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I feel like I have to apologize to JRRT every time I post one of these things but guys, guys, you know the bit in the Lay of Leithian where Sauron is trying to figure out the names and quests of his captives — look, I will let Chris Tolkien say it,

The name Dungalef (2121), though it sounds Orcish enough, was an oddly transparent device, since Felagund had just been mentioned; but it succeeded (2217). No doubt [Sauron]’s ponderings on the matter were too subtle.

Please note that Beren is giving his name as Nereb right now.

anonymous asked:

I feel like no matter what I write for the omgcp fandom it'll never be good enough. I keep trying and trying but I never get any feedback. I want to keep going--I have so many stories to tell, but it's hard when I know no one will care

Aww buddy!!!!! I think that it is hard to care when you think no one will care!! I remember when I was starting this blog I got one post to 200 notes and I was like “HHAHHA I M THE GR EA TEST” but then I posted some stuff that barely scraped 10 notes. And, I mean, it still happens but I was like :(( why bother. But here I am! Here is what I recommend to do to get people to notice: 

  • If you don’t have a side blog, make one!
    • It may be work but listen! Some people want to follow check please blogs if it also has other stuff on it and some don’t. Either way it’s an easy place to put your writing
  • If you have one! Put a link to it in your main blog! It will get more people to notice!
  • Have you been tagging it? If you look at my posts I always tag with ‘omgcheckplease, check please, omgcp, and mrcrappyknight’ 
    • Why the mrcrappyknight? So if you go through that you can see all of my post
      • (its like a weirder ‘my posts’)
  • Talk to other Check Please blogs! One of the first cp blogs i talked to had a contest for blog awards! Do that! Do blogrates! Slowly people will notice!
  • Tag me in stuff! I reblog everything people tag me in (with some exceptions) so it can be seen!!
  • And most people in the Check Please community are pretty nice! If you send asks like ‘Hey can i tag you in some of my stuff’ or ‘hey I have a headcanon’ they will like it! 

Fear not! I’m sure your writing is fantastic!