Oh my god I just remembered that Beauty and the Beast (the original story) is in the public domain which means I can 100% absolutely write and publish a (short) story I’ve always wanted to write wherein the merchant (Belle’s father) goes to the castle and he sees this young adult whose parents are dead and who was manipulated/cursed by a fairy and he’s just like, “Ah yes, you’re my child now.” and Beast keeps him as his prisoner but Beast is the one who feels imprisoned because he suddenly has to abide by all of these rules because this guy is just fathering the crap out of him and it’s the merchant’s paternal love that eventually breaks the curse. I can call it Wild Child. If anyone needs me, I’m going to abandon my responsibilities for the next few hours to drink peppermint tea and write this.

I didn’t like the Cursed Child. the fact that Harry’s scar hurt and could speak to snakes again without being a horcrux; and how Delphi is Voldemort and Bellatrix'a child when in the seventh book no mention of her even being pregnant when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were captured and taken to the Malfoy Manor; it didn’t make any sense. The whole thing just felt really forced.

Walburga Black went to Hogwarts the same time as Tom Riddle, was in the same house as Tom Riddle, was frequently said to not only be a horrid woman but to completely and utterly worship the Dark Arts, and had two sons whose entire existence pretty much revolved around them not knowing who they were, trying to be someone that they weren’t, and ultimately growing to despise Voldemort…

…and yet somehow the people who wrote The Cursed Child didn’t think that Sirius Orion Black and/or Regulus Arcturus Black were the perfect candidates for a story about a woman who bore Voldemort’s son.

I mean I just…how do you miss an opportunity so perfect?

First of all, you would set the story in the Marauders era, which, I mean, yes.

And second of all, either brother you choose would give you so much potential for a story.

You would either have Sirius who has spent his entire life running away from his family and their love of the dark arts only to have it be revealed that his very blood is dark because he’s the son of the darkest wizard of all time.

Or you would have Regulus who has spent his entire life trying to please his family and boy doesn’t that just become a bit more stressful when it turns out that his father is the darkest wizard of all time.

Think of the drama, think of the story, think of the potential.

But you didn’t, did you? You didn’t think. Instead we got Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and a trolley witch who throws pumpkin pasty grenades.

Okay so not only was there a second nose boop given by Albus as he said “Rose hates you” (side note Anthony over stepped when he did the twirl on the stairs and ended up in an almost splits lunge up the stairs which was hilarious though probably uncomfortable)

BUT In the fight scene as Harry is asking Ginny if Albus is alright, Scorpius (while they are both still crouching on the floor) hugged Albus from behind and pressed his face into his back.

And now just for an opinion, after the last hug on the stairs when Scorpius is flustered about “the new version of us in my head” Albus leaned in really close and smirked to say “Better ask Rose..” And Scorpius got very high pitched when he said his next line. The flirty-est I’ve seen it.


So I finally made a child unit. Yay~! *sends flower showers on her daughter’s way*

Her name is Mina (mee-nah)~ It means something like ‘precious life’ in Korean. I wanted to name her in Korean since Kai named Hua in her own language too!
(Also Mina is the localized name for Sailor Venus…my favorite sailor scout. Thought it’s fitting!)

Mina is a cheerful troubadour. She’s not that good with tricks yet so she might accidentally fly doves everywhere or throw flowers at you or set fire on your tent……but…she means well.

She knows about what happened to her tribe (though not all, Liefe wouldn’t tell her in full detail) and that her mom’s been through a lot. A part of the reasons she wants to be a magical girl is to protect Liefe and their loved ones.

As written above, she dyes her hair pink with magic. The tip of her hair is always gonna be black like Liefe’s! She wants to celebrate her roots just like her mom does in her own way~

Aaaa I’m already getting attached to my daughterling…even more so than to my own Fatesona…

I doodled some other child units in her info sheet…though very tiny ;v;
Childsonas borrowed: Hua @krazehkai​ Vincent @belowtheraedar​ Allen @tacticianwinter ! (I couldn’t tag Winter ;_;) Hope it was okay!!

Please watch over my daughterling with kind eyes~*(´ω`)*;;

EDIT: Boon: Magic / Bane: Skill? I’m not sure yet but I feel like I should include some sort of stats info here.

Being Draco's twin and dating Harry would include

Request- Could you make a would imagine for dating Harry and being Dracos twin sister? Btw I love ur name!

Why thank you! Enjoy! -Madi💕

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•You and Harry would obviously keep it a secret

•But only because you didn’t want Draco to try and keep the two of you apart because the both of you knew you were in love

•"We have to tell him eventually Harry. It’s killing me that I’m keeping this from him.“

•"I know sweetheart, we’ll figure out a way to tell him soon.”

•Seeing each other only at night since Draco was with you all the time during the day

•Harry no longer tries to fight with him

•Which just annoys Draco and it becomes the only thing that he talks about with you

•Which makes you become annoyed and aggravated until the point that you burst into tears

•this just makes him realize what’s all going on

•"Bloody hell, you like the git don’t you?“

•"I don’t just like him Draco…”

•you confess that you’re dating and that you’ve been dating for a while which ends in the two of you getting into the biggest fight you’ve ever been in

•"I really love him Draco. Why can’t you see that?“

•"You’re going to get hurt and I’m not going to stand by and watch. You’re a bloody idiot to stay with him with all the trouble that follows him.”

•not talking to Draco for a week or two

•Harry comforting you every second and not leaving your side

•your relationship would no longer be a secret at this point

•everyone would totally ship it

•but everyone would also see the tension between you and Draco

•After a few more days that seemed to drag on endlessly, Draco would finally talk to you again and apologize

•he would still be hesitant about the whole thing but he would tell you how he supports you and wants you happy

•"I’m not going to lose my favorite sister over some boy..“

•"I’m your only sister you loser.”

•you would force the three of your to go out to Hogsmeade together

•Which always made them fight over stupid things

•which resulted in you not talking to either of them at the end of the night

•okay, you and Harry would be getting down in your dorm

•and Draco would totally barge in to talk to you and catch the both of you



•he would totally sit the both of you down and give you the sex talk

•'because you’re his baby sister and he’s just trying to be a good and protective brother’

•"Draco, we’re twins. That makes you only four minutes older than me.“

•even though he hated it at first, Draco would end up seeing how much you love each other and he would fully support you

•"I love you Harry. I really do.”

•"I love y-“


Domestic Scorbus Headcanons

Because I have a massive amount of time to kill and a lot of Scorbus thoughts buzzing around in my head right now, here are some domestic Scorbus headcanons:

-They get their first flat in the (obviously expensive) heart of London, which was to the irritation of Harry and Ginny because, “You can’t keep funding their lives for them, Draco. They have to take on this responsibility themselves at some point.” But, “If my son is going to be completing his studies and training such long hours at St. Mungo’s, you can bet I’m going to make sure he has the very best accommodations, Potters.” 

-Because, yes, Scorpius becomes a Healer. Fight me. 

-Harry and Ginny agree, but it’s only until Scorpius finishes his training and Albus , then they have to start paying their own rent. And they also only agree if they get to furnish the apartment because, “We’ve seen the way you decorate, Draco, and the boys do not need that much leather. No one does.” 

-The flat is in a Muggle building so obviously it comes with all the typical Muggle appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, etc. 

-Can we talk about Draco Malfoy going flat hunting and having actual conversations with actual Muggle landlords, please?

-This also begs the question, are there all-wizard apartment complexes in places with high wizarding populations like London? Probably would only be a handful of them, but they would be wild. I’m picturing Hogwarts but mostly full of (fairly young) adult witches and wizards who need somewhere temporary because they’re in training or completing additional schooling. Something like wizarding residence halls. So yeah, wild.

-Anyways, even though they could theoretically use charms to do most of the cleaning, Scorpius insists that if they’re going to live in a Muggle flat in a Muggle building, surrounded by Muggles, then they should go the full distance and try to live like Muggles a bit to gain a better understanding and appreciation of their culture. 

-Albus successfully gathered all of his self-control and did not roll his eyes. Instead he unhappily agreed, in part because he’s pants at cleaning spells and knows it’d probably be more efficient to neglect the use of magic in this case. He still tried to point out how much extra work it would be for them without magic, but Scorpius insisted it would be fine if they simply split the tasks evenly between themselves. 

-Scorpius definitely has a bit of a learning curve with all of the chores, owing to him growing up in the Manor, where cleaning was nearly always done by a house-elf or a spell. So there’re certainly a lot of rounds of teach-Scorpius-to-clean-like-a-Muggle, starting with Round One: “No Scorpius, that’s bleach. Do not put that in there.”

-Albus does the dishes. Loading and unloading the dishwasher was one of his chores growing up, so he was used to it and gladly claimed it when it came time to pick their tasks. 

-Scorpius also does the dishes. Again. After Albus has already done them. He comes back and rearranges the dishes into what he deems is “the most efficient layout.” Albus doesn’t realize it for a few weeks but when he finally does and calls Scorpius out on it, Scorpius tried to deny it but immediately crumbles when Albus quirks a knowing eyebrow at him. 

-After much arguing about the proper way to load a dishwasher (Albus: “This is how my dad has always done it!” and Scorpius: “But that doesn’t make any actual sense!”), Scorpius’s vacuuming patterns in the carpet get brought up and he quickly agrees it’s best to leave the other to their preferred methods of their chores. Albus: “You seem to like at least some of my preferred methods, though, don’t you, Scorpius?”

-So Scorpius does the vacuuming. He’s very particular about cleaning it out frequently, so when it suddenly decides to quit working he takes it upon himself to investigate. And that’s how Albus came home one evening to find Scorpius in the living room amid a pile of plastic panels, tubes, and wheels, all (including Scorpius) coated in a thick layer of dust. 

-”I’ll grab us some butterbeers. This doesn’t look like a short project.” The rest of the evening found them sat on the floor picking apart and putting back together the vacuum using the vague memory Scorpius had of it when he took it apart the first time. As the night wore on and the vacuum remained in parts, their slight intoxication made their repeated and continuous failures more tolerable. But when they finally pieced it together properly and tested it out and it actually worked, Albus celebrated their triumph with a giggle-punctuated kiss that easily lead to a lot of rolling around on the previously dust-covered carpet and a now fully functional yet very much forgotten vacuum lying feet away.

-Albus does not do the laundry. Nope. Not after the Great Laundry Detergent Incident of 2024. 

-Which is okay because Scorpius loves to fold clothes anyways. It’s sort of relaxing to him. And Albus likes watching him oh-so-carefully line up the hems and make precise creases with his highly methodical movements.

-Scorpius does the dusting because Albus insists he has allergies to the dust. Really it’s because Albus knows he can’t reach the top of the mantlepiece. Not that watching Scorpius stretch to reach the top of the highest shelves is a bad thing either. Why are these boys always watching each other instead of doing their own chores?

-Albus sets the dining table. This particular task used to be on Scorpius’s list but was quickly put under Albus’s control once he realized the Malfoy interpretation of setting the table was going to involve more than three pieces of each kind of silverware and origami napkins, which Scorpius 100% knows how to do. Swans, dragons, doves; if you can name it, he’ll work out how to fold it.

-Albus makes their bed. This is entirely because he’s nearly always the last one out of it. It’s not that he sleeps particularly late, it’s just that Scorpius rises particularly early. But this is okay because it gives them lengthy mornings before they leave for the day to talk and savor breakfast. (Hello, yes, um we are skipping breakfast/cooking-related headcanons today because they warrant their own separate post.) 

-THEY BOTH RAKE THE LEAVES. I don’t know why there are leaves to rake if they live in a flat in London. But there are. Maybe they’re just being their usual cinnamon roll-selves and kindly raking the leaves outside the building for the elderly owner. Okay no, they rake the leaves for Mrs Weasley at the Burrow, okay? Does that work? Does that allow them to be in a leafy situation yet?

-Anyways. Both of them, yes. They each take their respective sides of the lawn and have a competitive-as-fuck friendly leaf-raking competition. The loser has to bag the leaves they decide. 

-Scorpius never stood a chance. 

-He spends entirely too much time trying to get every. single. leaf. because “every leaf matters and I couldn’t just leave it there without the others!” Okay, Scorpius, okay.

-Anyways Albus finishes his side and looks at Scorpius’s and busts up laughing because this his sweet boy is actually stopping to bend over and pick up every bit of leaf on the ground and Albus’s heart is absolutely melting. He gives Scorpius the goofiest grin and tells him proudly that he won. Scorpius acknowledges the victory and goes to shake Albus’s hand, but Albus grabs him by the forearm and pulls him down on top of him, the both of them landing in Albus’s enormous leaf pile. They’re still giggling like mad when they get to their feet again ten minutes of leaf-pile snogging later. 

-In fact, Albus barely has time to utter the first syllable of his protest when Scorpius has picked him up and thrown him high into the air over their mountain of leaves. And so begins the alternating game of chase, tackle, scoop, and throw that repeats endlessly, until the pile is more of a flattened smattering of leaves. 

-Alright that’s the last one for now because I need to end somewhere.

-Domestic headcanons are my fav <3