“Those stories you told me about your parents, even you - Melody Malone, the private detective. It’s all a lie. A story you came up with on the spot. You were running, River. Running from the Silence, and it’s time to wake up.”

When the Doctor comes to investigate the Silence, he bumps into Melody Malone - a 21st century detective full of mystery and impossible stories. As he closes in on the Silence, he slowly unravels the truth of Melody Malone, the fob watch, and the daredevil River Song that haunts her dreams.

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Companions react to a F Sole with inverted nipples?

I had to do my Google search on this one, as I didn’t know it was a thing. (I’m sorry, anon, but at first I thought you were joking ^^’).

Cait: She’s curios at first, but she really doesn’t care that much. After all, she loves Sole the way she is and she wouldn’t want her lover to be any different from what she looks like.

Curie: She asks various question about it, not actually understanding that Sole may feel a bit uncomfortable. When she notices Sole blushing in embarassment, Curie stops and reminds her amour she’s perfect the way she is.

Danse: He doesn’t ask, ‘cause everything may get very weird, and, to be honest, he doesn’t care. He loves Sole more than everything else on this cruel world and a little physical flaw surely won’t stop him from doing so. To his eyes, Sole is perfect.

Deacon:  Sole is perfect, she has a reverant beauty and Deacon doesn’t care. Her little flaw makes her even more unique and beautiful. He loves her and nothing is gonna make him think otherwise.

Hancock: He’s been with a lot of people before Sole, and he has seen stuff like that, so he barely notices it. And when he does, he doesn’t care: Sole is beautiful and he can’t argue with that.

Mac.Cready: He blushes, and tries to never point that to Sole: it may be an insecurity, and he’s very careful about what to say. But then, he forgot about it: he loves Sole way too much to care.

Nick: He really doesn’t see that as a flaw, but as something that makes Sole even more special.

Piper: She’s curios about it and she even dares to ask a few questions, but she undestands if things get awkward. And if that happens, Piper crushes Sole in a hug, remembering her that she loves her as she is.

Preston Garvey: Sole is his General and also his lover. Sole is an hero, and her beauty is stunning. And now that she is shirtless, Preston can barely describe how it feels to touch her perfect body. He doesn’t notice it, and when he does, he surely won’t be the one to point that out: Sole is perfect.

X6-88: The dork has never seen another pair of *ahem* boobs, before, so he doesn’t really notice. And if Sole points that out, he just says:“For me, you are the perfection, and I don’t think you can argue with that.”

I hope it didn’t come out too lame or bad or whatever… ^-^’

There are missing person posters, and a case in Nick’s office for the missing John McDonough. The mayor believes that the brother he’s replacing would want his baby brother back safe and sound within the wall, even if he really didn’t care for the lackadaisical man. No one in Diamond City knows the missing man is now Hancock, not even Nick. Only Goodneighbor is aware and keeps it to themselves. A reunion between the two would be explosive.

Ok but has anyone considered that some races of beings may want to try other kinds of offerings other than the ones that are “affiliated” with them?

Like the Ice Elemental over here is super bored of having her vessel placed in the freezer and constant offerings of ice- she said she literally LIVES in a place made of ice and it’s nothing new.

I gave her some mint instead and she loved it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, you may find out something exciting about your spirit companion!

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The Companions as Steven Universe characters please? I love your blog btw

Aw, thank you!

Cait: Ruby

Curie: Steven

Danse: Garnet

Deacon: Greg

Hancock: Amethyst 

MacCready: Lapis

Nick: Sapphire 

Piper: Peridot

Garvey: Pearl

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SoSu showing up with synth Shaun

Ada: She was happy to see Sole in a state of happiness. She also couldn’t help but like Shaun. He loved to tinker, so he always made her cool mods, like laser cannons, a built on sword, or other cool things that robots can finally get.

Cait: Cait was nervous. A kid, Sole’s kid. What if they didn’t like her because she use to be a junkie? What if they don’t like her because she’s fucked up? All of these thoughts flooded her mind as she watched Sole walk in with their kid. They introduced each other and the tension slowly started fading. She couldn’t not like him, he was just like his parent. In no time Cait was teaching the kid how to fight and curse.

Codsworth: He had been waiting a bit over 210 years for this day. Of course he was excited! Shaun was immediately intrested in him when he walked through the door. Shaun would sometimes tinker around and give him minor upgrdes and Codsworth would tell him stories about before the war, and other things he wondered about.

Curie: She was excited before, but once she found out he liked science related stuff, she almost burst with joy. When they first met, Curie and Shaun immediately started bonding. She would do experiments while and Shaun would help her, and he would persuade random people around the settlement to test out their experiments. MacCready is most of the time the victim.

Danse: Danse had a sense of uneasiness. The boy was a synth, but he didn’t hate him. He hated the Institute. Kidnapping an infant while killing one parent and leaving the other to rot, and once they’re finally free and able to find their son, they find him only to be replaced with a machine. He pitied both Sole and Shaun. At first he tried to avoid him, but eventually Shaun’s curiosity beat him and Danse ended up loving him like he was family.

Deacon: He immediately fell in love with Shaun. Him and Hancock have this competition where they try to be the cooler uncle. Deacon tells him jokes and teaches his witty comebacks. He also teaches him about the Railroad and their cause, beacuse Deacon knows he’s a synth, but would never tell him. He also teaches him jow to prank people withe precision, stealth, and style. Deacon-1. Hancock-0

Dogmeat: He was the most excited to see Shaun. (Well, besides Codsworth) He was so ready for the fun games, the table scraps, and the affction. Synth or not, Dogmeat loved the boy.

Hancock: Hancock too loves the boy the moment he lays his eyes on him. He tells him about freedom, and give him cool history lessons beacuse he’s a history nerd. He also spoils the shit out of him with the coolest gifts. Hancock-2. Deacon-1

Longfellow: He always imagined himself as a father, well, grandfather now. He was happy that the kid was there, but he didn’t really know how to act. He tried to open up to him, but instead he was standoffish. Eventually, with a lot of hard work, the kid was like his grandson, and the two did what an old man and a kid did for bonding.

MacCready: Everyone knew MacCready had a soft spot for kids. It was no shock that when Shaun came in, MacCready would flip out from excitement. The first thing he did was tell him about Duncan. He then (with Sole’s approval) taught him how to shoot a gun. He also of course volunteers for the painful science experiments that Shaun and Curie do. The boy was like MacCready’s second son, even if MacCready didn’t like synths.

Nick: Nick felt a sense of pride wash over him when he saw Sole and Shaun walk in. He helped out with the reunion. Even if some things were not quite as planned. Shaun looked up to Nick like a role model. He would tell him stories about his pre-ar cases, and the more thrilling recent cases. He always tells the boy that his favorite case will always be the one with the frozen vault dweller.

Piper: Piper was happy to see that Sole finally found their child. After the hell they had been through, they deserved that victory. She told Shaun about her sister, and bought him noodles and nuka cola whenever him and Sole visited Diamond City. She also told him about her newspaper, and felt bad when Shaun insisted that he fixed the printing pres. She loves how smart he is, and finds it adorable that he has a tiny crush on her.

Preston: Preston was happy that Sole finally had a family. He absolutely loved how smart the kid was. He also loved how positive he was, even while living in the Commonwealth, Shaun, always looked on the brightside. Preston would be the type of guy to give shoulder rides and teach him the good morals of the Minutemen.

Strong: He really could of cared less. He was just a tiny, weak human in his eyes, but when he met them he saw the same leadership in him that he saw in their parent. He then started to like the kid. He still didn’t understand why he like tinkering with junk though.

There are two kinds of meetings between friends: 

The first is a meeting based on sociability and spending time, in which are more disadvantages than advantage, the least of which is corruption of the heart, and wasting time. 

The Second kind is a meeting for the sake of supporting one another, and recommending one another to the truth and to patience. This is the best kind, yet there are still three disadvantages therein, 

 1. Flattering each other. 

2. Being excessively talkative. 

3. That such meetings become a habit or routine and they fail to achieve their aims. 

 Source : Al-Fawa’id A Collection Of Wise Sayings Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim

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companions react to sole coming out as transgender maybe?

By Old World values, this would be an immense declaration. Sole might attract scorn, or hate, or shock. Love, too, from a rare few, but the open-minded are uncommon in Pre-War America. Not to say that the Commonwealth is much better, but they have different values. People always want something to hate, and now it’s just about ghouls and synths, rather than people of color or anyone we’d now call ‘queer.’ 

But Sole doesn’t know this, and still has that Pre-War worry of being derided or shunned. So it’s up to the companions to prove to them that no matter what, they’re accepted and loved.

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Could you do Romanced Companions reacting to Sole seeing themselves as a monster for blowing up the Institute? (i'm lookin' for da angst)

Cait: Stood proud watching as the building toppled down. She looked over at Sole and saw tears running down their cheeks. “ Happy tears or what?” Sole shook their head. “ I just murdered hundreds if not thousands of innocent people…and my son.” Cait didn’t really know how to comfort them. But she walked over and gave Sole a hug (something that’s very rare for her to do.)

Piper: “Fuck yeah! Eat shit you institute bastards!” She waved her middle fingers at the collapsing building. “Great job Blue, wait until I write about this.” When she looked over at Sole, she saw them sitting with their head in their hands. “ You okay?” She asked softly. “No Piper, I’m not okay. I just killed the one person I had left to live for…what do I have now? I should have stayed inside.” Piper had to keep her self control to stop from smack them. “ So you don’t have anything to live for? Not me, or Preston, or Nick, or even Dogmeat? Thanks a lot Blue!” Sole’s head lifted “ I didn’t mean it like that, I care about you guys and you are like a second family. But I just killed my son for no reason, he was dying and I was next to lead the institute. I could have changed things. Made this a better place.” Piper just sighs. “ Come on, let’s go home.”

Curie: Felt sad at the loss of all the technology she could have used to help people, but what’s done is done. “ She walks over to Sole and sits down besides them. ” How many do you think made it out?“ Curie shrugged ” I don’t know, hopefully quite a few, you and the Minutemen gave a warning.“ Sole just shook their head “I hope most of them made it. I’m not better than them if I just slaughtered an entire civilization of innocents.” Curie held their hand “You are so much better than them. You just saved the lives of thousands of people.”

Preston: “ We did it General, not the people of the Commonwealth can sleep much easier…” He saw Sole wiping tears from their eyes. “ I can’t believe I just killed so many people…” He put an arm around their shoulder “We gave a warning and enough time for all of them to get out. The ones who stayed knew what would happen to them. It’s not on you at all.”

Deacon: Actually took off his sunglasses, and smiled as the building fell into rubble. “ We did it, we ended this nightmare…” Sole was fiddling with their pipboy, trying to distract themselves from crying “ We just murdered possible thousands of people and synths. Oh wait I forgot that this group only cares about synths.” Sole rolled their eyes. Deacon sighed “ Ugh, look we just killed slavers as far as we’re concerned. We couldn’t give a warning it would have been too dangerous for the group. If you’d been at The Switchboard you would understand.”

Danse: Was surprised the Minutemen had let him come with them, but he was happy anyways. To watch the building and the bastards that had built him and the other abominations crumble left him feeling very satisfied. “ Sole watched with tears rolling down their face. ” what’s wrong soldier?“ Sole looked away wiping their tears. ” I just killed my only flesh and blood, not to include the hundred of people that might not have made it out.“ Danse sighed ” We did warn them, even though I don’t agree with it. Some of them must have gotten out.“ It still didn’t help Sole feel better

Hancock: Was celebrating the fall of the institute with a few puffs of Jet. ” Kind of funny how they tried so hard to keep us out, yet we got in anyways.“ Sole sighed and took the inhaler from him an took a large lung full. Something they never did. ” Hey, why the change in your ‘morals’?“ He laughed. "Oh I don’t know. I think my morals changed when I killed a few thousand people and synths.” Sole remarked sarcastically. “ Hancock pulled them in for a hug. ” Look, I know how it is to loose your only family. Fuck, they replaced my own brother. But Shaun needed to be stopped. If you need to talk I’m here.“

MacCready: ” Holy crap! Sole are you watching this?….Sole?“He looked around for them but they were walking away, their shoulders sagging. ” Hey, I thought you’d be kind of happy about it?“ Glaring at him Sole hissed ” My baby boy is dead.How the fuck am I supposed to be happy at all.“ Throwing his hands up MacCready looked surprised ” I didn’t mean anything by it, and I’m sorry for your loss. But we just saved the Commonwealth.“

Nick: ” Well the boogeyman of the Commonwealth is gone, that’s one mystery solved.You okay kid?“ Sole was looking over at the area where the institute was once hidden, now a pile of rubble and ash. ” I just wish I could have helped Shaun, not just murdered him in cold blood. Maybe I should have stayed with him.“ He tilted their head towards him "Kid, if you had stayed there would be one less good person in this damned world.”