'do you think tonight's a danger night

sleepover - michael clifford

request: AWEE OKAY I HAVE BAD FEELS RN but could you do a Michael one where it’s the first time you’re spending the night at his house ?

The torrential rain was smacking against the roof of Michael’s home, the heavy downpour being heard from his bedroom. You were both stationed in his bed, wrapped in the covers to keep the warmth circulating around your bodies. When the lights flickered from the harsh rain, Michael widened his eyes and glanced down at you, his hand snaking around your waist to keep you from falling off the side of the bed.

“Babe, I don’t think you should go home tonight. It’s way too dangerous,” Michael murmured, his eyes flashing in concern as he bit down on his bottom lip. There was a huge flash of lightning, thunder soon rumbling by. “And I don’t want you being in that rain.”

You nodded in agreement, but then you furrowed your eyebrows. “How am I supposed to get my stuff? Like my toothbrush and clothes.” Michael shrugged, leaning down and pressing his face into the warmth of the curvature of your neck. A giggle erupted from your lips as your hand flew to the back of his neck.

“My parents have an extra toothbrush,” he mumbled, his lips brushing against your skin. “And for clothes… well, you’ll just have to wear mine, babe.” You slowly nodded, your heart jumping in your chest at the thought of spending the night with him. It would be the first and you didn’t know what to expect. Michael abruptly sat up, pulling you along with him while gazing at you with sleepy eyes. It was already beginning to be late, so he couldn’t help but be exhausted.

He unwrapped his arms around you and stood up off the bed, shuffling to his drawers as a yawn forced his lips apart. You watched him from the bed, your stare shifting over his tall body clad in sweatpants and an old tee shirt. When he turned around, a lazy smile was tugging on your lips, which made him smile in response.

“What’re you smiling for?” Michael questioned, setting down a pair of boxers and one of his shirts. “You look like a creep, babe.” You shook your head, scooting off the bed with a sigh and walking around to him. He leaned down, his hands resting on your waist as he pressed his lips to yours in a soft kiss. Snatching the clothes off the bed, you smirked and began walking towards the door to take a quick shower.

“Be right back,” you said, a short laugh bursting from your lips before you closed the door behind you and walked down the hallway. When you returned to Michael’s room freshly showered with his clothes on, his reaction was priceless. Michael slowly sat up, his lips parted as his eyes raked over your body from head to toe. And then his expression changed from shocked to smug, a smirk emerging as he rubbed his fingers over his bottom lip.

You climbed onto the bed and crawled over to him, ignoring his smirk and laying down flat on your back next to him before saying, “Why are you staring at me so hard?” Michael just shook his head, tugging you closer to his body before cupping your cheek and molding his lips on yours again. He was lovestruck, absolutely blown by your appearance and how much he loved being around you.

“Because you look so good…” Michael mumbled against your lips, his thumb brushing over your cheek, “really fucking good.” You laughed, leaning away from him and laying your head down on one of his pillows. Michael was grinning, his fingers playing with yours once you both crawled under the covers and got back into the position you were once in.

It didn’t take either one of you long to fall asleep with the rain roughly making contact with the roof of his house. You slept in each other’s arms, your legs tangled and your breaths fanning against the other’s skin. Although it was odd to fall asleep next to him in his clothing and his bed, you oddly felt very comfortable, like it was normal to regularly spend the night over with him.

And that was the start of spending nights with each other in your houses, becoming a traditional event within a few weeks.

Out Of Control- Chapter 11

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Spring Break was a magical time. The parties were wild and everyone was always in the mood for it. I showed up to one of the beach parties with Oli, Malibu Barbie and a very quiet Vic. It was night and there were small fires littering the beach, illuminating it.

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