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spells for a full moon 🌙

🌙 charging/cleansing crystals and items:

  • fire writing spell - written spell charged with flame
  • fire element bath -  a bath spell that uses the element and correspondences of fire to heal and cleanse oneself emotionally

🌙 healing spells:

🌙 love magic:

🌙 banishing:

🌙 clarity:


A Strawberry “minimoon” will appear in the sky June 9

  • If you happen to gaze up at the night sky on June 9, you’ll see a mini Strawberry Moon.
  • June’s full moon is also known as the “Strawberry Moon.” The fruity moniker doesn’t actually have anything to do with the moon’s color, shape or size.
  • The Strawberry Moon celebrates the coming of prime strawberry-picking season, which reaches its peak in June, according to Space.com.
  • Strawberries are one of the earliest fruits to ripen, second only to rhubarb. With this in mind, the Algonquin Native American tribes lent this month’s full moon its nickname as a reminder to pick the quintessential summer fruit come June. Read more (6/9/17)

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List of all Full Moons 2017

January 12: Wolf Moon
February 10: Snow Moon
March 12: Worm Moon
April 11: Pink Moon
May 10: Flower Moon
June 9: Strawberry Moon
July 9: Buck Moon
August 7: Sturgeon Moon
September 6: Harvest Moon
October 5: Hunter Moon
November 4: Beaver Moon
December 3: Cold Moon


Full moon rising over Los Angeles earlier this month