'dear diary'

Dear Diary - 5 Intro. Entries

I’m taking a small break from imagines and I trying out a non-verbal piece of writing for a change. Hope you all enjoy!

Dear Diary,

Today I met the most strangest man. To be honest, I had never seen him around Whitechapel before but after that first glance, I found it impossible to look away. I will sound silly, but my heart fluttered at the way he flashed his smile. It was radiant and full of life and one very different from the somber ones I have stumbled upon with my customers. I didn’t get to catch his name but if I close my eyes, I can recall each and every one of his features instantly. I just hope that I do see him again. 

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 Dear Diary, 

 I saw him again! He came back to the Market today and talked to the same person again; a man. But he looked bad. I could clearly see a bruise on his up curled lips and a slight limp in his walk. It bothered me to see him like that when I could tell he was young, like I, and had much to live. I couldn’t tell what he did for a living with the shabby way he was dressed but the gauntlet in his left arm got me thinking he probably did a job not many were aware of. Either way, that didn’t take away my curiosity of who he was. Still, when I finally gained the courage to speak to him to offer him some of the medicine I sold, he dashed away and left me once more waiting for him to return. I don’t know if I can sleep tonight just thinking if he will be alright. 

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 Dear Diary, 

 He didn’t show up. The sky rained tears of sadness at the grim image of his absence. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

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 Dear Diary, 

 Jacob Frye; that is his name. I hadn’t noticed his eyes were a shade of brown and green that left me breathless. They were hypnotic but I doubted he knew that though all I did was stare deep into them. His voice was most charming and how he spoke to me gave me goosebumps. I had meant to talk more but my mind blanked out and all I could was smile like an idiot while he looked around and asked for what ointments would be better for his bruises. Our chat was short and to the point but I couldn’t help notice that every time we looked at each other, he gave me a small smile and shyly glanced at another direction. Could it be? Did he like me? Perhaps to him I was just another sellswoman, but to me he had become my most special customer. If only I could tell him. Ha! Now that I remember, he told me he loved my smile. How kind of him. I wish that once more he comes by. 

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 Dear Diary, 

 What a lovely day this turned out to be! Right now, as I’m lying in bed writing this, all I can think about is of him. Today he came back and asked me for something I never would have imagined. To go see him in a fighting duel tomorrow night! I didn’t quite understand who was fighting against who but I didn’t deny the opportunity to be close to him once more. More than that, he couldn’t stop thanking me for how better he was feeling and how fast the bruises were healing. I told him it was nothing but he insisted he had to pay back somehow but never did tell me how. I will spend all day tomorrow looking for something nice to wear (though I must not touch my savings), and meet up with Jacob in The Strand. I want to impress him the same way he impressed me and I hope all goes well for us because I haven’t felt such excitement in my whole life. Jacob Frye, here I come.

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So…would you like me to continue on this story? :) 

Witch Tip

Once you get rid of the line between magic and mundane, coming up with ideas is much less of a challenge. There is no “normal” you and “witchy” you. It’s all a conglomerate that creates the way you experience life as a whole.

I am so afraid that I am going to waste so much of my life being sad when I should be living. And not just living, but living vibrantly and loudly. I want to read more, travel more, learn more and talk to more people without feeling held back by the confines of my body. I no longer want to feel like I am drowning, sinking, falling or being swallowed up whole by something monstrous. I want to feel alive, lovely and brilliant, even for a moment

The Signs as Obscure Things From The Original Heathers Trailer

Watch it Here

The fact that they used the song “Three Blind Mice” to open the trailer and to end it but then they never put in in the movie.

Taurus: The huge drop in sound quality when they censor “megabitch” to “megaBRAT”.

Gemini: The knowledge that someone probably took Winona Ryder into a recording studio just to say “BRAT” into a microphone.

Leo: “JD has come to answer her prayers.”

Virgo: The really bumpin’ music that starts playing right after Veronica says “That stuff will kill her.”

Libra: “He’s got a way with women…a way with words…and a very special way with a gun.”

Scorpio: “Veronica can’t live with him…and she cant live without him.”

Sagittarius: The clip of the weed girl when she says, “What?”

Capricorn:  The narrator’s deep, sultry, voice.

Aquarius: “Their meeting was destiny…their love…has a body count.”

Pisces: Shannen Doherty’s name misspelled as Shannon Dougherty.

i love the part of growth that allows you to look back on a previous period of your life and recognize that parts of it were unhealthy. something that felt so normal wasn’t in hindsight. you’re not supposed to feel that tired all the time. you’re not supposed to be treated like that.

at some point you have to sit with yourself and learn who you are. you have to take responsibility for the way you’ve been treating yourself and the way you’ve allowed others to break you down. you have to go back to wherever you abandoned your love for self - thinking that someone’s love for you is more important than your own - and pick you back up! you have to ask yourself, “why do I treat others better than I treat my own self?” then you have to accept yourself.. because at the end of the day, the only person who’s forced to deal with the broken pieces of you, is you. don’t fault yourself for any of the past - just accept who you are today. accept your truths, your hurt, and your heart. and finally, you have to love YOU. love every piece of you - and never ever let anyone come in and damage you again. Heal your heart and Protect yourself better.
—  Reyna Biddy

i’m impatient when it comes to healing. something happens and days later i feel like i should be over it. i want bypass all the messy parts, all the days that feel like a step back. i want to blink and have it all be over. i think i’m scared of confronting my own hurt. i think i’m scared of discovering how deep it runs. but healing is so much about sitting down with yourself and asking where it hurts and why it hurts. getting back to its roots. healing is so much about actively saying again and again, i want to heal from this. i want to move past this.