Boomslang - Dispholidus typus (Tree Snake) by Dave Atkinson
Via Flickr:
Ok so finally, after some time trying to find out what this little actually is, I contacted the snake park where I took this shot. He is in fact a Juvenile Boomslang. I took this shot at a snake park in Hillcrest, South Africa called PheZulu Safari Park. I was extremely fascinated by it’s beautiful colours and fairly rapid movements. It also has a remarkable ability to inflate it’s neck (like a bubble). It has green eyes and a red toungue (but more of a deep purple colour toward the end of it). I believe this guy was found in a house somwhere nearby, and has now been released. So I count myself lucky to have seen him in the short period he was there. Thanks to everyone for your help in naming him, especially Richard Sajdak for correctly naming this ‘lil guy. This shot features on www.rear-fanged.com/dispholidus.html website.