'fashion star'

Little Acts of Resistance headcanon: Fashion edition

There is no way around a fact that the First Order concept and culture is deeply and uncritically inspired by Nazi imagery. I am still pissed off at creative decision to use Nazi chic IN SPACE! like you wouldn’t believe. I am also very spiteful, hence this headcanon.

Every person with vaguest idea about history of fashion knows that while Nazi uniforms were admittedly very stylish, they were also incredibly uncomfortable for the wearers. I like to imagine it’s the same case for the First Order uniforms. They certainly look like they could be.

So, imagine: at one of the deeply First Order worlds lives a fashion designer. He doesn’t really have a means to actively fight a regime. On the other hand, he has mouths to feed and workers that depending on him.

That doesn’t mean he can’t make nuisance of himself, though. And he can do it without the First Order noticing that something is amiss, even.

He gets a contract for designing and producing uniforms for officers and civilian dignitaries.

And then he gleefully makes them the most uncomfortable things ever conceived by fashion. All in the name of ~aesthetics~, of course. Of course.

(I like to think it’s generational tradition. The Empire’s boner on capes isn’t very practical, either.)