From the Beginning Until Now

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU, final chapter. Thanks for reading, everyone!

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Snowy days in Paris were a sight to behold. Gray skies, centuries old buildings and landmarks covered in fresh coats of white, cafes and bakeries drawing entire families in with the promise of hot drinks and warm pastries. 

Once upon a time, the snow brought sadness to many Parisians. They went about their days in solemn remembrance of a boy who had put himself in harm’s way to ensure their peace and safety. By the time the snow melted, the statue in the memorial park dedicated to him would be surrounded by flower bouquets.

But on the thirteenth winter after the fateful building collapse, there was no sadness. The snow-covered Champ de Mars was as crowded as ever. Children shrieked and laughed, tourists and photographers attempted to get that perfect shot of the Eiffel Tower, and curious onlookers smiled as Ladybug and Chat Noir, the heroes of Paris, chased each other through the trees.

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Courf is scared of heights, pass it on! ~Les mis secret santa

Okay, so one day Les Amis decide to play tourists in Paris because they’re bored and the weather is just right, and of course, when you’re a tourist in Paris you have to see the Eiffel tower.

Courf starts to shake already when they’re just standing in line, waiting for their tickets. Look, it’s really nice and impressive to look at … but … from the ground, okay … it’s nice from the ground.

“You don’t have to,” the others tell him, “We don’t have to.” Joly is looking at him with a soft smile, and Marius takes his hand, and they’re so nice. But. But he’s not one to spoil the fun for others, so he breathes deep, and goes.

It’ll be all right, right?

(It isn’t.)

They decided to take the stairs for the first part, not the elevator, and Courf is dying. He’s shaking and breathing too fast and thinking no, no, no. Thinking, I’m gonna die. Thinking, I’m gonna fall and I’m gonna crash and break and die.

(It’s too much.)

“Courf!” Someone is grabbing his shoulder, someone is saying his name.


(Too much, too much, too much.)


(I’m gonna die.)

It’s Combeferre who gets him out of it. Combeferre’s bone-crashing hug that takes him back from the place in his mind he’s fled to, Combeferre’s fingers in his hair and on his cheeks and his smile and his eyes and his voice that tells him that everything is fine. Combeferre, who grabs his hand and guides him down, away from the others and away from the steel construction and away from the feeling of lying crashed on the ground.

They’re standing under the Eiffel Tower and Courfeyrac is smiling for the first time.

He’s tucking his head in the crook of Combeferre’s shoulder. Combeferre puts his arm around him and hugs him close.

“You know, I always have my head in the stars. It’s probably good that at least one of us is staying on the ground.”

I realize I’m late to the party, but imagine s1!Wolf 359 working at a fast food joint.

* Hera works the drive through. No one ever really sees her but she’s always cracking wise over the headset to make Eiffel laugh.

* Doug’s on the customer service front, which means he has to take care of the dining room too and tbh that’s a LOT of responsibility but the cups still! haven’t! been! refilled! DAMMIT!

* Minkowski is the long-suffering manager. She tries. Oh my god does she try.

*Hilbert runs the kitchen which tbh is scary for everybody. No one’s technically gotten food poisoning yet butttt the next time Renee catches him mixing sauces “just to see vhat vill happen” she’s gonna kick his ass.

I really want to keep going on this but I can’t really think of anything relevant that Kepler and Co. could contribute here except Jacobi blowing up the fryers, obviously.

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Jake had been minding his business while on a calm stroll through Paris. His mind wandered as he went on past the Eiffel Tower, but he was quickly brought back to reality when he bumped into someone.

It wasn’t often that Jack walked among crowds, but during the holiday season, it helped him feel like he was a part of the energy they emanated. It meant being more careful of his surroundings - after all, to be walked through was a jarring sensation - but it was more often than not enjoyable. 

This evening however, a careless young man hadn’t been aware of Jack, and had brushed against him. It brought the Guardian a silly little sense of elation when he registered that older individuals could in fact see and feel his presence. He could never be upset when someone validated his very existence. 

“You ok there, bud?” he inquired.

me: this thing is gay lol

my Straight Ally™ friend: haha, well, actually, things Can’t be gay. people are gay. and it’s not a big deal anyway


I have a Gay house with a Gay window
Gay is the color of all that I wear
Gay are the streets and all the trees are too
I have a girlfriend and she is so Gay
Gay are the people here that walk around
Gay like my Corvette, it’s standing outside
Gay are the words I say and what I think
Gay are the feelings that live inside me

Jeanne Calment is the world’s longest- living person. 

She’s also fascinating af, so I gathered some more facts about her for you:

She once said: “I’ve never had but one wrinkle, and I’m sitting on it.”

She remembered Van Gogh as being “dirty, badly-dressed, and disagreeable,” as well as “very ugly, ungracious, impolite, and sick.”

She outlived her husband, her only child, her only grandson, and a lawyer who hoped to take possession of her apartment.

She later lived off the income of that apartment, which she sold to a man under the agreement that he would not take ownership until she died. She outlived him too; he died after paying $184,000 (double the market value) for the property.

At 114, she made a cameo as herself in the film Vincent and Me, and became the oldest woman to ever appear in a film.

At her 121st birthday, she released a CD called ‘Time’s Mistress,’ which featured her 'reminiscing to a score of rap and other tunes.’

She quit smoking 2 years before she died, which, her doctor says, was not for health reasons, but because she’d gone blind and couldn’t see well-enough to light her cigarettes.

On February 21, 1997, her 122nd birthday, it was announced that she would no longer make public appearances because her health had seriously deteriorated. It was said that this “allowed her to die, as the attention had kept her alive.”

She still managed to live 6 more months, and died on August 4 of unknown causes.

Before and after her death, many claimed to have longer lives, but none was officially proven, therefore making her the reigning record-holder for oldest verified person ever.

She credited her long life, in part, to being calm ('that’s why they call me Calment’) and maintaining her sense of humor: 

“I will die laughing.”

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