We’re thrilled to announce the addition of NTT DOCOMO’s original set of 176 emoji to our collection! 👍  😀  🎉

MoMA Architecture & Design Collection Specialist Paul Galloway writes about the creation of these 12 x 12 pixel “humble masterpieces.”

[Shigetaka Kurita, NTT DOCOMO. Emoji (original set of 176). 1998–99. Software and digital image files. Gift of NTT DOCOMO Inc., Japan]

Listen to me… Data would be so fascinated (DELIGHTED) with the nonbinary identity.

While some of his programming does rely on binary functions, his personality is open, organic, always developing. He has learned from men, women, and others. He has adapted their traits into his personality, and never feels quite justified in referring to himself as a man. He is the sum of a spectrum of identities and experiences.

He understands ‘binary’ as something unique to computers. Not to sentient life.

Discovering this identity is another step on his journey to humanity.