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Do you think Amun abuses Kebi?

Yeah, about that. 

As it’s presented in canon, Amun and Kebi’s relationship is horrific. He transformed his slave with her loyalty as the deciding criterion, and they maintain that owner/owned dynamic to this day. That’s immoral and exploitative and abusive, particularly because BD amply demonstrates that Kebi has no say in decisions which could lead to her death. 

Personally, though, I like to reimagine their story. To my mind, Amun had a mild Edward-moment circa 2200 B.C.E. He saw this quiet, weird young woman working at his temple, decided she was the light of his life, and relaxed his usual stance on humans for her. So, unsure what to do with these brand new feelings, he offered Kebi anything she’d need to start a new life away from him and/or immortality, if she wanted it. Kebi– who was pious– knew that if a god offered you eternal life, you said yes. 

In short, she was transformed, had one heck of a spiritual crisis (surprise! suddenly she was a god! and maybe there were no gods, as she defined them, if she could become one so easily?), and fell in love with Amun the regular way. She’s a shy person by nature, and her silence in BD is a combination of not-speaking-English-that-well and not wanting to be there at all. 


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okay, one more thing.

The intent of anti-trans “bathroom bills” is not to make trans women use men’s rooms, or to make trans men use women’s rooms.  No one really wants that.  No one is even trying to pretend that things would be okay if we used the “correct” bathrooms but still dressed and acted like ourselves.

The intent of these bills is to drive trans people out of the public space entirely.

let’s be clear about that.