'child support

Sniper: I’ve learned more from my adoptive dad than my actual dad and I think after the first shock, I’d be alright. I like to think I’d be a good dad to my little Mundee. Besides, with my line of work, I can guarantee that they won’t go hungry.

Pyro: !?

Scout: I’m sorry? I don’t follow. Nah, wait. You’re serious? Oh god I’m not ready. I’m not dad material. Shit shit shit what if I’m a shit dad and leave my kid or my kid dies or if I have to pay child support or- wait. My dad’s Tom Jones! I got this!

Soldier: Aha! I brought a new American into the world! They’re gonna kick ass and take names in the name of war! Oorah!

Engineer: Pardon? Well, I’ll be. All my life I’ve been building machines, but now I get to build up morals and principles in a young person of my own. Ain’t that beautiful.

Medic: Why of course, I’m father to several infants. Let me see… Oh. That one’s not a baboon. Oh dear…

Heavy: All my life, I take care of sisters. They are grown now. Now I take care of baby.

Demoman: Oh, look at that! A wee lad in a bundle! Aye? What’s that? It’s MINE? Ach. Let me grab a bottle…

Spy: When mon petite chou fleur gave birth to Scout, I ran away. Some “father” I am.

Ah, yes, but we’re the “oversensitive snowflakes” when y'all are the ones throwing actual temper tantrum against overpriced coffee machines because they don’t support defending child sexual abuse.

Lord, lmao.

Can All Parents Do This For Me

Listen to your kids. I’m not kidding, listen to them. It’ll do you so much in the long run, because think of it like this. Your kids don’t instinctively avoid you, they don’t, I can bet all your kids when they were younger told you all about their day at school, the friends they made, people who rubbed them the wrong way et cetera. Although, when you stop listening to them, you stop getting all this. You start missing out on well, a lot. When you start using your position as a parent to do things like; Look through your child’s things just because, yell at them for little things and repeatedly tell them they have to listen because you’re the adult, make it seem as if they don’t have problems, you are killing that kid. You may not be grabbing a knife, but look at it like this, to look at your parents, the people who keep you safe and they blame everything on you, even their mistakes, you might as well have stabbed them. Cos it hurts like hell. Don’t accuse your children of things you don’t have solid proof of them doing, because at some point, they’ll go fuck it and do it because you already think they do. Don’t kill that light inside your child because ‘you’re the adult’, your kid deserves just as much respect. I don’t care if you’re a good bible fairing Christian because at some point the words that say to respect your parents stop, especially at abuse. I don’t care if you’ve never supported the LGBT cause in your life, don’t take that out on your kid because they obviously trust you enough to tell you about the inner turmoil they’re feeling. Raise your kids better than you were, because it may seem like something arrogant, but they will most likely follow in the path you take when they raise their own kids, and it becomes a cycle. A cycle of physical or emotional abuse and no one deserves that, especially not a kid. Listen to them, please, because you’ll find out a lot more about them then you think.

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Hello hello! Could you explain the Smash chapter where Aizawa was a baby (since there's not translations of it sadly)

There was a villain with an age regression quirk who turned all of class 1-A into kids. Aizawa was trying to hold off the villain to wait for back-up with his quirk, but the poor man’s eyes were watering. Eventually he got turned into a bowl-cut kid with an eye patch. Please be nice to him.