strokes.” Cassian reminded Nesta as she used the straight razor on his cream lathered face.
“So you’ve said.“ Wiping the blade clean and ignoring blatant subtext, she continued. ”Eleven times.
“I’m sorry. A beautiful woman wielding an incredibly sharp blade near my throat tends to make me nervous.” A chuckle let out in which Nesta did not reciprocate.
Quiet.“ She chided. “I don’t want to accidentally cut you because your face keeps moving.“
Obeying, he kept his mouth shut as she finished one cheek and moved on to the next.
“Why did you want me to do this?“ Honest curiosity lined in her voice. “Being clean-cut has never been a priority for you.”
A brief pause. He had his reasons.
Because I thoroughly enjoy watching you squirm. He thought. Because I wanted to look nice for you.
“If you must know- Mother’s tits! OW!” Red began dripping down his cheek and he tried not to flinch from the initial shock.
“I’m sorry!” Panicking, Nesta dropped the blade in the sink. “That was my fault-”
Half turned and utterly mortified, she considered running away and hiding​ due to embarrassment.
Reaching for her hand he asked in a kind voice, “Where are you going?”
“I’m done. I can’t do this.”
“I will look like a complete idiot with my face left like this.” Baiting her when she felt vulnerable always worked like a charm.
She took it, rolling her eyes and pointed to the unfinished side of his face. “Not a complete idiot, no. Just a half-wit.”
“Sweetheart, you’re doing just fine. It’s already healed up.“
Nevertheless, she gave no sign to rejoin him.
“Come here.” He coaxed. “Sit on my lap. It’ll be easier for you.”
It was his turn to roll his eyes. “I am well aware of my hulking- your words, not mine- size. It would be easier if you didn’t have to walk to opposite ends of the bathroom when you wanted to reach the other side of my face. It would spare me from craning my neck as well.”
Weighing the logic, she slid herself onto him. His hands made themselves comfortable resting on her hips as he couldn’t contain the mischievous glint in his eye.
With a wet rag, she cleaned the blood. In gratitude, he rubbed her thighs. Kneading out built up tension.
Upon finishing his cheek she moved on to his upper lip. The most difficult area, she thought.
After a minute or so, a wide grin spread across Cassian’s face.
Pulling away, Nesta demanded: “Why are you smiling at me like that?”
“I can’t help it. I like your face like this.” Using the exact words she had uttered earlier that day.
“Like what, pray tell?”
“Your concentrated face. You know, the one where you crinkle your brow? And the tip of your tongue curls over your lip.”
Her eyes narrowed at that. “I don’t make a face.”
“You’re making it right now.”
In denial, she pressed her mouth shut in a hard line.
“It’s adorable.” He insisted, raising a thick eyebrow.
Snorting was her only response.
Fearsome is what I meant to say.” He amended and mockingly bowed his head, though he thought her pout further proved his point. “Positively fearsome.”
Once again lifting the blade, Nesta continued her work. Cassian was no help at all, his hands refusing to be idle and mouth relentlessly teasing.
Cocking her head to the side, she squinted. Examining​ her handiwork. Cupping his jaw, she turned his head to analyze each angle.
Gliding the back of her hand over his near silken gold cheeks, she was satisfied with her accomplishment.
“The Commander managed to survive the most gruesome part,” she announced. “Not without sustaining a battle wound, of course. That should impress the widows.”
“Thank the Mother for our many blessings and miracles. You are a worthy adversary, Emissary.”
Reaching over his wings to the counter, Nesta grabbed for a hot towel.
With a wry smile, she followed through on an impulse.
Gently placing the towel over his face, she smoothed it. Cassian let out a sigh of complete contentment.
Sneakily feeling for his mouth, she pulled his covered face and, with lightning speed, passionately crushed her lips onto his over the terry cloth.
Jumping in surprise, Cassian ripped the towel away and growled. The exact response she had been hoping for.
“After that ordeal, I definitely require to be held in comfort.”
“Illyrians are so dramatic.” She clucked her tongue.
It took half a beat to get on her level.
“You’re not wrong,” he conceded in a drawl.
Holding could come later, she thought.
After all the accumulated teases and flirts, Nesta couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted him now.
“Take off your pants.”
A fire lit in his eyes as he sat up. “I am utterly scandalized at how forward you’ve become. What’s come over you?”
Leaning forward, she inhaled deeply, becoming intoxicated by his aroma. “Take off your pants and get in the shower. I think it’s time for me to fulfill my second promise.”
Lifting her from his lap, he did as she commanded. Throwing his pants across the room and standing stark naked before her.
Nesta took her time looking him over, giving a nod of approval.
Blood rushed southwards and she licked her lips at the sight.
“Cass?” Nesta asked in a low voice that he knew quite well.
At near breaking point, he strained to keep his voice even. “Yes?”
Slowly removing her thin nightgown, testing his patience with each clasp she loosed, she let it fall to her feet. Not breaking eye contact as she kicked it in his direction.
Now it was his turn to look her over. He took his sweet time appreciating every curve. Nearly purring, it became quite apparent that he very much liked what he saw, and exactly what he wanted to do about it.
“Yes?” He repeated himself.
Turning knobs, water began streaming from the ceiling. Though not loud enough to drown out Nesta’s request:

“Keep your wings open.”
B.A.P Reactions To You Being More Sexual While You’re Drunk


He turned towards you with a funny expression but he still offered you a smile, “good morning Jagiya. I laid out some medication for your hungover on the table.”

You gave a small nod before you narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously, “why aren’t you looking me in the eye?”

“Um…” He tried to stall.

“We slept together, that much I gathered. I just don’t get why you’re acting so weird about it.”

He turned back towards you his eyes slightly widening in surprise, “you seriously don’t remember?” You shook your head.

As Youngjae began to recount all the events from last night, you could barely stop yourself from hiding under the sheets in embarassment. You were in a permanent state of cringe and regret, as he began telling you about how your friends had given him a call to come pick you up after they deemed you far too drunk to send you home alone.

You could tell by the twitch of his lips the he wanted to laugh, “when I got there…you were dancing all sexily on top of one of the tables.” You were mortified. Absolutely mortified. You would never drink again.

“You nearly cried when I told you we had to go home,” he let out a small laugh this time, “and yes. We did sleep together, however not in the way that you’re thinking,” His laughter rung louder this time.

“T-then why was I naked? ”

“I mean, you did try. The second I got you home you began trying to take off my pants. You wouldn’t give up so instead you tried to seduce me into sleeping with you by taking off all your clothes. It took me nearly 30 minutes to finally get you to sleep.”

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry Youngjae,” you apologized genuinely feeling sorry for the trouble you must have put him through. He simply shook his head and have you a soft smile as he walked towards you.

“Don’t be.” He patted your head,” just know I won’t ever let you live this down.” With a wink and smirk he turned back to continue cooking you breakfast.

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It must’ve been past 1am when Jongup was awoken by the sound of his phone ringing. Slightly annoyed by the late call, he let it ring a few times before picking up.

“Hello?” He answered, his voice an octave deeper than usual. 

“Jagiya~,” You slurred into your cellphone and began batting your eyelashes regardless of the fact that he couldn’t see.

His eyes widened in surprise, “Y/N?” It only took him a couple of seconds after that to figure out that you were drunk.

“Are you in bed right now?” You asked, in what you thought was a seductive tone.

He ignored the question already knowing where this would lead to, “Y/N where are you?”

“Not in your bed although I really wish I was…naked of course.”

Jongup lip slightly twitched. He had to stay focused. He couldn’t allow himself to be phased by the seductress that you’d turn into whenever you had too much to drink. He needed to figure out where you were. Suddenly thinking of something he asked you to turn the call into a video call. You more than happily complied but he slightly regretted his decision when he saw the camera angled down your shirt. 

“Y/N let me see where you are.”

You brought the camera to your face with a pout, “aren’t you affected by me at all? Am I not attractive?”

Jongup bit his lip, the conversation having taken a completely different direction then he had planned. 

“Jagiya, of course I find you attractive. You’re beyond beautiful so can you please show me where you are so I can come pick you up and take you home?” He made sure to let the words sound suggestive as he knew this was probably the only way to get through to you now. 

However, you were feeling like quite the tease. You smiled and shook your head, “I’m not telling.”

It was when he let out a sigh that he heard someone calling your name from the other side of the screen. 

“Thank God. I finally found you,” you heard a familiar voice say before your best friend whom Jongup had met a few times before, came on screen.

“Hey Jongup,” she greeted, “as you can probably tell Y/N had one too many drinks…yeah sorry about that but we’re at the Vault. I’m assuming I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah, I’ll try to get there as quick as I can,” He promised, “please make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble before I get there.” After hanging up he got ready in record time and was out the door.

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Although you and Junhong had gone out drinking multiple times together, you had never truly allowed yourself to completely on drunk. Perhaps it was because each time the two of you went one or more of the members would tag along. You didn’t mind though, genuinely enjoying their company. Their presence was also good to have as they stopped you from becoming too irresponsible and getting drunk. Seeing you drunk was a sight you’d rather not have any of them see.

However, you figured it was time Junhong found out the type of person you became and he was more than excited for the grand reveal.

“Junhong,” you said turning yourself on the bar stool to face him, “I’m just going to warn you right now. I act…totally different.”

He nodded his head with a grin, “yes I know. You’ve told me that like 5 times now.”

You looked at him for a couple more seconds trying to figure out whether to tell him in what way or not. You finally decided that you’d just let him find out himself. With that now decided, you turned towards the bar tended and waved him over.


You’re not exactly sure yourself how many drinks you’d had before you had lost complete control of your body. Your cheeks were flushed and your eyes almost held a certain haze to them. Junhong hadn’t noticed your state yet, but he would find out real soon what he had been most curious about. 

“Junhong,” you breathed. He turned to look at you and you gave him a sickeningly sweet smile, resting a hand on his cheek, “you’re incredibly handsome did you know that?” You didn’t let him answer before your other hand began to slip up one of his thighs. He quietly sucked in his breath and looked at you in surprised. 

Pulling him towards you, you laid your lips against his ear, “meet me in the washroom.” With that, you pulled away and gave him a wink before clumsily heading towards the restroom area. 

Once inside the women’s washroom, you waited a few minutes for Junhong but he never came. Your lips were in a pout when you got an idea.  Giggling to yourself, you got into one of the stalls and took off your shirt. With your bra now exposed you angled the camera towards yourself to take a picture. You bit your lip and teasingly lowered a bra strap for affect.

Junhong was standing outside the women’s washroom in deep deliberation when his phone began to buzz with incoming texts. When he saw that they were from you he opened them only to immediately press lock on his phone. He nervously glanced around to make sure no one was there before unlocking it again. He could feel himself flush as he laid his eyes on the skimpy photos. Although they were blurry, they were still visible enough for him to begin getting excited.

When a new text came in of you in nothing but your underwear he silently cursed. Before he knew it, he walked into the women’s washroom making sure to lock the door behind him. 

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| Hyung Line | Maknae Line |


Sorry that for the wait but here’s the second part! I hope it turned out okay<3

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Criminal ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles Stilinski


Word Count: 3418

Synopsis: AU Deputy Stiles Stilinski and reader have had a few run ins, most of which end with him arresting her. 

A/N: This is all thanks to @httpslouisoh who requested this. I usually don’t do requests but this was just brilliant and I HAD to write it! So I hope I did it justice my luv! My god, Stiles in a cop uniform, with handcuffs…this was brutal!

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Stilinski!” I try to wiggle out of Stiles’ grasp. Great this is just what I needed. To be harassed by Deputy Dipshit. Again.

“Stop, or I will handcuff you,” Stiles murmurs in my ear as he holds my hands behind my back.

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Don't wanna be a Grandfather

Can you make a Carl Grimes smut?

A/N: Since I wasn’t given a lot of detail I didn’t know what or where was requested. So I’m going to change it to Carl being 18 and the prison still standing. Everyone is the same age as they are just changed Carls age. Enjoy

Everyone was in their cell getting ready for the night. I saw Daryl look at me when he was walking around making sure that everyone was ok. Walking to my cell I saw that there was someone waiting for me. Probably Carl, lately he’s been coming into my cell after his watch was over. Rick used to always give him shit for it, but now that he’s eighteen Rick has been more quiet about it. But giving us both a hard time, he would always say that he didn’t want to be a grandfather. We couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of that.

“Hey Carl.” I said as I turned to close the cell door.

“Hey Y/N.” I heard Carls footsteps make his way over to me. I felt his lips trail from my neck to my collar bone, he carefully moved my camisole strap off my shoulder. I started smiling a little and let out a lustful sigh.

“Come on, I don’t have to keep watch tonight.” I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Wasn’t complaining, haven’t had sex with you in a while.”

“Good, because tonight we will be amazing.” He pushed me on the bed looking at me while taking his shirt off and undoing his pants I could already see his erection starting. I couldn’t help but look at his muscular lean body.

When he got on top of me, he took my shirt and bra off at the same time, taking a second to admire my bare breasts that he hasn’t seen in a while. With both hands he started to play with my nipples. Setting off hormones that were telling me to jump on him. I then felt his tongue on my right nipple biting it with little pressure giving me pleasure. A few moans left my mouth. He stopped and kissed me, pulling on my lower lip to roll me on my side.

“Like that?” He said in a raspy voice.

“Yes.” I said a little too loud.

“Good.” I felt his hands go into my pants and his fingers started to rub against my clit. He only played with it enough for me to almost reach my high. When he knew that I was about to finish he stopped for a second. Fast but carefully he took off my pants. Looking down I could see that he already had a full erection that was growing fast. “Because I’m about to show you something a lot better.”

Before I could say anything he opened my legs and slammed himself inside of me. Almost as a reflex I dug my nails into his back. I was given so much pleasure that I didn’t know what to do. He was inside of me for a few seconds before leaving and then with much force going back inside of me hitting the spot. I looked up to see him smirking, he himself let out some pretty loud moans.

“God you’re so wet Y/N.” He said as he grabbed my thigh to give it a squeeze. To set my oragzam off I felt his hand go to my clit. I moaned so loud that it echoed in the cell block. He put his hand on my mouth not missing a beat. As out orgazims declined I felt Carl pull out and lay next to me. Both our bodies were covered in sweat, I felt Carls arms wrap around me.

“I love you Y/N.” He then kissed the top of my head.


The next morning we sat down with the rest of the group. Rick came down and sat at the table with Judith in his arms.

“See this.” He said jestering her with a stern voice. “We don’t need another one. Everyone heard you both.” He couldn’t say that with a straight face. Carl started laughing with his father, who got up and patted Carl on the back.

“No we don’t want another one of Judith. Do we Y/N?” He said before he kissed me on the lips.



anonymous asked:

Can u give me a step by step guide on how to give a bj? It's my first time

Men actually enjoy foreplay too!

Foreplay will make his orgasm be a lot stronger and more enjoyable than just 60 seconds in your mouth. Then instead of just take his pants off and taking him straight into your mouth, start off slower. Try lowering your hand to him crotch, outside of his trousers and gently massage him through his trousers. When you get his trousers off, stimulate around his legs and groin area before you finally take him into your mouth. This bj tip where you build up to oral sex will literally have him begging you to speed up… perfect for building anticipation!
It isn’t just because you’re using your mouth to give your man a bj, it doesn’t mean that you should leave your hands idle and doing nothing.
Instead you should be using them to massage, rub, stimulate and caress around his member. So do pay some attention to his testicles. When you are grabbing and rubbing them, just make sure to be very careful though. Many who first hear about this blow job tip get a little excited and accidentally squeeze too hard and just end up hurting their man.
Making your bj wet is the easiest, but possibly the most important. Making it wet for him means that it’s going to feel a lot more luscious and sensual which means that his orgasm will feel a lot stronger and more enjoyable when he does reach orgasm.
If you naturally produce a lot of saliva, then you are off to a great start at making your oral sex a wetter experience. But if you don’t (or if you want to make it even wetter) then you should consider using flavored lube on him. Alternatively, if you want it to taste even better, then try whipped cream or even some syrup.
Many women want to learn oral sex tips on how to make their bjs better for their man. But very few look for the things they should avoid doing during it. This is critical if you want your man to have a good time.
The number one thing that you should avoid when giving your man head is…using your teeth.
His penis is obviously very sensitive, so even accidentally grazing it with your teeth can be incredibly painful for him. And for most men, pain is a turn off. If you find that it’s difficult to avoid accidentally grazing his penis with your teeth, then a great technique is to wrap your lips back around your teeth so that they have no chance of coming into contact with his sensitive bits.

  • Use a lot of saliva, swallow, masturbate him while sucking and look in his eyes.

advices, confessions, submission, sexual positions and tipes to have sex here

Calfreezy smut ‘go fuck your self ’

Promp: 'go fuck your self’

Warnings: Naughtiness

Cal x reader


You were just chilling in the flat on the sofa, all the others were out. For once you had the whole flat just to the both of you, but you and Cal ended up fighting. Cal had be spending the whole night editing and you didn’t get the attention you desired or craved. He had been traveling with the boys recently, you were always happy that he had such good mates and that they’d do nice things together. That wasn’t the problem, it was that whenever you had alone time he was working or editing.

It’s his life and job, trust me you Understand that but you two hadn’t done the 'nasty’ in weeks. To be brutally honest you were sexually frustrated, you wanted to spend some quality time with your boyfriend. You two had got to the stage in the relationship, where it wasn’t sex all the time and you were comfortable around each other which you were obviously happy about as you could be yourself around him. But the relationship had lost its passion and compassion. You were determined to get his attention.

“Cal come here, you’ve been sat in that chair all day.” I sighed

“Just a sec babe” he murmured, not even looking up from his computer screen.


You sat there just waiting.

Half an hour had passed, Cal still hunched over his desk. His hair in it’s natrual state, hanging down his forehead, his eyes surrounded by bags. You were angry, annoyed and most of all just a bit lonely. Your feeble, half assed attempts to get his attention had all ended in utter failure.

“Cal, are coming to bed anytime soon?” You questioned, curiously.

“Just give me 10 minutes Y/N” He said in a slightly annoyed tone.

You had just about enough of this you got your bag and slipped your shoes on. You headed for the door when Cal looked up from his computer.

“Where are you going?” He said, confused.

“Cal I came here to spend time with you but, all you’ve done is edit. I know how important it is and why you have to do it, but you barely said more than 3 words to me all day! I JUST WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!” You raised your voice.

“Y/N you know I don’t mean to, I just get caught up in my work. Why are you getting mad? It’s ridiculous?!” He said anger present in his voice.

“We haven’t touched each other in weeks, your allways away. Now we finally have some alone time and your EDITING” Now your yelling.


You cut him off.

“No Cal, go fuck your self” you hissed

Turning your heals, about to leave. You heard shuffling. You turn around to give Cal one last scowl.

He smirked, a mischievous look on his face. Eyes now filled with an emotion you can’t quite place.

“Or I could fuck you?” He said, loud and clear.

He slowly walked towards you, hands snaking around your waste. Him being significantly taller bent down and started to leave kisses on your neck and jaw.

“Ca..l no, I’m mad at you” you breathed out, very unconvincingly.

He starts to leave little love bites all over your neck, until he found you sweet spot and gives it all his attention. You let out a breathy moan, legs slightly quivering under his touch

“But babe, I’m not sure you really want me to stop? Giving the bruise a small bite

"Calll” you moaned out

Bag falling from your hand, Cal left your bruised neck to look at you. A small whimper falling from your mouth due to the lack of attention. Cal forcfully backed you up to the door.

“Just say stop, if you don’t want me to carry on” He whispered into you ear before slightly sucking the lobe.

A moan escaped your mouth, you were mad at how much you were loving thing but, you couldn’t help it you wanted him so bad. Your hands run up his back to his fluffy hair, clutching it in your fists. He stripped you from your shorts, getting rid of the unnecessary clothing.

“Jump” He said huskily.

You obliged, annoyed at your self for so easily falling for his antics. But that was now not the proirty. Your legs rapping around his waste.

Your eyes met his once dull, drained eyes now filled with lust and want. You could so easily get lost in his beautiful eyes and there’s no other way to put it. He slowly put his lips to yours and met for passionate kiss, lips moving in sync perfectly his tongue swept over your bottom lip asking for entrance which you denied still being slightly annoyed. This lit a small fire in him, teeth sinking in to your bottom lip, you gasped in shock as he used this as opportunity to slip his tongue in. The kiss quickly turned sloppy and hungry, his hands finding your bum, squeezing and groping it. You moaned into the kiss, he smirked.

“To the bedroom?” He questioned

You nodded, now forgotten about your fight. You practically sprinted to his room, he shut the door and threw you on the bed. You giggle in excitement, finally getting what you wanted. He climbed on top of you and stripped you from your or should I say his blue weezy top. Leaving you just in your underwear.

He grunted “It’s like you were planning this”

He also slipped his plain white shirt off, his topless glory in front of you. He bent back down to kiss you neck, your hand roaming his entire top half.

He kissed town your torso slowly, teasing you. He pulled your panties off gradually, as soon as you could you impatiently kick them off and he chuckles.

“Do you want something babe?” He asked crawling up slightly.

“Callum, don’t you start” you warn, not having any off his antics. Pulling out the full name card

“Sweet heat you’re not threatening, I can have you quivering under my touch in seconds”

“Cal..” he cut you off by pressing his thumb to your clit. A shocked gasp leaving your lips.

“See Y/N, I know just how to make you putty in my hands” he says while now rubbing a figure of eight on my clit. You let out a moan, legs shaking. Your annoyed by the smug prick, but can’t help but love he things hes doing to you.

You held in your moans, you were not giving him the pleasure for hearing your sweet nothings.

“Oh I see, Y/N”

He instantly inserted two fingers into your pussy, starting at an unbearable pace.

His hands forcfully being rammed into you at such a pace, his name slips from mouth.

“Fuck, Cal”

He keeps going, now placing his thumb to your clit and pressing down hard.

“Cal” another breathy moan falls from your lips

You can only imagine the look on his face right now, you doing exactly what he said, powerless under his touch. He starts to curl his fingers hitting you g-spot every time.

You feel a familiar knot in your stomach, vision going fuzzy.

“Cal I’m closeee”

“I know” he replies (I love me some cocky Callum like - A/N)

A few more thrust from his fingers and you’ve fallen over the edge. Profanities falling from your mouth as he rides out your orgasm with his fingers, as soon as you’ve finished he attaches his mouth to your clit.

“Ahh, Cal” you whimper, being sensitive from your last orgasm. Sucking on your clit, he has you cumming again in seconds.

“Oh my god, cal fuck, ah” you moaned as you fall over the edge again. Seconds after your first orgasm.

Cal brings his head up.

“What did I say?”

His face coved in pride, you ignore he comments.

“Jesus, cal” you pant

“Can you take round three?” Raising his brows

“Give it to me, freezy” you say confidently, a sly smirk on your face

He rips off his joggers and boxers all at once he puts a condom on, Crawling on top of you then aligneing him self with your pussy. He thrusted in not giving you any time to adjust as he forcefully grabbed your hips and trusted in even harder hitting you g-spot.

“Cal, ah Cal” his name rolling of your tongue just how he liked it.

“Y/n you feel so good!” He grunted

He leans down to kiss you, still ramming you into the bed. Your nails digging into his back.

You let out a few more moans, his thrusts get sloppier as your both getting closer. You came undone beneath him.

You fall over the edge as he kissed your neck and he soon follows, your orgasm triggering his. He rides out your orgasm, then pulls out disposing of the condom. You pop on his white shirt and he climbed in next to you, putting some boxers on and snuggling up with you.

“I needed that” he says quietly stroking my hair

“I think it had been too long” you giggle

“Three orgasms, you’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow…”

You cuddle togeather, falling asleep very quickly due to all of the nights antics.


First attempt, give me criticisms and help plz. Just thought we need this :)

Decalcomanie (Part 2, final)

CEO Jooheon x Reader (Secretary)

Genre: Romance, Smut

Setting Inspired By MAMAMOO’s Solar’s Scene In their MV Decalcomania

Prologue / Part 1 / Part 2 (Final)

Word count: 1,391

Note: Please read the prologue first to understand the story :)

Your eyes widen in surprised to see Jooheon in front of you. He went to find you after he saw you leaving the party. He got into the elevator and stood next to you; he pressed the highest floor level, way passed to where you are staying. The elevator doors closed slowly. The air between you two was a little heavy. After a few seconds the elevator started to go up. Jooheon finally spoke. “What’s wrong? You left so suddenly.” He asked without looking at you. You felt your heart beating like a drum. You had to say why you left. “I felt like I don’t belong in that event. I mean, ‘I’m just a secretary’ so why am I there in the first place?”

You started to feel wet tears wanting to come out of your eyes, but you forced them to stay in. Jooheon turned to look at you, staring you’re your eyes. “Because I invited you. You are my loyal employee for a long time. You deserved to have a break from work once in a while.” Suddenly he slowly pushed you to the wall and trapped you with both of his arms. His eyes turned dark with an emotion that you’ve never seen before. You started to feel hot. ‘Is this really happening?’ you asked yourself silently. Jooheon was keeping a secret that he was holding in this whole night, but he knew he was feeling this way about you for as long as he hired you. “Okay, the main reason why I invited you was for you to be my…date.” His face was turning a little pink after he confessed. You stood there frozen in your place. You couldn’t believe what you just heard. Your boss just confessed to you. You both felt the same way.

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Seven Seconds

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Y/n is wild and reckless. She acts upon instinct, and that’s one huge problem that Bucky has to deal with.

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: angst, fluff, violence, swearing

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

To say that Y/n hated Bucky was an understatement. She despised him. He was too controlling, too bossy, and too cocky. Whenever Steve wasn’t in charge of a mission, it was Bucky. Y/n wouldn’t admit it, but she was bitter that he was second in command. She knew it was because he was Steve’s best friend, but he was too hot headed and she would prefer to report to Natasha. They were friends and worked well together. Working with Bucky was a different story. They clashed heads way too many times. She didn’t respect authority, or rather his authority, and it pissed him off into next week, especially during training.

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The Beginning Of The End:The Best Kind Of Dessert (NSFW)

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Characters: Y/n, Derek

Pairing: Derek x Y/n

Word count: 2021 

Warnings: NSFW, this is pure smut. Like 100% smut. Anal, rimming, fingering, unprotected sex, choking kink, biting, marking, just pure smut

Summary: Y/n and Derek enjoy their dessert

A/N: Hope you enjoy this smut. I loved writing it. I mean look at him


The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

Derek carried me to the bedroom, kissing my neck, sucking large bruises onto me.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to cover these up and they’d take a while to heal.

Whatever. I mean, do they expect teachers to be virgins or something?’

He threw me onto the bed and crawled on top of me, the feeling of his body against mine making my dick even harder than it already was.

I was surprised we’d gotten this far.

I loved sex, personally. But I never usually gave anything away on the first date.

But Derek was different.

I wanted to give my all to him, a connection stronger than I had ever felt before.

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His lost girl PT.9

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8



Fluff, sad ending, bad grammar oops (trough the whole story, not only this chapter)

Summary: When you first appeared on the island Peter hated you, but that quickly changed as you were independent and not weak.

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested: Can you do an imagine with Pan x reader, with a lot of fluff but at the end when Rumple daggers him he dies in her arms? - anon

Notes: Y/n = your name - y/e/c = your eye colour

Y/N pov.

“Peter! You’re a dead man!” I laugh and roll my eyes at the pirate. Yeah, cause you could totally handle him. “I’m not so sure about that. I mean, look at you, you can’t even trust your own crew.” This is where I’m supposed to step up, right? Well this is funny, I’m gonna wait a little bit longer. “What do you mean, bloody demon. My crew are my mates, and of course y/n is a special mate.” He winks at me and I walk over to him. I put my hand on his shoulder, leaning in and making him think I’m going to kiss him.

When I’m close enough I go over to his ear. “You thought.” He quickly opens his eyes and I give him a devilish grin. Then, I transport to Peter. I smirk at him and he smirks right back at me. He grabs my waist and pulls me close to him. “I’m sorry Hook, but I think you’re wrong. She’s mine and mine only.”
“Of course you got my weak place.” Hook says with a glint of sadness in his eyes.

Aww I almost puked. “Cut the sentimental bullshit and give me the fairy dust.” I say while rolling my eyes. Peter looks at me in surprise but he quickly grins at me. “That’s my girl.” Hook looks at me and I look right back. “You’re not getting it.” “Then it’s gonna be the hard way.” Peter walks forward but I stop him. “May I, please?” He smirks again and waves his hand. “He’s all yours.” 

I grin and walk forwards. He’s man grab their weapons but with one swing of my hand they’re all down. “I’m asking it for the last time.” “My answer is still no.” “Okay, your loss. Who will I pick first?” I look at all the men on the ground, choosing my first victim. When I finally decide who’s the poor guy, I pick him up with magic and swing him onto the ship. I fly over there and grab his throat. “I don’t even need my magic. I can just kill all of them, slowly without it.” 

He wakes up from his trance and starts kicking in the air. “Oh look, they even wake up before they die. Hello Kol, nice to see you again. Well it’s time for you to go but be happy. You were my first pick.” I smile at him and his kicking stops. I let go of his throat and he falls to the ground, lifeless. “Who’s next, Hook? Maybe Nik? Or Venai?” “Don’t..” “Don’t what?” “Don’t kill them, I will give you the fairy dust. Just don’t kill them.” Finally. He searches for something in his pocket and pulls out the little amulet with fairy dust. He throws it at Peter and he swiftly catches it. “Thank you for being so cooperative. You may leave Neverland now.” 

Peter nods at me and I relief the rest of the crew off their curse. They wake up and get aboard. “Always fun doing business with you, Hook but we have to go.” I give him another wave before disappearing, Pan quickly following after me.

We end up in his three house. I immediately get slammed into the wall. His lips connect to my neck and I let out a small gasp. He sucks all over my neck, licking and biting afterwards. 

“F-fuck Peter, please.” He throws me on the bed, never losing the connection between his lips and my neck. He grins against my skin, going into the valley of my breasts. He roughly tears away my clothing and bra. He climbs back up with little kisses, when he reaches my ear he slowly whispers: “You. Did. Well. Today.” “Hmm.” “And you shall be rewarded.” I feel my core dripping at these words. He goes down again, licking and kissing every spot on his way. With one hand he grabs my breast, playing with my nipple. The other goes further down. 

He goes inside my pants. “Oh girl, you’re already this wet?” His thumb rubs my dripping core, making me moan. “P-peter.” “Yes love?” He switches between my breast in the progress of saying that. He takes my right nipple into his mouth, harshly biting in it. To my surprise I feel this strange sensation tingling all over my body. “Oh god. P-please don’t stop.” He grins widely against my stone hard nipple. 

While his mouth and hands go in sync I pull at the hem of his T-shirt. “Off.” I produce. Within two seconds his shirt is on the ground, revealing his slender body. I switch positions so that I’m on top of him. I grin widely before capturing my lips with his own. I lick his lip and instantly he opens up. I slid my tongue inside trying to win dominance. Which doesn’t succeed. 

As the kiss gets deeper I let my hands go over his torso. He grunts and I smirk into the kiss. My hands go more downwards and I unbuckle his belt. I break the kiss and put his pants down, palming him in the process. He groans loudly before turning us over again. “Your pleasure is all that matters tonight love, you can help me out later on.” He takes my pants and panties off. His long fingers caress my heat, making me shiver. 

He enters with one finger, grabbing my left breast with the other. “Now it’s fun time.” He gives me a grin before he licks my core. “Peter!” I scream out. You gotta know, it’s been awhile since we had sex for the last time. And let’s just say that Hook didn’t care about my needs, only about his. 

He slids in his second finger, picking up his pace. Dear god, this boy I swear. I feel my climax building up inside of me. I clench around his fingers. He sees this as his que to add two more fingers. “Peter!” Is the only word coming out of my mouth. He pulls his fingers out, licking them off. “That’s one.” He smirks devilishly before entering me, this time with his cock. 

Without letting me adjust he goes at full speed. And man he’s a lot bigger then Hook is. A tear slides down my cheek. “It’s okay y/n, you’re just very tight. Guess he didn’t put much work in it eh?” He wipes away the tear before crashing his lips into mine. The pain slowly goes over into pleasure and moans escape my lips. He grins and slams even deeper inside me. 

I throw my leg over his shoulder giving him directions to that one spot where I need him so badly. When he finally hits the spot multiple times I feel my walls clenching around his shaft. We both come undone and he falls down next to me, panting. “Oh god you are beautiful” He puts a strand of hair behind my ear. 

“I love you y/n.” 

“I know.” 

5 years ago...

In March, my boyfriend and I entered a new relationship, he was everything you could ask for in a boyfriend. He fulfilled what I called the three S’ s- Sensitive, Sweet, and Silly. Our relationship was going smooth, we would see each pretty much everyday. I would give him rides to his college campus and even drop him off lunch when he had no money. What really kept my interest in him was his replying time, he never kept me waiting when we communicated via text. So many people act like their lives are to chaotic to read and reply to a text.
As we just entered this relationship, I was awaiting a background check to clear from a job at a hardware store. A job I got with help from my ex. I was with him for two years and just left him three months prior. I didn’t let my boyfriend know that he helped me and that he was still working there. My boyfriend had an unfaithful lover in the past and I felt that would leave him unsettled.
Three months down the road we made our relationship official, we both wanted this. He trusted me and I him. I was spending every minute of everyday with him and if I needed time with my best friends he wouldn’t blow up my phone or question my whereabouts. He was perfect. At work, I would see my ex here and there, we worked in two different departments of the store and I didn’t need to see him more then I did. Less would’ve of be better too but we were bound to catch each other at some point. He often attempted to talk but I tried to keep busy and avoid. Our first real interaction was when I had to transfer a mass amount of tiles onto a loading truck, you can guess who helped me..(my ex). His attempt to talk had shown no interest in rekindling our past relationship which made him seem harmless and allowed me to put my defenses down. The conversation was little, a bit awkward, and plus, the humid weather made us want to work faster which helped from being distracted.
We began running into each other more often then not which lead to him wanting to hang out. I couldn’t forget my new relationship and boyfriend. Especially, with a past that I couldn’t have him relive with another man(me). After some time of telling my ex no I finally gave in. (Me giving in had more than one reason but that’s another story that we aren’t here for.) We took a thirty minute ride to the beach one night, nothing special (at least to me) and something I agreed to cause I didn’t want to spend money. I told my new boyfriend I would be spending some time with an old school mate. This wasn’t an easy thing for me to do, although, I had some mix feelings about my boyfriend (that I earlier said I wouldn’t go into) I still felt ashamed for lying because I made a new commitment. I once prided myself about my honesty. My intentions were nothing more then going to chat. Our night continued with innocent conversation intermittent with awkwardness of the unspoken past. I didn’t dare to bring it up on the chance of planting seeds in my ex’s head. I tried keeping my responses short and rudely joking but I soon realized it made him easy and a bit flirtatious. He began with a touchy-feel vibe and that elementary rude boy, some playground shit and I can’t lie, I fell for it. I felt dominant.. in control.. he wasn’t over me. I began to return the teasing and it lead to us wrestling, from proving who can get a stronger lock hold on each other to placing hands near delicate areas. Attempting to keep things innocent and unnoticed yet peaking the heart rush. We kept rolling around in the sand, I couldn’t believe what I was doing. This play fighting with my ex made my heart beat uncontrollably, not cause I had feelings but because I wasn’t suppose to be there with him. Rolling around like a couple of kids making inappropriate hands moves. I new it was wrong but that adrenaline that pumped through my veins, through his veins, noticing that both of us had fully pumped erections. His hand placed over my crotch and I unable to lie about what he’s come across. Our innocent intentions had taken a turn. After he feels my erection I peer at his crotch as he pulsates his dick like a heart beat over and over and over. He gently moves his hand under my jeans to feel my dick head when removing it he glances at his fingers to notice the thick precum. He stretches my precum between his thumb and index then with his mouth he cleans it off his fingers. My adrenaline isn’t helping, it’s only creating more precum and a continuously throbbing dick. With no one around to stop us, I lean forward to bite his lip and grip his dick. This contact breaks any hesitation we may have had and fiercely we lock lips, our racing hearts and racing hands. we praise each others bodies with firm grips and before any of this lust gets cold we angrily strip each other’s shirts off. Our warm bodies keep out the cool ocean breeze, raising our heat with each wrong move. He’s quick to lower down, his tongue out and just as he makes contact, wrapping his mouth on my cock, my body reaches ultimate shock. I’ve passed the line of innocent conversation and with the help of my brand new boyfriend I can’t get over this intense feeling of wrong passion. My ex is working my dick. I realize I’m getting head and I can’t stop. I push him on his back, he looks at me and for a second he thinks if I’m about to stop but then rests his head in confidence, he knows I’m not leaving and he knows I’m going to unzip his pants. His dick can’t wait to stretch out with a red wet head and I can’t wait to taste but he quickly grabs his dick and slaps his wet head against my cheek which pisses me off but I allow it. I want it and I want him to give it to me. He then thrusts it down my mouth to the back of my throat. I can’t take it so I gag but it doesn’t stop him, he doesn’t care. He continues to make me choke and I allow it. Here I thought I was in control when we wrestled he made me feel like I had the upper hand but now it seemed to be his turn and he doesn’t hesitate to put me on my back. He’s so powerful and now in command. (Am I ready for this?) (what will my boyfriend think if he finds out?) (I’m so wrong) My adrenaline rises just as he lubes up his dick with his own saliva. He didn’t bother to ask me for protection or provide it. He’s so aggressive, he doesn’t care as he pulls my legs up. One rested on each of his shoulders and in a rush he plunges his angry cock in me. I squirm, this part always hurts. I try to ease his dick in but he’s not having it, HE’S ready for it all and smacks my hand off of him. He plunges again this time when my ass reaches the base of his dick his balls slap, pleased by the feeling he rushes to pound me another time. My squirming pleases him. He feels confident that I can barely take his dick. I love it…

Turn Around (And Bend Over)

Title: Turn Around (And Bend Over)
Author: Nary
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Universe: Canonverse
Side pairing: Mikasa/Levi 
Prompt By: Anon
Inspired By: [x]

Prompt:  Prompt where Eren can’t stop staring at Armin’s butt during training? Whether they do the do or not is up to you but in the end, Armin knows he’s staring and maybe teases him?

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Summary: Dan comes home drunk and lifts Phil’s spirits.

Warnings: gay sex, daddy kink, degradation if you squint.

4.something k words.

It’s been a long day. A really really long day. All day there has been stress and the need for release. I have just been praying that Dan will go to his room to take a nap or maybe go out with some friends so maybe I could have some free time (as I like to call it). But no. He has to wear that striped, half see-through shirt that falls perfectly on his perfect body and accentuates his collar bones that I want to kiss and mark so bad. He has to wear nothing on his bottom half but his loose fitting pajama pants that are thin against my skin as he cuddles up on my side and rubs against me slightly with each deep sleepy breath. He has to spend his day like this, cuddled against my side with one arm stretched over my chest and the other bent at his side with his hand close to his face, both hands covered half way with the end of his jumper sleeve. His squishy body and squishy face and curly adorable hair make me want to stare at him all day and kiss his little cheeks until they turn red from his flustered state. He makes me want to tell him that I love him and that I think he’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. He makes me want to grab him by the back of his neck and pull him close to kiss him like I have never kissed anyone before. He makes me want to carefully let him lean back on the couch as I climb on top of him with smiles on both of our faces as I pepper kisses around his sensitive neck and leave feather like touches around his slightly tanned skin. And I know I sound kind of like a perv right now because I stare at him so much and think of him like this, but you have to understand. I love him to death. I love everything about him. I love the thoughts he thinks, I love the words he says, I love the expressions he makes, I love his laugh when it’s booming and when it’s quiet and discreet, I love his voice when he’s awake and when he’s tired, I love him. And boy do I want to be doing so much more than cuddling with him right now.

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