Dorian Havilliard as told by Harry Potter

Chaol to Dorian about Celaena:

Dancing with Celaena in TOG:

Realizing he has magic:

With Sorscha:

When Sorscha dies:

While under Valg control:

About himself:

Flying on Abraxos:

About Manon:

With Manon: 

With Rowan:


Mom: Just leave the book at home.


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Was The First Thanksgiving In Florida?

On September 8th, 1565, more than fifty years before the famous Pilgrims and Wampanoag “First Thanksgiving,” one Spanish Admiral Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés waded onto a sandy shore in Florida. A number of curious members of the indigenous Timucua tribe watched as he kissed a cross, then claimed Florida for both his God and his country.  Avilés was not alone, but had brought 800 new colonists with him. They were there to start an outpost of the great Spanish Empire. The colonists set up a makeshift alter, still watched by the Timucua, and celebrated a thanksgiving Catholic mass performed by one of the priests they had brought along, to bless their safe arrival.

Then the Spanish and the guest Timucua sat down for a communal meal. Was this the “true” First Thanksgiving? It could be argued both ways. In the end, what I take away is that the Pilgrims’ claim will always be disputed.

  • Sibling: I'll mess up your room.
  • Me: Whatever. I'll mess up yours.
  • Sibling: I'll touch your books.
  • Me: ...Please don't

I found this gem of a meme on IG and I instantly thought of Gavriel!!! Canon that Gavriel has an AMAZING singing voice and he always ALWAYS sings when he’s in lion form