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friend, what kind of character is Your Type?

I say this with absolutely no pride whatsoever but it is dark haired loner antihero/villains with inferiority complexes (bonus points for unrequited love for some peerless woman who half terrifies and half arouses them)

………I imprinted like a particularly stupid duckling on the Phantom of the Opera at the tender age of twelve and it’s never really gone away, it just mutates and follows me into new media


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The Tiger and the Bear - The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Lily hits rock bottom, but what she finds there may be exactly what she needs.

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taekey; dom!Key teaching his Taemin to walk in stiletto heels cause work those legs.

strut; taekey; pg

Taemin felt sort of like an awkward giant in his shiny, new platform stilettos. There was a ridiculous amount of heel on these things, but they were pure black and laced tightly and Taemin would be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to them at first sight.

His boyfriend, Kibum, had lovingly bought them for Taemin the moment the younger man had showed interest. He assumed he’d just use them in bed from time to time to please his partner, but to his surprise (and annoyance alike), Kibum had insisted on teaching Taemin to actually walk in these damn things.

“What are you doing?” Kibum critiqued, sharply evaluating Taemin’s each and every move. “You’re hobbling all over the place! Keep yourself steady.”

Taemin was a dancer with natural grace, but he preferred to pop and lock, not nimbly twirl or maintain this so-called balance Kibum kept going on about. He wanted to freestyle, not follow the rules.

“Why do I have to do this?” Taemin whined, folding his arms over his chest. His bare legs suddenly felt so much longer, and although that made him feel a bit more powerful, this boost in height was undeniably strange. Kibum looked so small from up here.

Because,” Kibum emphasized, “how are you gonna seduce me in these things if you’re tripping over yourself? Here,” he mumbled in concentration, walking the length of the living room, stopping at the opposite end. “Strut to me.”

Taemin hesitated. “Strut?”

“Yes. Not walk. Strut.

Taemin knew what this entailed… a long, long lecture that included things like, ‘no, Taem, you have to put more ‘umph’ into it!’ and ‘your form is all wrong! It’s like this!’ He wasn’t thrilled about it in the least, and he puffed his cheeks before blowing out an exasperated sigh. “Fine,” he surrendered, being as reluctant and as childish as possible.

He steadied himself, then began to walk toward Kibum (making sure to throw in a bit of attitude as he did so), paying close attention to where and how he stepped. Balance, his mind tutted. Keep your balance…

Once he’d reached Kibum, he stopped. The older man looked pleasantly surprised.

“That wasn’t half bad!”

“Can I take these off now?” Taemin slumped.

“Don’t you like them?” Kibum seemed disappointed. “You look so hot in them.”

Taemin liked the sound of that, but he shrugged regardless. “I don’t like being this tall,” he confessed.

Kibum frowned before he lead Taemin toward the couch. He took a seat first, then pat at his thigh with a teasing grin. “You should sit down here, then.”

Taemin looked vaguely embarrassed, but nodded and made to sit. Kibum stopped him suddenly, though.

“Take your clothes off first.”

Taemin smirked, then did as he was told, his shirt falling to the floor.

“Oh, and Taem?”

Taemin glanced up, thumbs hooked under his waistband.

Kibum beamed. “Leave the heels.”

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ok can I just say this. imagine the Avengers going to Disneyland because Steve has never been, so Tony clears his schedule for a long weekend and they all pack in and head for California and have the most domestic, fun, and insane vacation ever. Steve would be a kid in a candy store and Natasha would really enjoy it too. Clint brought his kids along too and they go on rides with Steve. Tony's there observing the mechanics of rides while Pepper tells him to stop working for one day and have fun

The Avengers, including Bucky, can go to Coney Island alternatively (or in addition to Disneyland because one Avengers vacation is not enough).

By “Clint’s kids,” I hope you mean Kate and her new boyfriend, because Kate’s only allowed to date aliens when they’re under Clint’s watchful eyes.