i just had a terrible idea for a fic about clarke & lexa being a divorced couple with kids & one of them is still in love with the other why do i do this to myself

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Bonus about to sleep HC!! Pidge decides to head out to the location where her dad and Matt were last seen to check it out, this time taking the green lion as a promise to return. Several days go by and she doesn't get in contact with any of the paladins so they all get in their own lions and do that little skype call sort of thing to her and find the cockpit of the green lion empty and destroyed. -Ballet Anon.

why :) do :) you :) hurt :) me :) this :) way

You Go, Girl! When This Woman’s Husband Left Her For A Younger Woman, She Lost 80 Pounds And Killed Them Both

Well, if you’ve ever been on the losing end of love, here’s a story that’ll make you stand up and cheer!

A successful marriage is no walk in the park, but if there were ever two people who made it look easy, it was Mary and Ed Visconti. At least that’s what Mary thought until a month before their 15th anniversary when Ed announced that he was leaving her for a younger woman. At first, she was completely devastated, but what Mary did instead was truly inspirational: She lost 80 pounds and killed them both.

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David and Gillian having a disagreement about whether Mulder and Scully were married in the 2nd X Files movie - and ironically acting like a married couple themselves.

– David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson on the red carpet, Paley, Oct 2013

[Flash photography warning! Apologies, there was nothing I could do to remove it. Wish an HQ version of this conversation existed]

I wasn’t aware that was how I felt, either, until it was out. And now that I’ve said it like that, I’m not exactly sure it is how I feel. But this isn’t a piece of paper I can crumple up and throw away. they aren’t words I can cross out to start over. Now they’re out, and I know they’ll hang here, between us, maybe forever.
—  Being Friends With Boys
So here’s the fucking deal

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me about a week ago and just told me that she was now dating my band’s new guitarist. I’ve been in so much pain for the last month that I decided to cut them out of my life completely. I’ve deleted them from all my social media and erased their numbers from my phone. 

I decided just yesterday that I’m done looking at the negative negatively. I will use my pain as my inspiration to accomplish great things. I’m happier with out her in my life anymore. Even if it’s only been for 6 hours now, it’s been the easiest 6 hours out of the past month. 

So while all this is going on, I also have a friend who’s been having a rough time with his relationship. I never asked him for any of the details, all I knew is that he said his wife wanted a divorce. I felt like I was able to relate to him and maybe I could also help him through his problems while I dealt with mine. I’ve been noticing that he’s never at home anymore, he’s just always out doing something. I figured it was just because he didn’t want to run in to his wife and was trying to avoid conflict.

So anyways, I’ve been trying to get past all my problems by just posting passive-aggressive memes on my Facebook so my ex would see them. I’ve posted song lyrics and poems so she could know exactly what I felt. I wanted her to know what she had done to me. 

Earlier today this friend’s wife messages me on Facebook asking if I’m doing okay. I explain to her that I’m doing better now and that I was officially closing that chapter of my life today (I was picking up the last of my belongings I left at our apartment) and that I felt like I was finally able to start moving on from this. We kept talking for a while and I ask her what’s actually been going on with my friend and herself.

Turns out that my friend has been upset about his divorce that he’s causing himself. Maybe she wouldn’t want to get divorced if you had any control over your drinking problem. And another thing that doesn’t usually help you keep your wife is when she catches you making out with one of your employees. 

So not only is what he’s doing the shittiest shit I’ve ever heard, he’s also been using my care and compassion to help him through his own problems. I lost all respect for him today now that I know he’s been lying to everyone that cared about him. Even his own family is against him in this. 

Now here’s where shit gets a little more complicated. This is a girl I used to have a huge crush on when we first met. We both worked together along with my aforementioned friend and eventually the two of them started dating. Time went on and she just became off limits. They got married, had a son, but now that the two of them are splitting up all those unacknowledged feelings are resurfacing. I don’t think Im ready to get into another relationship yet, but if it could be with her…

I feel like if I acted on these feelings then I will be no better than my ex. I don’t want to betray my friend like that, but at the same time he’s the one who was cheating and couldn’t control his drinking. It’s all just so much for me to think about right now. I also have no idea if this girl ever even liked me more than just a friend, so this also could just be another wasted effort.

But, I mean, she did invite me to go play Pokémon GO! with her…


When I was in fourth grade my parents divorced. I was so young and scared and really disappointed by the reality that we would never be a family again. At recess the next day I sat underneath a desk and cried. Two friends of mine sat with me and talked to me about their parents’ relationships and while things were changing it wasn’t necessarily for the worse. To this day I am surprised by the thoughtfulness and compassion from these two girls. We were just kids and I’m sure they would’ve been much happier playing at recess but their kindness changed my life forever.

Can I also say how great it was to have percy jackson books growing up as a divorce kid/abuse survivor? To have an entire series filled with characters who completely understood my terror and rage and sadness? Percy’s pov about his dad made total sense to me and I only recently realized that their relationship isn’t, in fact, normal. Kids whose parents aren’t divorced have no idea how different our daily lives are.