'feeling slow in the morning

RFA+Saeran & V Wake Up Morning Affections


-Light kisses all over to make sure you know your loved

-Going in and out of sleep for hours on a lazy day just enjoying each other’s company

-Will pull the blankets over both of you when the lights come through 

-Likes all positions of cuddling  

-Does not like cold feet


-Determined to make you smile or laugh every morning 

-Playful and energetic cuddling even upon waking up

-Zen prefers to be the big spoon 

-Hates his hair getting in the way and stuck/pulled 

-Loves to be woken up with lots of affection (wink wink, nudge nudge)


-Slow starts to the morning 

-Jaehee feels safe waking up next to you

-Pulls you to her when there’s any distance 

-Hates leftover makeup because it gets all over the bed

-Loves running her fingers through your hair


-Jumin has a high body temperature so cuddling is hard sometimes (but makes for a good excuse to get naked)

-Prone to talking in his sleep early in the morning 

-Try to wake him up by rubbing against him and he’ll pet your head

-Hates getting scratched by your feet

-Loves being scratched by your claws and nipped at


- Hard to wake up if if he does get disturbed to early he’s very moody

-If you try to leave he’ll hug you tight

-Hates being woken up by bright light especially 

-He’ll reach out at random times to make sure you’re still there and if your not he slightly panics 

-Loves when you stroke his hair because it puts him to sleep 


-Caresses your skin from face to back

-Easily woken up but is never upset

-You catch him watching you and it’s because he’s fascinated by how different lighting looks painted over your body

-Hates being interrupted or someone waking you up

-Loves talking while you guys are in each others arms, makes him feel closer to you


-Has a bad habit of overthinking why your next to him

-Prefers you to be asleep so he can study your face and engrave the peaceful moment in his mind

-Enjoys seducing you until you wake up 

-Hates being surprised or woken up by loud noises 

-Loves when you take his hand and trace around, over, and under with your fingertips 

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Could you please do a loki x reader where he wakes up in the morning before her and just contemplates how lucky he is to have her? Lot's of fluff and cuddles! Thank you!

Loki hadn’t slept the whole night through in an age, or so it seemed to him. Stretching languidly, he rolled over and smiled a soft, secretive smile, as his eyes landed on the very reason for his relaxed state.

You slept on peacefully, undisturbed by your husband’s movements. All the lines of stress and worry had been smoothed away from your face, and your breathing was soft and even as you unconsciously shifted closer to the warmth he radiated. He chuckled, slender fingers brushing your hair from your face and lingering on your jawline.

You had saved him, in every possible way and more. You kept him grounded, you listened to his fears and his worries and angers, and yet you still stood steadfastly at his side. You were his equal, his lifeline, his best friend, and at last, his wife, too.

His heart swelled with affection for you as you tilted your head into his hand, a sleepy smile tugging at your lips. Loki leaned towards you and brushed his thin lips against your forehead, draping his arm over your waist as you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck.

“What time is it?” you mumbled, your warm breath tickling his neck softly. He chuckled, shifting so that he was on his back and you were nestled into his side.

“Still early,” he replied quietly. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

You hummed in response, drowsily pressing your lips to his skin and feeling his lips curve into a smile against your forehead. Slow, lazy mornings like these were your favourite.

“What woke you so early?” you asked, propping your chin on his chest so you could look into his eyes. Loki’s hands came to rest on your back, tracing tiny patterns through your nightgown.

“No reason,” he smiled, stroking your cheek gently. “Perhaps I just wanted to admire my lovely wife.”

You hit his chest playfully, giggling and holding his shoulders as he rolled over so that he was leaning over you.

“What is it?” you asked in confusion, reaching up to cup his smooth cheek as he stared down at you, his lips parted and eyes wide in an unreadable question.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, ducking his head to nuzzle his nose against yours. “And I don’t deserve you.”

You shook your head, the pad of your thumb caressing his cheekbone.

“Yes, you do,” you told him firmly. “We deserve each other, Loki.”

He smiled softly, and he was still smiling when his lips met yours in a gentle, loving kiss.

I'm Sorry (I Fell in Love Tonight)

( PROMPT: I was going through a rough night so instead of doing what we usually do, you made sure I was okay throughout the whole thing and was slow and reassuring and when morning comes I feel so conflicted. )

A/N: Y’all thirsty for friends-with-benefits Peter Parker so I have delivered. This was vaguely inspired by the incredible momosakaki-san’s drabble with fuck boi Peter (YES YES YES GIMME MORE). THANK YOU ALL FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS EVEN DOING HERE. AS A THANK YOU, I’VE WRITTEN A SIN-FILLED DRABBLE WITH PETER AND THE READER BEING FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. 

WARNINGS: Sin. Filthy sin.

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I’ve been getting requests to post more real time/slower vids so here is a snipit from this morning. Feeling tired, slow and sore from soccer today but still got myself out on the mat -anyone else feel the most sore 2days after?
Side planks have never come easy to me (used to make my shoulder feel so weak) and was something I avoided for so long because I wasn’t any good at them- well one day I decided to get over myself and put in the work so that I would be able to do them and now they are one of my favs to add into my practice (although the grabbing/lifting my foot is something I am still working on feeling comfortable in!!) Anyway, may sound weird but thinking of the progress I’ve made in them helps me work hard towards other things (yoga or not) that I may not be good at instead of just accepting defeat and avoiding it! ~Maybe this can be a little inspiration to practice something hard for you today!

Song: Oceans (acoustic)-Seafret
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There’s something so comforting about her lips. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick kiss goodbye or a slow and passionate good morning, the way her lips feel against mine is like nothing i’ve ever felt before. Kissing her is like coming home.
—  once it ends i’m homesick until next time

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(Thank God there is one of these dedicated to my sweet blue boy THANK YOU <3) could I request something that seems rather mundane that turns 2D on?

A/N: you’re the sweetest ever! and of course! he deserves all the love!!! p.s. i kind of struggled with this one so i did more than one thing. i hope this is acceptable!! uwu

  • 2D gets really hot and bothered whenever he sees his S/O stretching. lmaowhat. Especially when it’s the first thing in the morning and his S/O stretches and flexes all the muscles in their body and their face scrunches up, he can’t help feel a certain special way. usually leads into slow sensual morning sexy times.
  • He also gets really turned on when he sees his S/O doing their hair or playing with it. Especially if his S/O has long hair and wears it up or in a pony tail and their neck is suddenly completely exposed, he loses his mind.
  • Most of the time, anything his S/O does will turn him on, it just depends on the situation and the kind of mood he’s in. his S/O could be harvesting crops and he would be like “damn, that’s hot.”

*me, crying*

i just….i just love how..how ryuji says akira makes him feel free….adn akira’s whole thing is that he’s imprisoned and a slave to fate etc etc…like..akira gives ryuji what he cannot give himself and

i love these boys sfm help

You ever think of a headcanon so cute you internally squee and gush cause it fits so well within whatever fandom universe you’ve created for yourself?

I’m having that moment rn this very morning at 10:39 in the A.M.

Sweet romantic sex with Drax would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo DRAX 😍😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him pulling you to sit on his lap or straddle him after a long day out and letting you run your hands all over him

-Him surprising you with how gently he’d suddenly hold your chin to make you look at him in the eyes and just finishing your conversation by telling you that he loves you before pressing his lips to yours

-Him chuckling and smiling as he feels you kissing him sloppily, only for him to run his hands all over your sides just to finally grip your waist and make you grind against him

-Him picking you up to walk over to the bed or simply turn you over to it before helping you out of your clothes, only to nervously chuckle as he finally sees you naked simply because he still can’t believe you’re real

-His lips rarely ever leaving yours for too long and his hands roaming your body as he enjoys touching you gently and feeling your delicate skin, only to shudder in pleasure whenever you’d do the same to him

-Him kissing your neck and back up your ear simply to ask you in a whisper whether you want him to pleasure you with his tongue or his fingers, making you blush and hold onto him before deciding what you want most

-Him manhandling you softly enough you to then set you on top of him, letting you straddle him and telling you how desperately he needs to be inside of you

-Him comforting you as you’d adjust to his size after you’d sink down onto his cock by praising you and rubbing your thighs, reaching up to your body to soothe and relax you

-Him letting you set the pace to your liking, only to sometimes forget himself because of your moans and tightness, making him grip onto your waist and start to pound harder and you having to find your own ways to slow/calm him down

-Him always feeling bad for you the next morning as you would usually complain about some aching pain, all of it obviously because of his sheer size, making him always make up for you and offer to carry you around for the day

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hey!! i was wondering what your morning and afternoon routines were? much love xx

ooh fun topic!! mornings i usually have a pretty set routine, but sometimes i change the afternoon routines around. 

Mornings ☀️

  • Wake up around 7am depending on classes and have a glass of water and use eye drops for my dry eyes, then wash up and apply toner, lotion/serum, and a UV moisturiser
  • Grab my phone from my room and catch up on anything whilst eating breakfast
  • Change my clothes and tie my hair up
  • I’ve usually packed my bag the previous day so I just grab lunch and water bottle and put it into my backpack 🎒
  • Drive to the train station and then catch the train (where I either nap or study depending on how tired I am) and bus to uni. 

Afternoon/Night 🌇

  • Hop on the bus and browse tumblr or just relax since it’s too short and too bumpy of a ride to whip my laptop out. 
  • Get some study done on the train home whilst listening to music. 🎧
  • Get driven home and take a shower, change into something comfy and then have dinner. 🍽️
  • Usually I’m feeling a bit sleepy after dinner so I can’t really get straight into studying as much as I’d like to, so I watch some youtube videos
  • Study for about 2-3 hours 📚
  • Change clothes, wash up and put on moisturiser, then head to bed 🛌

Days off 📅

  • When I have the day off, I’ll usually wake up at 8:30 or 9am if i’m determined to study something because I’m not an early morning person. I’m still more productive in the mornings, but usually around 9am-12pm. Even if I wake up early, I’m too sleepy and out of it to concentrate even if I sleep at 10pm. 
  • Still wash up, moisturise, and change into something comfy before eating breakfast. 
  • Plan out my day, usually I allocate a subject per hour/two hour block. 
  • Study, stopping for lunch, and a bit of an afternoon break around 2 or 3pm because my concentration wanes after studying the whole morning despite taking short water breaks. I’ll usually just watch something for 1-3 hours. 
  • Study for about an hour more before dinner, then have another shorter break. Sometimes I’ll take a shower if I need to be more productive, because it feels just as refreshing as a break. 
  • Study for another 2-3 hours before heading to sleep because I’m feeling the pressure from studying at a slow pace throughout the day hahaha
One Shot (IV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Chanyeol

Rating: PG-13 / R

Warnings: Physical Abuse / Assault (not Chanyeol)

Word Count: 3,069

Summary:  You’re a deadly assassin, hired to kill bad guys. But what if the bad guy doesn’t seem so … bad?

Originally posted by visual-jongdae

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Random Dialogue Prompts

I had some free time in class so, of course, I spent my time writing these. Feel free to use or send in requests!

  1. “Whoa, take it easy there.”
  2. “You really think you can handle this?”
  3. “Wow, you look, uh…interesting.”
  4. “Oh, come on, you’ll be fine.”
  5. “You know I didn’t mean it like that.”
  6. “Why would you go to all this trouble?”
  7. “You’re incredibly persistent, I’ll give you that.”
  8. “You don’t deserve this.”
  9. “Close your eyes.”
  10. “What are you doing under there?”
  11. “You need to stop before someone gets hurt.”
  12. “Where the fuck am I?”
  13. “You look like you could use some help.”
  14. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  15. “Hey, quit laughing!”
  16. “Nope, no way, not a chance.”
  17. “I’m fine, just tired.”
  18. “Why did I even try?”
  19. “You don’t scare me.”
  20. “Hey there, sleepyhead.”
  21. “I’d rather jump out a window, thanks.”
  22. “You’re such a dork.”
  23. “I can’t believe you!”
  24. “Oh my god, your hands are freezing.”
  25. “What did you expect?”
  26. “Any chance I could get you to stop staring at me?”
  27. “Can I pet your dog?”
  28. “Holy shit.”
  29. “Dude, it’s like three in the morning.”
  30. “Hey, slow down!”
  31. “Are you feeling alright?”
  32. “It’s not my fault!”
  33. “Dance with me.”
  34. “Listen, I’m running on two hours of sleep here.”
  35. “I can’t feel my toes.”
  36. “You look absolutely stunning.”
  37. “You sure you’re okay?”
  38. “How are you so perfect?”
  39. “I’ve never seen snow before.”
  40. “I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.”
  41. “Are you— are you afraid of thunder?”
  42. “How did I get so lucky?”
  43. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”
  44. “Would a hug help?”
  45. “You’re safe, I promise.”
  46. “Goddamn, that’s strong.”
  47. “Babe, you’re shaking.”
  48. “Okay, I know this looks bad…”
  49. “Listen, don’t freak out, but there’s something moving on your arm.”
  50. “I don’t want to go.”

this moment is the company of my pups, soft music, hot coffee, & vanilla yogurt topped with homemade granola + berries. it’s the comfort of my warm flannel, the sight of bare trees swaying politely with the wind, and the soothing sound of springtime birds. it’s simplicity and slowness, freshness + light – and I am feeling wholly awakened. wholly alive.

it’s a good morning.

anonymous asked:

This might be a bit heavy but: headcanons for the RFA ++ with a nonbinary mc on a day they just want to run into the hills and scream because on that day they are feeling super dysphoric and being misgendered all over the place? Feel free to choose how out MC is to the characters (from not even out to their partner to out to all of them and it's all coming from other people.) Sincerely, an anxious nb person who is to scared to come out to even people they know would be accepting.

hi there, anon! sorry this took a while, but thank you for trusting me with this request! i’ll try my best to do this right. and know that it’s alright that you’re not ready!! take all the time you need. how you feel is what’s important and you can come out whenever you feel ready. or if you don’t want to, you don’t have to! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

the rfa++ and i love you~ hope you like it!


  • they were really uncomfortable at first, especially with zen
  • it wasn’t entirely his fault since they never met before and seven introduced mc by what was on their records
  • so, yeah. the rfa had been misgendering them for a week now
  • thing is, mc never told them they were nonbinary
  • they knew it wouldn’t be a problem - they all knew seven was genderfluid and all of them were totally accepting 
  • but they didn’t yet
  • and now they were on their way to zen’s house 
  • they were glad for the chance to see him and cheer him up, but they weren’t prepared for the misgendering that was bound to happen
  • the worst part is that they were already feeling super dysphoric
  • maybe they’d tell him tonight….or maybe not
  • too late to think more about it, they pulled up to the house 
  • zen opened the door, automatically smiling, “mc!” 
  • maybe they wouldn’t 
  • but then zen started calling them “princess” which was a really cute nickname, but it did not ease their dysphoria at all
  • it was on the roof that they broke
  • zen told them his life story, about how he felt about their connection
  • and about how “men are wolves, including me, and that he didn’t want to ruin a cute girl” 
  • mc couldn’t handle it anymore and just went, “but im not a girl”
  • *cue zen’s confused stare* “what-” “i’m not a guy either, zen”
  • he’s relieved, but more confused. “what do you mean, mc?”
  • “i don’t- those terms-” *sigh* “i’m nonbinary. i don’t identify as either a girl or boy and being called one by all of you has been driving me crazy-”
  • zen takes their hand, “oh my gosh, i’m so sorry mc! we’ve been making you feel uncomfortable this entire time! you don’t have to tell the others if you don’t want to, but i promise i’ll still do my best to cheer you up.” 
  • mc is kind of surprised
  • “oh, uh…do you use ‘they/them’ pronouns?”
  • mc is even more surprised, but nods 
  • “alright, just making sure, love” immediately switches nicknames what a catch 
  • he refers to them by their proper pronouns for the rest of the night, doesn’t use princess as a nickname anymore, and when he does mess up, he feels so bad and apologizes 10 times minimum


  • people knew mc was nonbinary, but the rfa didn’t know 
  • the ‘but im not a girl’ option in the prologue? yeah.
  • so all this misgendering mc was really starting to get to them
  • they’ve thought of telling the rfa, but things have gotten so weird with zen breaking his ankle, to the stalker, plus the hacker
  • mc thought it wasn’t the right time
  • but one day, they couldn’t take it anymore
  • it was the day yoosung asked them to be his ‘pre-girlfriend’
  • they called him right after that
  • “oh, mc! i was just thinking about you..” he said, making mc smile
  • “hey, yoosung. i was thinking about you too. and i, uh, i have to tell you something”
  • “anything, mc.” “can you please not call me your girlfriend?”
  • oh wait. there might have been some misunderstanding there…
  • “oh…o-of course. i mean, now i’m kind of glad i asked in a ‘pre’ way..”
  • “no no no, i still want to date you, yoosung! that just came out wrong-”
  • “..then what did you mean?” “i meant, i don’t like the term ‘girlfriend’. i’m non-binary.” 
  • there’s silence for a bit before yoosung speaks again
  • “you scared me! I thought I made the biggest mistake of my life!”
  • “oh my god, that’s not it at all!” 
  • “of course i won’t call you my girlfriend! do you like ‘partner’ better? or…’date mate’?” 
  • “hm..i’m not really sure, actually..”
  • “no no, i got one” “what is it, yoosung?”
  • “i’ll call you ‘my love’.” 


  • today was not the day for this
  • the cafe was loaded today, it was one of their biggest days of the month!
  • but all these new customers meant all these people saying “thank you ma’am” and “hello miss!” to mc
  • which didn’t really get to them on a normal day, but they were already feeling the dysphoria since this morning 
  • and it was really slowing their progress
  • which is how jaehee noticed something was wrong with them
  • she was walking over to ask mc about it when she heard the person they were serving speak, “have a nice day, ma’am!”
  • ah, that’s it. 
  • during their break, jaehee pulls mc to the side and smiles. “let’s go outside, hun.” 
  • mc nods and they go outside first 
  • jaehee meets them with a pastry to share and two water bottles
  • “it’s busy today..” mc says, taking the water bottle from her
  • “it is. which is good for business..but not for you, huh?”
  • mc looks up at jaehee, who sits beside them
  • she leans over to kiss mc’s head 
  • “i know you, sweetheart. do you want to take the rest of the day off?”
  • “jaehee, i can’t do that. and i can’t leave you, either.” “mc, we own the cafe. it’s alright. the others can handle the work.. you’ve trained them well”
  • mc smiles and the two go back inside, jaehee telling the staff they were going home. mc wasn’t feeling well. and they understand
  • as they walk out, one of the employees calls out to them, “feel better, mc! you amazing person!”
  • jaehee grins. mc feels a bit better already”


  • mc was terrified of telling jumin
  • he was so exposed to the press and they weren’t ready for the questions that were bound to come 
  • but all of jumin’s staff - and jumin - kept calling them ‘she’ and ‘her’ 
  • and all of this misgendering was driving mc crazy
  • at this point, they wanted to yell at the staff members. but they didn’t deserve that
  • so they went to Elizabeth
  • “Elizabeth, do you think it’ll be such a big deal? will the press start more rumors? will jumin…i don’t know, change his mind about me?” they asked, petting Elizabeth
  • they got a ‘meow’ in return
  • “he would, wouldn’t he?” they sigh
  • “why would i change my mind about you?” jumin says and mc turns around
  • “honey-” “what’s wrong, mc?” 
  • well now they have to spill. jumin won’t let this go
  • “….can i get a glass of wine first?”
  • jumin is actually more curious than anything
  • he asks a bunch of questions. about pronouns, if they’re really comfortable with all the dresses he bought them. what really makes them feel dysphoric, everything.
  • it ends well, but there’s still the press to worry about. though jumin says that’ll be a process. as for the staff, mc says they’re willing to come out to them
  • the next day, mc goes to the office with jumin. and they’re a reasonable distance away from jumin so he asks one of the workers
  • “can you call my spouse over here?” the worker is like, “…your wife, mr. Han?” “no, my spouse.”
  • mc hears him and smiles 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • the door closed with a slam, followed by a loud groan from mc
  • saeyoung spun his chair around. “bad day, 606?” 
  • they walk over to him and he stands up to be engulfed in their hug
  • “i’m tired of people calling me a girl.” they mumble into his shoulder
  • he smiles sadly and strokes their hair
  • “ah, one of those days.” he says
  • “yeah..I feel like just running and screaming it out, you know?”
  • “we could do that, you know.” 
  • mc looks at him confused, but he’s dead serious
  • so they get in one of his cars and saeyoung drives them to a secluded place
  • they both get out of the car and saeyoung gestures to the empty field
  • “run and scream to your heart’s content, hun~”
  • so…mc does. 
  • they run to the middle of the field and just yell it out
  • “i wish people would stop misgendering me! i’m nonbinary, for christ’s sake!”
  • and they fall to sit on the ground
  • saeyoung walks over to them, clapping. he sits beside them
  • “you feel a little bit better?” they nod and move to put their head on his shoulder
  • “it sucks sometimes.” “you don’t need to be out now..you can be out whenever you’re ready. and we can start small.”

v / jihyun

  • they were out on a date, just walking around and stopping by whatever place caught their attention
  • and all kinds of people were misgendering mc. 
  • they did when they bought something, were welcomed into the store, leaving the store.
  • and mc was trying to have fun with jihyun, but all this was getting to them
  • they kept moving closer to jihyun, their dysphoria growing
  • he noticed pretty quickly and pulled them to whisper in their ear
  • “let’s go home, angel.” 
  • when they get home, mc sighs. “i’m sorry, jihyun”
  • “there’s nothing to apologize for, i want to make sure you’re comfortable.”
  • “but you can’t go up to everyone who talks to me, love”
  • “i can if i try hard enough.”
  • jihyun please
  • “but for now…i can make you a cup of tea and tell you how much i love you. that you’re the most wonderful person i know…”
  • mc starts blushing. “V-” “yes, my nonbinary angel?”
  • “jihyun-” “just you watch, my love”
  • he keeps true to his word, with mc’s consent of course, and tells everyone who talks to mc


  • “ah, there she is. rfa’s princess.” he says, after breaking through the window
  • mc visibly winces 
  • “don’t worry. i won’t hurt you..for now. i’m here to take you to paradise.”
  • “no, that’s not it at all, look-”
  • lmao mc isn’t even scared
  • “what?-” saeran starts to ask
  • “can you maybe not…refer to me as a princess? and not use ‘she’ pronouns?”
  • saeran blinks. “what?”
  • “i’m nonbinary.” “….can you explain that?”
  • they end up having a talk in the apartment instead of saeran taking them anywhere
  • and saeran learned a lot. he understands, asks questions, and makes sure he’s getting their pronouns right
  • “…have you told the rfa?” “….no”
  • “i’m sure they’ll listen.” “weren’t you supposed to take me somewhere?”
  • he stands up and shrugs. “I can come back. give you time to think about if you want to tell them first.” 
  • mc decides to test him a bit. “come back for rfa’s ‘princess’?”
  • saeran smiles and shakes his head. “no…I’ll come back for rfa’s savior”
  • and then he leaves 

thestuffdoodler  asked:

Could you do friends with benefits prompts?

im trying a nsfw request look how far I’ve come I can’t even read smut without throwing my phone across the room. but a prompt that needs to filled is a prompt that needs to filled

  • wow ever since we became more than friends (but less than lovers) I never realised how, uh, kinky and wild you actually were
  • I thought we were strictly no cuddling or heartfelt actions but here you are being gentle and sweet and wow please stop this is confusing
  • we hang out around our places too often and ever since you left your toothbrush over at my place out friends are definitely catching on
  • we’re now very physically comfortable around each other and our friends are curious on why but we’re not going to tell them cause they’ll just get the wrong idea
  • it’s not like you’re moving in but here are the keys to my place so you can have, uh, easier access
  • I was going through a rough night so instead of doing what we usually do you made sure I was okay throughout the whole thing and was slow and reassuring and when morning comes I feel so conflicted
  • “you never stay the night” “well I’m tired so scoot over” “yeah, but you never stay the night”

- jo