'gear me up'


     ↳ sotus: the series (2016-2017)

“The gear represents our unity. And it’s very important because it was hard to obtain. It’s because of its importance that it is considered to be the heart of the engineering student’s heart. To the point where they say the gear is within the heart…the heart is within the gear. If we give our gear to someone, that means we’re giving them our heart.”

this garden tool makes the nicest gentle jingling sound

even though this dude is just the example of the new make-your-own-character system in the game (very good shit btw!!) I wouldn’t mind if Sega kept this design as another official sonic cast member

  • radfems: The whole of feminism can be broken down into two basic camps - 1) wicked awesome radfems, and 2) weak minded libfems. We clearly know SO MUCH MORE about womyn and feminism than other womyn and feminists.
  • radfems: We need to overthrow the notion of Gender, but you have have HAVE to have a V at birth to be a womyn. Obvs!
  • radfems: No Muslim womyn ever could EVER choose for herself to wear Hijab because Islam is a nasty Patriarchal religion that takes all of womyn's rights and agency away. Nevermind that we come from Patriarchies too - We should still get to choose FOR them!
  • radfems: Our ideas are so gosh darn RADICAL, why can't you libfems keep up already?!?!!?

I went into some buildings and you heard the boos and the racial remarks but that kinda geared me up. I was called the N-word so many times that I thought it was a compliment, you know (laughs) So I just went out and played. […] They had never seen a black man on the ice. I just told myself: “Just go out and play and try to represent the hockey club at the best of your ability. And if the fans can’t see that then don’t worry about it.” I am a black man. I know when I look in the mirror that I am a black man. Nobody needs to tell me that.
— Willie O'Ree, who became in 1958 the first black player in the National Hockey League

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What!? KH smut!? Omg I love you!! 💋💖💋 *Grabs a chair and waits in line* I am ALL~ for that. I'd be in your inbox all day for Riku everything. u_u Then Vanitas. That 10yr joke won't get old. It's painfully true yet funny. It's been 11yrs though now right? I don't want to wait but I'd wait forever if it means the last of Xehanort saga is complete/all in one case/no dlc. For the fans waiting this long, I'd love for it to end cleanly or I'm going to feel some type of way.

I think it’s been a bit longer than 10… cause I remember playing KH2 in undergrad… but I hadn’t graduated yet. And I graduated in 2007. Oh shit my 10 year anniversary is like… almost passed. Oh, well.

Dude, I thotted over Riku a bit too much in KH2 (justified because of them being older), and Ansem and of course Leon and Sephiroth and… oh, lawd. Making me wanna play through the games again.

Okay, tbh tho, I don’t think they gonna wrap up shit. Squenix and Disney knows they got a never ending cash cow, and they’d only wrap up one loose end to create 2690743 more to create KH4 which would come out 20 years after KH3 v. 5.94 Re-MIX or something. You know this as well as I, LMAO!

One Sided But True

I remember the first time I saw you
Oh those spects, those eyes.
All the compliments rocked my mind
I see you smile in my dreams
Feels like a good night kiss
Helplessly my mind drowns into a lucid bliss

Your memories, your angelic face
Is what gets me going whilst I embrace my fiasco phase
It’s so hard
Imagining a life without you,
Wakes me up every morning
Gearing me up to end this stubborn self scorning.

I see your photo, put on a smile
Your memories
Responsible for my most ecstatic self discoveries
They emblaze the morale of my soul
Whilst I battle the boundaries set by my mind
Disguised as the toughest ghouls.

I remember the first time we met
I couldn’t speak
I heard you whisper “Oh what a freak”
You walked away
From that very moment my heart ached to say
I know … Yes I know you won’t love for I am a loser but because of you, crave to be on a winning spree.

I remember, when you finally got to know
I loved you
Bragged about you all the time
You freaked out, you abused
All the people at the scene, amused
I cowardly ran away,
I cried until there were marks on my face because of the tears that had dried.
Year later you did apologise
Little did you know the fault was always mine.
For I was the one who underestimated your value which was indeed divine.

I remember when I asked if you loved football
You said yes.
Damn, I sold my bat to get a ball.
I fell down I broke my toes.
But I fell in love with the game
It was like our thing afterall
It helped me heal
Everything related to you strengthend my will, held me together like a brawny seel.

I remember that night when I wanted to apologise
But your friends misunderstood
Sucker for sympathy is what they accused
I didn’t get out of my room the whole night
Tears escaped me, from the fury raging inside
“Am I so inadequate” was the only thought in my mind, stuck in rewind.

Hiding my emotions just like a buffon knight
As I had my true self, to find.
All these events left me numb
My love for you didn’t succumb
Every day it bloomed
For the battle ahead, I groomed.
Fearless of the fact that losing you might leave me doomed.

Unlike the majority, who act to suffer
I chose to recover.
I know definitely I know you’re way out of my league
But to deserve you, Love
Is indeed my intrigue
For I am a magician drawing up a prestige
Trying hard to storm through this tormenting seige.

I apologise for what I did
Loving me is not an idea
You’ve to battle with.
The problem is mine alone
You’re my purpose my quest
Indeed the root of it all
My passions my goals.

I am scared
Not of seeing you with someone else
But of not getting a chance
To make you feel special
To be able to express
That express of my heartbeats
The feelings
The changes
Due to you love
My failures terrified,
remarked you as the east winds.
You’re my quest
The only song my heart sings.

Don’t fall for the lines above
For they maybe words
Fall for the changes you observe
Only if you choose to fall anyway.
Else remember me as a poet
With a heart of gold
Who chose words to trade his soul

While I am occupied
Unwillingly waiting to cross paths
With an equivalent abode
Not scared to end up forlorn
Diverting my mind to other passions
Adventures yet behold.
Whenever I am up against the toughest uncertainties
I’ll be a gladiator
You my sword.

remember when that fuckin mineral meme was popular and i straight-up unfollowed multiple people for posting it a bunch? wild. i’m glad that’s over.