'feeling slow in the morning

Handcuff Challenge DAY 1

Word Count: 1352

When you woke up he was still sleeping on your chest. You could feel his hot body and his slow morning breath. He was indeed really heavy but for some reason you really liked the feeling of him being on top of you. You tried pushing him away so you could get up; forgetting however about the handcuffs who kept you together, you pulled his hand by mistake and you felt him tense up… GREAT! You woke Jeon Jung kook up!
“What the fuck?!” he shouted at you still sleepy and of course pissed off. Suck a great morning …
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up! But you were all over me!” you said not wanting to have a headache in the morning. He looked you with his smug face and just sighted he wasn’t in the mood to fight with you either.

“Morning! Take a shower and get dressed!” your friend shouted at you and quickly run out of there. Aah yes you were supposed to get dressed and go in town with the whole group!

“Shit…” you heard Jung kook mumbling.
“What?” you said confused at his reaction, once again forgetting that you were bonded together by the handcuffs. He just lifted his tied hand and stared at you blankly.
“Shit! How are we supposed to shower now?”
“I don’t care just hurry up, I’m not gonna lose this challenge even if I have to tolerate you for 6 more days.” He said and he meant it. But you weren’t gonna lose either; you would have to pay for the entire group for god’s sake.
“Ok, fine just enter the fucking bathroom and don’t look you pervert.”

You entered the shower and Jung kook turned his back while you were taking of your bra and panties. You started showering, which was very fucking hard, considering that you could use only one hand.
“Are you done, yet?” Jung kook said getting tired of waiting for you.
“I just got in the shower and I’m using one fucking hand! You try washing all this hair with one hand you brat!”  
“You’re taking too long.” He said and with that in a matter of seconds a naked Jung kook was standing in front of you. “Cute” he said while taking   his time to admire your body.
“Ya! Jung kook-ah! You pervert!” you tried to push him but you couldn’t even shake him off.
“Shut up. You’re way to noisy.” He started washing your head while blankly looking at your face, analyzing every detail.

You felt your chicks turning tomato red! He was in the shower naked with you washing your fucking head! You lowered your head, which wasn’t a great idea because you saw something that you weren’t supposed to see. Yes, you saw Jung kooks little friend. Well not little, because it wasn’t small at all…and he also had an erection… What the fuck?!

“Yes?” he said while lifting your chin up so you could look him straight in the eyes. His voice shivered into your core.
“Jung kook… please…” you said your lips trembling while you tried looking him in the eyes.
“Please what?” he said while getting closer. You took a step back and you hit the cold shower glass, he placed his hands on your hips while smirking. “You’re too cute, aren’t you?” he lifted you up and placed a small kiss on your collarbone, his lips barely touched your soft skin, but this was more than enough for you. “Jung kook…” you moaned softly into his ear. “Please stop…” you begged him but your body was saying otherwise and he knew it. “Why would I?” he said while leaving a small mark into your skin, it was indeed small but it hurt like hell and it could be easily spotted.

“Guys?!” J hope shouted outside the bedroom door. “We should get going! Are you ready??”
“Shit…” He mumbled. “Yes we’ll be there in a moment.” He said then sighted and let you down on your feet again. “Saved by hope” he chuckled clearly not liking the fact that he was interrupted. “Let’s go get dressed he said while looking at you blankly once again. You just nodded you couldn’t look him in the eyes and speak after what happened. He just dragged you after him to your closed he chose a strapless dark blue dress for you …and panties… he sat you on the bed and dressed you. He took a moment to admire your body in the dress then he dressed up himself… But of course he couldn’t get the t-shirt on. He sighted and dragged you, again, after him. “How I’m I supposed to get dressed?” he said to your best friend who was laughing her ass off.
“So… did you two had fun together?”
“Just answer my question Y/F/N”
“Fine, fine Hobi unlock them so that Jung kook can put his shirt on.”

As soon as Jung kook got dressed you were back in the handcuffs. All of you had a really fun day, excepting the parts where you and Jung kook tried to kill each other. You arrived at your favorite restaurant and it was almost midnight, all of you sat at one big table and ordered your favorite food, so did everyone, you were tired as hell and the only thing you wanted to do was to enjoy your meal, something that you couldn’t do because your hand which you used to eat was bonded with Jung kooks and he wouldn’t lift it! As much as you tried you couldn’t use your chopsticks property with the free hand and it drove you crazy.
“Jung kook-ah please let me eat.”  You tried pleading him but he only smirked.
“Use your other hand.”
“I can’t use chopsticks with my other hand…” you whined. And then it hit you, you got closer to him and whispered into his ear. “Oppa…please… Help me eat…” You said and you could feel him tense up, your soft voice and the fact that you were helpless at even the simplest tasks drove him crazy.
“Fine” he said and placed you on his lap and with his free hand he started feeding you not giving a fuck about his hyungs who were staring at all of this. And you, you enjoyed the fact that he would do whatever you asked him as long as you used your cute voice and whispered into his ear.

After the entire group ate and had fun you headed back home were Hobi took of your handcuffs just for enough time so that you could both change into your pajamas, then you were both bonded together again and he left the room, leaving you alone, again. Jung kook pushed you in the bed as soon as he heard the door close. He kissed you, it was rough and his lips were so cold and wet but you couldn’t deny it you kissed him back and you could tell that he was grinning enjoying the fact that you permitted him to have you. His hands were all over you touching every inch of your body. He stopped after a while at your breast teasing it until he could feel your erection poking through your pajama shirt. You were already wet and your body was craving more of Jung kook. You wanted him so badly, not only to fuck you but also to be yours. He smirked and stopped staring at you. “Good night Y/N” He fell next to you sitting in a comfortable position and closing his eyes as if nothing had happened. What the fuck!? This little brat! You would take your revenge now… but you could tell that that’s what he wanted. He wanted you to continue. You calmed yourself, at least you tried XD, and you just placed his handcuffed hand between your legs and smirked back at him. “Good night Kookie” you said and you actually fell asleep after a while. But he, he needed more than a while to fall asleep.



requested by anon

You just lie on your bed, feeling your own slow breath and the sun on your silk skin. 
“Good morning, beautiful.” You hear Donovan’s quiet voice. 
“Hey.” You smile at him, opening your eyes to see the most beautiful man in your life. 
“How was your sleep, baby?” He asks you, giving a strand of hair behind your ear.
“I’m… Tired.” You laugh and kiss him.
“Why are you tired?”
“After eating and spending night with you.” You laugh again, throwing a pillow at him.
“Hey! I will eat you!” He says with a smile on his face, lying on you and kissing you passionately.

I may be drunk but that doesn’t stop me from loving you when I’m sober. 
God damn I miss you. 
I love you and I hope you know it.
I hope you miss me too. 
I hope you think of me and my lips. 
Because I think of you and the way you made me feel. 
I think of the nights and the slow mornings.
I think of the glances, and quick smiles
Small touches and lengthy words
I think of you and how easy it was to love you.
I think about how easy it was and how hard it is now.

God damn I miss you. 

~ Va-J-J