'friendship' and 'mission' are coming out soon

My Goodreads review for Not Your Sidekick, by @authorcblee

Once I started reading this book, I just COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. Seriously, it’s SO good. This story has everything: mystery and intrigue and secrets, crushes and mutual pining and the awkward does-she-like-me-or-not dance, superheroes and villains (who may not be what they seem), food descriptions that will make your mouth water, and, above all, a feisty and snarky protagonist whom you will instantly fall in love with and root for. So hard.

Jess is amazing. She’s struggling with being the middle child that neither parent pays much attention to, the unremarkable girl that either doesn’t get noticed or gets snubbed at school, the girl that doesn’t live up to the expectations set by her older sister. And yet, she doesn’t let any of that get her down. She keeps her chin up high and doesn’t give up, even if things don’t go her way. Very admirable. She also manages to keep an open mind, in spite of being indoctrinated from a very young age.

I also love her friendships with Bells and Emma and Abby. They have each other’s backs, and they watch contraband stuff together and go on rescue missions together - *happy sigh*.

Yes, this is entirely my kind of story. So… The only question that remains is: when’s the next part coming out? Soon, I hope?

A Keen Ally

TITLE: A Keen Ally


AUTHOR: SierraLaufeyson13

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a part time Avenger and going into battle with Loki. Both of you work really well as a team, he’s the brains and your the brawn. You save him by stepping in front of a soldier and blocking their hit…


NOTES/WARNINGS: So I had this written and then forgot all about it? Oh well, better late than never. 

“It’s called heterochromia iridum, Loki, and staring is rude.” Those were the first words you ever spoke to Loki, it was a chance meeting as he had been returned under the supervision of Thor to repent for his crimes and you had decided to finally show up at one of Stark’s parties. The god sat in the corner, away from the drunken antics of the guests, looking like he would rather be anywhere else than there. As the only empty seat on the edge of the room was by him, you took a seat next to time and slowly nursed the vodka tonic. There was no conversation and you could feel his eyes on you, it was unnerving. It was like any other person staring at your unusual appearance but it was the intensity of his scrutinizing glare that made you shift and speak out.

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