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So, I finally watched some videos from the blue boi @crankgameplays, and now I just really really really want to be his friend??? I like him

I like all the random stuff that happens in overwatch tbh.

When i first began i was lucio in a skirmish and this junkrat walked up to me and kept saying “ THE CLAWWWWWW THE CLAWWWWWWWWW” then i very slowly started floating higher and higher up into the sky while he continued screaming.

then this stuff

Then i was on route 66 by the second check point, i punched a genji to death. He came back to find me several times for revenge. Even though both our teams got mad at us, we kept meeting up at the second check point to try and punch each other to death. He later added me to his friends list.

A McCree named coffee murdered my entire team in one Ult

A lucio kept playing “shooting stars” by the bag raiders but jokes on him. I LOVE THAT SONG. then i saw a dude named dadjokes.

A torb who spent his time watching the view with me. later asking questions about life and forcing me to think about the universe.

then i never met this person before

Another player and i noticed we both had the word “frog” in our names. we were also both playing lucio too. Then we had a debate as to what species of frog was the best one. Then another lucio shows up and the debate got longer until we all agreed that all frogs are amazing. he switched to mei then we won.

Overwatch is fun even though i dont post about it.

i really should tbh.

Look I’m glad Tony gets to experience fatherhood vibes from mentoring Peter but it’s exhausting to see TONY getting another huge role in the mcu. Aside from the all the Avengers having most of focus on him, civil war became the stark show. And now homecoming. It’s annoying and tiring. I know that the team cap kids are ‘laying low’ since they didn’t sign the accords but honestly I would’ve enjoyed a movie with Sam Wilson or any avenger that barely gets attention but deserves it as Peter’s father figure way more.

  • Meaning: word for "sex with the three most fucking awesome character in your opinion"
  • Use in a sentence: Rin, Haru and Makoto would be good, they should do a Three-AWEsome.
  • Importance in the world: No more ship wars.

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I love Baze cuz he was just so awesome. He didn't believe in anything, but he believed in his partner.

*loud whisper* Baze Malbus might be my third favorite after Jyn and Cassian.

His role isn’t big. It isn’t showy, but man. He has wormed his way into my heart with his gruffness, his dedication to Chirrut, his “little sister” speech. 

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Yell at me in my inbox today about why you love your Star Wars faves.

About that Namikawa Daisuke issue...

Again, as usual, I’m looking at both sides of the coin.

I really like NamiDai and his personality. His works are also awesome cuz he’s one of those amazing actors. But true enough, cheating is wrong. It’s… definitely heartbreaking. He may be an A-list seiyuu, but these actions cannot be condoned. Definitely NO. It’s disgusting. (I’ve seen it a lot from the people near me. NEAREST me. It definitely ruins people and families)


On the other hand, is it even true? From what I’ve heard, he neither admitted or denied it? And apologized for the harm the issue caused? That means we really don’t know if he really did it, right? So we can’t really be putting all the blame on him immediately, right? And the source came from a gossip company again?

No. I’m not siding with him. I just think that it’s appropriate to decide when the facts are genuinely laid out. (Unless someone gives me evidence that he really did it? Lol then that’s a different matter)

So at this point, I’m not in a position to give a verdict on what he did. True or not, AN AFFAIR IS WRONG. But nevertheless, I’d still look at his works with utmost respect for now.

So, yeah? :)

21 Things I Want to See in VLD Season 3

1. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins
2. Shiro still leading the Paladins (love you, Keith, and I think you’ll see major character growth as a substitute leader - but I seriously want Shiro back and leading)
3. A hug between Shiro and Keith when they see each other again (their embrace was one of my favorite parts of Season 2)
4. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins
5. Shiro and Allura having a few moments together (Shallura, please.)
6. Sendak’s return! He’s still alive out there!
7. Why the Red Lion was on Sendak’s ship. How did it get there?
8. Why the Galra took Shiro’s arm (was it just to give him the coordinates to the outer base of the Blade of Marmora) and how Ulaz knew Shiro was a leader (and seemingly a paladin).
9. Matt and Pidge interactions - as long as Matt doesn’t become a paladin cuz I want to see -
10. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins
11. How Shiro and Keith met/their time at the garrison (can you tell Shiro and Keith are my favorites?)
12. Why Keith got kicked out at the garrison (pretty safe to say it was because of the Kerberos mission but I still want to see it)
13. The back story of Keith and Lance’s rivalry
14. Others (especially Keith) realizing Lance is super awesome (cuz he is) and showing him the appreciation he deserves
15. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins
16. The team learning about their roles as guardians and training to master their powers (I’m assuming Shiro’s power is the ability to travel to/through the astral plane)
17. What being the Blue Paladin means
18. Hunk getting more lines/development than just his love for food (though calzones are yummy)
19. More Keith and Shiro bromancing
20. More Keith and Lance interactions
21. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins

I honestly cannot express how much I enjoyed Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2. Shiro and Keith are my BOTP, and I can’t wait to see more!

Oh, and did I mention I want to see Shiro alive and back with the Paladins?

(I’ll add more as I continue to rewatch.)


He’s dreamed of her every night since he left the castle. It’s only when those dreams turn into nightmares, his queen crying out for him, that he returns. What he finds is not the gentle and fair girl he left to rule her kingdom. Instead there is something dark that sits in her place, it wears her face, her crown, but not her heart. What happened to his dear Snow White? Can he save her before she destroys her kingdom, and herself.

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Are you still shippin' people, Bagel?

yeS i am but idrk much abt you since we haven’t rlly talked one on one bUT i’ve seen a photo of you from the group chat!!!

i ship you with two-bit! he loves your hair cuz iTS AWESOME AND HE LOVES YOUR SMILE. OMFG. HE ALWAYS SAYS YOUR SMILE CAN LIGHT UP THE WHOLE UNIVERSE AND IF YOU SMILED ALL THE TIME, THE WORLD WOULDNT NEED ELECTRICITY. but anywho enough screaming. he just loves every part of you, but your smile is just the cherry on tOp!!



Benedict Cumberbatch giving you lip as Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate (2013)

For you, my dearest @luv-assangiebatch! In celebration of my 20.000th post!


Seventh Doctor by serial | The Happiness Patrol

I can hear the sound of empires toppling.