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Passing places by Anton Krasnikov

“I just want to tell you, I’m not leaving because of anything you did. I’m leaving because I have to. I love you.”

“I know. And I love you too.”

With those final words, she borded her flight back to Germany. I never saw or heard from her again.

She was an au pair whom I had met through a mutual friend. We talked for most of the night and less than a week later we were dating. Our relationship lasted for a year. Her visa was set to expire and she had no other choice but to go back home. I have BPD, which makes losing someone insanly difficult, and I often blame myself. Her last words were powerful in that they reassured me that it wasn’t my fault.

I had a dream that me and a friend got to see a new area in SSO before anyone else and a Game Master showed us around. And then I woke up so that was disappointing.

Sunday watchalongs continue!

Join us Sunday, August 28 as we continue our 13-week long marathon of the 1954 Sherlock Holmes TV series starring Ronald Howard as Holmes and Howard Marion Crawford as Watson.

3pm EST  //  8pm GMT

Unfortunately there has been a double booking in GCS, so for this watchalong we’ll be meeting in tinychat (no password needed and all are welcome!). It’s possible this link will expire - if so, I’ll repost this post on Sunday with a working link.

We’ll be watching three short episodes, all available via the Online Film Collection on Youtube.

04 The Case of the Texas Cowgirl

05 The Case of the Belligerent Ghost

06 The Case of the Shy Ballerina

See you there!

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aplatonicjacuzzi  asked:

I work in the grocery section of a Circle Dot, and honestly, fuck co-workers who refuse to FIFO correctly. Having to pull a 3-tier full of expired food from the floor is really goddamn aggravating and such a waste.

Plastic Memories is a BEAUTIFUL anime about a young man who comes to work in a company with a Giftia, which is an android. The life span of a Giftia is roughly nine years. If they go past their expiration date, they lose their memories and themselves and become extremely violent. So all of their memories and personality have to be erased. The same android shell can be ised as many times as wanted, but the “soul” inside is erased and gone.

The company that the two work for go around erasing the memories of androids before they go crazy.

And this is said in the lamest of terms XD

But trust me. This anime is a fucking tear jerker. The first episode has you sobbing. I’m not even kidding.

If you want spoilers to the end of the first episode…


“My brother has stopped time temporarily. We would speak with you, human.” 

“My niece, I believe, has explained to you the severity of her crime when she brought you here.” 



“Y-YES! She did!”

“Hoopa should not have interfered in your decision. In saving your life she stole away the life of one who never had a life. I assigned Hoopa to protect you to make sure her rash decision did not go to waste should you expire early, but Celebi does not believe you value your new life as you should.” 

“We have come to show to you why ou should value Eddie’s form more. Do not resist. 


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Unable to permit disharmony, you will be disappointed by fate, and lose sight of true strength…  Misreading the truth, you will venture forth in secrecy…And then with that one strike, a bell will toll for the final battle, and the battle will begin at last, and the time shall be chosen…

the lost page about the traitor

…and on that land, Darkness shall prevail and light expire…