A Ferdinand being craned (note the special lifting cradle) to a position
on the repair line. The track guards are badly damaged, and one track
is missing. The tank is being lifted over the PzKpfw IV production line

The Last Mangudai

When an embarrassing case of jock itch causes some of Frasier’s high-society friends to comment on his slightly bow-legged gait, he attempts to cover for his condition by inventing a tenuous link to the royal lineage of the Mongol horse-lords of the Steppe, specifically Ariq Böke, grandson to Genghis Khan himself. When, by pure coincidence, a party guest with actual Mongolian ancestry announces his family line traces back to rival brother Kublai Khan, Frasier is quickly drawn into leading one side of an unexpected continuation of the Toluid Civil War.

Martin takes his loathing of cooking and his love of jerky and other cured meats to a new level by adopting a method of preparing meat by simply placing it under the cushion of his chair, letting the heat from his body and the friction of his shifting readjustments “cook” the meat to a questionable degree.

Frasier languishes with his harem in the warmth of his yurt, while a bitter, midnight frost settles over his horde camped on the desert outside. Lazily rising from his mountain of cushions and perfumed flesh, he dons a golden silk robe and moves to check over reports of troop movements, inventory, and spoils acquired under the advance of his new empire. He is shocked to find that one of his armies has suffered a recent defeat. He steps outside the tent to stand under the stars, and watch the horizon through the fog of his breath. He will not take Albuquerque this night.

Daphne and Roz are inexplicably gifted to Niles as brood-mares to “strengthen alliances”.

The State Of The Podficcery

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anonymous asked:

So i'm gonna be celebrating by rereading about Emotional and Decans or even Chill and Crane but I can't find the beginningggg ahhh I need help with this XD

Ahhh we don’t actually RP much on tumblr. Like, E and Decans met at the Island on Discord, then we did a tonne of RPing on skype (and a lil on tumblr). Crane and Chill met on skype too, though Noko posted some of it a lil while back.