'ello beautiful

Junkrat Relationship Preferences

Requested by Anonymous

Turn Ons

  • If you enjoy watching things blow up
  • If you are an anarchist or just anti-government
  • If you are a naturally laidback person
  • Can be silly and joke around

Turn Offs

  • Not getting along with Roadhog
  • Being a “suit”
  • Disapproval of his love of explosives
  • Disapproval of his past

His Sweet Spots

  • Kissing his naval
  • Kissing his abs
  • Biceps
  • Whispering naughty things in his ear

Sexual Preferences

  • Hair pulling
  • Lots of dirty talk
  • Praise Kink
  • Deep thrusts but gentle at the same time
  • Long makeout sessions
  • Giving you hickeys
  • Throat fucking
  • Pearl Necklaces
  • Face sitting

Intimacy Preferences

  • Calling him Jamie
  • Laying your head in his lap
  • He loves to come up to and whisper in your ear. Things such as ‘ello beautiful”
  • He loves it if you do it back to him
  • He doesn’t look like it but he loves to cuddle. Loves the feeling of having you close to him

Dates/ Spending time together Preferences 

  • Training
  • Inventing new ways to make things explode
  • Camping
  • Having a bonfire
  • Star gazing
  • Hiking
  • Loves to have dates outside

luciferhimshelf  asked:

) (ello My Sweet And Beautiful Wife *) (ugs* 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 23, 29, 32, 36, 37, 39, 42, 45(!!!!!!!!) I ) (ope You ) (ave A Wonderful And Amazing Day <3 <3 <3

03: what was your last thought before going to bed last night?

“I really dont wanna get up tomorrow” i like sleeping okay

04: what are you listening to?

Disney right now but classical music earlier <3

06: where do you think your best friend is right now?

With her boyfriend eating food 

10: is there one person you want to be with right now?

Hmm. No, Not that I can think of at the moment unless you mean I can bring my whole bunny squad id give a arm and a leg for you all

11: are you seriously happy with where you are in life?

Nah :D 

13: what are three things you did today?

Went to work, came home and put on PJs, Watched gay anime <3

14: would you rather sleep at a friend’s or have them over?

Sleep over at my place only for the bed aspects I love my bed

17: what is on your wrists right now?


23: how have you felt today?

Sleepy. thats all I am telling~

29: how late did you stay up last night and why?

Midnight because I hate myself I had to wake up early and everything

32: what are you looking forward to in the next month?

The time I will have off work god bless

36: favorite color?

Pale pink or Mint Green <3

37: did you have a dream last night?


39: if someone could be cuddling you right now, who would you want it to be

Can I pick more than one person? (Hint: @megatraven , you, @blancfortune , @miraculousgifsbug etc)

42: do you like meeting new people?


45: has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes?


True Beauty (Stingue)

Ello, everyone~! Angsty OS for you all, enjoy :P

Summary: Rogue leaves his phone unlocked on Sting’s desk one day when over at his house, so Sting decides to prank him with a few funny photos and videos. Instead, he stumbles across a video that is both eye opening and heartbreaking all in one. [Stingue. Lots of triggers, so be warned.]

Trigger Warnings: Depression, Self Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, Eating Disorders, Emotional Abuse, Homophobia, Bullying


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Barbados baby

Harry had whisked you away on an amazing honeymoon the second after the wedding was over and hadn’t told you until the both of you were boarded on the plane to none other than Barbados. He knew that you’d always dreamed of going and seeing the beautiful glass blue ocean so he immediately booked a private cottage and off you were.

The first night was all about getting to the cottage, getting some food and watching the sun set with your husband. There were chairs and a couch set out on the deck that looked right off into the ocean that you instantly fell in love with. It was out there that you and Harry had sex for the first time as husband and wife, eating chocolate covered strawberries and sipping wine.

You’d woken up the second day in bed with Harry wrapped around you and the curtains moved over so you had a view of the morning ocean, still and quiet. You ran your fingers through Harry’s curls and kissed his nose gently before sneaking out of bed. Coffee was already made and you decided to go stand on the beach for a bit.

The relaxing sound of the waves and the smell of coffee made you close your eyes and thank the heavens for this paradise. You didn’t hear Harry approach you but when his arms wrapped around your waist and his lips pressed to your neck, a smile spread across your face and you leaned your head down to give him a kiss.

“G'mornin love missed wakin up next to yeh.” His voice was still thick with sleep and you kissed him again. “Mmm you’ll get to wake up next to me for the next 50 years silly, wanted to have a second with the ocean and this coffee.”

“Promised yeh forever love, mornings with you forever sounds more like it. Quite beautiful the ocean is here yeah? Should we go for a swim later?” You turned in his arms and couldn’t help but smile at how bright his eyes were and how puffy his hair was. “Defiantly.” You leaned in and gave him a long, sweet kiss.

He’d promised you a trip into town which then turned into you begging him to get his hair braided at a local store and of course he couldn’t say no. Harry had brought his old camera with him and told you to take pictures of just about everything, “don’t care if we look like the biggest tourists, I wanna remember this place” and so you snapped away at the lady twisting his hair into braided and his dimples showing in his smile.

The two of you grabbed lunch at a small restaurant that was on the water, you could even see the fish swimming from where you were sitting. Harry kindly asked if the waiter would take your picture and he leaned in to kiss your cheek for one of them but only to be surprised when you quickly turned and kissed his lips.

The honeymoon went on like that for most of the days breakfast, swimming, lunch, sex, town, dinner, more sex, and then watching the sun set. It was about the fourth day of the trip and you had just gotten back from a run on the beach when you heard Harry outside on the phone.

“Yeah mum it’s beautiful here, oceans so blue and she’s so happy. Yeh should see the smile on her face it makes me fall even more in love with her.” He had his back to you, his skin tanned and the black ink of his arms standing out. His hair was down and he was clad in a black tank top and gym shorts.

You snuck up behind him and pushed your hands up the back of his shirt and traced them all the way to the front where you stood looking up at him and placing kisses on his collar bone. “Alrigh’ mum love yeh too bye.” He hung up the phone and cupped your cheeks. “Well ‘ello my beautiful wife.” He kissed your lips.

Somehow you had convinced him to stay in for the night and have ice cream Sunday’s for dinner, because you were five honestly. You sat on the counter top as you watched him pull stuff out the freezer and cupboard.

The way his arms stretched and the way his skin was caramelized by the sun was making you shiver. His hands held two containers of ice cream and his fingers, long and thick popped the lid off. You couldn’t help but think about how they had only been inside of you a few hours ago and now you were hungry for them, for him, for his cock…

“Babe?” You looked up and he was staring at you. His lips pinker than usual from the sun but his eyes just as green as always. “Hmm?” You breathed. “What’s goin’ on in tha’ head of yours?” He moved to stand between your legs and you gasped just a little because of how close he was now. You could smell him and you could feel his hands on your skin.

His hands…how they gripped you when you rode him early this morning or how they held your hair back when he was down your throat last night, you loved his hands a lot.

Your eyes met with his and then darted to his lips. Everything was in slow motion one second and then he was cupping your cheeks and pulling your lips to his in a hungry, heated kiss. A gasp was heard from you and then a loud clash on the floor. Your hands ranked through his hair as you feverishly kissed him, you didn’t know what had come over you or him in that matter but you didn’t care.

His hand moved to hook both legs tighter around his hips and he moved his lips down to your neck sucking marks and earning moans from you in the process. “H-Harry….” You breathed and gripped at the back of his neck. The straps of your dress were pushed down and he had captured a nipple in his mouth immediately. The feeling of his tongue on your nipple was a lot but when you felt his other hand creep into your underwear and felt his fingers circle around you, your eyes rolled all the way into your head.

“Ohhh fuck me!!” You moaned out as he pushed a finger in, and continues sucking your chest. “Harry oh god YES!!” Your hips began rocking with his movements and you could feel the tightness in your stomach clench. Another finger was added and his lips came back up to yours. “Good? That good baby?” He breathed and for the first time since he started touching you, you noticed him.

His eyes were dark and his breathing was very heavy. His cock was rock hard against your stomach and the look in his eyes said exactly what’s yours said. “Harry…please…” You ran your fingers down his chest and into his shorts. He let out a hiss at the feeling of your warm hand grasping his length. You pumped him a few times before he couldn’t help but buck into your hand. “Take me to bed…please oh god…” You whispered in his ear and felt his fingers leave you but only to be pulled into his arms and carried into the bedroom.

Harry stripped you first and then pushed down his shorts. He hovered over you and have you a searing kiss before lining himself up with your entrance and thrusting into you. You let out a long moan and gripped his arms when he gave another hard thrust. “S..so t-tight baby oh god how are yeh thi’ tight after I fucked you this mornin’?” He panted.

You could feel him everywhere his lips on your neck, his moans in your ear, his smell surrounding you. There was no way you were going to last long, and you could already feel the tightness in your stomach getting closer to bursting with every deep thrust Harry gave.

“Baby…Harry I’m-gon…oh god yes don’t stop please Harry don’t stop! I love you so much oh god…”

A gasp left your lips and your eyes rolled back into your head again, you mouth dropping open with a silent scream as you orgasmed. You could feel your nails digging into his shoulder blades and the loud groan that come from him, most likely because of how tight you were squeezing him as you came.

“Fuck…oh bloody hell baby! Fuck me YES!!”

Harry gave four more deep thrusts and then he stilled, his muscles shaking and you could feel him release inside of you. By the time he was finished and got his breathing under control, you pulled his face out from the crook of your neck and smiled at him. “I love you.” He whispered and gave you a lazy kiss. His dimples appeared when you whispered those same three words back.

After cleaning you up and giving you the black tank top he’d been wearing earlier, the two of you curled up in bed and watched just as the sky turned pink and the ocean was settling down for the night. Harry had his arm wrapped around your waist and his head laid on your pillow.

That was the only sound you needed to lull you to sleep, the sound of the ocean and the sound of your husband next to you breathing softly next to you. It was absolute paradise to you and you would be happy to live in it forever with the man you love more than anyone in the world.