Eid Mubarak to everyone and especially to Imam al-Mahdi (AJ)

The Awaited Saviour began the mission of his Imamate and Leadership on this day – and it continues even now during the period of the Ghaybah (Occultation) until Allah permits him to make his advent to establish the universal government of Islam over the entire planet!

May Allah hasten the reappearance of Sahibul Zamaan!


A narration of the merits of this day which was even celebrated during the time of Rasulillah (SAWS)!

Hudhayfa ibn al-Yaman narrates: 

“Once on the 9th of Rabi al-Awwal I went to the Messenger of Allah (sawa) and I saw Amir ul Mumineen (as), Hassan (as) and Hussain (as) also there. They were all busy eating and the prophet (sawa) smiling with great happiness said to Hassan and Hussain ‘Sons today is the day on which Allah will destroy your enemy and the enemy of your Grandfather and Allah will accept the curse of your mother. Eat sons eat! Today is the day that Allah accepts the deeds of your beloved Shia. Eat sons eat! Today is the day when the power of your enemy and the enemy of your Grandfather will be broken and annihilated in the dust. Eat sons eat! Today is the day when the Firawn to my Ahl ul Bayt, the one who will oppress and persecute them and who will usurp their rights will be destroyed.’

Hudhayfa asked ‘O’ Messenger of Allah will there be such an evil person who will perpetrate such villainy?’

The Messenger of Allah replied ‘O Hudhayfa! Among the Munafiqeen (Hypocrites) will be one idol who will be the leader of the group of the Munafiqeen. He will carry in his hand a whip of cruelty and injustice. He will prevent people from the path of truth, he will alter the meaning of the Quran, he will change my sunnah and my ways, he will oppress my Wasi: Ali ibn Abi Talib and will deprive my daughter Fatima of her rights. My daughter will then curse him and Allah the exalted will accept her lanat (curse) and prayers.’

Hudhayfa then said ‘O Messenger of Allah why dont you supplicate to Allah to destroy this Firawn in your very lifetime?’

The Messenger of Allah replied ‘O Hudhayfa, I do not regard it proper to interfere in the decisions of Allah the exalted, but I have requested Allah to grant excellence and superiority to that day when the oppressor and Firawn is dispatched to Hell. That day should be decreed superior to all other days so that the honoring of that day becomes a sunnah for the Shia of my Ahl ul Bayt.

Allah the Exalted then sent His revelation ‘It has been decreed in My Eternal knowledge that the usurping munafiqeen will persecute you and your family. They will inflict many hardships on you and your family. O Muhammad! Ali has been awarded your rank because of these hardships which will be perpetrated on him by the usurper of his rights and the Firawn of this ummah I have commanded the angels of the 7 heavens to rejoice and celebrate Eid on the day he is killed. This is for the sake of the Shia and lovers of Ahl ul Bayt. I have recorded the commanding angels to cease recording the sins of my servants for three days from that day. This is in honor of that day. Every year on this day I will free from Hell thousands of your Shia.’

Hudhayfa says ‘ after the Messenger of Allah said this he arose and left the room and went to the house of Umm Salamah. After having heard the talk of the Messenger of Allah I was convinced of Omars Kufr (disbelief) and there remained no doubt in this. Finally, after the demise of the of the Prophet, I witnessed the fitnah that he created. He exposed the Kufr he had concealed within himself. He apostatized from Islam and usurped the Imamate and Khilafat. To achieve this end he adopted the most shameless methods. He altered the meaning of the Quran and burnt the holy house of the Messenger of Allah. He pleased the Jews, Christians and Magians and displeased Fatimah and the entire Ahl ul Bayt. He conspired to have Amir ul Mumineen murdered. He made haram what Allah has made halal and made halal what Allah has made haram. He slammed the door against the face and stomach of Fatimah. Finally, Allah the Exalted accepted the curses of Fatimah and in regard to this munafiq and had him killed at the hands of his killer. May the mercy of Allah be upon his killer.”

Source: Bihar Anwar, V.95, P.351, H.1 (above is part of a lengthy narration)


anonymous asked:

What do you mean eid Mubarak? Shias celebrate eid on a different day?


The Shia’s celebrate eid al zahra to commemorate the end to the two-month mourning period after the Prophet’s (pbuh) grandson, Hussain (as) and his family (as) were slaughtered on the plains of Karbala by the tyrant Yazid. This period also included the shahadat of the 2nd, 4th, and 8th imams as well as our beloved Prophet (pbuh).

The day symbolizes how the Shia have finally been able to take the black clothes off of our bodies (however the grief and sorrow at the loss of these personalities should still remain in our hearts for the rest of the year) and adorn ourselves with the clothing of piety (Taqwa) which we have learned from the majaalis over the past two and a half months. We bid a tearful Farewell to the Mourning period on 8th RabialAwal.

Eid Mubarak to you, my friend!

Eid az-Zahra is so called because it is noted in the traditions as a happy day for the daughter of the Holy Prophet, Bibi Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her), for it would mark an end to the period of mourning over her son Hussain and his companions after the tragedy of Karbala.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny), speaking to Imams Ali, Hasan and Hussain (peace be upon them) about the date 9 Rabi ul-Awal, known as Eid az-Zahra.

It is on this day that Allah will destroy your enemies and the enemies of your grandfather, and it is on this day when Allah will accept the actions of your Shia and those who love you. This is the day when the words of Allah came true where He said (in the Qur’an): ‘So those are the houses fallen down because they were unjust.‘” (27:52)

Source: Bihaar Al-Anwaar, Volume 31, Page 120-129

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‘’People came to buy clothes to celebrate Eid, now they are buying coffins’’

A suicide car bombing claimed by the Islamic State group ripped through a busy Baghdad shopping district Sunday and perhaps one of the most busiest roads in the Iraq, killing at least 200 people in the deadliest attack this year in Iraq’s Capital.

There are no words.. My thoughts are with the families of those who died in these awful attacks.

i know a lot of you must be celebrating 4th of july. please take a moment to think about and remember all the muslims around the world who are grappling with the terrorist attacks of the past week as the holy month of ramadan comes to a close. this morning, there was a bombing in medina, one of the holiest cities. please pray for peace and stability in the region.