Does anyone else think about how hard it is for Lance and Shiro to work together as the leaders of Voltron?

Like Shiro and Keith worked so well together because they’ve been together way before Voltron (well I assume…IM LOOKING AT YOU DREAMWORKS) so they had a system that seamlessly worked into the roles their lions played but like…Lance and Shiro never had that? Lance had to get used to really working alongside Keith instead of just being his subordinate and that might be difficult for him to change with a new black paladin?? Idk I think Shiro still sees him as this kid who worships him like a hero instead of the matured pilot that he’s becoming so I kinda want to see them clash a little in the next season?????? Haha or this could just be me

I wonder how much of that classic sense of, “I can have high expectations for how other people are treated, but view myself as trash,” comes from getting a lot of one’s basic lessons in love and empathy from books instead of peers

Like, I had almost no friends as a child, so I sat alone at recess, not playing with other children or being treated as worthwhile or interesting. The part of my brain that was supposed to encode my own personal experiences of being loved and treated well grew cobwebs while I was around other kids. So I brought library books out onto the playground with me.

Books saved me—books taught me that there were worthwhile friendships out there, and what they were like. I could tell when the characters deserved better. Books were like an author bottling up love and attention for me so I could open it up when I needed it. So I was kept entertained and learned what they looked like for other people.

But that didn’t change my own circumstances. Reading about someone being comforted when they were sad was very different than feeling someone else’s arms around me when I was crying. No matter how fiercely I wanted my life to be like the books I read, it wasn’t.

So I learned: There is a reality of love and care for other people, and there is a reality of loneliness and sorrow for me.

So no wonder I had a double standard for a lot of things in my life. My education in love was strictly bifurcated, and the important dividing line was whether a scenario included me, personally.

If true, this has all kinds of implications when it comes to treating the lonely love-starved bookworm, so I wonder.

an excellent and miniature girl

literally as we speak my brother and my sister-in-law are having their first baby, as we speak the person who flicks water at me out of his cup with a straw at every restaurant, no matter how fancy, is becoming a father, responsible for a tiny person’s upbringing. like what the fuck. 

(also as we speak I am becoming the glamorous nyc-based lesbian aunt we all wanted as children)


honestly that whole reddit thread with parents saying they never wanted their kids reminds me of that time when autism speaks was making that movie and they interviewed an autism mom and she said that she considered driving off of a bridge with her autistic daughter in it while the daughter was in the room

people are disgusting


#Marcos number one priority #his magnetic powerful soulmate (✿◠‿◠)


Abuse is when

You apologize for something but someone is still doing the exact same thing to you just to piss you off and when you complain about it they say “that’s how I felt!!!” As if you didn’t already apologize

Why can’t black girls have a happy teen movie for once? Something bad always happens whether it be depression, teen pregnancy, death, fighting, bullying, drug abuse, or heartbreak in the worst way. Teen black girl movies are always traumatizing.

When are we gonna get a Clueless, Bring it On, Mean Girls, High School Musical, Wild Child type movie where we are the main character? This goes for other girls of color too.

I’m Here to Stay

Summary: Before he could say anything else, you gave him a full slap on the face.
“That’s for leaving.” You affirmed in anger.
Surprising him, you pulled him into a kiss, the first you’d shared in the longest time.
Steve pulled you tightly by your waist, almost fusing you two with the force of his grip.
“And I guess this is for coming back.” He muttered after you pulled away to breathe.
“Don’t ever, ever, leave again.”
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader
Other Characters: Sebastian Rogers (OC), Steven Rogers Jr (OC), Peter Parker, Victory (Dog)
Warnings: Parent Steve Rogers, Angst, fluff, Civil War is over, Rogers Family. Gif is from google.

Mrs Captain - Masterlist

“I’ll take good care of them, Mrs Captain,” Peter affirmed, and you chuckled at the nickname he had given you.

“Be careful.” You reminded the teen. “She can be really strong and drag you around. And give them both water, it is hot outside.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Parker nodded, blushing when you kissed his cheek before kissing your son’s forehead and petting Victory.

“Bye, mummy,” Sebastian said with a smile, waving goodbye as he left, holding Peter’s had tightly.

“Have fun.” You said back. “Lunch will be ready when you’re back.”

When they left, you walked back into the kitchen you shared with the rest of the team. After his aunt found out he was Spiderman, Peter spent most of his weekends in the compound and your older son had developed a very clear crush on him and followed him around all the time like a puppy.

You were in a very cheerful mood, even humming a song while putting dinner in the oven and preparing Steven’s formula. At least until you saw a figure in his room through the security camera.

You had never teleported so fast into a place so quickly and the stranger didn’t have any time to step closer to your baby’s crib before you slammed them against the wall with your powers.

“Oh damn.” The voice you knew too well exclaimed in a sound of pain. “I missed how fast and strong you can be.”

You stared at the man a few steps from you with wide eyes.


Pressed against the wall and looking a mixture of happy, in pain and terrified, your husband smiled.

“Hey, Y/N.”

You released him quickly and he walked to your direction with a huge smile on his face.

With a full beard and long hair, Steve looked much older than even in front of you and you didn’t know if you could cry or laugh in happiness.

“Are you real?” You whispered, feeling tears falling from your eyes as you reached out to touch his face.

“As real as I can get.”

Before he could say anything else, you gave him a full slap on the face.

“That’s for leaving.” You affirmed in anger.

Surprising him, you pulled him into a kiss, the first you’d shared in the longest time.

Steve pulled you tightly by your waist, almost fusing you two with the force of his grip.

“And I guess this is for coming back.” He muttered after you pulled away to breathe.

“Don’t ever, ever, leave again.” You slapped his chest.

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The last one blooming, Chapter 7

TITLE: The last one blooming


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that there is an omegaverse where Alphas and omegas can only bond with their true mate. Loki is an Alpha and he one day meets his omega. But she is a young Midgardian child, who is terrified of Alphas. So he has to work hard to gain her trust, to allow the bond to grow between the two.


After sharing their past with one another, Loki and Rose felt closer than before.

Rose felt better after telling someone about what happened to her on Midgard. It had been difficult, but she was happier for it. She still couldn’t quite understand what the draw to Loki was. Why she felt safe and happy around him. But the fact that she was now safe and happy, was the main thing.

She still wouldn’t venture out of her chambers unless she was with Loki. Frigga attempted to take her for a walk in the gardens one afternoon, but Rose refused to leave. Until Loki turned up that was, then he got her outside for a while.

After spending more time around Volstagg, Loki took Rose along for dinner one evening. To join Odin, Frigga, Thor, Sif and the warriors three.

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