'copy that.'

honestly, I was ready to stan tlj, I was ready to argue that they probably wouldn’t make it exactly like esb because now that they’ve got the faith of the viewers that they won’t be exactly like the prequels, they can make it creative (and some small part of me is still clinging to that hope) 

but as I see the plans for the movie, the fact that we don’t have a definitive arc decided for the trilogy, the fact that we’re still apparently looking at aliens as grotesque and comedic when tcw, swr, and numerous novels have had this shit figured out for a long time, the fact that our trio (or quartet now, because of Rose) hasn’t even been in the same room, conscious, at the same time or talked once and it looks like they won’t for another movie, I’m slowly starting to lose my earlier confidence and wondering if this’ll disappoint.

My copy of the last yoi DVD arrived at my friend’s house in Japan *-* After sending a notice telling they wouldn’t include the bonus manga anymore and having me cursing for months, CDJapan included it anyway. I’m so confused, but happy and grateful to the universe (???) 

Challenge Your Shelf || May 2017 

Day 25: Library 

I love buying library copies from used book stores online! Most of the time they are in rough condition, but that also enables me to get them for much less than a new copy. Also, there is something so cool about owning books from all over the country and knowing that many other people loved them before I did. 

currently creating a servitor that will harness natural energies (sort of similar to wind or solar powered machines) and convert them into energetic offerings for authorized entities (namely the NTRW and anyone else i’m on friendly terms with). this way even when i can’t give physical offerings and devotional stuff, they’ll still get something

as a quick aside, if you’re the chaos-witchy type, i highly recommend designing your spells with a component that feeds on natural energy rather than your own and multiplies itself. that way the spell will become exponentially stronger over time, without draining you.

because I’m backpacking I’ve been really tough on myself when it comes to souvenirs. I know I don’t have a lot of room and I can’t make my luggage too heavy so I’ve been ruthless in forcing myself to put back shiny stuff I don’t need.

until today.

when I bought not one, but TWO. 

actual, literal rocks.

in my defence they are really cool rocks.


Chapter 25

A/N: Holy shit! Chapter 25, so this is double the length of the normal chapter (2,000 words). Thank you to the wonderful and talented @meesaa Let me know what you think

We spent the next day in bed. At some point I fell asleep, and was woken up by soft piano music. I got up, found my underwear, and wrapped Seth’s blanket around me.  

Some decency had to be maintained. I found him in the music room, and leaned against the doorframe. I closed my eyes and just listened. I didn’t even notice that he had stopped playing until he spoke.

“How long have you been standing there?” I grinned, and moved to stand beside him at the piano.  

“Long enough to know that you have been holding out on me.” I had spent too much of my life sitting in front of one myself to not notice talent when I saw it. He raised his eyebrows. “You got skills, my friend. I am guessing you have the basic Für Elise down?” He played the first couple of bars. “How about something a little harder?” He played, and my eyes went wide. “Tchaikovsky’s Sweet Reverie.” He smirked up at me. This boy had game. “Basic but why aren’t you a concert pianist? I mean you get to play the tortured artist and you get say pianist all the time.” He cracked a smile.

“I liked animation better and RISD was expensive.”

“Damn those liberal arts schools.”

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what is the Point of all this if i can’t even read your writing on your blog

i was browsing through some runway photos and thought this outfit from saint laurent fall ‘15 collection looked a bit too familiar??

most of the clothing was sold out ages ago but these are the average prices i managed to find, which means victor’s ep10 outfit is worth around 3300€ / $3500! the boy is loaded and i am not even surprised anymore

//EDIT: the sweater discourse inspired me to give video editing a try (x)