“There is this cultural question in our society about what people should look like. And women in our culture are TOLD what they should look like by the cosmetic companies, the clothing companies, the diet companies - people wanna sell you something. “Take these pills, buy these clothes, take this exercise program. Buy it from us and you will look like how you’re SUPPOSED to look.” Well what are you supposed to look like? You’re supposed to look like who you are! And people have been taught to chase this ‘dream’ by paying something to somebody to achieve that sort of look. So that’s what it was all about; I thought it was very interesting to raise a conversation about this subject.” 

—  Leonard Nimoy on photographing larger women for his “Full Body Project”.

WGBH News, Boston.
May 2014


2/27 | san francisco

Hello bunnies,

My name’s Marie and I am a 20 year old student from Germany. I’ve been bullied a lot in my past, I’ve always been the “fat one” in my classes at school, which of course hurt me a lot when I was younger. I’ve never been thin and I never saw it as a problem – it became a problem as others told me that it is. I wore wide, too large clothes because I wanted to hide as much as possible, I never realized that it only made it worse. At some point after a really, really bad day at school did I sit in front of my mirror, crying. I decided that it cannot continue like this, I hated myself and my body. So I started to look at myself in another way. I started to look at the positive things – it took some time but now do I find that my body is a positive thing as well. I changed my style plenty of times until I found the one that is perfect for me. And hell, I love it. I wear the things I like; when I see them do I try them on - no matter whether others like it or not. I wear short skirts and dresses, colours and leggings. There always will be people who try to offend you, but who cares about others when you can look into the mirror and say, “Yes, I like that”. I’m not afraid to show my curves, I’m confident and I find myself sexy as fuck – and that is something others see and certainly like. It’s about you. It always is.

So, bunnies, heads up. Find YOUR style and do NOT let others try to influence it. It’s all fine as long as you like it.