Trump Promises to Cut Funding to Climate Change Programs in First 100 Days
In Gettysburg this weekend, Trump unveiled his agenda for first 100 days in office.

Donald Trump promised he would immediately redistribute funds earmarked for UN climate change programs and channel them to domestic projects. In a speech in Gettysburg, Trump said during his first 100 days in office, he would also lift restrictions on energy production, including oil, natural gas and “clean coal,” and greenlight projects such as the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Here we have a severe lack of logic and critical thinking. Let’s examine this sign for a minute. First the two sentences attempting to discredit renewable resources. They say, “wind dies.” Wind does not “die” in the sense that it stops and never comes back. Wind settles for hours, maybe days. Have you ever gone more than a day or two without feeling the wind. Furthermore, windmills are placed in areas that vastly more windy than you feel in the city or town you live in. Next they say, “Sun sets.” Well, obviously the sun sets for roughly six to nine hours. In some areas it beats down for six months at a time. Primitive cultures worshiped the sun because it was such a consistent power in their life.

The next sentence claims that coal is reliable, but it is a finite resource. More importantly, we would die from its use before we ever used it all. They say it is affordable, and that is true. The truth though is that there will be nothing cheaper than solar and wind once we perfect the technologies. They are infinite resources that cannot be lost or wasted. That is exactly why energy companies have tried so hard to stay away from deriving energy from a source they cannot possess. Lastly, they call it “clean”. Clean coal is an absolute myth. There is no way to avoid polluting with coal. “Clean” coal just means less damaging, but still damaging.

What confounds me about this sign is that the people who created either did not understand these simple truths about wind and sun, or they knew the truth and thought that you would not. We need to make critical thinking a staple of our education system so that such illogical arguments would never even be made.

Do you ever think that the “I’m Okay You’re Okay” pop psychology that encourages selfish impulse and focus on the “self” was a derailing tactic?  The ‘60′s and ‘70′s saw activism that included class based analysis.  Acknowledging that women and black people were disadvantaged as a class gave birth to modern feminism and the civil rights movement.  Pop psychology that suggested focusing on yourself was widely adopted by those baby boomer activists, who seemed to trade in collective activism to believing “expanding their minds” through use of LSD was a legitimate form of activism.  Of course that applies more towards white middle class baby boomers than anyone else.  The slogan changed from “destroy the system” to “change the system” to “be the change.”  As if my recycling my plastics is a more significant action against global climate change than a widespread end to the coal industry and focusing government  energy policy on truly clean energy instead of this clean burning coal doublespeak.  

It also seems to me like the focus on the self is integral in the distortion of 2nd wave feminism into liberal feminism.  Feminism that says if I choose it then it’s feminist.  Feminism that allows for one person saying “if I want to have sex with a camera in the room and have it go viral on the internet then that’s my choice” without any consideration for the far greater number of women for whom this is not a choice or for how the acts you portray may affect young women and how sex is addressed in their lives, ie class analysis.  

Things that aren’t going to save the environment:
-reusable water bottles, hybrid cars, ethanol/biodiesel fuel, commercially produced “natural”/“organic” food, and other supposedly “green” consumer products
-“population control” that targets developing nations that are barely contributing to global pollution
- pretending that “clean coal” is a thing

Things that will save the environment:
- large scale green energy projects using clean technologies such as solar, hydroelectric, wind, and nuclear power that substantially reduce the use of fossil fuels
- reduction of overall global energy usage such as long term sustainable manufacturing and agricultural practices, localised production of goods and energy that reduce the need for freight transportation
-the end of first-world consumerism and global industrial capitalism
-full communism now

Australia Civ VI DLC Patch Notes

With the recent announcement of Civilization’s latest DLC. I thought I’d would be nice to flick through the patch notes and see how Australia will be contributing to the world stage.

Unique Tile Improvement:
+10% mining bonus when building a mine on natural wonder or cultural tile

Passive Civilisation Ability:
Claim ownership of a tile whenever you kill a camp

Passive Civilisation Ability:
Ability to sell tiles to other Civilisations

New Unique Unit:
Water Unit with the ability to transfer ownership of a different Civilisation’s units to a neighbouring City-State

Increase gold per turn by 5% but forfeits the ability to produce Great Scientist or Great Artist

Post-Industrial Unique Building - Clean Coal Power Plant:
Produces +50 gold per turn but also destroys one random tile on world map

Passive Civilisation Ability:
When game time has succeeded the year 1788, all previous achievements and acknowledgements are disregarded.

Worker Unit Unique Ability:
Workers can upgrade roads allow traffic to travel faster. Take 70 turns per tile to improve.

New Great Person - Prime Minister:
Prime Minister has the ability to swap the value of two different resources. A new Prime Minister is created every 3 turns.

Bobby loves to bake, and that makes me happy....

I can’t help thinking of Rumple baking for Belle……..!

HARDMAN movie star Robert Carlyle has revealed how he’s started home baking in his remote Scots home to beat stress. 

Carlyle, 39, says he loves to retreat into rural life in the sleepy west coast village where he lives with his wife Anastasia.

The Glasgow-born actor, who starred as savage thug Begbie in Trainspotting and evil psycho Renard in The World Is Not Enough, added: “I clean and set our coal fires every day and I’ve also started baking.

"It’s just like chemistry - I love it. It’s like an entirely different person lives out here.” Carrot cake and bread are his specialities. Carlyle had to move to the country from Glasgow’s West End, where fans besieged his home, to escape the pressures of fame.

THE FULL MONTY star ROBERT CARLYLE likes to relax - by baking cakes in his spare time. The actor, usually known for his hard man roles in films like FACE and TRAINSPOTTING, Carlyle has revealed a softer side to his character. The 39-year-old says, “After baking my first cake, I knew how FRANKENSTEIN felt. I had made this amazing thing. It felt fantastic.” (ES/WNTRE/CPT)

Source: WENN

It takes a lot of fuel to heat our homes, preserve our food, and power our gadgets. And for 40 percent of the world, cheap, plentiful coal gets the job done. But coal also releases pollutants into the air, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot, and toxic metals, like mercury.  These pollutants cause environmental damage like acid rain and serious health problems. Can we create a cleaner version of coal? 

For three ways we might strip coal of its foul forces, view the TED-Ed Lesson How to create cleaner coal - Emma Bryce

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