'do you think tonight's a danger night

  • <p> <b>aries:</b> I know this is a hard time for you, aries, but remember: 'tis better to have loved and lost. it’s really great, just the best.<p/><b>taurus:</b> step on a crack, break your mother’s back. pick up the phone, break your mother’s tailbone. take your coffee with creamer, break your mother’s femur. the wizard’s spell has gone terribly wrong, and you must not move at all until it is reversed.<p/><b>gemini:</b> you will meet a tall, handsome stranger. he will introduce himself, you will come to know him well, and he will know you well. he will grow older. his skin will sag and thin. he will no longer be handsome. he will no longer be a stranger. he will no longer be most of the things he once was. he will be a close friend, an old friend, one you’ve known for years, and with whom you are settling down into that final stretch of life. but he will always be tall. so tall. very, very tall.<p/><b>cancer:</b> I’m not saying this is bad news, but the stars just say “aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” I mean, maybe that’s a good sign, right? right? it’s a very inexact science.<p/><b>leo:</b> today is your lucky day! which is good news, because tonight is your unlucky night. but enjoy this lucky day until the sun goes down. until the very second the sun goes down. and then…and then…<p/><b>virgo:</b> you should check under your bed before you go to sleep. that way the thing hiding in your closet will think you haven’t realized where it is yet.<p/><b>libra:</b> all eyes are on you. gross! give them back!<p/><b>scorpio:</b> mars is intersecting with Mercury, which means your head is weirdly big for your body, and no one wants to tell you because they don’t want you to have the grace of self awareness. ugh! scorpios.<p/><b>sagittarius:</b> you worry too much about earthquakes and plane crashes. you’re going to die of heart disease or cancer, just like everybody else.<p/><b>capricorn:</b> stop throwing your money away on expensive cars and nice clothes. the owners of those cars and outfits do not appreciate the crumpled dollar bills you keep throwing on them! and anyway, if you want to throw something away, that’s what garbage cans are for.<p/><b>aquarius:</b> you’ve been so stressed lately. why not just sit outside tonight, relax, look up at the stars, and know basically nothing about the world you live in.<p/><b>pisces:</b> scorpions are not as dangerous as everyone thinks. try to concentrate on that. it’ll help you feel a little calmer tomorrow.<p/><b></b> (welcome to night vale ep75)<p/></p>
Bodyguard Bucky.

A/n: The title is unoriginal af, I know. Just a little thing I wrote because I saw a dvd of ‘The Bodyguard’ in a charity shop and was hit with the idea, that Bucky is your bodyguard but you’re secretly in love with him. (It is nothing like that film/play, I haven’t seen it but I looked up the plot.) I thought ‘that’ll be easy to write’, but oh my gosh, was I wrong! It’s gone through so many rewrites and had about half of the original version cut, and it has some of the same themes as other things I’ve written, but I hope it’s okay…

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: You’re secretly in love with Bucky, your bodyguard, but now he’s leaving…Whatcha gonna do?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral)

(Mentions of being Tony’s child, but only mentions)

Word count: 2136

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol/intoxication, some angst and crying, but fluff by the end :)


As Y/N Stark, Tony Stark’s one and only child, you were obviously going to be a bit of an easy target, so since you’d finished school you’d had a bodyguard to protect you practically 24/7. The man entrusted to keep you safe for the past few years was one James Buchanan Barnes, or Bucky to you, and over that time you’d like to believe that he’d come to be more of a friend than just paid protection. Apparently not though. Last week he’d announced he was to quit with no warning and that single action had sent your life into turmoil, having realised a long time ago that you were completely and utterly in love with him.

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Hello! So... since harry potter is on your fandom list thing, is there any way a huge fan of yours could get a slightly angsty and incredibly fluffy oneshot or more if you get inspired with that precious bb Remus Lupin? It can be HP era or marauders era, up to you. Thanks so much!! :)

OK SO PLEASE SEND MORE HARRY POTTER STUFF BC REMUS IS MY BABE AND I LOVE HIM SM??? this is set in the marauders era but i am 1000% down to write some golden trio era stuff too !! also im like one of a solid 3 people in the fandom that doesnt subscribe to the whole andrew garfield as a faceclaim thing but hey mod gaston and i came up with alternates and we decided matthew grey gubler makes an adorable remus bc look at this babe ???? but hey yall can have ur hcs ill have mine  🕷️💋

“Hey James!” you flagged down the boy as he walked.

“____, what’s up?”

“Have you seen Rem? I wanted to ask him about some homework.”

“He’s, uh, out. Y’know,” he nervously scans the other students passing the two of you.

“Full moon tonight?” you ask keeping your voice low. He nods slightly.

“Listen, I promised I’d meet Pads before dinner -” he awkwardly motioned towards the Gryffindor Common Room.

“No, no it’s alright,” you turn to walk back down the staircase, “I’ll catch up with you later, yeah?”


You took a seat in one of the chairs of the Common Room, glancing around at the decor.

“Never been in Gryffindor’s before…” you mumble to yourself.

You watch as three particular troublemakers made their way from the boy’s dormitory towards you.

Sirius was the first to notice you, “____? What are you doing -”

“Got the password a while ago from a friend. Listen, I wanted to ask you something.”

“We’re kinda busy, can it wait till tomorrow?”


“Listen, I know you guys usually spend the night with him, but -”

“How do you know that?”

“I’m his friend too, you know,” you sigh, “He tells me these kinds of things. Anyways, I was thinking…What if I went tonight?”

“I’m all for the fact that you wanna help a friend, ____, but you can’t come with us, it’s too dangerous.”

“I actually wanted to go alone.”

They all stared at you as if you were mad.

“Have you lost your damn mind?”

“James, listen, I’ve got a plan and -”

“No! It’s way too dangerous. Listen, ____, it’s nothing against you, but…It’s just…Too dangerous.”

“If you won’t let me go I’ll march right down to Dumbledore’s office and tell him about your little map you all use.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.”

James sighed, Sirius simply glared at you, and Peter stood behind them, clueless as always.

“When you get hurt don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

You get up from your seat and make your way towards the exit, “I’ll be fine.”

“How do you even know about the map anyways?” James calls after you.

“I told you, he tells me these kinds of things,” you smirk.

Your footsteps echoed off of the stone walls as you traversed the small passageway. You could still hear the thump of the Whomping Willow above you, and had it not been for the soft glow of your wand, you would’ve been left in complete darkness. After a few minutes of walking, you found yourself confronted with a small door above you, it reminded you of the entrance to a cellar. You pushed your way through it, being sure it was closed once you were through.

The house you stood in was dusty and decrepit, just standing in the hall you felt your anxiety levels rise. You slowly took your first step, and the floor under you creaked. You heard a shuffling from upstairs, and your eyes shot towards the ceiling, scanning it for any other signs of life. After a small period of silence, you took another step, this time towards the nearby staircase.

You heard the shuffling again, then a small thunk.

“Rem?” you whispered, hoping to hear him answer.

He didn’t.

You climbed the steps slowly, trying to make minimal noise. Your bag felt heavy on your shoulder despite its light weight.

At the top of the steps, you were faced with a door, half open already.

You reached out and pushed it, and watched as it slowly creaked open.

You saw him sat in the corner, his head buried in his knees, his breath rigid.


His head shot up at the sound of your voice.

“____, what are you doing here?” his face was overwhelmed with worry, making the dark circles under his eyes even more prominent.

“You’ve got to leave, you gotta go, it - It’s not safe, you know -”

“Does it hurt?”

He stopped speaking, though his expression was still overcome with concern.


“Does it hurt?”

He doesn’t acknowledge your question for a moment until he slowly nods, dropping his head back to his knees.

“Yeah,” his voice was muffled.

“I’m sorry.”

“You’ve got to leave, though,” he suddenly stands, “You know it’s not safe -”

“I’m staying.”

He shakes his head as he approaches you, “Please, I don’t…” He finally is close enough to touch, and you watch your friend stare down at your hand - god how much he wanted to take it in his own, grab it and never let go - “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.”

“I might,” he meets your eyes, “I can’t exactly control myself when…When it happens.”

You reach into your bag, pulling out a small object. You look at it before placing it in his hand.

“I know it’s your favorite.” He looks at the small candy bar before glancing back up at you, he had such pretty eyes, didn’t he? You never noticed how the green sometimes turned to a sort of blue -

“Thank you,” a small smile crossed his face, “But…You really do have to go.”

“I’m not leaving.”


“At least let me stay for a little bit longer, then.”

He turned his head, looking out the window before glancing down at the chocolate, then to you.

“You can’t stay long.”

A smile spreads across your face.

“I don’t get how you stand me, really,” he leans his head back against the wall.


“I mean, all I really am is a hassle, aren’t I? I just cause problems and I’m not worth your time, and -”

“Rem, you’re worth all the time in the world.”

“What I am is a monster.”

“What you are is kind, and cute, and shy and -”

“I don’t get why you like someone like me. Someone with my condition.”

“Because you aren’t defined by it. It’s a small part of a much bigger whole.”

“It’s a pretty big part of my life, if you ask me.”

“I’m not saying it’s not. I’m saying everything else about you, all that good, isn’t defined by that single negative. You’re too hard on yourself, Remus. You’re really a wonderful guy.”

“That’s not how I see it.”

“Well it’s how everyone else does. I’ll just have to teach you to see it my way, eh?” you nudge him playfully. He flashes a small smile again, and the sight makes your heart melt.

You sit in silence for a few minutes, just sitting, enjoying each other’s company. You almost forget why you’re there until suddenly you see him tense up.


“You gotta go,” he breathes before letting out a grunt of pain and falling forward to the floor.

You felt your heart shatter at the sight of him in pain.

“Rem -” you reach out towards him, resting your hand on his shoulder. At your touch he jerks away.



He’s shaking as he meets your eyes. His pupils dilate as his head lowers again, and he lets out a scream of pain. You wince at the noise, but stand your ground. His nails dig into the floor and his breath quivers as he bites hard on his bottom lip, drawing blood.

“Please,” his voice is weak.

“I want to stay.”

He jerks backwards, slamming against the wall. You look away as you hear the sickening snap of bone.

You slowly back towards the bed that sat in the corner of the room, unsure of what to do. He let out another groan of pain, though as it went on it became less human. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

There were a few more moments filled with the sounds of both bone and flesh contorting, and you hold your breath as the room becomes silent. You hear a small whimper, and you slowly open your eyes, and turn to face him.

You’d expected much worse, honestly.

He almost looked cute - his fur was shaggy, and the same shade as his hair. His robes were tattered but still clung to his body.

You let out the breath you held.

His amber eyes snapped up towards you, and you were struck with fear.

“Rem?” you whisper.

The wolf’s eyes softened for a moment, and he took a step towards you. You smiled and stepped away from the bed, towards him, and extended a hand to reach for him. He stopped walking, and you barely saw his pupils dilate once more before he let out a growl and leapt towards you.

You stumbled backwards, onto the bed and frantically grabbed around for your wand. Your fingers felt nothing but the cold and worn quilt of the bed as you heard another bark and the patter of nails against the hardwood floor. You barely rolled out of the way before you felt the pressure of another creature on the bed besides you. You clambered onto the floor, searching furiously for your wand. You spotted it a foot away, next to your bag. Crawling towards it, you barely making contact before you heard the howl of your friend beside you.

If you could even call it your friend - you knew it wasn’t really him.

“Rem, please,” you whimper, finally grabbing hold of your wand. You then pull yourself to your feet using the wall as support.

The wolf simply growled aggressively, and bounded towards you. He swiped at your arm, barely catching it and tearing your colored robes in the process. The action made you fall backwards, though you didn’t process the pain right away.

Your breathing quickened as the animal slowly approached you again, teeth bared.

“Remus, I know you’re in there somewhere. I know…I know…”

The beast paid no attention to your pleas and leaped towards you again, but before he made contact with you, your arm flew in front of you, wand in hand. You weren’t sure which spell you’d casted, as a thousand different ones had flown through your mind all at once, but whichever it was sent the wolf flying back into the wall. It landed on the ground, whimpering. You immediately felt a pang of regret and sadness, you had just hurt your best friend.

You slowly approached him, placing a hand on his soft fur.


The wolf responded slightly to the noise, trying to lift its head. It let out a deep huff before resting back on the ground.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry -” You placed your other hand onto its head, petting him. It seemed to lean into your touch, once again letting out a small whine.

Maybe it had hit its head too hard, or maybe you had somehow gotten through to him, but you knew then that you were safe. You sat down next to him, leaning against his torso, slowly stroking the fur of his neck. The scraps of robe that still stuck to him somehow only added to your comfort, reminding you of his true self.

You closed your eyes, and soon enough fell into a deep slumber, not even noticing that the wolf had adjusted its large body to somewhat wrap itself around you protectively.

It wasn’t the sunlight glaring through the window that woke you. It wasn’t even the cold. In fact, it was the lack of cold that had awoken you. You opened your eyes, still dazed from sleep. Your pillow rose and fell rhythmically, and you raised your head to look at it, confused.

Instead of the familiar four-poster you were used to sleeping in, you then realized that you lay on the hard-wood floor of a bedroom.

“Rem?” your voice was low and still veiled in slumber.

He lay below you, dark circles surrounding his eyes. Just the look of him made you exhausted, as though in some way you could share his burden of fatigue.

His arm is draped around your waist, and you make no attempt to move it as you lay back down against his chest, which is barely covered by his clothes.

The contact makes him shiver, and he opens his eyes, startled after being pulled from sleep.

He groans, taking a moment to asses the situation.

“____?” his voice is gravelly.

“Hm?” you snuggle closer to him, suddenly feeling the chill of the shack’s air.

“What are you…Oh god. Oh god, did I -”

“I’m fine, love.”

He stiffens at the name. You chuckle, then reach up to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“____, I don’t understand…”


“Why you’d risk your life for…Someone like me.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I…I just…”

You look up at him again and see a few stray strands of hair draped over his face. You grin, once again reaching up to kiss him, though this time you capture his lips, and your eyes flutter shut as you do so. Despite his exhaust, he eagerly kisses back, and after you part he sighs, turning his head to stare out the window.

“Have you got classes today?”


“Can we stay a while longer?”

“Of course, Rem.”

You hear an almost inaudible, “Yes!” from him.

You giggle as you cuddle closer to him, and he wraps his other arm around you, “Dork.”


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Aiden x Reader (Requested by Anon)

Morning! Can I request a reader x aiden from teen wolf story please? Aiden and Reader get into an argument and aiden raises his arms in frustration and the reader instinctively flinches. Aiden is heartbroken because he thinks the reader is now scared of him and all he wants is for her to trust him and make her feel safe? Thank you love ❤

(AN: I’ll be doing this one in Aiden’s perspective just because I think that would better fit the request)

(Y/N) and I have been dating for quite awhile. Not too long, but awhile. We knew some secrets about each other, but not all. She often argued with me over whether or not I should help out Scott and the others. She thought it was too dangerous, even though I was werewolf and could very well protect myself. I mean, have you seen me?

Anyways, tonight was one of those nights. I wanted to go help Scott and Stiles with a few things, and she didn’t want me to leave, fearing I wouldn’t come home later. It was a completely irrational fear, but she didn’t get that.

“What if something happens to you? What if I don’t see you again?!” She looked frantic as she asked me for the twentieth time.

“I’ll be fine! You don’t know half the shit I went through before I joined Scott. If anything happens, it won’t do much to me!”

“But what about last week? You came home a bloody mess after telling me that same thing! I don’t wanna wake up to blood trails in the house and you bleeding out on the couch!” She shouted back. Her eyes looked panicked and she couldn’t hold her hands still as she expressed her concern for me.

I know she only worried because someone in her family had gone out to do a simple mundane task and they ended up getting murdered. She doesn’t want that to happen to me, but she needs to learn to relax.

“(Y/N) I’ll be fine!”

“But what if you’re not!”

“How many times do I have to say it?! Nothing’s gonna happen to me and I’ll come home just fine! Just trust me!” I raised my hands as I let out a grunt of frustration and my eyes widened.

I made a mistake.

The moment my hands had reached up, (Y/N) flinched. Her whole body flinched away from me and her eyes slammed shut as she closed in on herself.

She was bracing herself to be hit.

It was at that moment my heart broke. There were things in her past that she didn’t tell me. Dark times she didn’t want to relive, and I just about made her.

“(Y/N)?” She slightly flinched with the sound of my voice breaking the silence before she opened her eyes. They weren’t wide. If anything, they were calm as if nothing had happened and she only looked as if she was sleepy. But she didn’t answer me.

“(Y/N), talk to me babygirl,” I muttered. I decided to keep my distance because I didn’t want to scare her any more than I already did.

“You can go with Scott and Stiles if you want…” She whispered. At that, I knew she gave up and that she wanted to be left alone. She went to turn away and walk to our room when I spoke again.

“I don’t think I will.” She turned to me with her brows pulled together in confusion.


“I don’t want to go with them anymore. I’d rather stay here with my girlfriend and reassure her that I’d never hurt her and she has no reason to flinch away from me.” I gently said as I slowly walked to her, “She needs to know that she can trust me, no matter what her past says and that I’ll always lover her.”

She had a few tears race down her cheeks and I reached up to wipe them away before placing a kiss on her forehead. I pulled her body to mine. She slightly shook with each breath she took, trying to calm down.

“I don’t ever want you to be scared of me, okay? I’m here to keep you safe and to protect you and to love you. Okay, babydoll?” I mumbled into her hair. I felt her nod against my chest.

“I love you…” She muttered, sounding muffled because I was holding her so close.

“I love you too,” I pulled her away and placed a soft kiss on her lips before smirking and picking her up bridal style, “Where to mi’lady? A marathon of Friends in the bedroom? A good burger from that sketchy restaurant down the street?”

“Neither,” She giggled. God, I loved her giggle. It left a warm feeling in my chest every time I heard it.

“Then what shall we do?” I asked as I nuzzled her cheek, making her laugh again.

“Can we take a bath?” She sweetly asked, a light blush flooding her cheeks as I smirked.

“Well of course. Anything for you,” I said as I carried her to the bathroom.

I can only hope I never do what I did tonight again and I hope she ends up telling me her past so I can better understand. But I also want her to know she never has anything to worry about with me. And hopefully, with time, she will.

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and Jamie asking you out on a date

(A/N: For @crazyreader1899 who requested something with Jamie as well as the reader being Barba’s duaghter. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Also I hope the Anon and everyone else who wanted more Jamie enjoys this) 

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and Jamie asking you out on a date

“NYPD freeze!” A harsh voice from behind you demanded.

You’d heard the door being broken in seconds before. It had shocked you so much that didn’t react. You froze before they even said it in fear. Once the orders were barked at you, you slowly turned around the refrigerator door still open as you turned, a carton of milk still in your hand and a cereal bowl in the other. It was pitch black except for the light from the refrigerator and the two flashlights staring at you, illuminating perfectly the barrels of two guns also aimed in your direction. You were so scared that your hands flew up immediately and in the process, you dropped both the milk and bowl on the floor.

Instantly shattering.

That noise was obviously enough to wake up your Dad, but obviously, the door flying off its hinges wasn’t.

“What the hell is going on?” You heard your Dad shout as he flipped the light switch and lit up the entire room.

You squinted in the bright lights and finally saw the faces behind the two guns faced at you. Two uniformed NYPD officers.

“Dad…” You finally spluttered out, not taking your eyes off.

“Y/N?” He asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Getting a surprise midnight snack. Next time I’ll call in advance.” You explained hastily, your hands still up.

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Coeden: “Seirye?”
Seirye: “I needed a moment to think.”
Coeden: “Of?”
Seirye: Life.”
Coeden: “Did your brother do something to upset you?”
Seirye: “…He’s not my brother.”
Coeden: “Seirye, what happened? Are you two not in good terms again?”
Seirye: “…What?”
Coeden: “You just said he’s no longer your brother. I know that’s technically true, but I assumed,-”
Seirye: “-No…no, just ignore it. Everything’s fine.”

Coeden: “It will never happen.”
Seirye: …
Coeden: “Do not waste your precious time even thinking about it, please. The law is the law. You are from the court of light, and he’s,-”
Seirye: “-I am aware, Coeden.”
Coeden: “Yet you walk this dangerous path. I care about you, Seirye. You are my dearest friend and this…this will only hurt you. Tonight is a big night for you.”
Seirye: *Sigh* You are right…of course. Did you wish to speak of something?“
Coeden: "I’m offering you my help in the creation.”
Seirye: “I…appreciate your offer but I’ve already chosen.”
Coeden: “…May I ask who?”
Seirye: “Une and Diena.”

How many nights in twenty years?

I was nearly asleep myself, lulled by the quiet, half-heard talk between Jamie and Bree, when I became aware that the tenor of their conversation had changed.

“Are ye worrit for your man, a nighean?” he asked softly.

She gave a small, unhappy laugh.

“I’ve been worrit since they hanged him,” she said. “Now I’m scared, too—or should that be ‘scairt’?” she asked, trying to make a joke of it.

Jamie made a low noise in his throat, which I think he meant to be soothing.

“He’s in no more danger tonight than he was last night, lass—nor any night since he set out.”

“True,” she answered dryly. “But just because I didn’t know about ghost-bears and black murderers last week doesn’t mean they weren’t out there.”

“My point precisely,” he replied. “He’ll be no safer for your fear, will he?”

“No. You think that’s going to stop me worrying?”

There was a low, rueful chuckle in reply.

“I shouldna think so, no.”

There was a brief silence, before Brianna spoke again.

“I just—keep thinking. What will I do, if something does happen—if he … doesn’t come back? I’m all right during the day, but at night, I can’t help thinking …”

“Och, well,” he said softly. I saw him tilt up his head to the stars, blazing overhead. “How many nights in twenty years, a nighean? How many hours? For I spent that long in wondering whether my wife still lived, and how she fared. She and my child.”

His hand ran smoothly over my head, gently stroking my hair. Brianna said nothing in reply, but made a small, inarticulate sound in her throat.

“That is what God is for. Worry doesna help—prayer does. Sometimes,” he added honestly.

“Yes,” she said, sounding uncertain. “But if—”

“And if she had not come back to me”—he interrupted firmly—“if you had not come—if I had never known—or if I had known for sure that both of you were dead …” He turned his head to look at her, and I felt the shift of his body as he lifted his hand from my hair and reached out his other hand to touch her. “Then I would still have lived, a nighean, and done what must be done. So will you.”

The Fiery Cross, Chapter 80, Diana Gabaldon 

anonymous asked:

Okay, so I was wondering if you knew about the fan theory that Draco's a werewolf, if you don't I recommend going to this tumblr blog called harrypotterfantheories and reading about it because I was hoping that maybe you could do a one-shot based off it please? I seriously need this in my life!

okay first I am sososo sorry this took so long pls forgive me anon. also it got way longer than expected and I’ve never written werewolf!Draco but this was actually pretty fun so thank you xx.

8th year

Oh, fuck.

Potter. It was bloody Potter, of all people, that would find Draco like this. Cold and scarred and weak, entering the castle with a pain in his side he feared Pomfrey would question further than she normally did. 

Potter, oblivious as always, was nearing the tree Draco was pressed against as he tried to hide. Draco held a hand to his torso, feeling something warm seeping through his thin shirt. So he had scratched himself again. 

No, don’t come this way, you-



Potter stopped a few feet from Draco, the light from his wand surely illuminating Draco’s dreadful state. 

“Malfoy! What the hell are-”

Potter stopped. His eyes grew wider as he looked Draco up and down, noticing his stained shirt and shredded skin. In any other circumstance, Draco would’ve taken pride in rendering Potter speechless but now-

“What happened to you?” Potter said, quieter than before. “Malfoy, did something-”

“Shut it,” said Draco. His teeth were gritted as he struggled to hold himself up; his scratch was growing more painful…

“You’re hurt, you shut it.” Potter looked slightly annoyed now, but it didn’t stop him from stepping closer and lowering his wand. 

“What happened?” He asked again, losing his annoyance. 

“Something. Nothing. I don’t need help from- ah.” Draco shut his eyes from the pain; he should’ve been in the hospital wing now. 

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Akatsuki no Yona Fic: Don’t Lie To Me

Author: dragon-eyes-aesthetic (crimes-and-constellations)
Ship: Hakyona
Word Count: 2140 words
Summary: Jae-ha and Yona are acting like a couple. But Hak knows there’s something more to it.

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horoscopes: "through the narrow place"
  • aries: i know this is a hard time for you, aries, but remember: 'tis better to have loved than lost, it's really great, just the best.
  • taurus: step on a crack, break your mother's back. pick up a phone, break your mother's tailbone. take your coffee with creamer, break your mother's femur. the wizard's spell has gone terribly wrong, and you must not move at all until it is reversed.
  • gemini: you will meet a tall, handsome stranger. he will introduce himself, you will come to know him well, and he will know you well. he will grow older, his skin will sag and thin. he will no longer be handsome, he will no longer be a stranger. he will no longer be most of the things he once was. he will be a close friend. an old friend. one you've known for years. and with whom you are settling down into that final stretch of life. but he will always be tall. so tall. very, very tall.
  • cancer: i'm not saying this is bad news, but the stars just say, *screaming noise*. i mean, maybe that's a good sign. right? right?? it's a very inexact science.
  • leo: today is your lucky day. which is good news, because tonight is your unlucky night. but enjoy this lucky day until the sun goes down. until the very second the sun goes down. and then... and then...
  • virgo: you should check under your bed before you go to sleep. that way the thing hiding in your closet will think you haven't realized where it is yet.
  • libra: all eyes are on you. gross! give them back.
  • scorpio: mars is intersecting with mercury, which means your head is weirdly big for your body. and no one wants to tell you because they don't want you to have the grace of self-awareness. ugh! scorpios...
  • sagittarius: you worry too much about earthquakes and plane crashes. you're going to die of heart disease or cancer, just like everybody else.
  • capricorn: stop throwing your money away on expensive cars and nice clothes. the owners of those cars and outfits do not appreciate the crumpled dollar bills you keep throwing on them! and anyway, if you want to throw something away, that's what garbage cans are for.
  • aquarius: you've been so stressed lately. why not just sit outside tonight, relax, look up at the stars, and know basically nothing about the world you live in.
  • pisces: scorpions are not as dangerous as everyone thinks. try to concentrate on that. it'll help you feel a little calmer tomorrow.
Bugs - Part 3

Word Count: 3491 - I got carried away

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, bugs, anaphylaxis 

A/N: Ok guys…this was hard to write. I couldn’t figure out exactly where I wanted to go with it so I asked for advice from @blacktithe7 and ended up combining both ideas. I need feedback on this one! 

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

“So…you three are students?” The professor asked, raising his eyebrows. 

“Yeah…we’re in your uh…Anthro 101 class.” Sam lied. 

“Oh, right.” The professor said. 

“So what about the bones, professor?” you questioned. 

“It’s quite an interesting find you three made. I’d say they’re 170 years old, give or take. The timeframe and geology suggest Native American.” 

“Were there any tribes or reservations on that land?” Dean asked. 

“Not according to historical record. But the…relocation…of native peoples was quite common at that time.” The professor explained. 

“What about local legends or oral histories about the area?” Sam asked. 

“There’s a Euchee tribe in Sulpulpa. It’s about 60 miles from here. Someone out there might know.” 

“Alright.” Dean said. 

“Thank you, professor.” You said, grabbing the box and heading out.

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Hunted. Chapter 2

Chapter one 

Chapter two: 

*** Warning some of the things that happen in this chapter happen in the movie so Spoiler alert***

I awaken with a violent jolt, my breathing erratic. My hair sticks to my neck and my mind is running wild. My throat burns and feels as if it’s been mangled beyond repair. It had been years since I thought about that night or the man who would later become Kylo Ren master of the knights of Ren. I swallow hard and feel my throat burn even more causing tears to come to my eyes. I still felt him even after all the years that had past… I felt him in my soul, our bond never broken even though a part of me wanted it to break. Ben Solo had died that night, he died in the mist of the screams of innocents, but even after all he’d done my heart ached for him… missed him and wanted him.

My breathing doesn’t regulate the way it’s supposed to until I feel someone place their hand on my shoulder, their gentle touch grounding me back into reality.

“You dreamt about him again, didn’t you?”

Poe Dameron’s voice sounds far away from me when he says this, as if he’s across the galaxy instead of being right next to me. I look to my right and find his face in the darkness as I let out a feeble nod and sit up in my little homemade bed. We’d flown to Jakku because General Organa knew someone who had a map that could lead her to her brother, we’d been there for four days but the longer we stayed there the more I felt the ghost of Ben Solo within me. He was close… I could feel it.

I shake the thoughts from my mind as Poe wraps me in an embrace, his arms around me in a protective hug. Poe and I had been friends since my sister and I were moved to the resistance base after the night the Jedi’s had been slain. Ever since then he’d been my friend, my family, and the brother I had never had. He holds onto me tightly and whispers sweetly.

“You’re here now, you’re safe and no one will hurt you.”

I nod once again, my head finding his shoulder when I do. I wanted to tell him that I knew it would be okay, but I know that if I did it would’ve just been a lie. I could feel that something was about to happen… I could feel with every fiber of my being. He was coming… I could sense it. 

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the unspeakable fear of things (3/4)

emily au /// wc: 10,399

part two /// part one 

warning for spoilers for the beginning, triangle, s.r. 189 and the beginning of tithonus. slight spoilers/altered events for drive and how the ghosts stole christmas. it gets slightly angstier in this part (although there’s still plenty of fluffy parts) and there’s some confrontational moments. if my characterization sucks for diana fowley, i apologize. one of my goals was to present her as somewhat sympathetic. 

i didn’t actually realize that mulder had the cure for emily until i actually rewatched emily, in the middle of this chapter. (ugh, that would’ve saved me a lot of time.) assume this takes place in an au where mulder never found emily’s cure. 

the resemblance between the christmas scene here and another emily au i wrote (the long and winding road, which i do consider au from this story) is intentional. i literally stole some of that scene. 

thanks to @krolikalert for permission to use her comic as inspiration for the christmas scene!! her art is so amazing and i’m in love with it.

It’s cold in the woods, colder than it really should be in mid-July. Scully buttons a flannel shirt that she found in his suitcase over Emily’s pajamas. The firelight lights up their faces with an orange glow and illuminates Emily’s hair to a color close to her mother’s. (It’s been years since he’s been camping like this [spending horror-filled nights with Scully in the woods doesn’t count] - sometime in 1972, he thinks, him and Samantha on the beach, the ocean at their backs, the moon reflecting off the sand.) Emily’s giggling, and getting bits of melted marshmallow all over her hands. Scully wipes them with wet wipes she’d stowed in her backpack. Mulder smiles at her over the flames.

Samantha didn’t like ghost stories. (Or stories about anything scary, really - he remembers thinking it was unfair that aliens took her, once he’d figured it out, because she always hated aliens. She’d screamed for about five minutes straight one time when he’d read aloud from War of the Worlds to bug her.) Emily asks for ghost stories with excitement. Mulder remembers that Scully had claimed The Exorcist as one of her favorite movies, and wonders if interest in the creepy stuff is a genetic trait. “Hey, Scully, we worked a case with that ghost way back in 93,” he says, piquing Emily’s interest.

“Oh, that was not a ghost.” Scully settles Emily in her lap, smirking over her head.

“What wasn’t a ghost?” Emily demands.

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Harry Styles Smut- Sweet Little Rosie


*This smut was NOT requested*

DISCLAIMER: This smut isn’t like any other I’ve ever written. As I said above this WAS NOT requested. I would like to warn you this smut will be very, very detailed. So if that makes you uncomfortable please don’t read. I’m thinking of making a *detailed* smut series. Like different situations obviously, but more detailed than average smut(all made up by me of course). These detailed ones are a lot longer as well. So please let me know if you liked this!

*other previous imagine requests coming soon!!!! Ugh I’m lagging*

WARNING; this contains descriptive sexual detail, slight age gap (16 and 22), and a little bit of innocent.


Harry’s POV.

“Alright, we are here! Sorry for the inconvenience” John speaks from the front seat.

“No it’s fine, I hope your aunt is okay with it” I say unbuckling my seatbelt.

Our meeting was supposed to be done at the studio, but there was some kind of water leak so John suggested his aunts house.

“Oh yeah she’s happy to have you all over” John responded getting out of the car.

“Alright let’s go” Liam said, and we all got out of the car.

The house looked very inviting from the outside. Once we stepped in the cool ocean breeze candle scented air hit me. It’s was such a wonderful feeling.

John showed us to the couches in the living room, where the meeting of our next album will be held.

A short nice looking lady came into the living room with a tray of drinks. She set them down and John wraps an arm around her.

“Aunt Ev, you shouldn’t have. Guys, this is my aunt” John said.

“I’m Evelyn” she spoke and warmly smiled. We all shook hands.

“If you guys need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask” she smiled and left to the kitchen.

It was such an inviting house.

More people for the meeting showed up and we all got into it.

The meeting went on like all do. Soon it was 3:30pm.

“Rosie, do you need me to pick you up?” I over hear Evelyn speak over the phone from the kitchen.

“Oh okay, see you soon. Love you” I hear again.

I think that might have been her daughter. John said he had lots of cousins.

Evelyn’s eldest son arrived home from his errands. Her youngest son came home from school a little later.

The meeting went on and studio reservations and writing days were being situated.

Then the front door opened and a stunning, beautiful, gorgeous girl walks in.

She had light brown curly hair, her eyes a hypnotizing green/blue combination. And her lips. Soft, plump, pink lips.

My heart started racing.

“Oh hey, Rosie” John said.

“Hi” she said quietly, taken aback by all the people in the room. Her shyness just makes her more appealing.

“How was school?”
“It was fine”
“Did it blow up?”
“I wish” Rosie giggled.

“I want you to meet my friends, this is Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry. And you already know these guys. Business meeting.” he said pointing to the studio people and us.

She looks at all of us and when her eyes landed on me for 2 seconds, my heart officially bursted.

“Hello, I’m Rosie” she said shyly waving at us, with a small smile.

“Hi” we all smiled back. Keep it together Harry. You only just looked at her.

It’s very hard not to look at her. Her outfit didn’t make anything easier. That short, short skirt.

She excused herself and left swinging those hips slightly. The meeting went on, but after seeing her, I can’t concentrate.

Her face was just so beautiful, like nothing I’ve never seen before. And her body…oh the things I would do to her. These are the thoughts you shouldn’t have at a meeting.

I know it’s wrong. She’s johns cousin and she’s defiantly under 18 if she is “coming home from school”. She’s defiantly young. How young? Will it matter? The fact that I’m thinking it won’t shocked me.

“I’m going to be home alone tonight?” I hear Rosie say from the kitchen.

“Well me and your father are going out tonight. Your older bother will be with his girlfriend and your younger bothers going to a sleepover” Evelyn spoke to her daughter.

“It’s just one night baby, you’ve done it before” her mother spoke to her.

The only voice I want to hear is Rosie’s. I’m only paying attention to that.

“I know but I hate it” Rosie spoke.

“You’ll be fine” Evelyn reassured.

My attention is brought back when John stood up.

“Okay so I guess everything is settled” John said, cleaning his papers.

“Rosie can you come unlock the door” John said again.

We all got up and helped cleaned up all the papers and such.

Rosie bounces in with her beautiful hair flowing and her skirt inching up as she does so. How doesn’t she realize what she can do to a man.

She reaches for the key on a high shelf and drops it. She then bends down to get it her skirt so close to revealing her bum.

Oh god this girl is a walking tease. With that short, short skirt.

She unlocks the door and one by one we all step out, saying our thank you and goodbyes to Evelyn and Rosie.

When it came to Rosie I looked at her and smiled and she smiled back up at me with her innocent eyes. I looked at her eyes then her lips. The feeling in my stomach intensified so I stepped out of the air conditioned house and back into the car with the boys.

“How old is your cousin, John” I blurted.

“Which one?” He asked

“R-Rosie” I said.

“16” he replied starting the car.

-later that night-

After the meeting, John dropped us all off at our places.

I sat on my couch thinking about Rosie. I need her. I just need her. She hasn’t left my mind since I left her house.

I think I’m going to do something. Something dangerous. Something I shouldn’t do. But I need to do it.

Oh sweet little Rosie, you won’t be home alone tonight.

Part two probably soon like a hour? Message me telling me what you think and tell me when I should post part two. BTW SORRY IF HE IS KINDA CREEPY. Sorry if the first part kinda sucked, the smut will be a lot better and detailed and it’s cuming ;)

Imagine: The Ritual

Imagine: Peter found out about a ritual, making him invincible and stronger than ever before. (Y/N) and her mom Regina stop him, catch him in Pandora’s box but he escapes and takes another chance.

„Mom! Get over here.“ I picked an old parchment up from the ground of the abandoned Lost Boy’s camp. I unfolded and scanned it. My mom stood right behind me, observing it as well. It showed an old map of the solar system, centuries ago. I frowned. What did it mean? I looked at it for a very long time, observing every corner, every sign of the map, and then suddenly it clicked. My expressions changed from confusion to fear when I finally realized what possibilities this map would open up to Pan. “What is it?” She asked when she saw the terrified look on my face. “What’s wrong?” She continued when I didn’t answer. I took the map and opened it out on a tree stump to my left, my mom followed me but gave me a confused look. “You see that?” I pointed to the one side of the map where a sign of the sun appeared. “It’s the sun, isn’t it?” She asked. “Right. And that over there’s the moon.” I pointed to the opposite side of the map where a sign of the moon could be seen. “On one special day, the powers of darkness and light will be combined in a solar eclipse. It’s a very rare occurrence that can no way be stopped. When those two powers unite, the magic from all over the world will be set free for one single hour that night, during that time almost everything will be possible. When this power falls upon the wrong ones, like Peter Pan, they might do very bad things to the world we know.” My mom’s jaw dropped when she listened to the things I told her. “When is that day?” I hesitated. “It’s today, mom. Tonight Peter will get his possibility to change the world, and himself. He could do whatever he wants and not only to us. We have to stop him!” I said touching her shoulder. “I think I know where he is.” She said with kind of a smirk on her face. Peter Pan was dangerous, even without the ritual he would go through that night he was nearly unbeatable. “Why are you smiling?” I asked her confused. She turned towards me, then pulled something out of her jacket and showed a tiny box to me. It turned out to be Pandora’s box, the only possibility to capture and stop Pan, for now and forever. “Where did you get it?” I asked looking at her reproachfully. “Let’s just say I took it from someone who didn’t need it anymore. Whatever, everything that matters now is to stop Pan. We don’t have much time, let’s go.” She grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the empty camp. “Mom, wait! Where are we going?” I asked her refusing to go another step without an answer. She turned towards me and handed over a knife to me. “And what do I need this for?” I raised my eyebrow at her. “Okay first, the knife is to protect you, I know that you have your magic to fight back and protect yourself, but just in case it doesn’t work, I don’t want you to be defenseless.” She said a look of pain and concernment in her eyes, then she continued. “Now, you wanted to know where we’re going. I know a special place, where Pan might perform the ritual. The place where his destiny shows itself to him. Skull Rock. It’s not on the island so we have to hurry.” I looked at her bug eyed. “Not on the island? Then where is it?” She touched my shoulder. “On the other side of the sea. Now come on!” She said pulling out her sword, beginning to fight her way through the undergrowth.

When we arrived on the island directly on the back of the giant rock, shaped like a skull, we could already see the lost boys waiting for us. “They came to protect Pan.” My mom whispered looking through the bushes. “Why would Pan need any protection? I thought he was stronger than anyone else.” She smirked. “Not anymore. You have to know, his magic is fading. He knew that this day would come and was searching for something to help him eversince, and now that he found it the whole world might be in danger. We have to hurry, there’s not much time left.” She said pointing at the sky where sun and moon moved closer and closer to each other. She clenched her fist. “So how do we get past the guards? You noticed that they have arrows and swords didn’t you?” I asked her confused, she looked at me soothing. “Of course I did.” She smirked and unfolded her hand blowing a purple dust out of her hands. It formed a enormous cloud around the Lost Boys, and suddenly they all lay on the ground. “Are they…?” I asked, hesitating to end the thought. “They’re only sleeping.” She said getting up, reaching her hand out for me. “Now come on! Sun and moon aren’t far from each other anymore.” She said running towards the entry of the rock. I followed her. When we reached stairs, leading to the next story we were stopped by a invisible forcefield right in front of us. “A protection spell, how clever.” I mumbled then quickly resolved it. “I don’t think that’s gonna stop us.” I smirked, and ran up the couple of stairs quickly, anxious not to get noticed by Pan. When I arrived on top, I saw him standing in front of a huge window watching sun and moon, moving closer and closer towards each other. “It’s a pleasure to see you too, (Y/N).” He turned around to face me. “The Evil Queen.” He greeted my mother, looking at her mockingly. “Pan.” I said angrily. “So you two came to stop me, after you broke into MY camp…” He approached us. “Stealing MY belongings. That’s a little unfair, don’t you think?” He came even closer but my mom stopped him with her magic. “One step closer and you’ll regret it.” She said gritting her teeth. “Well I just wanted to welcome my guests to my place.” He smiled an ironical smile. “But now that you were so rude to me…” His expressions suddenly changed, a furious look now appeared in his eyes. “I think I’ve changed my mind.” He quickly pushed his hand forward, letting my mom fly backwards against the wall with his magic. I turned around falling onto my knees besides her. “You think you’re so smart…” I whispered darkly. “But I know, you’re not the same anymore.” I stood up and both of my hands clenched into a first, capturing a spell in it. “You should’ve thought about giving up.” I said as I opened up my hands, letting green flames appear. “You think this intimidates me?” He said snorting. I threw the flames at him, that built a burning cage around him. As he tried to touch, and go through it he was thrown back by the power of the magic. “What did you do?” He shouted in disbelief, teeth gritted, a furious look on his face as he looked at his hand. He tried to fly over the high flames, but he was too weak already. “I probably just saved the world from someone like you.” I said turning back to my mother, who still lay on the ground, unconscious. I knelt down besides her putting my hand on her forehead, letting my healing powers go. When she woke up, she sucked in heavy breathes before catching herself again. “I’m okay.” She said out of breath as she stood up. “Now let’s stop him, finally and forever.” She said as she pulled out the little box of the pocket in her jacket. Peter, surrounded by the fire, smirked. “You really think you can stop me with that?” He asked sneeringly. “I don’t think so, I know it.” My mom said, as she summoned the box to open itself. It released a red smoke, which quickly started to let Peter disappear and finally caught him in the inside. It fell to the ground and made a clicking sound. “We did it!” I screamed out and hugged my mom tightly. “I would have never made it without you.” She said as she went through my hair, but suddenly the box started to move and shake again. The clicking sound and soon enough the red smoke appeared again. Our jaws dropped as we watched Peter escaping from the box, positioning himself in front of us. “How did you…?” I began but he cut me off. “Escape? Wasn’t a big deal. You remember? I made this box. Doesn’t work on me. But on you!” He said as he started to summon the box himself.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t update for a whole damn week, I’ve missed you so much guys and I’m glad to be back again! Of course Ive worked on your requests and they’re coming soon! Aaand by the way we have something to celebrate! There are over 500 of you guys now! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much for all the support I hope you enjoy reading this, it was my own idea (dream actually) and I thought it would be a nice surprise for you guys!

(Part II will follow tonight!) Much love Felia


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Pietro Maximoff x Reader


Warnings: Mentions of death

Three Days. It had been three days since you got the news. Pietro Maximoff was gone. You loved him, and he was gone. Numb didn’t even begin to describe the way you felt. Your heart had been ripped out and shattered. You didn’t want to eat or leave your room. Hell, you didn’t even want to leave your bed at the Avengers Facility.

Wanda was in similar shape. He was her twin, her brother. They had grown up together, and now they were separated. Forever.

“(Y/N)?” called Natasha, opening your door without knocking. “Ugh, (Y/N)…how long have you been in here?”

“How long has it been?” You asked, wiping the fresh tears from your face. “He’s gone Natasha…gone…”

“I know, but you have to get up. You can’t stay here forever.” Natasha urged you, trying to pull you out of your bed, but to no avail.

“The hell I can,” you replied stubbornly. “How’s Wanda?”

“How do you think?” Natasha sat on your bed. “Her room is kind of a danger zone. But she’s getting better. She even had dinner with us last night. You should come too. Tonight, I mean.”

“No thanks,” you said. “Seeing her will just…I don’t know…make it more real…”

“Okay,” Natasha stood and walked to the door. “But if you change your mind…”

“Got it,” you said. She closed the door, leaving you alone again.


It had been a week. You and Wanda had improved. You were out and about with the others, eating meals and training with the team. But every night, he still lingered in your dreams. Pietro Maximoff, your love. You awoke with fresh tears in your eyes every morning and showered to wash them away.

But you were moving on. Or at least, trying to.

But anytime someone said his name, you couldn’t stop your eyes from watering. You couldn’t stop the lump from rising in your throat, and you couldn’t stop your stomach from hurting and your heart speeding up. You felt sick every time you saw a picture of him on the news retelling the story of the young hero that had helped saved his home. He had saved an Avenger, but now he was the one that needed to be avenged.

Every day was easier than the last, but that didn’t mean they were easy. You wished with all your heart to turn around and see him there. But he never was, and he never would be again.


Months had passed. You still thought about Pietro every day, but now instead of sadness, his memory filled you with determination. You trained harder than you ever had before, pushing your limits. The others were proud of your progress, of how much you’d grown, and Wanda too.

After training today, you changed into some casual clothes and headed out to the lounge. It was a nice day. You wandered to the window to look outside at the blue, blue sky and the puffy white clouds as they lazily drifted by.

And that was when you heard a distinct whoosh. You froze, resisting the urge to turn around. He’s not there. You told yourself. He’s gone.

But then you caught a reflection in the window. His reflection. You sighed as a single tear slipped from your eye. You covered your mouth with your hand, muffling the whimpering sounds you made in an effort to keep yourself from shattering into a sobbing mess.

“Printsessa?” he spoke quietly, not wanting to frighten you. He took a step closer. Your heart skipped a beat. You turned around slowly, facing him.

“P-Pietro?” you asked. He smiled, and so did you. You felt weak in the knees, like you could collapse at any moment without warning. He rushed to you, wrapping you in his arms and holding you close to him. You rested your head on his chest, your ear on his ever-beating heart. And you cried. All of the pent-up emotion you held within you flowed out.

“Shhh,” he said quietly. He rubbed your back gently. His head rested atop yours. The other Avengers came into the room. Of course, they knew Pietro was back. They knew Helen Cho was working on bringing him back, but they didn’t want to get your hopes up if he wasn’t able to be healed. “I am here,”

“I see that,” you laughed through the tears. He held your face in his large hands before he kissed your forehead with his soft lips.

“I missed you so much,” he said.

“How…how did you…?”

“Helen Cho,” he answered. “Her C.R.A.D.L.E. is magical.”

“I thought you were gone…” you whispered, daring to meet the gaze of his blue eyes. “I thought I had lost you,”

“You will never ever lose me ever again,” he told you, wiping away your tears with the pad of his thumb. “I was worried I wouldn’t ever get the chance to tell you…I love you,”

“I love you too,” You said. His index finger stroked your jaw lightly before pulling you in for a long-awaited kiss.

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Title: Hey, You pt. 2

Title: Hey, You pt. 2 

Type: CollegeBadboy/Fighter!AU  (angst, fluff, and some smut in the next few chapters)

Characters: Reader X Baekhyun (ft. EXO) 

Word count: 1, 874

 Warning(s): mild language, mention of blood, and death (??) 

 A/N: I have decided to make this a series because the ideas and plot twists I have in mind right now are all begging to be written. Omg. I’m so excited for this but my god, I have a very busy schedule so I’ll try my best to update. Have fun reading! [ SEND REQUESTS AND COMMENTS HERE ]

part | one | | two |

 Summary: He was never one to ask for someone’s help because he believes that only weak people need it, but now that the circumstances seemed to be against him, are you willing to help him when he desperately needed one? 

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You can't buy a life.

Two years ago today Ron Carver passed away. I wanted to post the poem I wrote the night of his death in honor of him today. If you see this please say a prayer for his soul, and for his family.

I wrote this two years ago, the next day:

Last night was by far the worst night I have ever experienced. My car broke down on the side of the road, and as I was getting it towed, the tow truck driver was hit by a woman who was driving erratically. It was a hit and run. (We don’t know yet if she was under the influence, but she had a history of opiate use and all signs seem to be pointing that way, as she hit a parked car further down the road. She is in the hospital in critical condition, hemorrhaging from the brain. Please pray for her, that God will heal her, that He will redeem her, and use this experience to change her life for the better.)

Please let this be a reminder to drive safely, to abstain from alcohol and drugs, and to appreciate the beating heart in your chest, and the memories and stories pulsing through your veins. Never take your life for granted. If you are reading this, you have yet to fulfill your purpose on this earth. I pray for your strength and perseverance in becoming the best you can be.

I wrote this poem when I got home last night, and it’s dedicated to the tow truck driver. May he rest in peace, cradled safely in the love of our Father.

I watched you die tonight.

I didn’t know you more
Than three or four sentences
Just casual words exchanged,
“What happened to the car?”
“Where would you like it towed?”
You smiled, simply, kindly
Just doing your job
Just helping out a frightened girl
On the side of a dangerous highway.

I heard the noise
I did not see the car
What was she thinking?
How could she leave you there,
Speeding off in a frantic hurry like that?

It must have been Fear, I decide.

All I remember were
The golden headlights
As I leapt in front of
Countless cars
Screaming, screaming,
“Stop! Stop!”
I pointed at your body
I did not dare to go too close.

The ambulance came.
They lit the flares.
The paramedic approached me-
“He’s passed.”
“Just five deep breaths.”
“It’s out of your control.”

And I learned tonight
You cannot buy a Life
With unceasing sobs
And helpless prayers of pleading.
So I’m left to say,
Rest now, sir,
In the arms of the One who loves you most.
I asked Him to give you
His deepest place of Love
I asked Him to care for
Your grieving family

I never got to meet your brother
Who, I overheard,
Was on his way
So all I have
Is your full name
I’ll carry it forever with me.

sleepover - michael clifford

request: AWEE OKAY I HAVE BAD FEELS RN but could you do a Michael one where it’s the first time you’re spending the night at his house ?

The torrential rain was smacking against the roof of Michael’s home, the heavy downpour being heard from his bedroom. You were both stationed in his bed, wrapped in the covers to keep the warmth circulating around your bodies. When the lights flickered from the harsh rain, Michael widened his eyes and glanced down at you, his hand snaking around your waist to keep you from falling off the side of the bed.

“Babe, I don’t think you should go home tonight. It’s way too dangerous,” Michael murmured, his eyes flashing in concern as he bit down on his bottom lip. There was a huge flash of lightning, thunder soon rumbling by. “And I don’t want you being in that rain.”

You nodded in agreement, but then you furrowed your eyebrows. “How am I supposed to get my stuff? Like my toothbrush and clothes.” Michael shrugged, leaning down and pressing his face into the warmth of the curvature of your neck. A giggle erupted from your lips as your hand flew to the back of his neck.

“My parents have an extra toothbrush,” he mumbled, his lips brushing against your skin. “And for clothes… well, you’ll just have to wear mine, babe.” You slowly nodded, your heart jumping in your chest at the thought of spending the night with him. It would be the first and you didn’t know what to expect. Michael abruptly sat up, pulling you along with him while gazing at you with sleepy eyes. It was already beginning to be late, so he couldn’t help but be exhausted.

He unwrapped his arms around you and stood up off the bed, shuffling to his drawers as a yawn forced his lips apart. You watched him from the bed, your stare shifting over his tall body clad in sweatpants and an old tee shirt. When he turned around, a lazy smile was tugging on your lips, which made him smile in response.

“What’re you smiling for?” Michael questioned, setting down a pair of boxers and one of his shirts. “You look like a creep, babe.” You shook your head, scooting off the bed with a sigh and walking around to him. He leaned down, his hands resting on your waist as he pressed his lips to yours in a soft kiss. Snatching the clothes off the bed, you smirked and began walking towards the door to take a quick shower.

“Be right back,” you said, a short laugh bursting from your lips before you closed the door behind you and walked down the hallway. When you returned to Michael’s room freshly showered with his clothes on, his reaction was priceless. Michael slowly sat up, his lips parted as his eyes raked over your body from head to toe. And then his expression changed from shocked to smug, a smirk emerging as he rubbed his fingers over his bottom lip.

You climbed onto the bed and crawled over to him, ignoring his smirk and laying down flat on your back next to him before saying, “Why are you staring at me so hard?” Michael just shook his head, tugging you closer to his body before cupping your cheek and molding his lips on yours again. He was lovestruck, absolutely blown by your appearance and how much he loved being around you.

“Because you look so good…” Michael mumbled against your lips, his thumb brushing over your cheek, “really fucking good.” You laughed, leaning away from him and laying your head down on one of his pillows. Michael was grinning, his fingers playing with yours once you both crawled under the covers and got back into the position you were once in.

It didn’t take either one of you long to fall asleep with the rain roughly making contact with the roof of his house. You slept in each other’s arms, your legs tangled and your breaths fanning against the other’s skin. Although it was odd to fall asleep next to him in his clothing and his bed, you oddly felt very comfortable, like it was normal to regularly spend the night over with him.

And that was the start of spending nights with each other in your houses, becoming a traditional event within a few weeks.