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do u think mari from nge is a cool cat

It’s funny you ask this bc I think mari is my least favorite eva pilot! I mean she’s not terrible but I was never crazy about her! She’s just kinda there lol

A pair of really old lovebirds

I’ve been reading a lot of old!mchanzo fics lately so I’m gonna try my hand at it.

Characters don’t belong to me they belong to Blizzard Entertainment!


It had been about twelve years some Hanzo and Jesse had retired from being heroes and settled down together. Since they were getting older they couldn’t exactly keep up with the younger agents so they hung up their bows and revolvers.

Now they had a small house with a garden where they grew vegetables and Jesse kept chickens for eggs. They were just relaxing in the shade under the apple tree in some deck chairs. Jesse snoozing away with his glasses on top of his head, gold glinting in his grey hair.

Hanzo was still reading his book, occasionally pushing stray locks of silver hair out of his face. Since he had retired and has now forgiven himself he had let his hair grow long again, it reaching just below his shoulder blades, and as always, Jesse loved playing with it.

The day was beautiful, Sun high in the sky, the branches of trees creating intricate shadows on the ground. Smell of freshly cut grass on their lawn, much to the dismay of Jesse’s allergies. “M'eyes are leakin’ like a faucet whenever I go out there.” He had said. Hanzo wondered whether that bothered him in his sleep.

Hanzo vanished the silly thought, of course not his eyes weren’t open for the pollen to irritate them. Birdsong chartered in the tree above him and it reminded him of the morning after they got married. They woke up in their honeymoon hotel to the birds in the trees. That was singlehandedly the best day of his life, marrying the man who stole his heart with a wink.

He would have never admitted it back then, that he was smitten with Jesse at first sight. When he was still working out his emotions after finding out Genji was alive and then joining Overwatch and all the new and unfamiliar people that Genji had introduced him to soon enough.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about sweetpea?” Jesse asked, gazing at him with adoration and pure love in his eyes.

“Joys of how much I love you.”

I believe it was mentioned in Mystreet: Emerald Secret that Blaze and Aaron eventually dethroned Ein in high school. So here, have some art of the dynamic duo.

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Characters belong to @aphmau

Art belongs to me

A Day at the Beach

This is a Nanbaka fanfic - The manga/anime and all the characters doesn’t belong to me.

A/N: I only planned to make a short fic based on this super cute headcanon from @xxfrenzyxx6200 but then it escalated somehow and now we have a Nanbaka beach-fanfic. Well I still hope you all enjoy reading it even when it’s pretty long. I decided to build some Honey & Jyugo friendship in because I simply love the thought of them being friends. The details for this fic are from the Nanbaka beach chapter aaaand a big thanks @xxfrenzyxx6200 again for giving me this cute idea.

Summary: Cell 13 and cell 3 spend some time at the Nanba-Beach. Much messing and playing around, Uno’s being devious like usual and some Honey and Jyugo bonding.
Warning: This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling

Word Count:


“Jyugo, catch!”


“Not with your face lol.”

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Another Fanart of @myetie‘s MM OCs

Will stop nao..I always feel bad drawing fanarts..idk ahaha…but they are just too awesome not to draw  qwq

Actually didn’t want to Upload it as I only wanted to try out something with my Cell Shading Eye coloring Style..but the Picture grew and grew and I added other OCs from Myetie and well…THIS HAPPENED…Still prefer this Style of mine over the previous one I posted of Yoonri ; u ; But aaah…Wanted to include the other Kids too but I got impatient ORZ

omg I drew this while listening to “oniisan motto ganbatte” the whole time -NON STOP - ahaha

Suki suki su-kissu shiou ze~

They are NO official Mystic Messenger Characters
The AU Characters belongs to @myetie

It’s a mere Fanart from me


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Well, I finally finish the first panel, here have the TH!POTH moment =w=. I feel relief now I finished the first panel. I can’t finish the 2nd one yet, It will take me forever.

TH Characters belong to me

Goth belong to @nekophy

Palette belong to @angexci


If there is one thing Boyang unequivocally and undeniably smokes the rest of the competition in, it’s his banquet suit and fashion game 👀🔥🔥🔥 (sources: X, X, X)


Killing Stalking: Q & A Panel

KS actor AU is bloomin’ brilliant. I’m sorry there are so many mistakes in this, my hand is done DONE \(〇_o)/   

All characters and disturbing plot lines belong to Koogi.

So here’s an email I just sent to Marvel, in case you’re interested

To the editors of Marvel Comics:

Many of the letters in your letters pages begin with the writer’s long history of reading comics as evidence that you should care about their opinion and want to keep them as a customer. While I may be relatively new to comics, I think I’m a pretty desirable customer. Not only do I have disposable income and a willingness to spend money on physical books in a brick-and-mortar comic shop, but I’m also a teacher and librarian with the power to get your books in the hands of the next generation.

Until recently, I was thrilled to do just that. I teach at a school that serves a very diverse population and I wanted to expose my students to heroes who look like them. I bought them Miles Morales, Sam Wilson, Ms. Marvel, Silk, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, various team books, and more. I did this not with the school’s budget, but with my own money (and I of course took the opportunity to read them myself first).

For myself (although I also share most of them with students), I have every issue of Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!, The Mighty Thor, Mockingbird, Storm, and most of the recent Black Widow and Captain Marvel runs. I’ve been eagerly awaiting Nick Fury and America, and was not disappointed by their #1s. I’ve loved so much of what Marvel has given me over the past few years; I got to see parts of myself and the people I love in these books, parts that I don’t always get to see in popular media.

But none of the above were the characters that got me into comics; that honor belongs to Steve Rogers. I fell in love with him in the movies, with his steadfastness and his sense of justice and his belief in doing the right thing and protecting individuals. I went back and read Brubaker’s Winter Soldier arc, but was too intimidated by the vastness of the Marvel universe to read many of the books he was currently appearing in when I first started reading comics.

And then I found out he was being restored to his young self and getting a new series. I was ECSTATIC. I couldn’t wait to get it and see what new adventures this amazing character would go on. When I found out about the twist at the end of #1, I was upset, but everyone assured me that this is comics - it’ll be mind control or a decoy or some other trick. Soon everything would be back to normal. But as I realized how committed everyone at Marvel was to the reality of Steve-the-Hydra-Agent, I also realized that this was a book that didn’t want me as a reader. This version of Steve Rogers seemed to have nothing in common with the Steve Rogers I had fallen in love with. As a queer woman with Jewish ancestry, I felt like my concerns were dismissed and that I was unwelcome. 

So I didn’t buy the book. I kept my other subscriptions and continued to enjoy them, all the while waiting for the trick-behind-the-trick that everyone else seemed sure would come. And then Secret Empire began.
I don’t know if I can put into words how it felt to find out that according to this new story, Steve Rogers has never been a hero at all. The closest I can get is that it was a punch in the gut, although I feel the cliche fails to accurately convey the strength of my response.

Stories matter. Heroes matter. And in a world that feels full of pain and fear and darkness, stories and heroes matter even more. The people I love are living with a lot of fear right now - fear of deportation, fear of losing access to health care, fear of being attacked for who they love or the color of their skin - and so am I. We need heroes who can remind us of why we fight, why we resist, why we rise above, why we plant ourselves like a tree and say “no, you move.”

Steve Rogers used to be that hero for me and for many others. To take a hero like Steve Rogers and destroy everything that made him who he was, everything that he was created to be…I don’t know why that is a story that Marvel wants to tell right now. Or ever. It is incomprehensible to me.

And it leaves me torn. I have asked my shop to not pull any books related to Secret Empire for me, and a part of me wants to firmly declare that Marvel will never see another cent of my money at all. The other part of me remembers how much I have loved and appreciated my other experiences as a Marvel fan, the encouragement that your characters and stories have given me, the ways they’ve made me laugh and given me something to look forward to, a bright spot in the middle of the week.

I don’t know if I will keep buying Marvel comics. I want to, but I’m not sure you want me to. Right now, it seems like I’m the type of customer that you don’t want at all - the customer who values the diversity you’ve blamed for the sales slump and who wants her good guys to be good, even when it’s hard.

Hoping to remain a fan,
Rachel A. 

I missed drawing comics.. so have this while I try to figure out how to start a new comic for the mountain trip idea, eheh-

Just some mini sketches/comic about Pudding and his one melted hand problems with others.. So it shows Jelly isn’t comfortable with his..”pudding” while Muffin is already used to it all.. And finally Cupcake- has a new excuse to reject Pudding from kissing him anymore xd

All the characters belongs to me..

Original Fell!Palette and Palette - Angexci​, original Fell!Goth and Goth - Nekophy

coming together!

Hello, you might not know me, but i’m one of your many fans. If you see this please do not click away. I’ve drawn this because you inspire me to keep on going even if I don’t know you personally. I can only wish to be half as good as any of you! I may come over as an ordinary fan trying to get your attention, but that isn’t it. I’m just an normal girl with a wish. That wish is to once be noticed by someone I look up to… so please if you see this let me know, it would make me so happy to see that my wish came true. 

The base doesn’t belong to me, but I’ve drawn the characters.













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