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so i can’t stop thinking about michael asking linc about sara and mike… how they were his first concern, how you just knew he knew he had to ask about them, but he was so afraid to hear the answer, afraid he was going to ask and his whole world was going to fall apart. the way his voice was so apprehensive and teary and the way he stumbled over his words a little bit was just… that man was terrified he was going to hear that his family wasn’t okay.

think about it. all that time he had been sending them cranes, the cranes that ended up in that drain, and all the time he probably had no idea if they were even getting them, or why they weren’t getting them. if they had messages in them where he was trying to let them know where he was and no one came for him or tried to contact him back, he probably assumed the worst, that they weren’t okay.

linc telling him, in that moment, that sara and mike were fine, that they were good, was probably the first confirmation michael had gotten in years that they were actually okay. and then to see the relief wash over him when he got the answer he had been desperately and no doubt anxiously waiting and wanting to hear… there’s just so much love there. he loves them so much. he deserves his family. 


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g*d don’t @ me but why is clarke such a fake now I can’t believe how frustrating to watch she is at this point… I love her still bc I can’t help it but also I fkn hate her lmfao wish I wasn’t so attached to what she once was life would be easier 😔