The Best American Comics 2016, which named Idaho native Dennis Eichhorn’s “Extra Good Stuff” to its list of Notable Comics, debuted at #1 on The New York Times Best Sellers List for Graphic Novels when it was released.

Here’s the 5th and final part to my lover @ziegtonanami ‘s Bungou Stray Dogs first impressions. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.



-“I own you. You have nothing but me in this world”

-Oh god where do I begin

-He’s Alucard, for sure

-Probably lives in a graveyard

-And is a mass murderer who just feels nothing anymore

-He could also be a teacher to the next generation, where he makes sure that they realize how dark and demented the world is

-I like his design. Although I do call him Alucard

-Also, closet badass that will go toe to toe with god if he needs to

-“By the power invested in me by the Church, BEGONE HELLSPAWN!”

-He looks like your typical preacher boy, but because of his hair I have to say that he has a pained past

-I actually think that he’s a safe area for the team to return to and one that is sort of their source of knowledge about monsters in their area and good ways of getting rid of them

-He probably has no powers, but is willing to help out in any way he can, as long as people don’t try to pull fast ones on him

-Joseph’s (JJBA) wife?!

-Very pretty

-“Oh? You like the outfit? I did try my best today”

-She must be one of the older guys wife or at least a mother to one of the kids

-I swear if you tell me that’s a dude I’m raging

-She doesn’t look special at all, but I do feel calm looking at her, as in she’s got the motherly presence down, in spades

-Probably hit on by all adult men in the cast

-Um…what’s Hinata (Haikyuu!!) doing away from the volleyball net?

-“Hey guys! Want to play a game?!”

-Um…I can’t think of anything to say because all I see is a more grown up Hinata

-Those pants, doe

-Woman killers, those are

-He also looks like someone that had to work pretty hard to get where he is now and is a good person because of it

-Most likely to steal the ladies

-“You rang? If you didn’t ring the bell, then who did?”

-That eye….oh shit that eye

-He must be a villain or at least a serious badass

-He’s also got a trash panda. Trash pandas are fighters

-The overall design is really nice

-I like how he looks and am getting a sense that he will fight for what he believes in and doesn’t care about any consequences

-Probably the character I’m most interested in just from looks

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I did a bit of dictionary looking up for the raw of chapter 125. Apparently the P4 were being hunted by someone and they were desperately looking for a place to stay temporarily, despite having no money (poor boys). Ciel then appeared and jokingly offered to "accommodate" them (even though I could not tell if he was just being sarcastic and hinted that they might be put in prison). Surprisingly, the P4 has not seen Lizzy at the Sphere MH either.

Thanks for the info. The earl is naughty, but perhaps he really will give them shelter.

I’m actually NOT surprised at all that they haven’t seen Lizzie. She’s more “inner circle” than Redmond, Bluer, and Greenhill. Violet, though, might have known about her being there….