The whole Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce

There are some people who have condemned Johnny Depp

There are some people who condemned
Amber Heard

No one actually knows what happened.

You can’t just condem someone without actually knowing what fully happned.

Some people believe everything they hear from others without actually checking what they are saying.

So everyone please remember to check the facts before making posts or saying anything that could possibly be false.

No Boycott

I will not be boycotting the new Alice in Wonderland movie, when it is released in the UK.

Now, I do not approve of Johnny Depp smacking his wife around (if he did … and if he didn’t, I seriously disapprove of Amber Heard abrogating the sympathy that genuine victims of domestic violence deserve).

However! This film is not a one-man project, and I don’t see the justice in damaging everyone else, just to ‘punish’ Mr Depp (who probably has enough money not to give a damn).

And last but not least, this is the last cinematic gift to us from the late, great Alan Rickman (so sadly taken from us earlier this year) … So I will definitely be adding to the box-office takings, and I will probably have it on DVD too (unless it’s totally dreadful).

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I’m sorry but I can’t see Amber in the same light anymore. And it’s not only about the timing (It could have been a decision being made by both the parts and his mother just happened to pass away 2 days before) but about her request for spousal support.Come on! She is millionaire herself and always talked about her independence! And no I’m not playing the tabloid game. Sadly this is the truth. I can’t stand her hypocrisy.Didn’t she talk about how she’ll never live out of anybody’s money but hers? Yeah sure….

fatedconquest replied to your post:“Wait…if Siegbert and I are married, and dad and…

Get a divorce. We married first.

yotou replied to your post“Wait…if Siegbert and I are married, and dad and…

son i would’ve hoped you thought through this more. You can do whatever you want when I’m dead but for now

“Hey…I’m not giving up that easy.”

A breakdown a day keeps the happiness away :( | 27.05.16

I’m like dying. My eyes are red from crying🙄 [okay that rhymed]

So here’s how my horrible day went:

I wake up. I can already feel as though my day will be horrible. But hey! It’s the last day of term! I wash my face and brush my teeth. I tiredly get my clothes on and by 7:36 I’m out of the house. I wait for my bus at the bus stop while listening to Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the disco and BTS [weird combo, I kno] finally by 7:40, my bus arrives. I get to school by 7:53 and as I’m so early, me and my best friends go to our favourite teachers classroom: my English teacher. I decide to tell her about my parents. How they are divorced. I then leave as the bell goes off.
I check my timetable:
Tutor group

YES! English first period.

[so imma skip tutor group as its like the most boring 30 mins of your life🙄🙄]

During English, I decide to tell my friend about the divorce, which leads me to having a breakdown. A pretty big one tbh.
My English teacher comes to me telling me to come to her room at the end of the day, to talk to her about it.

End of day:

After my 15 minute detention in technology, I force myself to go to my English room, bringing my best friend along with me. We wait. As we finish drawing whiskers on our faces [the whiskers come from within >•<] my English teacher comes out from her meeting.

We talked

We talked quite a lot.

It was pretty deep tbh.

I cried

I cried quite a lot.

She told me that it wasn’t my fault and that everything happens for a reason. And that’s all I needed to hear tbh

True story😪 anyone got advice?


Update: I managed to tell my mum. She was fine with it🙌🏽
Please help, I’d plan to move out of the house to live with my brother

Please don’t ignore or scroll past this, this is really important to me. Everything is under readmore cause this is a long list of words.

There might be some grammar or misspells but I don’t care, I’m trying to move out of the house I can to crash in with my brother. So while you’re at it give this a second thought.

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“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” - Pat Robertson

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