Groups Expose UK for Subsidizing Biomass and ‘Clean Coal’ as Renewable Energy

Campaigners representing groups working on issues of opencast coal and biomass have jointly called on Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) yesterday to end to subsidies and industry support for Drax Power Station.

The statement follows an announcement by DECC and Drax claiming that “Britain’s largest coal-fired power station is set to become one of Europe’s biggestrenewable electricity generators, with the potential for new future generation on the site to be based on truly clean coal.”

The DECC announcement has been described as “misleading greenwash” by groups working on issues of opencast coal mining and bioenergy.

“What DECC aren’t telling the public is that Drax’s half conversion to biomass, as well as being responsible for trashing ancient forests in the southern U.S., will extend the life of the other half of the power station which will continue to be fed on coal mined in Colombia, Russia and the UK.” 

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This is our ‘savior’ or ‘bridge’ to clean energy from coal according to politicians. We are building a whole new infrastructure from what is being called temporary. 100′s of billions of dollars… As if those companies will just let it go to waste when we finally decide to move on to renewables. Why not avoid ruining our fresh water and our air and say ‘fuck the bridge’? I don’t get it.