Even if you don’t play Team Fortress 2, this video is a masterpiece and you have to watch it at least once in your life

@skelesansx a réagi à votre billet : (( Okay, before I get my ass kicked: Let’s go. ))


(( Bro he’s quality, a lot of details have been put into this little guy. The drawstrings on the hoodie are functional, the hood fits, there are little velcro circles you can stick on to put him in Bad Time™ mode, and you can store them in the little ACTUAL POCKETS MEL HE HAS POCKETS I’M 

They sold out of the first run, the next one ships mid-December. Just to warn, tho, they ship UPS if you want a tracking number, and it costs an arm and a leg. ))

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The pharmacy called to let me know that my insurance expired so my antidepressants and ADHD medicines weren’t covered, and I lost my goddamn mind. I teared up in line at Target and just have been a real mess. I’m so scared; the cheapest health insurance available is around $230 a month, and I don’t have that kind of money. I have backup antidepressants but my ADHD meds are a controlled substance so I can only get a month’s worth at a time, and clearly I’m going to have to pay something like $180 for a 30 days’ supply without the insurance. Unless I can find cheaper insurance or a fabulous job, what the hell am I going to do moving forward?

Hello friendos!

I see your ask messages, and I TRULY DO INTEND TO ANSWER!

But I’m still technically on vacation with a bunch of people who expect me to actually participate in the stuff they have planned. My grace period for hiding in my room for SPN meta purposes has officially expired.

Oh no, I have to go sit on a beach. :P

I promise to get back to your questions asap. <3


Details about the login bonus renewal.

The login bonus renewal is now effective, and now it’s possible to check all the rewards you can get each day.

A new icon has been added in the “Menu” screen:

By tapping it the list will appear, and the rewards are divided in 4 weeks.

There is also a counter that shows how many days are left until the last day and reward, an awakening-enabled character randomly chosen between Asbel, Lloyd and Ludger (if you tap the little gold button on the top-right of the screen, it will show the characters stats). More details about the login and the characters can be found here.

On the 14th day we can see that there is a new item, a purple summon tear, that allows the player to summon a character with a rarity of 4☆ or above.

Just keep in mind that the Yuzu Gels and the Summon Tears (blue and purple) have an expiration date, so be sure to remember to use them before that date, or they will disappear! (the date is shown when you get the item, as well as in the Item List)

※ We don’t know if the rewards will be the same when the login count will restart after the 28th day. We’ll update this post when further information will be released.

  • My conscience: So, we've just been quite ill probably due to food poisoning. What have we learned from this experience?
  • Myself: I must use this window of immunity to food poisoning to consume even more dodgy food
  • My conscience: What, no, that's not how it works-
  • Myself: I'm sorry, I can't hear you over this expired pack of scotch eggs my dumb ass just ate

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Somewhere far away from here

Norita 66 Noritar 80mm/f2.0 + Hasselblad 2000FCW + Fuji Pro 800Z(220film)
Expired Film 03/2008