my favourite podcasts: welcome to night vale

and now, a continuation of our previous investigation into whether I am literally the only person in the world, speaking to myself in a fit of madness caused by my inability to admit the tragedy of my own existence. leland, our newest intern, recently brought me a cup of coffee. he is no longer in my field of vision, but I do still have the cup of coffee, which is well made and is giving me the needed pick me up to continue considering this terrifying possibility. is it possible that I only imagined leland and forgot making myself this cup of coffee? but then, who would have grown this coffee? where was this cup procured from? oh. leland’s back in the room. he’s waving at me. hello leland.

  • Kevin: I know that your hearts must be bursting with joy right now!
  • Lauren: And nothing makes us happier than BURSTING HEARTS!
  • *both giggle*
  • Kevin: Boom!
  • Lauren: There it goes-
  • *both giggle*

He’s a merman!

again, @chilicheeseflake and I found a RP game on roblox where you could become a mermaid, and I couldn’t resist drawing what Dan as a mermaid! (as my character in roblox is always him lol)