“Occasionally I do catch snatches of the things I don’t remember. The smell of rust and damp, a flash of darkness, a sudden feeling of panic and fear… though the things I do remember are bad enough: maybe its best these things remain buried.”

[[ Small transitioning update this week! Sorry for posting it two days late! Also major thanks to the anon and silent-kosmos for the questions this week! Keep tossing my questions my way, guys :> ]]

Not sure if being KING OF ALL YOU SURVEY counts as a human job, but this is my cockatiel Boggle in his new home in Canada. We just moved here from the UK (Organising that was… interesting!) and once I was done unpacking I had a lot of cardboard and I saw these flags on cocktail sticks at the dollar store… so now Boggle has his own castle to be King of!