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Just put in my 2weeks at my current job bc it frustrates me to no end. I was very poorly trained(didnt even get "trained" until feb, was hired in Dec), have an assist. Manager who treats me like im the most incompetent person there, get no hours as punishment for being sick, and icing on the cake is that ONE customer complaint about you and your gone. They could literally write to corp "x wouldnt honor an expired coupon" and you would be terminated. Liked who i worked w/ overall, but so over it

The following names dropped off the radar. Worry not, my darlings, we will hear from them again.



So your admins have been thinking recently about making a slight change in the rules regarding activity. We know times are a bit hard lately, what with school and jobs, but we need to strongly urge our members to let us know if you want to take a hiatus! It’s completely free of charge and acceptable to ask for some time off, if you feel like you might not be able to get to replies in the next few days to a few weeks.

That being said, we’re going to be tightening up the activity check procedure. Too many people have been skating by week after week, only just messaging the admin team whenever they are on the probation list without posting anything IC on their accounts. We want to see you active, not only just with an OOC post letting us know you’re still around!

From now on, think of it as a strike system. If you’re on the probation list, you will still have two days to message us admins to let us know that you’re still here before we put you on the expired list, or post something IC within that time, but from that point on, you have one week to post something, even if you’ve messaged us. By the next week, if you’re still inactive, you won’t be put on the probation list, we’ll just post you on the expired list and you’ll be removed from the roleplay.

We would also like to remind our members that activity counts as at least 1 in character post a week, either script, thread, solo, or headcanon. Picture reblogs, music posts, or activity on the character sideblogs do not count.

If anyone has any questions regarding this rule, please feel free to message us!

-the Admin Team

I didn’t actually know Ascension was on the game mode rotation, and I never noticed because I was always playing with friends. One night they were offline, so I decided to go for some solo queue and I saw it. You bet your arse I played it until the queue expired. The last time I played Ascension was when it first came out along with Azir. I missed it so badly! I just wish my mates would see the fun in it like I do, they call it boring and completely shite. 

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