love’s got a hold on me (m)

summary: taeyong just doesn’t how to quit while he’s ahead.

relationship: taeyong x reader

words: 1,976

warnings: shame(ful)less smut. sub!taeyong, teasing, orgasm denial.

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a/n: this started out as a conversation and just dwindled into this mess.

Taeyong was good, more often than not. He was sweet beyond compare, thoughtful even at the expense of his own comfort. He was wonderful, and you were certain that no one could replace him even if they dared. He was your boyfriend, and he was willing to please no matter what, no matter when, no matter where. But maybe it was just something in the air, or maybe one of the boys had said something to him that riled his ego, but whatever it had been, he was steadily facing the consequences. Such consequences were torture, the kind he so enjoyed.

“Such a bad boy, you’ve been acting up all day.”

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Carry On

Request: BTS Suga with 8, please <3

8) “Put your pants on.”

Member: BTS Suga x Y/N x (ft. 95line)

Type: fluff/slight smut

“You’re going down,” you hissed, as Yoongi began rolling the dice in his hands. Your eyes narrowed as you stared at his intense face as he dropped the die one by one onto the game board. 

His eyes followed the small cubes as they landed, squinting as they slowly came to a stop. Where a cocky expression had been sitting before, his face soon fell into something resembling disbelief. 

“This is…the third time…I’ve landed on Park Place,” Yoongi spat, his closed fists beginning to shake. 

“And you know what that means…” you whispered, wiggling your eyebrows. “Pay up.”

“This is a stupid game,” he grumbled, launching to his feet and unbuckling his belt. He slid it from around his waist and let it drop to the floor with a clink. 

“That hardly counts as an item of clothing,” you chuckled, eying the belt lazily. 

“I hate you,” Yoongi whispered, sliding off his jacket and letting it drop to the floor around him. He shivered as the air hit his bare arms and he sat down again. 

“Is that technically an item of clothing? I thought we were playing off of the premise of-” you began, but a death glare from Yoongi immediately halted your words. “Alright, alright, it counts…jees.”

You looked over to the windows shedding a dull light into the living room. Rain fell heavy against the panes, an occasional wind whistling past the glass. On a day much like today, you had discovered the game of strip Monopoly, 95line heading up the initiative as per usual. Yoongi hadn’t played last time, which made it an easy sell for him today, considering he had no idea the specifics until it was too late. He wasn’t one to quit, even if he was going to end up half naked. 

“It’s your turn,” Yoongi pouted, crossing his now bare arms and staring at you. 

“You sure you don’t want to go again?” you giggled. “Get your inevitable suffering over as quickly as possible?”

“I don’t know if I said this loud enough earlier,” Yoongi mumbled. “But I hate you.”

“Hate is a strong word,” you nodded, picking up the die and shaking them in your closed hands. “What you mean to say is you envy my tactical skill and ability to talk you into promiscuous situations.”

“Nope, I meant to say I hate you,” he nodded, furrowing his brows. 

You grinned as you dropped the dice, completely at ease with the situation before you. Yoongi possessed a few railroads and the electric company, but most of his properties were trash. 

“Ah-ha!” he gasped, launching his fist into the air. 

“…Baltic Avenue?” you whispered, lifting a brow. “Yoongi, why are-”

“You owe me…one sock!” he exclaimed, a proud smile on his face. 

“Well who am I to deprive a man of his sock,” you hummed, yanking the piece of clothing off. “Your turn.”

Yoongi grabbed at the dice, giving them a happy shake as he looked down at the board. Not many people were aware, but Yoongi teetered on the side of optimism during most boardgames. He was an advocate for the underdog and was convinced he could come from behind. 

“Two,” he nodded, moving his small scotty dog accordingly. “Boardwalk? Is this real life right now?”

“Oh, it is definitely real life,” you cackled, rubbing your hands together. “You owe me pants.” 

“No, I refuse. The dice are rigged,” he said, shaking his head. 

“What? With tiny weights? You think that much of my cheating prowess?” you gasped, now your turn to shake your head. “Pants.”

Yoongi groaned as he pulled himself to his feet again. He bit his lip, avoiding eye contact as he unbuttoned his jeans. 

“You have so many holes in those things, frankly it’s like you’re only wearing half pants as it is,” you chuckled. 

“Half pants?” he croaked, raising his eyebrows. “Surely you mean shorts?”

“No, I mean half pants,” you nodded with a grin. “Unlike the full pants, which now belong to me because your rent is due.”

“I’ve never hated Monopoly more than I do in this moment,” Yoongi hissed, closing his eyes as he slid the zipper down and began to shimmy the denim down his thighs. You blinked, attempting to not let the appearance of Yoongi’s pale skin catch you off guard. His pants fell to the hard wood floor with a plop and he winced as he kicked them away. 

“Yoongi,” you whispered, incapable of a functioning thought. 

“If you don’t roll immediately, I am rage quitting and flipping the board,” he grumbled, sitting back down. You nodded in silence, returned to the dice, and rolled quickly. 

“Nine,” you hummed, moving your thimble accordingly. 

“What are the chances,” Yoongi growled with a sadistic grin. “My electric company. Min electric, if you will. I believe that warrants a…t-shirt.”

You remained silent, blinking heavily as you attempted to think your way out of the situation. Yoongi had already caught on, clucking as he shook his head. 

“No, no, no thinking,” he smiled. “Just do.”

“Really is it worth a shirt?” you asked, tilting your head. “Isn’t it more like the opposite sock? Maybe a belt?”

“Do not make me come across this game board, Y/N,” Yoongi tested. You remained silent, trying to come up with another argument. He lifted his brows, uncrossed his arms, and lunged at you with open hands. 

“Yah!” you gasped as his half naked frame tackled you. “Yoongi! Get off!”

“You owe me a shirt!” he whined, straddling your hips. He tugged at the thin cotton covering your torso, only halting once your flesh was exposed. Upon seeing your skin, he inhaled sharply, his eyes gliding over your body. “Not to sound crude, but holy shit.”

“Yoongi,” you whispered, completely having given up the fight. You bit your lip as he continued to analyze you. A million thoughts were floating in your mind, growing more anxious and nervous as he continued to look. With hesitant hands he reached down, running his fingers down the smooth skin of your stomach. He sighed in contentment before looking up at you again. 

“Can I?” he said shortly. 

You weren’t exactly sure what he was asking permission for, but you were going to grant it anyway. 

You nodded shortly, watching curiously as he leaned down, placing his lips on the skin just below your collar bone. He didn’t waste any time, sliding his mouth down the middle of your torso, peppering your body with small kisses and bites, leaving tiny marks of red and purple in his wake. 

“Yoongi,” you hissed, your hands reaching up to dive deep into his hair. You pulled lightly, causing him to growl against your body, sending vibrations along your skin. 

“Y/N,” he whispered back, his face traveling back up to hover over yours. A small smirk found his lips as he glanced at you, looking away before he spoke again. “I guess monopoly isn’t all that bad.”

“Oh dear god, in the living room?” a deep voice gasped, springing you from your intimacy. Yoongi sat up immediately, looking over his shoulder at the two younger members who had appeared. He instinctively tugged your t-shirt back down, covering up your exposed body from their sight. Taehyung’s jaw was nearly on the floor and JImin’s cheeks were flushed a bright red. 

“Put your pants on,” JImin said quietly. “And I would just like to note, I am mildly offended that we were not invited to this.”

“We introduced you to strip monopoly and this is how you repay us?” Taehyung said, visibly irritated. “Also, nice ducks hyung.”

You looked down, realizing for the first time that Yoongi’s boxer briefs were covered in a pattern that featured tiny rubber ducks. You giggled, patting his stomach lightly from your position on the floor. He grinned at your giggles, rolling off of you and plopping beside you, letting a chuckle out as well. 

“Sooo, should we take off our shirts and carry on from there?” Jimin asked, lifting a brow. 

“Or you can go back to your rooms,” Yoongi smirked, looking back at you. “And we can carry on from here.” 

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Sweet Dreams (Request)

For the lovely girl who requested this Taemin smut with no swearing. I hope this is something like what you wanted :3 

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“Mmm Taemin that feels good…yeah I like that…Oh! Right there.” 

You unknowingly mumbled in your sleep, dreaming of a romantic love making session with Taemin on the very bed you were sleeping in. In your dream, your boyfriend was kissing your neck slowly, letting his hot breath melt your senses as his fingers slipped under your panties and began to rub softly at your clit. Taemin’s eyes fluttered open at the feel of something rubbing against his leg and his name being moaned. A crease formed above his eyebrows, making a confused face at you whilst you gasped, rubbing your crotch against his leg. When he realized you were having a wet dream about him, he thought it was adorable and arousing; he pondered about what he was doing in your sleep. 


 He said quietly, gently tracing his fingertips up your arm. 

“Yes Taemin. Touch me.”

 You babbled, still lost in your dream, gyrating your hips upon him. 


 He affectionately ran his fingers through your hair, finally waking you. It suddenly hit you that you felt incredibly aroused and your crotch was pressed against Taemin’s leg; you’d never been so embarrassed in your life. You were thankful that it was pitch black in the room because your cheeks were a bright red shade. Taemin laughed deeply before running his hand sensually up your thigh, making your spine tingle. 

“Enjoying yourself jagi?”

 He teased. You could see his cocky smirk in the darkness. Playfully, you hit his arm. 


 You covered your eyes, not able to believe that you’d just humped your boyfriends leg and it even felt wet where you’d leaked your juices. Showing your embarrassment to him, Taemin turned the lamp on; he couldn’t help grinning when he saw how rosy your cheeks were. 

“Turn it off!”

 You complained, trying to hide your face with your arms. 

To your surprise, Taemin climbed on top of you, grabbed your arms and pinned them down by your side. Gazing in to his lustful eyes didn’t help your burning desire to have him inside you, owning all your senses. 

“Need any help baby?”

 He said seductively and he didn’t even give you a chance to reply. Taemin claimed your lips with his and they felt so good, so soft and dreamy. You let yourself go in to the deep kiss, putting your heart in to it, ruffling his blond hair with your fingers and caressing his warm tongue with yours. His fingers slid under your body and went to unhook your bra, unleashing your breasts and bringing them to Taemin’s attention. Making you shiver in anticipation, Taemin broke the kiss and brought his face down to your breasts. First, he licked your nipple, making you gasp loudly, bringing a smirk to his face. When he took a nipple in his mouth and began to suck and nibble, you could help but squeal in pleasure; turned on to the core. 

“You like that jagi?”

 He asked, needing confirmation of his sexual talents. 

“Yes baby, don’t stop.”

 You whimpered, gripping on to his milky shoulders. He held your globes, pressing them together and taking each nipple in to his mouth, teasing you immensely. Taemin was making your clit pulse, desperately needing attention; you could barely take how sexually frustrated you were, panting and groaning like crazy. Taemin’s manhood was blocked off by boxer shorts; you could feel his hard erection nudging your crotch as he swirled his tongue expertly around your nipple, making them hard in his mouth and just like you did in your dream, you began gyrate your hips up against him, telling him what you wanted. His talented hands moved from your breasts and snaked down your stomach, giving you goose bumps. As he kissed your lips passionately, he slid your underwear down your legs, leaving you completely nude and submissive; under his spell. You stared at him, your chest heaving as he brought his fingers up to his mouth. His plump lips wrapped around his fingers, dampening them with his saliva before bringing them down to your already soaking pussy. You couldn’t believe the sensations that were going through your body, his fingers seemed to cast a magic spell on your clit, making you squirm under his body. With one hand, he yanked his boxer shorts down off his body whilst the other hand got busy with you. Two of his of thin fingers dived inside you, playing with your body like a puppet; he was your master. You couldn’t help yourself; you grabbed Taemin’s rock solid length, stroking it in rhythm with his fingers playing with you. Your boyfriend groaned deeply, throwing his head back in indulgence. You used your saliva to help your hand move fast up and down his shaft and Taemin had to stop you before he came early. 

“Is this what you were dreaming about baby?”

 He still couldn’t help teasing you.


 You panted, desperate for him to fill you. 

“Did I make love to you in your dream?”

 He asked before leaning down to kiss your neck. His tongue caressed the tender skin of your neck, bringing you closer and closer to your breaking point. You shook your head no; fortunately, you got to have the real thing. Taemin chuckled, tickling your ear lobe. 

“Poor baby. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you Jagiya.”

 Suddenly, without warning, he surged in to you, making you cry out. You bit your bottom lip, feeling him stretch you with his thick manhood. Slick juices dribbled down your thighs, filling the air with the hot, sweet smell of sex. Not being able to handle the intense feeling of him, you dug your nails in to the flesh of his back but it only seemed to turn Taemin on more. He growled like a wolf, gritting his teeth together. You writhed your hips, your sweating body, meeting his hard, aggressive thrusts in to you. His deep eyes enslaved you whilst he bucked his hips. You cupped his perky butt cheeks, gripping them hard with your fingers and Taemin crushed his lips dominantly upon yours. Almost trembling with adrenaline shooting through your veins, you returned the kiss, hungrily playing with his tongue then biting gently on his luscious lower lip. An amazing orgasm was beginning to build inside of you; you could feel it merging in the pit of your stomach. 

“Oh baby, I’m close!”

 You cried out, wrapping your legs around Taemin’s back, causing his shaft to plunge even deeper inside of you.

 “Hold it baby, I’m almost there.”

 Taemin placed romantic kisses on your forehead before groaning, knowing he was about to cum.

 “Cum for me jagi, I want to feel you.”

 He encouraged and you felt your walls grip Taemin’s cock, milking him of his seed.

 “Agh! I’m going to cum!” 

He roared. Within seconds, he began to shoot inside of you, the warmth triggering your orgasm.


 You called out his name as the orgasm seemed to hit you over and over again like a crashing wave. It drained you of all of your energy but you didn’t care; all that mattered was you and Taemin, wrapped up in each other, panting hard yet smiling and feeling the awesome endorphins that came after sex. 

“Better than a dream?”

 Taemin questioned once his pulse had calmed down. He looked so cute in the dim light; his body had a slight glow for the sweat and his hair was perfectly messy. 

“Much better. Maybe I should dream about you more often.”

 Your comment made Taemin laugh and pull you closer. Gently, you rested your head on Taemin’s chest, listening to his melodic heartbeat.

 “You don’t need to dream jagi, I’m right here.”