welcome to petsite party!

we’re a small discord community based around petsites: chicken smoothie, furvilla, flight rising, pokefarm, and many more! anyone 13+ is welcome to join. send us an ask for the join link!

the only rules are no bigotry, hateful language, or slurs, and no nsfw content in the server. other than that, come on in, make new friends, and have fun!

in honor of our official launch, petsite party and its mods are giving away a canon pokemon url: stufful. you don’t have to join the server to have a chance to win, but if you do, you will get one extra entry into the g!veaway! only one reblog per person, likes don’t count, and no g!veaway blogs. this give away is for those without a canon pokemon url already! edit: the giveaway ends on june 8th!

- as a final note: the mods of this discord and the hosts of the g!veaway are in no way affiliated with the former owner of the stufful url. our server is completely separate and we do not condone or tolerate any sort of abuse!