'dumb feminists' not all feminists ok

Amy Schumer and her racism is not anomalous. She is one of those dime a dozen white women comedians who are constantly lauded for their female empowerment shtick. Her mediocrity is given this stamp of feminist approval simply because we’ve somehow managed to equate being a woman + being famous as an instantaneous formula for positive girl power. And you know what’s profoundly upsetting about that? It’s that–like all the white women comedians before schumer–they take this feminist personage and run with it and they capitalize and build a brand off it. while still managing to regurgitate the same tired, unoriginal racist jokes from their white, misogynistic counterparts. Ain’t that ironic? That they take notes from their oppressors to verbally attack black and brown folks, that when theyre called out on their racism they want to claim that it’s all to please their art-form and engage their ditz/dumb blonde persona–you know a type of trope white feminists would ideally want to destroy. pero ok.

she can go hasta la chingada with all that nonsense.