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“That is one loaded question. Personally? I’m indifferent with no strong feelings either way. However I fear quite a lot has happened between the two countries, and I think the problem is opposite. They would not like me.

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Can I get some details on why exactly you hate lapidot? Just out of curiosity, really.

it just feels really forced
like in barn mates lapis made it clear she didn’t want to be near peridot (for valid reasons!!) and peridot and steven just kept forcing her to be around peridot
the episode just demonized lapis even though she had a completely valid reason to not want to be around lapis
but she was portrayed as mean because “she was being unfair towards peridot” or w/e
and at the end lapis just suddenly liked peridot??? she went from straight up hating her to blushing at her and liking her in just a matter of minutes
there wasn’t any interaction between lapis hating her to lapis liking her
and then next time we see them theyre bffs and it feels like we’re in some poorly written domestic au fanfic
I’m not saying they could never be friend or anything the show just forced them together and did all their “development” off screen
sorry that got long so
TLDR; the show writes lapis out of character and forces her interactions with peridot without any development

Just Another Mafia AU  5

Dusk to Dawn is half way finished and should be up before the end of this week. Hope to manage a triple update to stuff to satisfy all who voted. Meanwhile, it is long past time I updated this. Enjoy and please leave feedback.

Previous Chapter 


V. Newt.

It was a day like any other; three weeks into their engagement and their schedules had changed surprisingly little. Newt still worked at the clinic and Percival still spent all morning at the public offices handling his board members with the same carefully leashed promise of pain that had raised their conglomerate’s profile so much. From what he told Newt, he spent the afternoons with his Family, carefully managing the eradication of a family that had caused the problems that had brought the couple (his fiancé!) together. The Carlucci? No, Carlacci, that was it.

Percival had been trying to bring him in on his Family matters a little more now that what they had was almost permanent; Although Newt knew that Percival would never make him take part in things he didn’t want to do, he did explain what he was up to in broad strokes. It was sweet, Newt thought, that Percival cared so much about him feeling like an equal partner. It wasn’t necessary for he knew that Percival cherished him, but Newt had to admit that the trust involved in bringing him even a little into Percival’s world was something he valued immensely. Although Percival tried to explain his more legal conquests to him as well, that all went over Newt’s head. He never really cared for business at all, though he made an attempt to pay attention. Percival had seen straight through him though and changed the subject to a new gallery opening and did he want to go?

At their late dinner the previous day even, Percival had been complaining about how difficult the eradication of the Carlacci had been, they were only just finishing up now. A few splinter factions had managed to hide themselves well, Percival had grumbled; and Newt, unable to countenance the frustration on Percival’s face, slid down into his lap to make him forget all those worries for a moment. Or maybe more like ten moments, Newt smiled smugly at the memory.

But perhaps the best part of last night was that they both had decided to take the afternoon off to go hiking in the countryside today. They hadn’t really had time for daytime events since they had got engaged (and Newt’s mind still thrilled with a warm sharp joy whenever he thought about it, whenever he considered that Percival loved him! Percival wanted to marry him!). He was just finishing up inventory for the morning when he heard the tinkle of the doorchime. A smile spread across his face. There was no shouts from the guards that Percival insisted on, which meant that Percival was early! And really, he had told the silly man he would meet him at the manor, coming to pick him up was utterly unnecessary.

He called a delighted “Just a minute love.” as he cleared the last box away. Quickly adjusting his shirt, he stepped into the front room and turned face to face with a the barrel of a gun. Flicking his eyes around the room he couldn’t help but flinch at the blood spay against the glass of his front window, the slumped bodies on the floor in front of it. His hands shook slightly as he jammed them in the pockets of his white coat to hide the fine tremor running through them. He stepped up to the counter, letting a cool mask slide over his features and straighten his back.

“So. What can I do for you gentlemen?” He stalled, surreptitiously pulling a scrap of paper out of his pocket as he gave a tight smile at them, eyes shifting between the three large men and lone female in the room.

“You personally? Nothing. But I am afraid you will have to come with us, Mister Scamander.” Well, shit. He quickly scrabbled for the pen he kept by the counter, keeping his arm movements minimal.

“Really? Why is that?” There it was!

“I think you have a good idea as to why. Now I suggest you come with us, with no fuss please. We need you alive, not unharmed.” The goon with the gun to his head (ohgodhewasgoingtodie-) gestured and he raised his hands, stepping slowly and carefully around the desk. The second man patted him down, removing his wallet, phone, keys, belt and even his wedding ring, throwing it in a pile on the floor. Newt was so preoccupied with where his belongings were going that he didn’t notice the butt of the gun that the woman slammed into his skull until he crumpled to the floor, senseless.


There were fingers on his cheek. Why was- oh shit. Newt tried to sit upright but a sharp bolt of pain in his skull thoroughly distracted him and he collapsed back down again. Once it reduced to a dull throb he tried to crack his eyes open, taking in through somewhat spinning vision a neutral toned bedroom and a small child. No, two small children. What?

He blinked again. His view solidified somewhat. No there were definitely two kids in here. One, a little brunette girl, was about a foot away from him, she must have been the one who poked him awake. She only looked about five or six and was looking at him with huge black eyes and a trembling bottom lip. Newt did his best to smile back at her. The other was a slightly older child, he supposed, or certainly was taller anyway. Perhaps he was ten or thereabouts? He was curled up in a ball in the corner, regarding him with solemn dark eyes.

Jesus, Newt thought. It was fairly obvious that his kidnappers had taken him for his relationship with one of the richest men in America, and he at least was an adult. But there were just kids. Terrified kids.

“Hey,” he called out, slowly levering himself up onto one elbow, “My name is Newt.” Finally managing to prop himself up, he very slowly pulled in his legs and crouched down to the little girl’s level, keeping eye contact. “What’s your name?”

The girl just looked at him, seeming to search for something in his eyes. Another voice cut in. “She doesn’t speak.” Newt flicked a gaze at the boy in the corner. “Or she hasn’t, so far.” The boy seemed to drift off a little at the end, hiding his head back in his arms.

“I see. That’s quite alright.” And very telling, he considered. The wording…'so far’ indicated they hadn’t been there very long at all. And they didn’t look physically harmed in any way, which meant they too were hostages. Or perhaps that their kidnappers had some kind of morality left, enough not to hurt kids.

“Might I have your name?” Newt asked the child, who looked back up at him, quietly assessing before he gave a offered a quiet “David.”

“It is good to meet you then David. Is it alright if I come and sit with you?” A pause, and a tiny nod. He turned back to the little girl, still looking at him. She gave a small smile back at him, her jaw firming up a bit. Wobbling, Newt pulled himself to his feet and offered her his hand, gently pulling her over to sit down with him near David.

“Is it alright if I give you a hug David.” He asked quietly, keeping his voice calm and level. Another nod later and he tugged the scared boy into his side, letting him curl into his shoulder as the girl pressed herself under his arm and into his other side. They sat like that for who knows how long, there were no clocks in the room to tell the time by. Eventually the little girl shifted upright and went through a small door that Newt had discarded as likely locked, or perhaps a washroom. The sounds following proved it to be the latter.

Shaking out his numb legs, David chose to unwrap himself from his side as well, pushing his shoulders back and chin up in a feigned confidence. He definitely had been trained in composure and staying calm, Newt thought. Perhaps he was also a Mafia target? It had to be those people Percival was hunting down, the Carlacci, that had taken him, trying to stop Percival’s rampage against them for daring to try and take New York from him. He was shaken from his thoughts by the pained, sharp inhalation from the young boy next to him as he shifted back over

“What is- where are you hurt?” Newt was calm. Totally calm. David did not need him panicking right now, and he was a fully trained doctor.

“It’s not bad.”

“I am a doctor, David, so I will be the judge of that. Let me help you.”

“I’m fine, I’m not weak, I-”

“I know. I know you are being very strong, you are very strong. But if you let me help you, I can make you stronger, make you feel better. Getting help isn’t a weakness, David.”

David looked at him, obviously suspicious, but eventually grumbled out a “My ribs on the right hurt. And I did something to my ankle, it really hurts to walk on.”

Right. Newt pushed himself to his feet and looked around the sparely decorated room, probably a bedroom of some sort once. He staggered over to the inbuilt closet where hopefully there would be- yes. He pulled several of the hangers off the rack. They were plastic and very light, but would do for this. Looking around, he frowned. No curtains since the room was windowless. No furniture really. The little girl - he really would have to give somehow work out her name or give her one - had left the bathroom. He lurched over to it, the room beginning to spin again. Opening it he grinned. That was what he had been looking for. He made a slow walk to the bathtub and with  few good tugs, ripped down the cheap shower curtain.

His kidnappers were not the smartest, it seemed. He headed back to the room, and got back down on his knees. “Now this will hurt, just a little.” he murmured. “I need to see where exactly you are hurt. Unfortunately we don’t have anything to scan you with, so we have to go with the poke it and see if it hurts. I really need you to tell me where it hurts the most, ok?”

“Ok.” David whispered back, dark skin going paler.

“Great. You are being incredibly brave for me, thank you so much.” The next ten minutes he very carefully tested the ribcage for serious damage. Thankfully, it seemed there was no flail rib and although some lower ribs were aching, David evaluated the pain as not entirely agonising. It was unlikely they were broken, and there was little he could do for bruised ribs here. That left what he was truly worried about though, the ankle. Newt gently settled the damaged foot in his lap, the little girl settling in beside him to watch Newt gently turn it left to right, testing the mobility. From the sobs when he tried to move it, the joint had a severe ligament strain if the ankle wasn’t broken and Newt was not convinced that it wasn’t.

“Alright David, thankyou. You have been wonderful and I am incredibly proud. I think that your ribs are bruised, and that you shouldn’t try to do anything too strenuous, but it is not a big issue. Your ankle I am afraid is in a worse shape. I am going to use these,” He waved a hand at the pile of cloth and plastic next to him, “to make a brace for it and then we are going to elevate it a bit to try and lessen swelling. Is that alright?”

“Yeah.” The boy said, looking very tired. “Yeah, that’s ok.”

They both watched intently as newt ripped apart the cloth, ignoring the pounding headache growing in his skull and bent the hangers until he constructed something that would hold the foot still and relatively supported until Percival arrived. And he would arrive, Newt knew. He didn’t know how long he had been out, but Percival would be missing him by now. Hopefully what he had been able to scribble would be enough to find him with.

Settling David down with his foot supported up on the wall, he took off his shirt for the boy to use as a rough pillow, hiding the remaining pieces of shower curtain within it to pad it out. As he slid it under the young man’s head, he heard a tiny voice pipe up. “Nina.” He swivelled his head around far too fast for his comfort to look down on the little girl clinging to his side still.

“Is that your name honey? Nina?” he asked her, voice hushed.

“Yeah.” She said back.

“Well Nina, it is very nice to meet you.” He looked down at the little girl in wonder. She gave him a toothy smile as she moved over to settle back down next to David, using his undamaged leg as a pillow. He sat back on his heels to look at the two for a moment. God, they shouldn’t be here. At least he had some kind of stress training from his blood family, they had to be terrified out of their minds.

He was rubbing his face in his hands when the reinforced metal door from behind him was opened and he was hauled away by the armpits, two guards dragging his flailing body across the floor. He may have gone quietly in the shop but he sure as shit wasn’t going to make it easy for them now. The last thing he saw in the room was the kids jerking upright and turning towards him, their faces silent masks of horror. Then someone slapped him over the face again and the door swung shut.

His world was a swirl of bright lights and weak struggles as he was hauled down the corridor, blood dripping from a head wound down into his eyes. Eventually, he was flung into a chair and through blurry vision he recognised some kind of chrome and glass room, maybe an office of some kind he though blearily. Squinting up Newt tried to focus on the man on the chair in front of him, old and white as he seemed to be.

“-mander?” Ah, it appeared he had been saying something. The ringing in his ears was making it hard to tell. A strong hand took his jaw and raised his face up. “Are you listening Mr Scamander?”

“Ah, no, not really.” He managed to get out. Oh dear did he say that out lou-

A scream ripped from his throat, and the guard stepped back again, Newt’s shoulder now hanging at an angle it shouldn’t be, on god oh god they had dislocated it he thought wildly, shit christ. Bile built in his mouth and when the hand on his jaw shoved him harshly back into the chair he vomited from the agony. He couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe- a faint voice in the distance ordered him cleaned up but he couldn’t tell, darkness encroached on his vision and everything thankfully faded away into blissful nothing.



“ah usta!
özlemin yazgısı sinemizde mühür
ses, ışık, renk, çiçek ve yâr!
hürriyetten tatlıdır bir aşkın esareti
güneşin kızı olur her mahzun diyâr
bulutlara sofra kurar cömert gözlerimiz
ve usta, ah ki ah
kaynamış kurşun kesilir şu ocakta ellerimiz

yoğur usta, yoğur ateşi susuz
alnımızda değil mi harcı, biraz su biraz tuz
safiyane hisleri kirlettiler usta, elleri kanlılar
kuhlünü çektiler ceylin göze elemin;
ölümsüz taziyede bitmeyen yastılar”

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nickname(s): Raven…? 

gender: female

star sign: virgo and leo 

height: 5′3 or 5′4 something, i dont remember lol

sexual orientation: asexual 

hogwarts house: i’ve never searched it because mann way too lazyy. But lets do it rn. So i did two quizzes and one said Ravenclaw and one said Gryffindor :p

time right now: 9:57 AM 

cat or dog person: I like both but I have a cat and he is so boring and i liked dogs more when i had them. So I’ll vote for dogs.

favorite fictional character: lol this is the question I fear the most because my mind goes suddenly blank 😂 But I’d say I like Robin Clair from an online novel called “The Lonely King” andd Noah and Jude from the novel called “I’ll give you the sun.” (i cant remember more characters 😂)

number of blankets i sleep with: i dont like sleeping with blankets because it is uncomfortable for me but in winters 2 are enough. And it is still winter here but feels like summer so i take a very very thin blanket. 

favorite singer/band: I have wayyy to many. AURORA, Birdy, Black Veil Brides, Bon Iver, BROODS, cavetown, Christina Grimme, Daughter, EarlyRise, Fleurie, Florence + The Machine, Gabrielle Aplin, Halsey, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Melanie Martinez, Mr Little Jeans, The Neighborhood, Nicholas Yee, Of Verona, Owl City, Paramore, Placebo, Purity Ring, PVRIS, Ruelle, Sabrina Carpenter, The Script, Seafret, Skyler Grey, Tove Lo, Troye Sivan, Twenty One Pilots, XYLØ, Sir Sly, Lykke Li, Foxes, Air shaper. 
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dream trip: To go on a lonnggg drive away from the city with my friends.And go to Northern England. (idky but i just simply love long drives and the landscape of northern England calms me down lol)  

when was your blog created: at the end of 2015 i think 

when did your blog reach its peak: In the start of 2016. I just suddenly started to get 50+ followers each day which was terrifying and weird.

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Nicknames: Fols.

Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5'1

Time right now: 3:02 PM

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Fave music artist: Too many to choose.

Song stuck in my head: Toi plus Moi - Gregoire and Million Reason by Gaga.

Last movie I watched: Step Up

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What I’m wearing right now: Business Professional stuff for my job.

When I created this blog: Around October. (I’ve always had a Tumblr and followed WoSo just dedicated a blog to it since Fall.)

The kind of stuff I post: Woso//USWNT. Some of the funny things other people reblog and the occasional political anti-trump admin stuff cos I hate him.

Do I get asks? Oui. Sometimes people ask me stuff out of the blue but if I reblog one of the ask posts then yeah.

Why did I choose my url: It used to be forever-preath but then I tagged everything preath related with #oh look it’s preath. So I figured, why not?

Gender: female

Hogwarts house: Slytherin. 🐍

Pokémon team: I was on the red one when everyone was playing it but it’s been deleted off my phone for a while.

Favorite color: Evergreen or Burgundy

Average hours of sleep: No idea. Haha. College was pretty inconsistent but now that I’m home it’s kinda decent?

Lucky number: 4 // (if 4’s not available then it’s 7)

Favorite characters: Hermione, Gloria (Modern Family), Leslie Knope (P&R), Felicity (Arrow),  

Dream job: Athletic Trainer (For USWNT or SKC)

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

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Leia: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


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