Some ShikaTema/Shika&SandSiblings interaction. Because I’m obsessed with the “little brother”, “elder brother” thing.

“Oi, little brother,” Shikamaru said, handing him a full glass over the dinner table. “Drink this.”

He wore a broad grin, so Gaara raised the cup to his mouth and immediately noticed its sharp scent. “Whiskey?”

“This is a good brew, from a distillery in Konoha.” Shikamaru handed a glass to Kankuro. Temari was sipping her water, rolling her eyes at Gaara’s less than pleased crinkle in his nose.

Kankuro drank deeply, sighing contentedly. “Ah. Try it, little brother, it’s really nice.”

Not wanting to disappoint, Gaara took a small sip, and wasn’t overly delighted or repulsed by the flavour and burn it left on his lips. Temari, sitting beside him, reached across the table to touch her fingers against Shikamaru’s forearm.

They did that a lot. Touching, stroking, staring at each other. He was surprised Temari wanted to sit beside him at the table when they sat down in the restaurant, instead of beside her husband. With a side-arm hug she had said, “Oh Gaara, I miss being near my little brother, you know?”

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I went to a local Winery/Distillery yesterday to taste booze and listen to blues and I picked up this bottle after a taste. They first started making single malts a year or two ago and their first efforts were pretty disappointing. Since then, it seems they’ve been experimenting with recipes and finishing in different casks (they had three different batches to sample, each finished in a different cask). This one, finished in one of their port casks (they also make a stellar port compared to the rest of their wines) is phenomenal. Hints of nut, honey, and wood complement the brashness of the whiskey perfectly. I’m sipping it with a couple ice cubes but it stands up neat as well. 8/10 would drink again

Beautiful Bourbon - Explore Kentucky Project by Dr_Fu_Manchu
Via Flickr:
I rarely get to shoot in my home state of Kentucky as I am often busy with work and family. So I have decided to start the Explore Kentucky Project. The concept is that I visit the "tourist" areas of Kentucky and create a photo documentary. First off…. The Woodford Reserve Distillery The oldest and smallest distillery in Kentucky traces its origins to 1797 when Elijah Pepper began distilling in Woodford County. This National Landmark crafts Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select, the Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, along with our new expression Double Oaked. Experience the only copper pot still and triple distillation process used to handcraft Bourbon today.


Party like it’s 1776: toast the founding fathers with a colonial-era cocktail 

Find that patriotic feeling this weekend by stirring up our founding father’s favorite cocktails | Follow these recipes

Fun 4th of July Drinking Facts:

  • George Washington owned a distillery that produced rye
  • The julep found popularity in America even before the the first shots were fired in the Revolutionary War. Born in Virginia, the julip was made with rum or brandy, not bourbon as it is today
  • The popular cocktail called The Stone Fence purportedly played a supporting role in the Revolutionary War itself, when patriot Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys were able to easily overtake a Fort Ticonderoga commanded by British forces sodden with the drink
  • The colonial-era working classes mainly indulged in beer and cider, while those who could afford it looked to Europe to slake their thirst, with old-world elixirs like madeira, sherry and Holland gin

Finally got my hands on the Kings County Distillery boxed set. It features: 

  • Moonshine Corn Whiskey
  • Kings County Bourbon
  • Kings County Chocolate Flavored Whiskey

The latter being a collaboration between them and Mast Bros. Chocolate where they steep their moonshine in cocoa husks and leftovers. I can’t wait to crack these open & review them for you. 

Also, if you don’t know, Kings County Distillery has put out two excellent books, one on Urban Moonshining and the history of American whiskey, the other is a whiskey tasting notes & distillers log book which I’ve already begun to fill up. 


Texas is not a place I traditionally associate with whiskey making. Lots of beer, steak, and long roadtrip memories, but not whiskey. One of my followers recently gifted me two different Texan whiskies and I’m honestly taken aback with the quality of them. This one in particular, TX blended whiskey from Firestone & Robertson distillery has blown me away. 

Click below to read my full review. 

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Photos of Bulgaria by Wilhelm Tobien (x)

Wilhelm Tobien, German photographer. Between the 20s and 30s he worked for the National Geographic Society, has carried out various autochromes of scenarios and villages, Austrian, Swedish and German. But there are also color photographs of the landscapes of Bulgaria, Romania, Canary Islands and the Azores. (x)

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