Name: Nikola Stojilković

Age: 27

Location: Niš, Serbia

Occupation: Web developer

Website: www.nikolastojilkovic.in.rs



 - FED 5B camera

 - A pack of Fisherman’s Friend

- My external HDD

 - Photo of FK Partizan squad from 1966

- My watch

- Picture-souvenir from Stavros, Greece

- My lucky Zippo

 - Wallet

 - Phone


Marvel at these analogue snaps taken with the New Russar+ Lens and Fed 5B

The Fed 5 camera has a nice story to tell from the 60+ years it was in production and maybe, it can create more stories with the New Russar+ Lens snapped on it. These two Russian photographic gear combine to bring us these remarkable analogue snaps from our Russar+ testers.