'don't be like me' because she is important to him and he sees the huge potential

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Can I have a request where * if you can show pictures of it* the RFA ( v and saeren) go to the diamond shop to buy the perfect ring for MC but they just freak out because they don't know which one to get till they see THE ONE

(hi so I apologize if the image quality is low?? google sometimes shows the Perfect ring but in a very low resolution ;; also sorry of this seems sorta non-romantic lol I’m just very “???” with pretty weddings and engagements because my sense of romance is so skewed someone could propose to me with an onion ring and chances are I’d say yes bc I have low standards)


  • of course he’s freaking out
  • he sorta wanted to go with a gaming reference but no this is a wedding it’s srs business and he wants to show MC how seriously in love he is
  • the gaming references will be in the wedding he’s just holding back for the ring
  • it has to show how he sees MC, but… how does he do that. does he use symbolism?? does he just try to picture MC in a ring??
  • but then he sees IT
  • sure, it’s not too complex, but it’s perfect and he knows it will fit MC perfectly
  • he doesn’t even ask for the price before he’s dead set on getting that one


  • she’s super flustered as she walks around the store
  • what to do what to do what to do
  • she’s really nervous?? she does know she wants it to be minimal but also pretty and-
  • she can’t decide until she sees the one she likes
  • she really, really likes it. she can imagine herself wearing it and can also picture MC wearing it-
  • she blushes thinking of MC wearing the ring. this is too good how did she get such a good life
  • she is also really happy with the color, because she does want it to have a more personal feeling


  • he’s so nervous the whole time
  • he just, really loves MC so much
  • the ring needs to show how much he loves them
  • he wants a ring that will combine with both his and MC’s beauty 
  • so he’s looking very thoroughly and checking every single ring
  • finally, after hours, he finds one that he just. knows
  • that’s it that’s the one it’s amazing
  • it just really fits the aesthetic of the whole thing?? it’s fit for someone as pretty as MC. he’s sure


  • tbh before meeting MC he’d just have said something like “just get the biggest diamond”
  • but now that he knows how real love feels he just knows it can’t be just a shiny stone. he needs a ring that resonates to MC’s soul
  • that… that doesn’t mean he’s not getting a super expensive ring though
  • he is honestly not even worried about the price?? is he ever when it comes to MC??
  • he doesn’t want to get something that will bother MC’s finger, though
  • most of the large diamonds look like they could potentially hurt MC’s finger so those are out
  • he ends up going for a very nice platinum ring with blue tones because THAT’S THE ONE THAT IS BEAUTIFUL AND MC DESERVES BEAUTY


  • keep calm and browse the rings
  • it’s not like this is the ring that he’ll show to ask MC to be his life partner and stay with him forever, an important and lifelong commitment that should be the biggest step in their relationship so far,
  • needless to say he’s having a Blast and by that I mean Stress Blast
  • still, he can’t help but smile like a dork when he sees huge ass rings that he knows are unpracticall as hell and probably unwearable
  • but then he sees one and he knows. he just knows
  • that’s the kinda ring one uses to get married in the space station

(and yes sorry this is edited i just couldn’t find the Perfect ring)


  • he can hardly contain himself??
  • he keeps seeing rings that he thinks are good but he can’t decide??
  • the clerks are actually a bit intimidated by him
  • they think his silent brooding form is scary but he is actually thinking about what ring would look prettier on MC
  • finally a clerk shows him a ring that he just knows. it’s that one. the perfect one
  • it just… seems so pretty?? and he really likes it. it shines just like MC but it still feels like something nice and something MC could wear 


  • the shop attendants have been there for an hour 
  • describing each ring with amazing detail so he gets a general idea of how they look
  • V feels super guilty because he feels like he’s taking so much time??
  • but what can he do. he’s blind af
  • still, one clerk describes a ring that just- sounds right
  • he asks to hold the ring and asks more about it- color, luster, all that 
  • and that ring, something just resonates with it that seems to be the same as MC for him
  • delicate, pretty, and yet precious

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So your DickBabs commentary is some of the best around, but I was wondering if you might be willing to explain what works about BatCat for you? : )

So, it’s taken me forever to answer this because my life has been ridiculous lately and also I’m terrible sometimes, but! I did not forget about you, dearest of Renas! (To those who don’t know, this post is to celebrate Rena reaching 1000 followers!) So, let’s get down to this:

(Also: Thank you for the compliment on my DickBabs commentary. <3 *hugs*)

So, I think a lot of people spend most of their time talking about why Selina is good for Bruce when they talk about this ship, and there’s definitely a lot to be said there and I’m going to get to that, but I want to start off talking about why I think Bruce is good for Selina, which is a side that I think often gets ignored. (Possibly because Bruce gets such a bad reputation that people can’t believe he could possibly contribute anything positive to a relationship - but that is only true when Bruce is written by terrible writers like Frank Miller, and I firmly ignore that characterization of Bruce.)

So, to get there I’m going to start off talking about this scene, which is one of the most essential Bruce/Selina scenes in my book:

This is from the first issue of Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman run, which I’m sure you already know, but I’m just stating it for the record so that if anyone is reading this post and hasn’t picked up Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman run, consider this my advertisement for it: Go pick up Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman run. You will not be disappointed. (Also… not to beat a dead horse, but… the above scene is the note Ed Brubaker chose to begin his Catwoman run on. Let’s just compare that to how Judd Winick chose to begin his. *moment of silence*)

Anyway, there are a handful of scenes that just define Bruce and Selina to me, that are the first to come to mind when I’m thinking about how I see their dynamic and why I ship them, and this is one of the major ones. Because here’s the thing I think so many people miss: The reason Bruce treats Selina differently than his other antagonists isn’t just because he thinks she looks hot in her costume. It’s because he knows she’s not a villain, at the core of who she is. He thinks she’s a good person, in spite of everything. And that is so, so important.

See, here’s the thing: Selina is someone who’s been underestimated and dismissed for most of her life. She’s been looked down on for her gender, her lower-class background, her history in sex work. And when she has been taken seriously, she’s been perversely appreciated for the bad side of who she is. The few people to really respect her have appreciated her intelligence and skills for how useful she could be to them as a thief. But no one really looked at her and saw her as someone with the potential to be more than a thief. (Not even Holly, although Holly’s relationship with Selina is positive and good for Selina in different ways.) Certainly no one saw her as someone with the potential to be a hero - until Bruce.

And if you’ll forgive me for going into Psychology Major mode for a minute: People will live up or down to expectations. If you’ve been treated all your life as if you can’t be anything but a thief and a troublemaker and someone with purely selfish interests, it’s really hard to believe that you can be anything else. It’s not impossible, and I’d certainly never suggest that Selina never did anything heroic or altruistic until she met Bruce. But it’s hard. Someone believing in you is a really, really powerful thing.

This is something that, for all its faults as a movie, The Dark Knight Rises did get very right about Bruce and Selina’s relationship:

Selina tries to present herself as someone driven purely by selfishness, but Bruce sees through that: “I think there’s more to you than that.” And I think what Selina says in response is so revealing. It’s clearly intended as a denial - saying that if he keeps expecting her to be better, he’ll only keep being let down in response. But it also clearly shows that he’s gotten to her - which is, of course, confirmed by the decisions she makes later in the movie. As much as she wants to pretend it doesn’t, Bruce’s faith in Selina has an effect on her.

The thing is, knowing you’ve let someone down isn’t a pleasant feeling. But it can sometimes be a positive thing. Knowing you’ve let someone down means knowing that they had high expectations for you in the first place. It means someone saw you as capable of making the right decisions, and that’s actually much healthier than knowing you didn’t let anyone down because they never expected anything better of you to begin with.

Bruce is good for Selina because he looks at her and says “I believe that deep down, you’re really a good person.“ Because he looks at her and says ”There’s more to you than that.” And that’s something Selina hasn’t had a lot of in her life, maybe something she’s never had until Bruce comes along. He sees past her bad side and sees her potential to be something better. And instead of letting her off the hook, he challenges her to be the person he knows she’s capable of being. He has faith in her. He believes she can be a hero, and eventually that leads to Selina believing it, too. 

(But it’s so, so important to note that Selina doesn’t start acting more heroic for Bruce. She’s not doing it because he wanted it or to make him happy. She does it because it’s right for her. At her heart, Selina is a hero - all Bruce did is see the heroic qualities that were in her all along.)

The second reason I ship them so hard together is: They help each other have fun.

(The comic this panel is from - Catwoman #32 - is basically my all-time Bruce/Selina issue ever, and you’ll definitely be seeing more scans from it in this post.) 

Bruce is the one who needs more help in this area, obviously, like he says here. It’s no secret that Bruce is serious and withdrawn even with the people he loves most, and has a tendency to focus on The Mission above everyone else. So it’s a huge deal that he’s playful and mischievous and flirtatious with Selina, because not many people get to see that side of him. And no one brings it out in exactly the way that Selina does. He lets himself relax around her in a way which is really good for him:

(See? I told you we weren’t done with that issue! I love this scene because you so rarely see Bruce - or Selina, for that matter - being so completely relaxed and happy and normal.)

But I think it’s worth noting that Selina always looks like she’s having just as much fun as Bruce is, and I think that’s really good for her, too. I think people tend to forget that as much as Selina is by nature a more playful and flirtatious person than Bruce, she isn’t really a much happier one. She’s had a really hard and lonely life over the years, and that’s why it’s so great to see how genuinely happy she seems with Bruce:

I always love how huge Selina’s smile is in the first panel of this sequence (drawn by the always awesome Cameron Stewart). She’s just having so much fun, and I think that’s really just as good for her as it is for Bruce.

Even when they’re fighting, it’s very often play-fighting more than anything else:

(This scene, which is from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, can be watched here. And it is awesome.)

Look at those smiles. Bruce and Selina just bring out the fun side in each other, and I really love that. You’d never see Bruce smiling like that if he was fighting, say, the Joker. (For good reason.)

This is something Gotham has also gotten very right in their depiction of baby!Bruce and Selina:


AHEM. *is mature*

(By the way: Do you remember a while back when I sent you a message that was basically like “RENA RENA RENA YOU HAVE TO GO WATCH GOTHAM NOW”? It was right after this episode aired.)

I find this scene particularly poignant because this is not long after Bruce’s parents have died, and it’s the first time you really see him having fun, smiling and laughing like that. Frankly, it’s the first time in the show that you see Bruce or Selina acting like normal children. (Even Alfred notices and is forced to approve of Selina!) And even as adults, I think they still bring out that lighthearted side in each other:

Although as this scene shows, what Bruce and Selina consider “fun” might not be what most people consider fun, which bring me to my next point: They just get each other, on a very fundamental level. Partly that’s because they’re very alike, and partly because they’ve come to understand each other over the years. There’s this scene I really wish I could have found - I tried, believe me - where (if I’m remembering correctly) Selina is sneaking into Gotham during the No Man’s Land era, and Bruce knows exactly how she’ll do it - because it’s the same way he would. Bruce and Selina are also very different from each other in certain ways, obviously, but a lot of the time they’re just very in sync like that:

Despite their differences, Bruce and Selina have a lot in common. They’re both highly intelligent and skilled, they’ve both known a lot of tragedy in their lives, they’re both far lonelier than they care to admit. They’re both hesitant to trust people. They both follow a unique moral code that others don’t always understand - though those moral codes are not exactly the same. They’re both highly independent and can be too stubborn for their own good. At their heart, they’re both driven by a very real desire to help other people. And I think they’re similar in a more indefinable way, too. They’re just cut from the same cloth, somehow. They understand each other both instinctively and also, as the years go by, because of the true friendship they’ve formed:

I think that’s something that’s so often overlooked with Bruce and Selina: People look at them and only see the Cat-and-Bat game, the “lovers on opposite sides!” trope, and they overlook the fact that Bruce and Selina are genuinely friends. More than that, despite all the odds, they’ve come to really trust each other over the years. Even though they still disagree over plenty of things, they know they can always turn to each other in a time of need:

I think nothing says more about how much Bruce trusts Selina than the fact that he willingly told her his secret identity - something that I’m not only pretty sure was unheard of for Bruce to do, it’s pretty dang unheard of in the superhero world in general. For a point of comparison, Clark didn’t tell Lois his secret identity until after they were engaged, and whether you think that’s good writing of Clark or not (I don’t, necessarily), it still says something about what a big deal it was for Bruce to trust Selina that way. In the superhero world, telling someone your secret identity is basically the biggest statement of trust you can make.

Bruce telling Selina his secret identity (though I firmly headcanon that she’d figured it out anyway) is a huge statement - and, as he basically says himself here, tantamount to an admission that he wants a real relationship with her. For Bruce to willingly make that leap is huge.

Because of that trust, you see Bruce and Selina really open up to each other in a way that they really don’t with most people, especially other love interests. They’re willing to let themselves be vulnerable and emotionally open. And Bruce is actually vocal about his feelings in a way that you practically never see:

Now, obviously Heart of Hush as a storyline is not without its problematic elements, but I still love this scene. Because Bruce pouring his heart out like that? Bruce basically never does that. Getting an “I love you” out of Bruce is a big deal already, but an entire speech? That says a lot, again, about how much he’s willing to open up to Selina. (Granted, she was pretending to be asleep… but let’s be honest: he most likely knew she was pretending.) 

I think it’s also significant that pretty much any time either of them dreams about settling down, or there’s an alternate universe where they do, it shows them ending up married to each other:

I think for both Bruce and Selina, when they imagine living a normal life, they think about having a normal relationship with each other, ending up married. But they think that because they’re not “normal”, they can’t have that - which is a theme going back to the earliest days of their relationship:

(This scene is from Batman #3, which also happens to be the issue where Selina kissed Bruce for the first time.)

Bruce and Selina will never be “just another boy and girl”, and I think they both assume that means they can never have anything resembling an actual committed relationship. The fact that they were starting to take steps in that direction before the reboot was a huge deal for both of them. But I think it’s going to take a lot of character growth for both of them before they realize that they can have an actual relationship without either of them compromising who they are.

One more reason to ship them: Bruce moons over Selina like a little schoolboy. Enough said. ;-)

CONTROL YOUR FACE, BRUCE. You are supposed to be the terrifying personification of justice and the night and you’re acting like an absolute goober.

(And it’s amazing.)

Oh, and Dick approves:

Dick approves so much that Dick is actually the one who encouraged Bruce to tell Selina his secret identity, which, again: Huge frickin’ deal.

It’s not just a “Ha ha, Dick ships it” thing, either. Dick knows Bruce better than pretty much anyone. So the fact that Dick looks at Bruce’s relationship with Selina and says “Yeah, this relationship is good for you”? That says a lot. Because Dick knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Bruce.

Also, they have almost 75 years of history, which is pretty dang cool:

I’m a sucker for history. And theirs is a 75-year-long multimedia history spanning comics, cartoons, live-action TV, movies, and videogames, which just makes it even more amazing. 

In conclusion: Have some of my miscellaneous favorite Bat/Cat scenes that I couldn’t find a way to include in this post.

(This is another scene that speaks to how well Selina understands Bruce… and also brings up a very important point about Bruce’s nature that far too many Batman adaptations forget.)

(I did warn you there’d be a lot of scenes from this issue.)

And last but not least:

Yeah. That seems a good note to end this post on.

Hope you enjoyed, sweetheart! (And same goes to anyone else reading this, too!)

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I think my thing with age gap is that, if the two people had a close relationship when one of them was a kid and the other one wasn't....I struggle with that. Just the idea of Kakshi watching her slowly grow into a woman and then one day realizing he is attracted to her after a certain point, I cannot. I'm convinced a part of him would always see her as a child to him. If it's AU where they meet as adults I don't mind though. Their hair color compliments somehow...

You know, it’s totally ok that it squicks you! It’s completely alright if you want to say “I only like KakaSaku in AUs where they meet as adults” (or in AUs where they’re the same age).

Personally, I actually like the appeal of “whoa I thought our relationship was X but now suddenly I want it to be Y” in ships, that’s a major theme in my OTPs across many fandoms. For one thing, that’s built-in drama. Person A wants the relationship to change, but Person B isn’t sure, and then Person B suddenly realizes it but Person A has gone away, Person B you must chase Person A down! EXCITEMENT. Also: external opposition? Taboo?? I MUST HIDE MY FEELINGS AND PINE SECRETLY FOR LO, MY LOVE CAN NEVER BE??? 😍😍😍

Specifically with Kakashi and Sakura, a big reason why I ship them is that while genin Sakura certainly does intend to respect and obey him and view him as an authority figure (because she’s a Good Girl), right from the get-go she doesn’t really. Inner Sakura (her true feelings) laughs at Naruto’s prank, and she’s appalled at his lateness and trolling. The entire time she’s a genin, I’m convinced that Kakashi never truly registered her potential. The most frequently cited example of this, because it really is appalling, is when Sakura mastered tree walking the first try–#1, Kakashi merely uses her accomplishment to ridicule and shame the boys, turning them against Sakura (teamwork, Kakashi??? hello???); #2, her “reward” is to sit on the bridge with Tazuna while Kakashi trains the boys without her. Nice. And during the time skip, it’s fairly obvious that Kakashi and Sakura didn’t interact–otherwise Kakashi wouldn’t have been so completely gobsmacked at her unleashing the Fifth’s strength. He wasn’t merely surprised, he was stunned.

The inference that he thought Sakura completely incapable of learning Tsunade’s techniques so fast is inescapable. He knew she was training with Tsunade, so Sakura using Tsunade’s technique shouldn’t have shocked him so much, right? Yet it did. Because he completely discounted Sakura’s ability.

That’s slow to change as well. Even though Sakura’s fight against Sasori was far more successful than Kakashi and Naruto’s against Itachi and Deidara, even though Sakura is spending every moment of her free time researching and begs him in the hospital to help find a way to improve, does Kakashi bother to come up with a training regimen for Sakura? Nope. He and Yamato train Naruto alone, and they get Asuma involved as well.

Now, to a huge extent, to me, this is just a symptom of what should have been an overarching problem in the series: short-term thinking. It is completely natural that short-term thinking would be ubiquitous in a society undergoing constant warfare and violence. But short-term thinking causes problems, and when those problems are attacked with more short-term thinking, things can turn to shit so fucking quickly. Each of Kakashi’s decisions to prioritize Naruto and Sasuke so exclusively make sense through a short-term focus. His decision to teach Sasuke the chidori to fight Gaara makes sense through a short-term focus. It’s only when you step back and look at the pattern that you realize how fucked up these decisions are.

So when does Kakashi start to realize how wrong he’s been? In my opinion, it all comes home to him during the Five Kage Conference and his fight with Sasuke–a fight that prominently features the chidori that Kakashi is responsible for choosing to teach Sasuke. Kakashi says right out in this arc that he was a bad teacher. He is correct.

It’s the Fourth War when I see him really changing his view towards Sakura, and realizing just how much this wonderful, amazing, strong kunoichi isn’t the Sakura he thought he knew. But there’s a snag. She’s still all hung up on the guy  who literally everybody treated as more important than her safety from day one! Oops!

Originally posted by mittdwmrl


And we haven’t even gotten into all the things that Sakura doesn’t know about Kakashi! So yeah the stage is set for amazing things, potentially, but this is Naruto so we don’t get nice things. But who cares, really? I mean, fuck, I ship all the canon ships except SS, so just take it from me: you do not want your Naruto ship to be canon. My God! You want Kishimoto writing your OTP?! You want Studio Pierrot writing it?!?! I ship NaruHina and I’ll never be the same. Don’t do that to them. Keep them in fandom, where they’re safe from the shitstorm that is the rest of post-699 Naruto.

*coughs* I seem to have run off the rails, anon, sorry about that. Onto your last point.

I am convinced that a not insignficant portion of Sakura’s shippability is her colour scheme. You wouldn’t think pink hair and green eyes would blend so well, but for some reason it really does? She just looks good with everyone!

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Yeesss!! People, we are in season 7. I think by now the audience fully understands the bond that Daryl and Carol have. TPTB did NOT have to show their bond AGAIN just to show they care about one another. Valuable screen-time could have been given to Maggie. Remember her, Gimple? Don't get me started on that, lol. But for some reason, Gimple wanted to add another layer to the caryl story. And we all know what that reason will be. Well, at least most of us do, lol.

Exactly this. If tptb didn’t want so many people shipping Caryl, if they wanted us to give up and see that their bond was nothing more than familial and they’d never grow beyond their platonic relationship - then those Caryl scenes in episode 10 simply would not have existed. Or, they would have looked a lot different. 

To portray a strictly familial bond, all the writers would have needed to do was have Daryl happen upon Carol while he was out. They absolutely would not have needed to go to the extra lengths that they went to, like: having Daryl bring Carol up to Morgan and gush about how she would have saved all their asses and led them to war (showing that she’s on his mind and that he is missing her); creating the whole conflict between Daryl and Richard (it would have been way easier to just not include that whole showdown because it delivered absolutely nothing to the big plot); having Morgan confront Daryl in a way that has been used since forever as a romantic trope - showing a character’s feelings for another character, then having an “outside” character point it out.

Tpbt could have still provided a Caryl scene or two in episode 10 if they just wanted to troll or tell us that the connection is platonic and staying that way. But if that was their goal, there’s no way they would have included all this other stuff that was used for the sole purpose of conveying Daryl’s feelings for Carol, over and over again. 

They also wouldn’t have made those scenes as emotional as they were. If they wanted us to believe that Daryl saw Carol as a family member, then they wouldn’t have shown that he took her leaving very personally, and it broke his heart. They would have shown Daryl to be upset, not so extremely hurt as he was, because what they did show was Daryl being the guy who is heartbroken over the love of his life leaving him. When a character is that hurt over another character leaving, it’s not meant to be seen as “oh he’s upset over his mom/sister/real estate agent leaving him”. You don’t do that

There were so many things packed into that episode that are undeniably romantic tropes:

  • talking about her out of the blue to other people.
  • beating up and threatening someone who wants to harm her.
  • heartbroken that she left.
  • he’s the one exception - the only person she lets in.
  • firelight dinner and emotional talk.
  • telling a huge lie to protect her and her feelings. (also the trope where one character can’t bear to see the other in pain or crying.)
  • walking away and then turning back and hugging her.
  • clinging to each other - in which smelling each other, nuzzling, and Daryl kissing her shoulder a little through her shirt were all involved.)
  • almost calling him back.
  • being called out on your feelings by the very person you were previously talking to when you brought her up out of the blue. 

Everyone knows that these are romantic tropes. That’s just common knowledge, especially for writers. These tropes have been used for years to convey a bond that has romantic potential and underlying romantic feelings - to convey that they are on the road to canon, or taking their relationship to that next level. 

So there’s no way Gimple would have gone through all this trouble, dedicated all that screen time to emphasizing and highlighting the fact that Daryl loves Carol and will put her before everything else, and used all those romantic tropes to do that - just because he wanted to troll. 

Because now it is canon in Daryl’s character that Carol is the most important thing to him in the world, and it was portrayed not in the way that you portray one’s platonic/familial feelings for another character - but in the way that is traditionally used to show romantic, loving, deeper-than-friendship feelings. 

And you don’t do that if you don’t have plans to develop the relationship into something romantic. 

Hanji Zoe Rant (very long)

I cannot believe that my birthday and Hanji’s birthday are only days apart! Go Virgos loll. Enough of that, this is going to be a giant post about Hanji Zoe, my personal favorite character of ALL TIME. Seriously, I never, ever loved a character so much before. I’ve watched over 100+ animes/mangas for the last 10 years, read 100 books, watched countless of movies, and even followed several tv shows other than anime. I would love characters here and there, obsessed over a shipping, or enjoyed a group for a while, but then I would move on and forget about them the next month or so. However, when I stumbled onto Hanji’s character, something clicked inside me. It’s like finding your soulmate or destiny that will always stay by you. I know I am being cheesy, but this is how I truly feel about this brilliant character. Now, why would I obsess and praise a character who isn’t even the main character of the show AND does not have a full, explicit backstory? We don’t even know this character’s gender in the manga! It’s because of how deep this character is despite all the things we still don’t know about this character. 

First off, let’s clear out her outside personality. Everyone is exposed to Hanji’s eccentricity and “craziness” over Titans. She is known to be that crazy scientist with an odd obsession with Titans to both Attack on Titan fans and to many people in the Attack on Titan world as well. However, that is only the surface of her personality. We see that she is forced to be the one studying these horrendous creatures because nobody else has the guts or have the abnormal curiosity like she does. Her open mind and thirst for knowledge drew me to her when I first was introduced to this character. It was so admirable to see someone push past their fears and society’s disapproval to learn about these terrifying creatures and find their weaknesses to help humanity. Once us viewers saw Hanji’s motives, it reveals that Hanji is already a developed character, who went through a phase realizing that there is much more to Titans than humans were aware of. And because of her past experience, she discovered so many revelations that brought forward humanity inside the walls and potentially people from outside of the walls. 

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I think I’ve seen enough spoilers now to give my two cents’ worth about Sofia and Oswald in Gotham. (Disclaimer: not seen the full episodes). Misgivings under a cut and tagged ‘gotham s4 spoilers.'  It’s a wall of text, sorry.

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Who Wants to be a Hero (I Don't Want to be a Villain)

Wow look, it’s my original story. I hope you enjoy it. @revyourmentalenginesplease I don’t know if you ever read the final product. I plan on making every main character their own separate story. I’m already writing the second one. Summary needs work.

Summary: A man tries to cope with loss as he rebuilds his family. To bad things keep setting him back. (Part 1 of gay superhero story)

Warnings: Mentioned/heavily implied death, Implied transphobia, If anything else needs tagged tell me.

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Do you think it is possible for Sylar to be the father of Claire's twins? I'm dying to know!

In short – YES, I do think it is a possibility.

But I have shipper bias so I’ll state actual logical reasons, lol. Read more because it’s long.

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I'm sorry if I sound ignorant or rude but is there anything wrong with shipping Finn with Poe over Rey? I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm demanded an explanation or if I'm being entitled but I haven't seen anyone explain it and if it is wrong I'd like to know. (it's not that you have seemed against the ship but you seem against anything that isn't Finn x Rey sorry if I'm being wrong about that too, I'm trying :) have a nice day!)

Nonnie, you are in luck! R/ichonne going canon & John’s thirst trap have supplied me with the spoons needed to answer you :)

Upfront, let me be clear that there is nothing inherently wrong with shipping F/innpoe in lieu of F/innrey. Second, I’m not against anything that isn’t F/innrey, however, I /am/ skeptical of people’s motivations. Third, I /am/ against claims and arguments /against/ F/innrey, because being antagonistic toward F/innrey raises a multitude of red flags.

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so you don't care about sakura or hinatas happiness?

LMAO OKAY. Let me explain.

Naruto is not a well written manga/anime. It’s shit. The characters are not treated rightly or act as they would IN CHARACTER because the writing is so spotty and all over the place. That being said, it’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly where a character would be happiest. 

Take SasuSaku for example. Sakura will always be in love with Sasuke. That will never go away. In canon, they end up together, but we don’t know enough about that relationship to really understand how they act together or if it’s a happy relationship. We can see she’s happy, but is that only because she’s with Sasuke, or because Sasuke treats her like she should be treated? We don’t know. I like to think so, because Sakura’s happiness is important to me. It’s potentially a lovely relationship, because even though I think Sauce’s character is kind of annoying, he’s gone through a lot of development and I think being with Sakura will help him grow into a better person.

BUT– I like the idea of NaruSaku because Naruto would treat Sakura right, without a doubt. I think Sakura has feelings for Naruto, but even if they did end up together in canon, her feelings for Sasuke would never go away. There would always be a part of her that is reserved for Sauce, even if most of her heart was given to Naruto. That’s the only sad part about this couple. If Naruto was a well written manga, I feel like NaruSaku would have been the better way to go because they’ve had the best character development together; they look after each other, and could have been the great friends-to-lovers story. 

As for Hinata.

So NaruHina. I love this pairing because Hinata obviously loves Naruto, and in canon, he finally notices the one who’s been there all this time. I love how they look together, how they both kind of fit each others personalities, and how sweet they would treat each other. I think it would be easy for Naruto to fall in love with Hinata after realizing she was there when no one else was– he was just too oblivious to see it. They would grow together and become a very strong couple. This pairing has a lot of potential– IF the manga was written well. 

I don’t think she would just be happy with Naruto, either– I used to be a huge KibaHina stan a few years back. They could also go along NaruSaku in the friends-to-lovers story. Hinata was always chashing Naruto, but she never noticed Kiba was always there, supporting her and believing in her. Slowly falling for her. This is obviously a huge headcanon of mine, but it would only work out in certain situations. I just think they’re adorable.

Honorable mention: NaruSasu. Ya’ll. This pairing is dark and complicated and I love it. It makes a lot of sense canon-wise, and if Kishimoto wanted them to end up together, he could have done it really well. But, ya know, that’s only if Naruto was a well-written manga. Which it’s not.

In conclusion: I love all of these pairings. I love the potential all of them have. I love how each of them seem to have their pros and cons, and how if they were decided from the BEGINNING, they each could have amazing development and made perfect sense. But since Naruto is shit, and the writing is shit, and it’s become a fan-service anime for lack of a better term, none of these pairings make sense tbh. But I love all of them nonetheless in different ways. 

So yes, I care about Sakura and Hinata’s happiness. I just don’t think they have to find it in boys. I like all of these pairings, obviously, but who the girls end up with DO NOT determine if they’re going to be happy or not. 

Whew. Okay. I need a nap. 

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mellissa herself said plenty of times at comic con she didn't like that superman was not in her story that it felt strange missing such a big part of karas life so why are you upset about superman being there? its only two episodes

Regardless of how much or how little screen time he actually gets, the fact of the matter is that the first official promotional photos the CW has released for the season have been of Kara with Superman, and the vast majority of the press and publicity for the upcoming season has been centered around Superman, Tyler Hoechlin, how does Tyler Hoechlin feel about the suit, what advice did Supermans of franchises past give Tyler Hoechlin about being Superman / about manscaping / about peeing in the Superman suit, oh look iconic Superman villain Metallo (played by a pasty white dude), is Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman actually going to turn into an antagonist and is Mon-El (yet another white boy) here to help Kara fight him??? (regardless of the truth of that last one, it’s an article that was written, it’s indicative of how Superman fanboys are using this as an opportunity to take this show and MAKE it about Superman—make it about them—regardless of how much actual plot Clark is getting).

The point is it’s drawing attention away from Kara, which was the very reason I was apprehensive about this in the first place, and also the very reason the writers/producers gave for purposefully not showing his face in season 1 (yes, partially it was probably a budgeting / rights issue, but it was also a creative decision). Tyler Hoechlin’s opinions about spandex and what Superman represents (with very little if any mention of Superman’s relationship to Supergirl, which should have been the focus if he was going to talk at all about Superman) have been dominating the conversation about the upcoming season in the media for weeks now—there has been more focus on him than literally anything else, even more than the potential superflarrowverse mega musical crossover (and the rumor about that potentially being directed by Joss Whedon. Plus the episode that is actually being directed by Kevin Smith).

They could be talking about so many other things, things that actually will and should play a major part in this season and in Kara’s story: Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima is a new SERIES REGULAR, and having a woman of color playing a lesbian on a show that has struggled a lot with representation in those arenas is HUGE. AND YET. Tyler Hoechlin is in literally two episodes, as you pointed out, but his literal bodily functions have gotten more press than she has), Miss Martian, Cadmus & Jeremiah, Lena Luthor, Kara’s new job at Catco, President Wonder Woman—basically anything that is not yet another cishet white man.

But no. People are talking about Tyler Hoechlin and this white dude from Vampire Diaries playing superboy and this other white dude who looks like a kylo/hux lovechid every angsty whiteboy villain ever playing Metallo (and everyone has to mention that this is an iconic Superman villain) and what’s it going to be like for Kara to be able to interact with Barry and Oliver and all these other white male heroes and oh isn’t it exciting that even more white men that fanboys love are potentially directing episodes…

Because yes this show had some not insignificant problems with representation in s1, it was overwhelmingly straight and white, but at least the focus was very much on Kara and Kara’s relationships with the women in her life. That was literally and explicitly the whole fucking point. And now, even if the focus on the show is still on Kara in s2, it is an undeniable fact that the focus of the larger conversation surrounding the show is focused on Superman and other cishet white men. I’ve seen maybe two interviews that have mentioned James, a handful that have talked about J’onn, barely any more that have talked about Alex (and tbh I’m counting the “there is going to be A Gay on one of the shows” articles as talking about Alex but those really shouldn’t count). I don’t remember the last time I saw an actual interview with Melissa, and pretty much all the speculation and discussion about Kara as a character and her personal growth in the upcoming season talk about her in relation to Clark and in relation to Mon-El and in relation to Snapper Carr (who, okay, is not white so at least that’s something).

And that is the one thing that was never supposed to happen. She was not supposed to be defined by her relationship with men, and yet that is what is happening, if not in the actual show then at least in the conversation surrounding the show, which does matter. Public perception and media coverage of a story matter a lot. It’s how the story is told, how the story is framed. (And it’s also a point that they make explicitly time and time again in the series itself—she literally works for the queen of all media, and framing the narrative and keeping the focus of the public story on Supergirl as her own hero and not as “Superman’s Cousin!” is a huge part of the first season.)

I do understand to an extent why they’re doing this. Hollywood is a business first and foremost, and they (both the marketing/publicity team at the CW and the reporters in the press who are covering the show) are kind of obligated to give Superman at least some press because it would be financially irresponsible of them not to.

They’re trying to broaden their audience. Which is good I guess, but the problem is they’re doing it by appealing to Superman fans—by appealing to people who have seen Superman portrayed on screen, who have seen themselves represented on screen, time and time again (and literally at this very moment they already have a Superman to represent them). And in doing so, they’re alienating the very fans—the young girls who don’t have very many other female superheroes (certainly not ones that are headlining their own major network television shows) to look up to—that they were trying to represent in the first place.

They’re teaching young girls that no matter what, no matter how much you are told that your story matters and you should not be defined by the men around you, in the end the story is always going to come back to the man. That the world is always going to care more about the man’s story than yours. That, given the slightest opportunity, the world would rather focus on his struggles and his opinions about the most inane things and his relationship to men that have come before him and how he is going to fight his villains and what kind of icon he is meant to be.

Supergirl is a show in large part about how media shapes the conversation and the power of words and the importance of public perception in constructing a narrative in order to convey an actual message, and right now they are failing at shaping their own narrative and directing the conversation surrounding this show in the media in real life. It doesn’t really even matter what the truth is when it comes to his presence in the show itself (though that does present its own potential issues). The problem I have with the media attention surrounding Superman stands on its own. The media has power, and regardless of what we see on screen in October, right now Supergirl is failing the very people that this show—that Kara herself, as a character and as a hero—is supposed to represent.

It’s that time again, kids. That time when Charlie rants about things in the fandom and weighs in on it. 

In the last week I have seen many, many people complaining about how FitzSimmons is being ‘rushed’ as a pairing, or that Jemma has never shown any indication of being interested in Fitz and therefore having her agree to date him is totally out of character. But, um, what?

Now, yes, it’s far too early for huge declarations of ‘I love you in that way too’ and if that had happened then I would also be unhappy about how rushed it was. FitzSimmons are not in a place where that would be logical.

However, what happened wasn’t that, it wasn’t a declaration of love, it wasn’t a kiss, it wasn’t rushed sex in the back of a car. All of which would probably have complicated things more than they would have resolved anything. It was an agreement to go out to dinner. It was an agreement to go on a date, to find out if ‘maybe there is’ something for them to talk about relationship wise. It’s the first step of a romantic relationship.

Dates are, in my mind, the way people test whether or not they’d want to be in a romantic relationship with someone. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but that’s kind of the entire point of a date?

It isn’t rushed or out of character, either. In both real time and show time THE POD INCIDENT HAPPENED OVER A YEAR AGO, which means that Jemma Simmons has spent an entire year (and then some) knowing that her best friend in the world is in love with her and not knowing what to do about that because she doesn’t know how she feels.

So what does she do? She focuses on his health, because that’s important, she goes off to work undercover at Hydra because she thinks time away from her will help him get better, she ignores her feelings, doesn’t think about them, doesn’t acknowledge them because she needs to stay alive and get intel and that is her priority.

Then she gets back to base and she sees him again, recovering and understandably angry at her for leaving (understandable to us, less so to her). He’s angry at her, she has no idea whether or not he’s still in love with her, she thinks maybe not, that maybe he got over her in his anger at her and she can’t tell whether or not that’s a good thing, she still hasn’t given herself time to figure out her own feelings.

But then Mack and Hunter etc are fully aware that Fitz is still in love with her. Mack gets snippy with her for leaving, Jemma still doesn’t necessarily know exactly why.

Then Bobbi Morse, Bobbi ‘I can tell a guy’s backstory from three sentences’ Morse asks her how long her and Fitz were together and Jemma doesn’t understand, she can’t believe she’s being asked that because it’s not true, they weren’t in a romantic relationship, it never happened. She never dreamed it would happen. But Bobbi goes on and asks her about the pod and her feelings on it.

Perhaps for the first time, Jemma confesses to someone that Fitz told her he loved her and she has no idea what to do with that information or what her feelings are on the matter but Fitz is still the most important thing in her life and she can’t imagine her life without him.

Bobbi talks about her own relationships being a rollercoaster, maybe all relationships. They’re up and down and sometimes they make you sick and then you come out the other side, windswept and laughing or crying and Jemma asks her ‘is the ride worth it?’ She’s thinking about it, the potential for a rollercoaster of a relationship. Bobbi tells her to talk to Fitz. Jemma gets to consider her own feelings for all of two minutes.

Things go to shit from there because the San Juan incident happens and Jemma isn’t thrown into a rollercoaster of a relationship, she’s just been thrown into the rollercoaster of life and everything sucks. Trip is dead, Skye is infected with some horrible disease that is changing her DNA, ‘real’ SHIELD invades and for all intents and purposes she and Fitz are left alone in The Playground surrounded by ‘enemy forces’ for want of a better word.

But Fitz has just told Jemma that she’s scary, he’s been pissed at her for being scared of Skye’s change, he is upset, she is upset. Jemma has never wanted anything but to help people but everyone seems to think she’s going to hurt someone she cares about.

But when they’re sitting there, together, in the custody of real SHIELD they realise that they are the only people each other can rely on and they do. They work out an entire plan under the noses of four or five other agents by faking an argument. They trust each other again, they can communicate with each other again, they’ve got a good thing going but obviously for the plan to work Fitz has to leave.

So she packs his bag, with the box like he suggested, but also with the sandwich. She takes careful deliberation in making it, in thinking it through. It’s his favourite sandwich and it’s made specifically with her aioli which means only she can make his favourite sandwich for him, so she does.

And she writes the note. First, urging him to be safe because she can’t contemplate the idea of losing him, second, she signs it with ‘love Jemma’ which she has to know carries weight now. It’s not a declaration of romantic love, it’s her way of telling Fitz that she does love him, one way or another. Because if there’s one thing she’s sure of, it’s that Fitz is still the most important thing to her.

Next time she sees Fitz, Coulson has had him in proximity to Ward and that must terrify her because she well remembers the last time Fitz was in proximity to Ward (assuming she doesn’t know about the time Fitz tried to kill Ward in the vault) and so she wants to know he’s alright, which he is. But it steels her determination to kill Ward because Ward is a threat to her and her people. Fitz makes his claim that he tried to kill Ward on the quinjet, Jemma is proud of him and swears silently to get the job done herself so Ward can terrorise them no further.

Fitz goes into that mission knowing exactly what Simmons has planned, he wills her to be careful because he knows how dangerous Ward is. This isn’t hugely relevant because we already Fitz is in love with Simmons.

Jemma fails to kill Ward, instead kills Bakshi and almost dies at Ward’s hand, Ward has a gun pointed at her head and what do we think she’s thinking about? Dying? Probably. Fitz? The life they could have had? Maybe, we have no way of knowing for sure but the idea might have crossed her mind.

Fitz tells her not to feel bad about not being to kill Ward, she doesn’t, she swears to try again and Fitz doesn’t seem to think this change is scary anymore, he understands, at least partially.

Then we get to the finale and Bobbi is hurt by Ward and instead of seeing Bobbi and Hunter in the bed and beside it, Jemma sees herself and Fitz, probably flashbacks to him in the coma and her sitting by his side waiting for him to wake up and she just knows that if something happened to him or to her she doesn’t want to face down death with a bunch of ‘what if we’d tried’. So she tries. She seeks him out only to find him preparing for a mission and when she urges him to be careful he says no. He says he’ll get the job done. So suddenly she’s faced with the potential of losing him again and so she knows she needs to speak her piece. Give him a reason to come back if she must, but she will not lose him, not now.

So she tells him, she doesn’t say much, reminds him that they haven’t spoken about what happened in the pod and he’s clearly given up on ever talking about it at this point, he doesn’t need to be told she’s rejecting him outright because that would hurt more than just assuming it.

But instead of rejecting him she says they maybe do have something to talk about, about the confession. Coulson interrupts.

Now, I have no idea if they did talk between the end of the episode and the post credits thing, but my assumption is not. Fitz’s suggestion of dinner doesn’t even seem to register to Jemma as a date proposition. ‘Dinner?’ ‘Fast approaching and we’ll eat it, I’m sure.’ It might seem a little flat but if, as I do, you read Jemma as having an eating disorder this season her reactions are entirely understandable. But he explains and she’s surprised he asked her, but not unwilling, and then once he’s gone she smiles that little smile, like she can’t help herself. She’s looking forward to it, she wants to go on the date where maybe they can have a real conversation about their issues.

It’s not huge, it’s not a relationship, it’s the start of something bigger, something better.

Something that we will hopefully get to see more of next season, provided the trauma from the rock doesn’t fuck Jemma up too badly or something.

TLDR; FitzSimmons have been on slow burn up to this all fucking season and it’s not moving too fast at ll, please stop complaining about it just because you ship something else.