I started this a while ago but never got around to finish it properly.

Also instead of being this cold grumpy Hanzo I rather believe that he would be Supportive of his little brother.
Since it is his little brother after all and it’s fun with dyed hair

((Grönt är skööönt))

A commission for @reader115 featuring Leo and Raph from their amazing RaphLeo fic ‘Fog Catchers’. Ahhhh, I am in love with that fic!

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Or click here to read the sequel! <3 <3

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A LeoRaph commission for @xxnerdfighterxx, as a promo for their amazingly well-written fanfic ‘Words Unspoken Are Better Left Unsaid’.

It’s a definite favourite of mine, featuring realistic pacing, a great grasp of the characters and a whole lot of glorious fluff. <3 It’s still a work in progress, but if you’re into the ship I highly recommend it.

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