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(I’m real bad with words don’t say you didn’t be warned)

Jake sidled up to MC with a bouquet of arbutus he picked from around the hotel and shoved it into MC’s hands. MC stared at him like ‘wtf’ and was like “What’s this for? What does this mean?” Then Jake kinda just grunted and looked away with a tint of pink on his cheek.

They sat togther for a while until Jake decided it’s time for him to take the leave and get some drinks for both of them. He pressed a kiss to MC’s forehead and whispered, “You’re the only one I love, that’s what it means.” And then flashed her his million-dollar-smirk and ruffled her hair, leaving MC blushing on the beach.

This sounded way better in my head. Some nice ppl can turn this into a fic or whatsoever I ain’t got the talent smh

Por tanto, tened cuidado cómo andáis;
no como insensatos, sino como sabios,
aprovechando bien el tiempo,
porque los días son malos.

Así pues, no seáis necios,
sino entended cuál es la voluntad del Señor.

—  Palabra Viva del Dios viviente en Efesios 5:15-17 LBLA
  • Craig: We will make the sabertooth swallow that giant crap, so it could cut through the sabertooth from the inside and that way we will kill two strange ass creatures with one stone!
  • Jake: Craig, don't talk out loud you lower the IQ of the entire island.
Kappa Phi Sigma:Endless Summer/Freshman Crossover Fic. (Starring BECCA and Michelle)

`Genre: Friendship Dramedy (TF’s Becca/Michelle/Zahra)

Content Warning: Drug Usage, Crude Language, and Racism.

“Forget him already. If Sean’s willing to believe that you’d spread your legs for just about any guy, that’s on him. I never liked him.” Becca twirled her hair as she attempted to comfort her sorority sister Michelle.  Being warm  wasn’t exactly in her forte, but she knew Michelle was one of the good ones, being the only one in Kappa Phi Sigma (other than herself) who knows a lick of Calculus.

“You never understand do you? Sean was my life for a long time. I fought my mom, who didn’t like him because he was black, just to be able to date him without problems from her. I may hate him right now, but you’re not exactly helping, Rebecca.” She was applying her fave eye makeup making sure to make herself look glamourous, even when she  had just wiped off the latest flow of tears.

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Que sua adoração não se resuma a palavras ou a emoções instantâneas. Mas, se afirme em atitudes, em modos.
Do seu interior para que o seu exterior reflita a luz da glória de Deus.
Muitos querem mudar o exterior e se esquecem que para que esse seja transformado, o interior precisa ser limpo primeiro. O que sai do homem é que contamina a alma do homem.
Por isso, antes de louvar com sua voz a Deus, louve-O com o coração em verdade e retidão; antes de se ajoelhar, incline sua alma à obediência.
Deus não passa a ‘mão na cabeça’ de ninguém nem faz ‘vista grossa’. Não minta para si mesmo. Pois, como pode o exterior ser limpo se o interior estiver sujo?

“Esquadrinhemos os nossos caminhos, provemo-los, e voltemos para o Senhor.” - Lm 3:40