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I like me better with you - Sirius Black x Reader

Requested by @claireisreallynotonfire : a sirius x reader where sirius is kind of like james where he is constantly asking the reader to go out with him, calling her darling love and babe, and just in general pining after her but she always says no bc he’s notorious for sleeping around and one day he gets so jealous bc she’s hanging around another guy and he just walks up to her and says he’s done being a manwhore bc he’s in love and fluff ensues. and if your cool with it being all from sirius pov that’s great thx love
Hi, love! Well, it’s not exactly from his pov but it does focus on him. 
Warnings:My English, swearing(?)
Gifs aren’t mine/ Credits to their original owners.

“Why are you following me?” she finally asked him.
“People told me to follow my dreams” he answered nonchalantly. She wanted to facepalm. He was being honest but the girl never knew. It was strange for him. To be obsessed with one girl. He was a lady’s man-never said no to anyone. This time-this time it was different. He blamed it on the fact that she was the only one to deny his charms. Lily didn’t count. She was the real deal.
“Come on, love! Go out on an ate with me. I’ll give the d later” he remarked. Her eyebrows shot up to the skies. Oh, Great, Fuck. I messed it up again. She just walked away without even looking at him. He thought he had lost the chance. Little did he know that she was drunk on him. She had this huge crush on him since forever-but he was the infamous Sirius Black. He slept with a different girl every other night. She didn’t want to be one of many. So, she kept everything hidden.
“One day, babe! One day!” He exclaimed after her. James laughed. Well, he was no better.
“You-both of you- are pathetic” Remus stated while he was trying to balance a book mid- air and write down notes simultaneously. Of course, it didn’t work out. The book fell down and landed on the grass, messing up his notes, spilling the ink all over them and leaving a frustrated Remus to clean up. His friends eyed him curiously.
“I don’t know about him, but I am not pathetic” Sirius said mockingly. Remus rolled his eyes. James placed a hand over his heart pretending to be insulted by his friend as he plopped beside Remus.
“You are exactly like James. Drooling over Y/N. She is your Lily. Admit it Pads!” Remus commented rather amused. The famous player was now fawning over one girl.
“She is lovely” Peter said in a haze and Sirius clenched his jaw. Hey, wait. Why is that bothering me? Nah, she is just one more girl.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, lava is hot and so are you” he sang-said to her. She shot her head and tried to hide her blush.
“Violets are purple, so, technically, shod off” she stated with a grin plaster on her face. She really liked him. But no. The other three Marauders were smiling knowingly. Their friend was smitten. He was so dense to his own feelings. It was so obvious to everyone but them, that they were both in love with each other.
“Go out with me and I will” he asked her for the 54th time that week. And it hit him. He was acting like James. It frightened him, but for some reason, his heart was pounding in his chest with excitement.
“Thank you, no, thank you” she replied and returned to the conversation that was held by her friends.
“Come on!” he tried again. He was very persistent. She snapped her head towards him.
“What? Not enough girls in the school?” she questioned while she was glaring at him.
“They don’t mean anything” he said casually but regretted it deeply. She was frowning. That was exactly what she wanted to avoid. To be his next meaningless one night stand. She liked her heart whole. No, it wasn’t that. She just didn’t want to be broken by him.
“Great. Ask me again when you’re done being the basic bitch” she said furiously. He was a bit hurt.

It was late. Everybody was asleep. Well, almost. Sirius Black was staring at the ceiling. For a good two hours. He was consumed with thoughts. Was he treating girls that bad? He didn’t do it on purpose. He really thought that things could work out and one of the at least, last longer. Like-a relationship. But they never did. And he was never that sad. But he didn’t think about their feelings. Were they really that hurt?
Oh, and her face. Her face was stuck in his mind. Those big, judgy, pure eyes.
“This isn’t the same, is it?” he heard James asking him. He sat up on his bed with his back on the headboard and his head lowered. James knew.
“I don’t know, Prongs” he answered sincerely. He didn’t know how to feel. He couldn’t understand his own damn feelings.
“She is your Lily” James simply stated. The truth was, James had never seen his best friend so caught up. So hooked and confused. Sirius Black had fallen in love. He was awful at handling it, though. He would say the wrong thing, the wrong time. Sirius groaned in annoyance.
“What do I do?” he asked… no one in particular.
“Talk to her. You know, without being an ass” Remus responded. His friends had woken him up. He felt a bit sorry for Sirius. He hadn’t felt like this before, so naturally, he wasn’t handling things very well.
“But she hates me” he whispered. He didn’t really believe that but he knew that she didn’t particularly like him either. At least, that was what he thought.
“You haven’t seen the way she looks at you when you are not looking. It’s the same way you look at her when she is not looking” James said confidently. He knew that, like Lily, she was afraid to reveal her emotions. And he got it. As did Sirius.
“Whatever. Go to sleep”.

Sirius hadn’t planned to do anything. He wouldn’t have acted the way he did. If only that Prewett wasn’t flirting with her. He was fuming, trying to hide it. After a while, he wasn’t even mad. He was jealous. But let’s take it from the start.
He hadn’t forgotten about the last nights’ talk, or rather how he got lectured by his friends. He, however, had pushed it aside. It was a nice, warm day. He was in a good mood. When he walked into the Great Hall he was starving as he was a ‘growing boy’ as he had put it.
He went to sit next to the girl who was driving him crazy but that seat was already taken. By Fabian Prewett. And that git was flirting with her. The worst part was that she flirted back and laughed and looked… happy. Not annoyed or confused or about to throw something at his head. He knew his friends were about to say something, and that’s why he sat down, away from the ‘lovebirds’, but close enough to eavesdrop. He knew it was low, but he couldn’t help it.
“Padfoot, what are you doing?” Remus reprimanded him. He wanted to answer but he heard her laughter. She was laughing. Even though that sound was his favorite, he hated that he wasn’t the one causing it. He clenched his jaw-he wouldn’t do anything stupid. His temper-let’s be honest here… it was jealousy-took a toll on him.
He stood up abruptly, not really thinking about the possible consequences, and walked towards her.
“Could you, please, stop that?” he asked with a sour expression. He wouldn’t admit it to ANYONE but it hurt him. Deeply. So, that’s how it feels. Being hurt by the one you want to make happy. It sucks.
“Stop what?” she asked genuinely bewildered. Why couldn’t she just see it?
“Flirting with her” he spat at Fabian even though it wasn’t him who had previously talked.
“Is it bothering you?” Fabian asked him teasingly.  Fabian knew about his not-so-little crush on the girl beside him. As he knew about hers as well.
“Yes! It is! VERY MUCH” he exclaimed before he could’ve stopped his mouth. She was shocked. Fabian was smirking, whispering a ‘my job here is done’ as he returned his attention to the plate in front of him. The Marauders were a bit taken aback but smiling. Lily was too. But she knew.
“What?” she softly questioned, not believing any of it.
“I am in love with you” he whispered-yelled at her, gaining the attention of the entire school. Even McGonagall was looking.
“I have been in love with you for a while now. I know you probably don’t feel the same- and you shouldn’t, really. I am aware of my… reputation. And you were right. I never thought about the other person’s feelings but I didn’t do it on purpose. But I am done. Please, just go out with me. Once. I promise I’ll make it good”. He confessed. He didn’t know where that kind of strength had come from-he didn’t really care. He felt good after saying what he wanted to.
“Aren’t you the persistent one?” she playfully asked him after she had made up her mind. His heart dropped and he lowered his head. She didn’t feel the same.  It’s cool. I just have to regain my composure. Before he knew it, she had gotten up and slammed her lips to his.
He had dreamt of this moment soo many times. Each time, felt so good but the reality was-sublime. Everything about her.
His hands wrapped her waist and pulled her closer-so close, that you wouldn’t find an inch separating them, even if you searched. Her hands flew to his neck, slightly tugging his long, dark locks.
His lips felt like hell to her. Her lips felt like heaven to him. They were so caught up in the moment- Merlin, they both wanted to do that for a while now- that James had to place his hand on his shoulder. He stepped back, a bit annoyed and breathless. Great. I forgot to breathe. The things this girl is doing to me.
“Yes, I will go out with you” she said giggling. He became weak at the knees and reached for her hand. He reached for her hand. He wasn’t the same person. He was different. And it felt good.
“So, Lily… go out with me?” James asked with a smirk on his face.

Becoming a Father Overnight Part Fifteen

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


“Don’t go! Don’t go!” The boys chanted as they clung to Y/n’s legs. 

She chuckled and crouched down to their level as best she could, “I’m sorry boys, trust me, I would stay longer if I could, but I’ve got to get back to school. I’m definitely going to miss hanging out and playing with you guys everyday.”

“Us too,” Shep pouted, adding quieter. “I wish you could live here all the time.”

Y/n sighed, she wasn’t looking forward to going home and talking to her mom, she’d much rather stay here with her new family.

“C’mon boys,” Gen urged them off the young woman’s legs. “Give her a final hug, she has to leave or she’s going to miss her flight.”

The boys grudgingly let go and stood up, each giving Y/n a big hug. Gen smiled at her and brought the younger girl in close. “It was so wonderful to meet you! We loved having you here and can’t for you to come again.” Gen pulled back, rubbing a hand over her swollen stomach, “I can’t wait for this little one to meet you.”

“I can’t wait either and I’m excited to come back.”

“Alright,” Jared said, coming back in the front door. “The car is packed, time to move out!”

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Talking about hanging out with Taylor Swift~

Jay (Interviewer): She was so nonchalant about how you guys got together, it was like “I sent her some flowers for her album and then we just went and hung out in New York and got burgers.”

Ella: Yeah that’s exactly what happened!

B.A.P Reactions To You Being More Sexual While You’re Drunk


He turned towards you with a funny expression but he still offered you a smile, “good morning Jagiya. I laid out some medication for your hungover on the table.”

You gave a small nod before you narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously, “why aren’t you looking me in the eye?”

“Um…” He tried to stall.

“We slept together, that much I gathered. I just don’t get why you’re acting so weird about it.”

He turned back towards you his eyes slightly widening in surprise, “you seriously don’t remember?” You shook your head.

As Youngjae began to recount all the events from last night, you could barely stop yourself from hiding under the sheets in embarassment. You were in a permanent state of cringe and regret, as he began telling you about how your friends had given him a call to come pick you up after they deemed you far too drunk to send you home alone.

You could tell by the twitch of his lips the he wanted to laugh, “when I got there…you were dancing all sexily on top of one of the tables.” You were mortified. Absolutely mortified. You would never drink again.

“You nearly cried when I told you we had to go home,” he let out a small laugh this time, “and yes. We did sleep together, however not in the way that you’re thinking,” His laughter rung louder this time.

“T-then why was I naked? ”

“I mean, you did try. The second I got you home you began trying to take off my pants. You wouldn’t give up so instead you tried to seduce me into sleeping with you by taking off all your clothes. It took me nearly 30 minutes to finally get you to sleep.”

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry Youngjae,” you apologized genuinely feeling sorry for the trouble you must have put him through. He simply shook his head and have you a soft smile as he walked towards you.

“Don’t be.” He patted your head,” just know I won’t ever let you live this down.” With a wink and smirk he turned back to continue cooking you breakfast.

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It must’ve been past 1am when Jongup was awoken by the sound of his phone ringing. Slightly annoyed by the late call, he let it ring a few times before picking up.

“Hello?” He answered, his voice an octave deeper than usual. 

“Jagiya~,” You slurred into your cellphone and began batting your eyelashes regardless of the fact that he couldn’t see.

His eyes widened in surprise, “Y/N?” It only took him a couple of seconds after that to figure out that you were drunk.

“Are you in bed right now?” You asked, in what you thought was a seductive tone.

He ignored the question already knowing where this would lead to, “Y/N where are you?”

“Not in your bed although I really wish I was…naked of course.”

Jongup lip slightly twitched. He had to stay focused. He couldn’t allow himself to be phased by the seductress that you’d turn into whenever you had too much to drink. He needed to figure out where you were. Suddenly thinking of something he asked you to turn the call into a video call. You more than happily complied but he slightly regretted his decision when he saw the camera angled down your shirt. 

“Y/N let me see where you are.”

You brought the camera to your face with a pout, “aren’t you affected by me at all? Am I not attractive?”

Jongup bit his lip, the conversation having taken a completely different direction then he had planned. 

“Jagiya, of course I find you attractive. You’re beyond beautiful so can you please show me where you are so I can come pick you up and take you home?” He made sure to let the words sound suggestive as he knew this was probably the only way to get through to you now. 

However, you were feeling like quite the tease. You smiled and shook your head, “I’m not telling.”

It was when he let out a sigh that he heard someone calling your name from the other side of the screen. 

“Thank God. I finally found you,” you heard a familiar voice say before your best friend whom Jongup had met a few times before, came on screen.

“Hey Jongup,” she greeted, “as you can probably tell Y/N had one too many drinks…yeah sorry about that but we’re at the Vault. I’m assuming I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah, I’ll try to get there as quick as I can,” He promised, “please make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble before I get there.” After hanging up he got ready in record time and was out the door.

(credit to rightful gif owner)


Although you and Junhong had gone out drinking multiple times together, you had never truly allowed yourself to completely on drunk. Perhaps it was because each time the two of you went one or more of the members would tag along. You didn’t mind though, genuinely enjoying their company. Their presence was also good to have as they stopped you from becoming too irresponsible and getting drunk. Seeing you drunk was a sight you’d rather not have any of them see.

However, you figured it was time Junhong found out the type of person you became and he was more than excited for the grand reveal.

“Junhong,” you said turning yourself on the bar stool to face him, “I’m just going to warn you right now. I act…totally different.”

He nodded his head with a grin, “yes I know. You’ve told me that like 5 times now.”

You looked at him for a couple more seconds trying to figure out whether to tell him in what way or not. You finally decided that you’d just let him find out himself. With that now decided, you turned towards the bar tended and waved him over.


You’re not exactly sure yourself how many drinks you’d had before you had lost complete control of your body. Your cheeks were flushed and your eyes almost held a certain haze to them. Junhong hadn’t noticed your state yet, but he would find out real soon what he had been most curious about. 

“Junhong,” you breathed. He turned to look at you and you gave him a sickeningly sweet smile, resting a hand on his cheek, “you’re incredibly handsome did you know that?” You didn’t let him answer before your other hand began to slip up one of his thighs. He quietly sucked in his breath and looked at you in surprised. 

Pulling him towards you, you laid your lips against his ear, “meet me in the washroom.” With that, you pulled away and gave him a wink before clumsily heading towards the restroom area. 

Once inside the women’s washroom, you waited a few minutes for Junhong but he never came. Your lips were in a pout when you got an idea.  Giggling to yourself, you got into one of the stalls and took off your shirt. With your bra now exposed you angled the camera towards yourself to take a picture. You bit your lip and teasingly lowered a bra strap for affect.

Junhong was standing outside the women’s washroom in deep deliberation when his phone began to buzz with incoming texts. When he saw that they were from you he opened them only to immediately press lock on his phone. He nervously glanced around to make sure no one was there before unlocking it again. He could feel himself flush as he laid his eyes on the skimpy photos. Although they were blurry, they were still visible enough for him to begin getting excited.

When a new text came in of you in nothing but your underwear he silently cursed. Before he knew it, he walked into the women’s washroom making sure to lock the door behind him. 

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| Hyung Line | Maknae Line |


Sorry that for the wait but here’s the second part! I hope it turned out okay<3

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bruna omg I love the Kara x RPDR headcanon. More pleaseeee

O SHIT ok so… all of these were discussed w kat @allybroke so credit for her as well for these ! 

this is kind of a mess to be honest cause i got v excited abt this so, ,, here we go ! 

  • lemme start w a few things that ive already mentioned in tha other ask: kara’s fav season s8 bc its the least catty of all, but she also loves s6 bc its when alex got into the show (def bc bianca del rio) & bc she really loves adore.
  • adore is her fav drag queen bc adore is the underdog and shes kind and sweet and lovable and so talented and kara is always repeating adore’s catch phrases like “im a freaking libra !” and alex is like “ur not a libra” & whenever j’onn is like trying to b serious and telling her abt a mission or whatever shes like “party!”
  • kara saying “LETS GET SICKENING!” before every mission
  • kara answering “absolutelyyy” w her best gia gunn voice to every single fuckin thing alex asks her 
  • kara at pride and shes endearing everyone to her bc shes saying all these drag terms in a normal conv and sometimes shes not even using them right but shes so cute and sweet to everyone talking to her that they dont care
  • kara going to a gay bar w alex and people take one look at kara and theyre like o honey shes lost…. but then by the end of the night shes attracted every single fuckin rpdr fan & the drags from the club and theyre all passionately discussing the show and kara is jus tryna calm alex out bc shes drunk and YELLING about how katya was ROBBED
  • kara connecting w the queens bc they have “secret” identities too 
  • alex getting into rpdr bc of kara and at first she doesnt want to admit it but actually fucking loves it so much and she 100% repeats the stuff bianca del rio says in normal conversations
  • after kara listens to alaska’s songs whenever she is gonna say anything she either starts with “my name is Kara Zor-El and i have something to sayyyy” OR shes always like “Greetings Earthlings my name is Kara Zor-El from planet Krypton”
  • kara thinking that alaska is deadass an alien and shes like “omg alex can u like search planet Glamtron for me i dont kno tha one !” and alex is jus like “omg….”
  • kara’s guilty pleasure is loving willam so much bc she doesnt want anyone knowing she laughs at some of the mean things willam says
  • kara seeing the queens out of drag for the first time and shes like “this is like.. MAGIC!!!!!” bc theyre so different
  • kara loves trixie mattel and this is just a fact.
  • kara and alex binge watching the show together and theyre watching season 4 and kara is like “i rly dont like phi phi… shes not very… nice” and alex going “u can say shes a bitch its ok”
  • kara getting genuinely upset watching season 5 and watching roxxxy be mean to jinkx for no reason and being like why is she SO MEAN alex !!!!!!!!!
  • kara and alex competing to see whom does alyssa’s tongue pop better???????
  • kara would def be friends w every single drag queen in national city btw
  • when she finds out cat grant is ACTUALLY friends w rupaul bc one day she enters catco and what the fuck is that rupaul sitting on cat’s couch…..
  • kara meeting rupaul while shes supergirl and completely geeking out and telling her abt how much she loves the show and why she loves it so much and ru is just endeared bc its impossible not to b endeared by kara???????
  • kara deadass being a judge @ rpdr as supergirl im yelling can u IMAGINE that??????? she wouldnt b able to say anything mean and shed be like “i think ur so great. u did amazing. u invented-” and she jus goes on and on
  • kara finding out a little boy in national city wants to do drag for his halloween and wants to be supergirl but his friends are teasing him and kara is deadass like “alex im going” and alex is like “sis im not stopping u” and kara deadass shows up at his house w a supergirl suit that she got winn to make and she goes w him to halloween and flies him home 
  • it actually becomes a thing like every year kara spends her night helping little boys that want to dress up for the first time but their friends tease him or their parents wont let him like kara just makes sure shes w them at all times and supports them and introduces them to her friends and shes jus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about it all
  • kara introducing lena to rpdr and lena’s fav drag queen is deadass alyssa edwards like dont fight me on this.
  • lena and kara sending each other gifs of rpdr back and forth
  • whenever lena feels herself being extra or losing her chill shes like: “the five G’s lena. Good God Get a Grip Girl” 
  • when lena and kara are watching season 5 of rpdr lena makes kara go back on alyssa and coco’s fight bc she just loses it all the time coco says IM NOT JOKNG BITCH and does the head turn
  • ok but my fav! the gang is all hanging out at the bar or something and rpdr comes up bc of course it does and then alex and lena are at each other’s throats bc alex is team katya and lena is team alaska and kara is just in the middle bc she loves both. lena is like “a person who was at the top the most should win” meanwhile alex is like “THAT SHIT WAS RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • kara just enjoys the show and thinks everyone is a winner at the end of the day. 

“For me, the most interesting thing is when there’s a crack in the armor, when you can glimpse the vulnerability in someone….You can just hang the camera on Felicity and not say a word, and you can feel her having a million different thoughts. You get interested in what she’s thinking and what’s going on. She can be very observant within a scene. It doesn’t always have to be about her directly, but we’re experiencing it through her. She just has that knack for pulling you in.”
–Gareth Edwards, Rogue One director [x]

*not my gifs*
BTS Reaction-Want to Join? (18+)

Sorry about the slow time its been taking to get reactions out.  There was some family stuff that went on and I was also working on a big promotion that I got.  Here you go, enjoy.

I don’t own these gifs.

Jin:  You had noticed a girl hitting on your Jin.  You also noticed he was kinda enjoying being hit on by this girl.  You walk over to your man and this girl and tell her that he is yours.  She hints back that you should show her how much he is yours while Jin simply smiles.

Suga:  A fan was really hitting on your boyfriend really hard but he just wasn’t caring about it.  You decided to mess with him a little since he was oblivious.  When you go up to him she says that maybe you should all go someplace more quiet.  He finally sees the picture and is happy with it.

J-Hope:  Your always happy man was so happy about being hit on by this random cute girl.  She would do a cute laugh and make him laugh as well.  When she sent a compliment your way and called you cute as well.  You got confused.  When she grabbed your hand, J cheered you both on.

Rap Mon:  You had been talking to your man before an event when a stylist came up and told you both that you are attractive and suggested that you all get together some time.  This makes your man’s mind wander and he thinks about it as she walks away.

Jimin:  You and him were being all cute when a girl just walks up and interrupts saying that you are such a lovely couple and that she had a weird dream that shes wishes would come true.  While she explains the explicit dream Jimin gets a tad uncomfortable.

Tae:  You had been sharing a few kisses with your cutie when a lucky fan came up.  She said that Tae is her bias and that she wishes to learn more about your relationship with him and tells you how your kiss could be better.  Before you could react, she brings you in for a kiss while Tae watches excited for what is going to happen next.

Kookie:  You were hanging out an chilling with your boyfriend when a girl comes up to you and says that your boyfriend is hot and that she has watched a lot of fanfics.  You had also watched a bunch.  Kookie looks on confused as you smile at him when she suggests a fic that was her favorite.  He gets the picture and brings you in for the first kiss.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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If You’re Lucky-Part 12

12 chapters. Oml, I never thought it’d be this long tbh. I’ll keep the notes short so you can get to reading and figuring out what happened to Stiles :)



sidenote: Bates is quickly becoming my Greenburg lmao

Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 13

Chapter 12: Perspective

Song rec: none :/

Word count: 1,586 words

Warnings: Swearing, violence, blood, a knife, a gun, character death, cliffhanger, dark topics, semi-graphic gif under the cut (bloody knife)

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gif reaction for big bang of you being sick and losing your voice and/or your voice cracking while talking to them?

Helloo, thank you for sending in your request! Hope you’ll enjoy it :)

GD: *on a teasing tone* “Say what, darling? Could you repeat that please?” 

T.O.P: *quickly looks up remedies for sore throat*

Seungri: “You should stop hanging out with TOP, ‘cause you start to sound like him”

Daesung: “I should do this, but I feel like I shouldn’t just let if go without teasing her a big since she’s so cute when she gets mad”

Taeyang: *a bit surprised by your voice* “Was that you, hon? Maybe we should go to the hospital?”

Topp Dogg reaction: making up after an argument

Anon:  It will be a little bit sad but how about reaction when he get into horrible argue with his gf and she in anger said that she is with him only because she wanted to get closer to one of the other members from Topp Dogg. Maybe if this is possible, second part when she told him that she said it in anger and it’s not true?

Anon 2: It’s not a requests I know they are closed..but those saying something hurtful in a fight ones are amazing and i hope I’m not left hanging one actually made me cry. Hojoon baby..

This is the second part of this, so I suggest reading that before coming to this, if you haven’t read it already :)

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Cuddles/Madelaine Petsch x Reader

Pairings: Madelaine x Reader


Madelaine has been away filming for Riverdale for two months now and I miss her like hell.

So, today i have decided to jump on a plane and visit her.

My plane lands and I hop into a cab which takes me to the hotel that Mads is staying at. I then drop my luggage off at her room and get another cab to the place they’re filming.

It takes around an hour before I arrive at set, I pay the cab driver and make my way towards the trailer and I know she’ll be in if she’s not filming.

“Surprise!” I say once she opens the door.

“What are - what are you doing here?!”

“Well, I haven’t seen you in months and I thought I would surprise my gorgeous girlfriend.” I reply grinning and she jumps into my arms for a hug.

“I’ve missed you so much.” She says and I walk up the couple of steps into the trailer.

“I missed you too.” I say and we sit down once she’s jumped off me and we cuddle into one another.

“I could stay like this forever.” I say.

“Me too.” she says kissing my forehead and leaving a red lipstick mark.

We talk for while, catching up on what we’re been up to before Camila enters the trailer.

“Y/N! Hey! I would leave but Mads, you’re needed to film the next scene.” She says realising she’s intruded.

“Do I have to?” Madi pouts and we laugh as Cami nods her head.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” madi adds.

“You’re kind of needed now Mads, it took us a while to realise you would be in your trailer.” Cami says, knowing we want to spend time with one another but can’t.

“Come on.” She adds, laughing, and starts dragging Madi away to the set.

“I won’t be long Y/N!” Madelaine says and the trailer door closes.

I’ve been waiting for around an hour and I soon get a call for Madelaine.

“Y/N, please come, I need back up!”

“What’s happening?”

They’re making fun of me, a joke of course but they keep doing kiss noises.” she says and I laugh.

“I’ll be there in a min babe.” I say and we hang up.

Let’s just say myself and Madelaine are the rest of the casts’ OTP.

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Your daughter falls in love with another member (EXO)

The person who requested this wanted the member to fall in love with the daughter as well but I am slightly uncomfortable with that. So I hope they won’t be offended if I do it like this!!

Xiumin: -Chen. He would find it cute that his little daughter would follow Jongdae around- “look at her go”

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Suho: -Chanyeol. He would enjoy watching your daughter pout and things when Chanyeol wouldn’t give her all his attention- “needy little girl”

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Lay: -Sehun. He’d watch his 5 year old daughter hang off of Sehun and he was extremely jealous about it but wouldn’t say anything- *gif*

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Baekhyun: -Lay. His 7 year old daughter was learning Mandarin to impress Yixing more hoping he would fall in love with her- “you don’t put this much effort in anything when I ask you to do anything”

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Chen: -D.O. He knew his daughter was sleepy and he went off to get her teddy bear but when he came back he saw she was passed out on her favorite person Kyungsoo- “Well I guess she doesn’t need this then”

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Chanyeol: -Kai. He would go straight for your son then. After your daughter ran off to hang out with Jongin- “you won’t ditch me for one of the boys right?”

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D.O: -Suho. Your daughter would drop everything for Junmyeon and he would get annoyed because she would even ditch him- *gif*

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Kai: -Baekhyun. He would be sitting around and tease her by saying Baekhyun was visiting and watch her eyes light up before he would say he was joking- “you’re so in love with him honey”

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Sehun: -Xiumin. He would just stare at your daughter as she said how much she love him- “what are you doing?”

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but if eurus was on the island for like 25 years how did she know how cell phones worked and what a tv was and what drones are and how was she controlling the drone if she was stuck on sherringford and how did she get off sherrinford and why did she go back and how did mycroft not notice she was gone  and where did she get the grenade who sold her a fucking grenade and where did she get the coffin with the words i love you on it and how did she know the plot to saw which she mirrored so perfectly saw came out like 15 years ago and how was she able to text john and how did she even know what john looked like and why was she hanging out with culverton smith and what the fuck happened to culverton smith and where did the glass go and why did sherlock not notice the glass was missing and how did she know what reaction gifs where and why did moriarty say stuff like “holmes against holmes” or whatever if his original plan was to make sherlock jump off barts like why would he set all this up if his plan was just to make sherlock jump off of mars and how did none of moriarty’s henchmen who were watching the roof of barts see the giant airbag sherlock landed in and why did no one ever notice victor trevor was missing and why didn’t anyone question where eurus went and why don’t they have any pictures of her how shitty are sherlocks parents and how did a 14 year old mycroft imprison her and why didn’t get just get psychiatric help and why eurus get a violin who taught her to play violin and what the fuck is up with  girl on the plane adn 

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Request: “ Okay! The reader is the first women to join the bullet club. The reader likes Kenny,but Kenny thinks she likes Matt more because they hang out and travel together more than the reader does with Kenny. Kenny is jealous of Matt, he says something hurtful around the reader. She ignores Kenny for awhile until Matt has enough of the silence and then looks. Nick and Matt put both of them in the room not letting them out until Kenny tell the reader how he feels. I’m sorry this was long.”

Requested by @s-allfandomsunite

A/N: Long requests are the best! So no worries! Also, I couldn’t get a gif to load, so I’ll have to try again later

Warnings: Y/N, gets called something offensive.

Word Count 968

Being the first female Bullet Club member wasn’t always easy. Fun? Entertaining? Amazing? Oh yeah. But, easy? Never. You were rudely awoken by your friend and roommate for the night Matt Jackson. He hit you with a pillow, and told you it was time to get up for your 3am flight.
“Ugh! Matt, you’re such a jerk!” You chuckled, throwing the pillow back at him and hitting him in the face. “Oh! I know you didn’t just do that!” He teased, before coming to your bedside, pillow in hand. 

“Matt! Stop!” You laughed. Before he could hit you with the pillow, you pinned him down, climbing on top of him. He smirked at you. “Ah, impressive Y/N. Very impressive.” You had his arms pinned behind his head, you tightened your grip and smiled. “Oh, I know. Now, I’ll let you go when you admit I’m better than you.” He scoffed. “Oh, absolutely not. I don’t lie Y/N.“ 

Your jaw dropped. “Ugh, I hate you sometimes!” You chuckled. “Ready to hate me even more?” He said before rolling you over, putting himself on top. “Ha!” He mocked. 

You rolled your eyes. “Ugh. You’re a douchebag.”
Just then, the door opened, and Adam Cole, Nick Jackson, and Kenny Omega walked in. 

“Oh..wow. Are we interrupting something..?” Adam chuckled. Nick laughed and shook his head. “Ooh! This looks way more fun then the night me and Adam had! She must be a fantastic roommate.” Kenny scoffed but said nothing.
You and Matt rolled your eyes, and he moved off of you. “Nothing was going on, just trying to get Y/N up.” He chuckled hitting you gently with his elbow.
“Trying to get Y/N up? I’d say by the looks of it, she’s the one that got you up, if you know what I mean..” Adam teased with a wink. Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped. You punched Adam in the shoulder super hard. “You’re terrible!” You chuckled. Matt shrugged. “Well..He’s not wrong.” You started to blush, whenever the rest of them, not counting Kenny, started to laugh. “I’m gonna have to find a new roommate.” You joked. 

Kenny cleared his throat. “Well, we’ve got a plane to catch. So we should probably go.” The rest of you nodded. And left for your flight.

After an ROH show, all of you super exhausted, Adam suggested that him and his favorite Bullet Club members, should go out for drinks. Of course, though you were tired, you all obliged. 

About an hour into drinks you’d lost track of your best friend Matt, Adam  and Nick were no where to find, but you saw Kenny sitting alone so you sat next to him and he cleared his throat and smiled at you. “Oh, hey Y/N.” You smiled back. “Hey Kenny. Have you seen Matt?" 

His smile dropped. "Oh. Yeah, I have..He was talking to some girl, they probably went back to a hotel together.” “Oh..” You said with a disappointed tone. You weren’t upset that he went home with a girl, honestly, good for him. But, you wanted to hang out with your best friend. And now you couldn’t. Bummer. 

Kenny scoffed and looked at you. “Yeah, I guess, you aren’t enough for him anymore. Being easy won’t get you everywhere I guess.” Your jaw dropped. “Easy..? Are you saying I’m..” He cut you off. “Slutty? Well, not the word I’d use, but if the shoe fits..” He smirked taking another drink. You were about to cry, especially since you really liked Kenny, you’d always had a bit of a crush on him.

You shook your head. “Gee, tell me how you really feel! You know what? Go to hell Omega.” You said before storming off. 

Over the next few weeks, you and Kenny said nothing to each other. You didn’t even want to be in the same room as him, you guys basically had to take turns hanging out with the rest of your friends.

You were unwrapping your wrist tape after a match when Matt grabbed your wrist. “Come on.” Was all he said before pulling you down the hall. “Where are we going..?” You asked. “Don’t worry about that.”

He took you to his dressing room. Nick was standing outside, and he nodded at his brother. Matt nodded back and then lightly pushed you inside his dressing room and locked the door from the outside.

“Now. You guys, make up. Or you aren’t getting out." 

Well, you knew who they had to be talking about. You turned around and saw none other then Kenny Omega sitting down pinching the bridge of his nose.
"Ugh.” Was all you could say.  Kenny threw his hands up in defense. “Y/N, just..let me talk.” You sighed. “Well, I don’t know. That might be too easy.” You mocked as you plopped down across from him. He took your hand, and you started to blush. 

“Please?” You nodded. Letting him say what he needed to. 

“I am, so sorry. I was drunk and mad, and that was so, so, out of line, and offensive. And I can’t believe I would be that stupid. I was just jealous of you and Matt, because…I really like you, and I always have..And it killed me to see you with him. So..that’s how I really feel.” He explained. “Wow..well, I accept your apology, and you can make it up to me, by taking me out on a date tonight.” You smiled. He smirked widely. 

“Well, that sounds amazing.” Your smile grew wider and you cupped his face, before crashing your lips into his. Finally, you pulled away for air. “And that felt amazing..” He nodded. “Agreed.” Just then Matt started banging on his door. 

“You guys better not be making out in my locker room!”


JOSHIFER: Let’s End the Faux Nomance, Please !!!

JOSHIFER: Let’s End the Faux Nomance, Please !!

How Jen describes Josh:

Jen describes him as her best friend, ally, rock and lucky charm who is dreamier than Rob Pattinson because he’s her attractive redneck ‘something’ who sometimes sounds like a hick.

Josh is also exactly like Peeta, albeit a more masculine version, and has Peeta’s good qualities.

Physically Josh is fast, strong, an athlete, a good dancer, really hot, and devastatingly handsome. She loves his face. She loves kissing with him, he’s a great kisser. Personality-wise, he is sweet, super charming and can charm the world, funny, adorable, very well spoken, passionate, has the best little tirades/tangents, a genius, very smart and an intellectual and also wise and really down to earth.

He is also a fellow Kentuckian whom she has chemistry with, knows really well and can have a uncomplicated healthy and functioning relationship with, the person whom she has separation anxiety and is totally co-dependent with. He is a couch-oriented homebody, who also shares her passion for food.

So to wrap it all up, for Jen…Josh should stay just how he is, this incredible and amazing actor (and a great director) who blows her away and whom she is bonded to and so attached to and loves…who is just a light…someone she can hang out with all the time, sing karaoke and get drunk with, who she always wants to have around even when he gets on her nerves, bicker with like an old married couple, and wants to give love and energy to, and who makes everything so wonderful.

Wow, quite a mouthful for someone who most media are saying as no one special, and only her friend and male co-star. 😎😎

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DS9, 2.15: Paradise

anonymous asked:

Ther reaction (not gif )when you're texting someone and they're trying to get your attention. If you can make gif to I will be happy ❤❤ thanks.

Seokjin: I think that Jin is someone very patient, so if his girlfriend were more focused on her phone than him, he would at first think it might be important; or that she’s just texting a friend. He would wait until she’s finished, to finally hang out with her. If she didn’t budged after a while though, he would probably make a remark, saying that she should focus on him rather than her phone. If still it didn’t worked, I think Seokjin would confiscate her phone, or maybe blackmail her; saying something like “If you don’t put your phone down and hang out with me, I won’t cook for you tonight.”

Suga/ Yoongi: Suga is probably too proud to admit that it bothers him that his girl is stuck on her phone instead of himself. I can see him only saying a little remark at first, saying that it’s not good to get this captivated by technology. Yoongi isn’t a clingy person, so he won’t whine or complain. If eventually, he was in the clingy mood, he would probably pout and ask her nicely to put her phone down, until eventually, he gets mad and shout at her to do so, in a more harshly way. “Can you put your phone down now, it’s getting really annoying!” In some cases, he wouldn’t even try harder and let her be, finding another occupation by himself.

J-Hope/ Hoseok: Just one word: whining. Hoseok is probably going to whine a lot, and do some aegyo, and try to take her away. He would be disappointed, and maybe get a little upset if still she didn’t got interested in him. After being all nice and sweet, he would try like Seokjin, and confiscate her phone, maybe trying blackmail as well in a more teasing way. “Put your phone down, or you won’t have a goodnight kiss.” I think it takes a lot to Hoseok to get mad, so he won’t shout at his girlfriend, but would get really upset. If he’s the mood though, he would try to distract her with all kind of kisses, hugs until eventually she’s only focused on him.

Rap Monster/ Namjoon: Just like Seokjin, Namjoon is more on the patient side; so he would ask her nicely to turn her phone off, once, twice, until he gets annoyed. He would, as nicely as he could, tell her it bothers him, and that he wants her all by himself. I think that, in desperate cases, Namjoon would just sit at her side and decide to get annoying. He would poke her, and sight really loudly, and complain a lot until his girlfriend finally decides to put her phone down to focus only on him. “Babe… Babe…. Babe! Answer me… Babe!”

Jimin: At first, Jimin would probably laugh this off, thinking that it must be important. He would give her a minute or two to tell her friends she’s off for the night. When he sees she still wasn’t saying goodbye, he would tell her cutely he wants to hang out with her and only her – not her and her phone. “Honey, let’s hang out only the two of us tonight!” I can see Jimin get upset if she didn’t listened to him, and would probably prefer to give her space than being a clingy and annoying boyfriend. Though, he’d be really irritated by her afterwards, thinking she preferred to geek on her phone rather than hang out with him. I don’t think he would really put up a plan to get her attention.

V/ Taehyung: I think Taehyung would find a subtle way to tell her that he’s getting impatient, and a little annoyed. At first, I can see him act like Hoseok, and try aegyo and whine to get her attention. If it didn’t worked, he’d maybe take his own phone and text her saying something like “PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN AND HANG OUT WITH YOUR FREAKING BOYFRIEND!” It might amuse him at first, maybe finding her resistance cute (in a way..); until he gets too annoyed and take her phone, locking him in a drawer where she wouldn’t find it.

Jungkook: I don’t think Jungkook would really know what to do if his girlfriend acted that way. He would probably let her be at first, watching her from the corner of his eyes. When he would get bored, or annoyed after a short while, he would ask her what she’s doing, who she was talking to, only getting a slight interest in her doing. He would cuddle to her, and maybe whisper to her that he wants to do something with her, because it’s been a while since they get alone time together. Eventually, he would snap at her in harsh way he didn’t meant, only wanting to make her realize she was ‘wasting’ time with him. 

.We don’t do gif reactions actually, sorry~ Thank you for the ask though, hope it was what you wanted!

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Normally, MJ was beyond excited for the New Years party her brothers had been hosting at the house ever since they graduated Hogwarts. This year she should have been even more thrilled, given this was also her house now. Instead she had Josh’s advice swirling around in her head. He was right, she knew that. It was the same thing she’d been telling herself she needed to do. It was time to meet a new, exciting bloke and forget all about Black. That was just easier said than done. As much as she liked to claim she had a lot of experience with blokes, the truth was – she didn’t. Before she’d started fooling around with Black, most of her snogging had come from games of dares or spin the bottle in the common room. Which wasn’t to say MJ was scared to show interest in a bloke. It was just that she didn’t quite know how. She’d spent most of her life trying to prove she was just one of the guys. And she didn’t want that to change, either. She just wanted to find a bloke to snog her. Then there was the added problem that most of the people at the party were familiar faces. She made her way outside with a firewhiskey in hand, scanning the crowd both for some of her brothers’ newer friends from work and for the blokes as well – the last thing she needed was one of the twins spotting her with a bloke, the bloody arses. But splitting her attention clearly wasn’t working, for the next thing she knew she was walking smack into someone, barely managing not to spill her firewhiskey. “Bloody hell, sorry about that –” Oh. Hello, hot red-headed bloke. MJ’s eyes widened for a split second as she took him in – tall, built, well-dressed. A bit clean-cut for her taste, but maybe that was a good thing. If there was an opposite to the bloke she was trying to forget about, surely she was looking at him. She grinned widely, quickly playing off her moment of staring. “Hey, I know who you are! You’re the new bloke, right? The American?” She’d heard him mentioned around Headquarters, remembering one of her brothers mentioning they’d invited him to the party, and unless there was another tall red-haired bloke she’d never seen before hanging around, surely this had to be him. “I’m MJ McKinnon,” she added. “My brothers mentioned you were coming, I was hoping I’d finally get a chance to say hi.”