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The real reason why both companies shouldn’t be in the same timeline

okay I have a question for anti-Otayuri people…

I’ve noticed that some of you ship Mila and Sara

Why is that ship okay, but Otayuri is not?

I know Mila is 18. But Sara is 22.

The girls have been skating competitively for years. I think it’s safe to say that they’ve probably known each other since before Mila was 18. Especially because they seem pretty close in the show. They’ve probably been friends for at least a few years, since Mila started skating in the senior division with Sara. Perhaps since Mila was 15/16 and Sara was 19/20.

Yall seem to have a problem with people aging up Otayuri. Or with them waiting for Yurio to turn 18. Like yall argue that Otabek would still be a predator for “waiting” because that would mean he had romantic/sexual intentions with Yurio from the start or something.

But Sara and Mila probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. Why is it okay to ship them just because Mila is 18 now? When they probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. So going by your logic, why is Sara not a predator as well for “waiting” for Mila to turn 18?

Like this is a legit question, I don’t understand your logic, please explain?


this one’s sorta based on my personal experience playing pyro. sometimes you get called useless, other times you get thanked by the engineer for helping them defend the last point.

New Girl Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1068

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: You can read part one here

“Uh sorry guys I gotta go, something came up.” Peter Parker rushed out his words, his eyes never leaving the screen of his phone. Michelle crosses her arms, leaning forward on the desk with a questioning look on her face. “Where do you go Parker? What are you hiding?” The boy seems taken aback by her question, his jaw dropping slightly as he tries to think of an answer that didn’t sound fake. Luckily he didn’t have to explain himself as Michelle relaxed from her interrogation, letting out a snort at Peter’s reaction. “Just kidding, I don’t care.”

Releasing a sigh the boy quickly grabbed his backpack, sending another quick glance down at his phone.Something wasn’t right but you didn’t feel the need to pressure him into telling you, you’d only known Michelle, Ned and Peter for little over a month now anyway. “Catch you guys later.” And with that Peter was practically running out the door, so caught up in whatever was going on that he didn’t notice that he dropped his phone on the way out. Noticing this you reached down retrieve it, informing Michelle and Ned that you were just going to chase after the clumsy boy and give him his phone back. 

With that you jogged out the door, hoping that he hadn’t gotten too far already. You caught no sign of the boy anywhere as you moved around the car park of the school. It wasn’t until you heard rustling and rumblings from a dark alleyway that you found Peter…changing into a Spider-man suit. Your eyes widened at the sight, clamping your hands over your mouth to stop any unwanted noises of shock from escaping. Slowly backing away from the scene before the boy could notice your presence you ran back towards the school telling yourself that what you saw wasn’t real…it couldn’t have been…could it?

The following day you still couldn’t seem to get the thought out of your head, that Peter Parker was also the web slinging crime fighting hero that had all of New York talking. Last night you tossed and turned in your sheets, contemplating whether or not you should confront him about this, and now you were. 

There he was, Peter Parker, your new friend walking to his next class without a care in the world. After taking a deep breath you started to hurriedly walk after Peter, eventually catching up to him. Without even uttering a word to him you quickly dragged him into the storage closet next to you, which was harder then you thought. Let’s just say that boy must be hiding some muscle.  

Slamming the door closed behind you, you turned to Peter who stared at you with a shocked expression.  "Y/N what the heck-“ Quickly cutting off his words by practically shoving your hands in his face, your mood turned serious as you confessed to the boy. "I know Peter." 

Obviously confused as to what on earth you were going on about, Peter’s eyebrows just furrowed as he looked at you as if you were crazy. Heck! Maybe you were. "What are you talking about?” Still keeping the serious tone of voice you crossed you arms. “I know your secret." 

Peter only rolled his eyes at this, shrugging his shoulders at your accusations."I don’t have any secret.” You couldn’t help but let out a snort at his claim. The boy who was a normal nerdy high school teen by day and secretly a crime fighting vigilantly who dresses in tights by night says he has no secrets? "Oh really. So it’s not a secret that you have powers and run around New York city in a spandex suit in your free time?”

Peter’s jaw almost dropped to the ground at your words, obviously not expecting you to know his biggest secret. “How did you-" 

"Yesterday. You left your phone behind and I chased after you to give it back. Only to discover you in a Spider-man suit pulling on a mask and swinging away on your webs. You really need to be more careful with where you put on that suit Parker. Oh and here’s your phone.” You pulled his phone out of your jacket pocket, Peter gratefully accepting it back. “Thanks. But how are you so….so calm about this?" 

That was almost laughable as last night after you found out you were anything but calm, but he didn’t need to know about your little breakdown. "Well I had all last night to think about it and I eventually got over it. It’s not like I’ve known you any longer than a week anyway." 

Something seemed to cross the boys mind as his expression became serious suddenly. His hand reached out to your shoulder as he spoke to you with great importance. "You aren’t gonna tell anyone are you? Because Ned is the only other person who knows and Michelle is only suspicious. I need this to be a secret, can I trust you to keep it?" 

"Don’t worry your secret is safe with me Spiderguy.” Sending the boy a reassuring smile you lightly laughed at the new nickname you made up. Peter smiled back at you, glad that you didn’t run off and tell people as soon as you discovered his secret. He wasn’t dull, he knew you could have sold this information to the media and got a ton of money for it, but instead you did the right thing. You kept it to yourself, you’d been a good friend even if you’d only know each other for a month. 

Then unexpectedly Peter embraced you in a hug that caused butterflies in your stomach at his touch. “Thank you for being so cool about this Y/N.” Taking in his scent you smiled into his shoulder. Oh crap! Where you developing feelings for Peter?! It was only then that you noticed how little space was around you. “As much as I appreciate this hug, might I remind you that we’re currently cramped in the storage closet." 

Pulling away from you he laughed at the situation. "Yeah we should probably get out of here.” Opening the door you held a hand out for him to go first, sending him a cheeky smile. "After you web boy.“ Rolling his eyes in annoyance at the names already he voiced his distaste for them. "Are these nicknames gonna be a thing?" 

"You betcha crime fighting spider!


Awwweee yay ! :) So I thought of a Bucky imagine (he’s such a bae) maybe where you’re dating him but you’re also a bit shy and you feel bad about that, but Buck thinks it’s totally cute and loves it. One time while you’re over at his Apartment in the Tower you cuddle but then Bucky starts tickling you which Ends up, you on top of him. Since then, things get heated and passionate and Bucky makes the night all about you? :) I hope you’re okay with this smut hihi THX <3 <3


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You were always a timid, shy person. Your face would turn a bright red anytime someone spoke to you and your voice would come out wobbly and soft. The team had to get used to your quiet voice and had to remember not to call you out on it; or else you’d feel upset.

Everyone knew you were shy and had a shell you liked to remain in. Bucky Barnes has brought you out of that shell, little by little. He adores how shy and quiet you are, but he also loves to see you initiate a conversation on your own.

It took you a while to warm up to everybody and the first time you let yourself laugh uncontrollably without a care in the world made Bucky fall even more in love with you.

You were sitting in Bucky’s apartment in the Avengers tower, cuddling after your movie had ended. The final credit rolled off the screen and you stretched out, sighing. “I liked that movie.” Bucky said with a smile. “I know right! It’s so cute. Olaf is my favorite.” You said softly with a small squeak of a giggle.

“What was that squeak, Doll?” Bucky asked, chuckling lightly. You blushed and giggled a little more. “Stooopp.” You playfully whined, lightly hitting Bucky’s muscular chest. “Nooo.” Bucky whined back, pulling you into his lap.

You giggled a little more, feeling Bucky’s hands rest on your sides. “You’re so gorgeous, Y/N.” Bucky said, looking into your eyes. Your cheeks burned red and you hid your face with your hands. “Aww, Doll!” Bucky chuckled, rubbing your sides.

A loud string of laughter came from your mouth at the sudden action, your body writhing slightly. “That tickles!” You whined, pouting as you moved Bucky’s hands away from you. Bucky smiled and raised his eyebrows at you. “Oh, it does?” Bucky teasingly asked.

You felt his fingers dig into your sides and you squealed out, laughing harder as he continued. You gasped for air, writhing around in Bucky’s lap. He laughed with you and you tried to push his hands away but he didn’t budge. His eyes remained on you as his heart fluttered in his chest.

“S-stop, ple-eaaase!” You squealed while you laughed so hard tears filled your eyes. Bucky’s fingers slowed to a stop and you breathed heavily, collapsing into Bucky’s chest, with a strong laugh.

Bucky fell silent and you caught your breath, looking up at him. Your sides burned from the tickle session. Bucky was staring at you, a smile on his face. “What?” You softly asked, clearing your throat gently. “I love you.” Bucky whispered.

Your eyes widened and your mouth opened slightly. “Y-you do?” You asked, getting shy again. You could hear the small intake of breath Bucky took. “I do. So much.” Bucky said, pulling you in for a kiss.

You kissed Bucky back, a small smile tugging at your lips. You pulled away, gasping for air. “I love you too.” You said, twirling a strand of Bucky’s hair around your index finger.

Bucky’s eyes remained on your face as he slowly leaned into your neck. You nervously sat there, anxious for his next move.

A small gasp fell from your mouth as you felt Bucky’s lips press to your neck. Your eyes fluttered closed as he pulled away just enough to let his tongue trace little circles against your pulse point. “Bucky.” You whispered breathlessly.

Your shy nature caused your cheeks to turn bright red. “Y/N, let me show you how much I love you.” Bucky whispered into your ear, making you shiver. You opened your eyes and nodded slightly. “O-okay.” You said softly.

Bucky pulled away from your neck and looked you in the eyes. You got even more shy and turned away. “Baby doll, it’s okay. It’s just me.” Bucky said with a smile.

You frowned at Bucky, feeling bad about yourself for being so shy. “Hey, what’s the matter?” Bucky asked, looking at you worriedly. “Was it me? Oh no, did I go too far?” Bucky asked, feeling like this was his fault.

You shook your head quickly. “No! No, I..I want to. It’s just, I’m too shy. I don’t have a lot of experience.” You said quietly, feeling ashamed. “Y/N, that’s okay. I don’t mind. I love how shy you are.” Bucky said, kissing your nose.

You smiled and bit your lip. Bucky looked at your lips and brought his thumb to them, slowly pulling your bottom lip from underneath your teeth. “I’ll make it all about you tonight.” Bucky said as softly as you usually speak, making you feel safe in his arms.

You blushed and nodded, holding onto Bucky as he stood with you clinging to him. Bucky carried you to his bed from his little couch in his bedroom.

Bucky gently put you down on your back and slid off his shoes before hovering above you. He smiled down at you and began to lift your shirt up, his flesh hand rubbing the smooth skin exposed to him.

“Is this okay?” Bucky asked as his hand slid further up your shirt. You hesitantly nodded, goosebumps covering your skin from the cool air in the room. You leaned up so Bucky could take your shirt off and he sighed out, looking down at you.

You shyly crossed your arms over your chest, wishing you hadn’t worn such a girly pink bra. Bucky frowned, pulling your arms away. “You’re gorgeous.” Bucky whispered, leaning down to kiss your collarbones.

You felt Bucky raise your arms above your head, adding a little pressure as he gripped your wrists. Bucky’s lips made their way to the top of your left breast and you gasped, closing your eyes for a split second.

You quickly opened them, watching as Bucky licked a stripe up your cleavage. “You’re so soft, Y/N.” Bucky said with a smile, moving his flesh hand to pull your bra strap down your shoulder.

“I like the pink, by the way.” Bucky said, making you blush again. “Th-thanks.” You said with a soft giggle. Bucky pulled your other bra strap down, helping you sit up again so he can remove your bra.

The cool air caused your nipples to harden and Bucky let out a small groan. “Amazing.” He breathed, leaning down to capture one in his mouth. You let out a squeak and Bucky groaned even louder, grazing his teeth against your nipple.

“You can be loud, Y/N, I really don’t mind.” Bucky said in a sultry tone as he pulled away from your breast.

You were a sweaty and loud moaning mess, your hands tangled in Bucky’s hair as he worked his tongue around your clit. You could feel him groan against you every time you tugged on his hair.

“B-Bucky I’m gonna-” You whimpered out, arching your back. The pleasure spread throughout your whole body as Bucky continued to lick and suck on your pussy.

Bucky’s metal arm held your hips down as you writhed around on the bed. Bucky cleaned you up with his tongue and kissed his way up your stomach. “Mm, you taste just as innocent.” Bucky moaned, nipping at your skin.

Your breathing was heavy and deep, your head still spinning from your orgasm. “You’re good at that.” You said breathlessly. Bucky chuckled deeply. “I aim to please my Princess.” He said, resting in between your legs.

You bit your lip and looked down at Bucky’s still covered cock. “Do you want to go further?” Bucky quietly asked. You nodded. “Words, baby.” Bucky said, kissing your chin. “Yes, I want you Bucky.” You whimpered, craving to feel him inside of you.

You blushed at your own words and Bucky pulled off his boxers. His erection sprang free and you gasped. Bucky chuckled, taking it in his hand. The tip was red and you could tell he was ready to chase his own release.

Bucky aligned himself in between your legs, rubbing the tip against your sensitive clit. Your hips jerked a tad at the contact and you whimpered. “I love the sounds you make.” Bucky said lowly, grabbing your hands and holding them above your head.

You whined impatiently, rubbing your wet pussy against Bucky’s hard cock. “Bucky, please.” You softly begged.

Bucky smirked and started to slip himself inside of you slowly and carefully. You gasped and your eyes momentarily rolled into the back of your head.

“Fuck.” Bucky groaned out, sliding in deeper as he watched you. He stretched you a good bit and you definitely felt full. Or so you thought. Bucky finally filled you up, his pubic bone resting against your clit. He was a lot to take in for sure.

Bucky gave you time to adjust and you were panting. “You’re so wet for me, котенок.” Bucky rasped, starting to slide in and out slowly.

You moaned, wanting him to take control. “Harder.” You begged, looking into Bucky’s eyes. “Are you sure?” He asked, suddenly growing serious. “Yes. I want you to fuck me so hard I can’t walk.” You said softly, trying to pull your hands out of his grip.

Bucky gasped and moaned. “God, you’re sexy when you’re shy, but this is a new side of you.” Bucky smirked and pulled out, and just as quickly, he shoved himself back in. You cried out, loving how he filled you. “Shit, yes.” Bucky growled.

Bucky started to pound into you, his mouth catching onto one of your bouncing breasts. You wrapped your legs around Bucky’s waist, screaming out his name as his thrusts got faster. “Bucky, oh my god!” You cried.

Bucky’s flesh hand twitched in yours and you bit your lip. “Choke me, Soldier.” You whimpered out. Your face got red, not believing your mouth spoke what was on your mind.

Bucky’s thrusts came to a complete stop. “Oh, котеноk.” Bucky said with a devious smile. Bucky got up on his knees, still inside of you. His flesh hand released yours and he brought it to your neck. You moaned, moving your hips against his.

Bucky’s thick cock slid in and out of you and he applied more pressure to your throat. He started to thrust inside of you faster and harder. “You like that? You like when I choke you and fuck you this hard?” Bucky said, his breath uneven.

You nodded, gripping onto his wrist. You could still breathe through your mouth and you let out a particularly loud moan when Bucky’s cock hit your g-spot. “There it is.” He chuckled darkly.

Bucky’s metal thumb started to rub fast circles against your clit and you felt your orgasm approach quickly. “I’m close.” You squealed, gasping for air.

Bucky grunted and nodded. “I feel you-oh God.” Bucky growled as your pussy clenched around him. “Wait for me. Don’t cum yet, Princess.” He said, speeding up his movements.

You moaned, digging your nails into Bucky’s arm. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Bucky groaned, his thrusts losing their rhythm. You couldn’t hold it back anymore. You had to cum and you had to do it now.

“Buckyyyy”, you moaned as your pussy tightened around Bucky’s cock again, “I need to-” “Cum for me, Y/N. Cum.” Bucky ordered. You gasped as your orgasm hit you.

Bucky’s hand tightened around your throat, so much so, you couldn’t breathe. You didn’t care, you loved it. A smile formed on your lips as you came around Bucky.

You felt hot and long spurts of Bucky’s cum fill you up inside, a little bit seeping out of your pussy. Bucky came down from his high and you moaned as you finished coming down from yours.

Bucky pulled out slowly and fell onto his back beside you. You both were breathing heavy and you let out a small giggle. You covered your face with your hands. “What’s so funny?” Bucky asked with a chuckle. “I’m getting shy.” You said quietly.

Bucky chuckled again. “You’re always shy.” He said with a smile. Bucky got up to get a damp towel to clean you both up with.

You and Bucky were cuddling now, still unclothed and worn out. Bucky’s metal hand was drawing small circles on your back and you pressed kisses to his scar. “I love you.” You whispered softly.

You lovingly looked up at him, your cheeks red. “I love you too, my shy girl.” Bucky smiled, pulling you in for a kiss.

Note: omg, i hope you liked this! thanks for the cute request! i relate to this, ugh. im so frickin shy, its a pain sometimes .c

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“We don’t need karaoke or to be drunk to- to be silly, trust me. We just did it in the photoshoot, trust me, it goes down between us.”  [x]

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Are you okay with people drawing your ocs? Cause I really want to draw Kazuki, he seems so cool!

I’d be chuffed to bits if you drew him Anon!! please tag me in it or smth if you can :D 

maybe tag the drawing with ‘kurage OC’ - I’ll go looking for it in the tumblr tags! (I’m not sure if tumblr tags still work that way but it’s the only method I know of)

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"ey spooks youve been too toon town right?,ever get any freak outs,cause yah know your a ghost?"

“Ya know, in Toon Town..? Ya never know! 

Sometimes folks turn white when they spot me, and other times- I once got stopped for an autograph because someone mistook me for Casper- ha!

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Hi Izzy. The advice you gave on the pizza party podcast (the back up back up one from this week) about art styles and not just like drawing in your own style and forcing yourself to draw in other styles in order to improve was really good. Ive kinda been in an art rut lately and I think that advice helped me out. I just wanted to say thanks cause it was good advice! (Also its so cool that your from Indy cause I too live in Indianapolis)

I’m gonna be honest, I completely forgot what happened on the back-up podcast, but I’ve been told I gave good advice! So glad people get getting something positive out of me being on the podcast! 

I need to do a meet up at one of the Indianapolis meet ups. I usually have a booth at Indy Pop Con, by the way.


Source:yazzdonut.tumblr.com uploaded with permission 

Chapter 1(part 1):New Places, New Faces

 Amelie’s POV 

 I got woken up around 6:30 am, by the blonde from yesterday.“Good Morning! I brought you your  schedule, and some clothes you can borrow!"She says happily. I nod groggily. She helpsz me out of bed and shoves me the clothes."I can only hope we’re the same bra size."She smiles. I walk into the small bathroom in the medbay. I shut the door and lock it. I dress in the clothes she gave me. She gave me a short high waist black skirt, a tight purple t-shirt, a clean pair of deep blue, underwear, a matching bra to top it off, and a pair of black flats. All surprisingly fit comfortably. My hair is down, so I’ll have to ask her for a hair tie. Overall I look pretty good, even if I look like a blueberry.  I walk out to see her talking with a guy. He has dark chocolate skin, and curly hair. He wears a black hoodie, black jeans, and black converse."May I have a hair tie?"I requested."Of course!"She chuckled. She pulled one off her wrist and handed it to me."Thanks…uhm"I mumbled the last part not knowing what her name is."Oh my, I never told you my name! I’m Angela!"Angela quipped out. I nod in acknowledgement to her statement. I look over at the guy that was in the room."Oh yeah, that’s Gabri-"She was cut off by the guy."I can introduce my self. I’m Gabriel Reyes, and I’ll be one of your guides here."He let out what I believe to be a growl at the last part."Oh okay. I’m Amelie Lacoix."I introduce myself. I held out my hand for him to shake and he takes it giving it light shake. Then someone bursts through the door."Sorry I’m late, I had to fix my hair."The guy grins. He wore a grey shirt, blue jeans, and the most revolting lime Nike sneakers. His accent was French, and I wonder how one of my own be a thing like that."Uh…Bonjour, I’m Amelie…"I introduce myself, sticking my hand out for him to shake."Ahhh, Bonjour je'ampelle Gerard."he introduces himself in French and takes my hand lightly in his own, planting a kiss on it. I make a face of disgust and pull my hand away rather quickly."Vas te faire encule , la con dégoûtant."I spit out venom at him. That was the 1st most disgusting thing that’s ever happened to me, what a creep."Oh, mon cher. Vous me aimez assez tôt."He chided, those words sent the unpleasant kind of shivers down my spine. The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife."Oooooookay then. I have to head out, you two play nice. I don’t want to hear about Amelie being harassed during a fight."Angela chirps uncomfortably and struts out. 


The two boys and I are walking silently to homeroom, I feel eyes on me everywhere I go. Gabriel leads me up to the teacher, who is the monkey from before."Oh, Mr. Reyes. How can I help you?"The monkey asks."Hey Mr. Winston. The new chica, is here and we need to know where she sits."Gabriel explains."She sits next Jamison."Mr. Winston replies."Aw, guess we won’t be sitting together mon amour."Gerard winks. I just roll my eyes."Luckily you’ll be sitting at my table."Gabriel added. I nod and follow Gabriel to a table in the back. Two boys are sitting there already. One lanky looking one with spiky blonde hair and punky type outfit on, and across from him is fluffy boy with white hair in an undercut that’s pulled back in a ponytail in a sweater with a pig on it. Gabriel sits down next to fluffy, and I sit down next to spiky."Good'ay mate! I’m Jamison Fawkes, but you can just call me Jamie. The big guy right there is my boyfriend Mako Rutledge!"Spiky or Jamie boasts in an introduction."I’m Amelie."I mutter."Pleased to meet ya! So Amelie, who ya gonna sit with at lunch? Gabi, Mako, and I have this great place outside we hang out at during lunch, you should sit with us, cause you seem cool! So who’s your host? Is it Gabi? Has he shown you your dorm? Have you gotten a dormie-"Jamison’s rambling ended when Gabriel told him to shut up."I think I’ll take you up on that offer of sitting with you at lunch."I mused, this Jamison is pretty entertaining."Or. You can sit with me!"A voice butted in next to me. I internally groan, I see everyone at our table’s moods go down."What do you Retard?"I snarled."The names Gerard, mon amour~! And what I want is you! Why hang out with the imbeciles when you can hang out with moi?"He was determined set me off."I think she got your name right the first time."Mako butted in quietly."What did you say fatty?"Gerard teases. I furrow my brows. This man has a complete lack of human respect. I looked at Mako who was looking down at his thumbs. Jamie looked like he was about to explode. Before Jamie could say something, I took this opportunity."If I have lunch with you, will you leave them alone?"I even cringed at my offer, but I can’t stand bullies. Gerard had slimy little smirk that made me want to punch him so hard in the dick."Oui I’ll leave them alone. See you later,mon amour!” He sang as he walked away.“You didn’t just…"Gabriel looked at me wide eyed."I can’t stand people who act like that, but if he’s bullying people I’ll stop it at any cost."I stated."Sheila, your putting yourself through hell for Mako…CONSIDER US BEST FRIENDS!"Jamie yelled hugging me. I let out a small giggle. 


I’ve done my first 4 periods and now it’s lunch. I’m following Retard to the lunchroom. I get in line and get my food. I get a salad with bleu cheese dressing, apple slices, and chocolate milk. When I get to the cashier, I pull out my schedule to be scanned, but Retard beats me to it and pays for it."I could’ve bought it myself."I huff."I don’t get a merci?"He asks as I follow him to a table in the middle of the room. He sits down and unfortunately I sit next to him. I look around the table and see the rest of them are boys."Wow Gee, I didn’t know you liked blueberries that much!"One laughs. The others start to snicker."Hey now, she’s my girlfriend. So don’t be mean."He chuckled. My eyebrows crease, and my eye starts to twitch."G-Girlfriend?"I seethe. He places his dirty paw on my thigh and leans over and whispers in my ear."We wouldn’t want anything unfortunate to happen to your friends, right? Oh what a tragedy it would be if their new friend betrayed them."Gerard hisses. I nod, and start picking at my food. Glad I didn’t pay for it myself."Yeah, her skin is from a rare condition. It’s pretty boring."Gerard discussed. Him and his friends were chatting away while I was quiet and played with my food."Isn’t that right babe?"Gerard asks."Hm?"I hum in confusion. He sighed, and smack my arm quite hard, if I didn’t know better his dead body would have been on the table in 3 seconds."We asked you a question, dumbass. What’s your talent?"Gerard scoffed."I’m skilled in ballet, and combat…"I mumbled."So that means your flexible?"One of them catcalls."Why don’t you come over here and see?"I grin. He walks over and I stand up in front of him I grab my chocolate milk and pour it on his head.  He grabs my salad and dumps dressing and all on top of me, soon enough the entire tables in a food fight.

 Anyways, this leads other tables to join, I pick up a sandwich and throw it at the cheerleader who just threw a bowl of spaghetti at me when it hits someone who recognize to be the vice-principal. The room turns deathly silent as some turkey from the sandwich slides off her face."Who threw it."She asked. As someone who owns up to everything, I’ll have to own up to this one."Me."I admit in a solemn tone. She stomps over to me and grabs my arm and drags me out to the hallway."I want a story now. Tell me the truth and your punishment wont get worse."She ordered, I nod."I was sitting with Gerard and they asked me what my talents were, and I told them ballet and combat. One of them proceeded to catcall me and as out of anger I poured chocolate milk on his head and accidentally started a food fight."I described the whole scene."You are off the hook. Go to your dorm and clean up."She decides after a minute."Merci-beaucoup madame, but why?"I inquired."Boys will act like dogs, if they do not learn their lesson they will never learn at all."She concludes our chat. I head to my dorm, I was shown my dorm before school. My roommate is a brit named Lena. Angela had some clothing she bought online brought to my room, so I wouldn’t go naked for the time between now and when I go shopping.


 I’ve been hanging in my dorm with Lena, after going to my last to classes. She grabs her guitar and walks out saying she’s gonna go play in the courtyard and get some fresh air. I nod, and return to my book that I need to catch up on for English. 

 A/N:Sorry everything is so run on. I just had a blast of inspiration today and sat myself down and wrote for about an hour or two. I’ll try and post chapters often. My motto is "Don’t release a chapter until you’ve started the next, or else you’ll lose interest, ideas, and time and you’ll get hella lazy.” So I hope you all are liking the story! Cause I love writing this! Thanks for the love!




Chapter 1(part 2):http://skittlehaireddino.tumblr.com/post/149346834500/overwatch-academy-new-places-new-faces-part-2

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I really love your shipchild gray,cause he's so cool and precious!! So can I have some detail information about gray?(his personality and picture of his full body would be nice'v'/) cause I want to know more about this special fantastic kid, but of course just only when you feel want to do it. ;v; Hope you have a Nice day~

Some (old) references: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Since I have never talked about him, i WILL DO IT NOW SO BEWARE THIS IS LOOOONG.

Is Gray Scale considerated a Sans?

No, he is not a Sans, since he is not a fusion or a dimensional alternation of said character, he is the son of Paperjam and Fresh.

Wich means, he can grow up in a different way, he doesn’t have the same habilities and his body is not the same. The only thing in common he has with Sans is his skeleton-like look.

Who and what is Gray Scale?

As said before, Gray is the son of Fresh and Paperjam.

Gray is a parasite, or something like it. He’s not an skeleton. The form of his body is, as every monster, conposed from his soul. This time literally, since his soul is in constant sublimation, forming his entire body, that doesn’t mean he’s made of hair and it’s untouchable. His body has different chemical phases, most of his body is so dense that it remains solid, but he is vapor from the soul anyway.

Why he has a soul in his eye if he’s not possessing anyone?

It is his actual soul, it is just that it doesn’t remain in his chest. He can choose where to put it. That explains why is vapor coming out of his head. If it stayed in his chest, it would be coming out of his ribs.

Why is it in his eye? 

As a method to avoid being hurt. Since the possesed bodies show the victim’s soul in an eye, he decided to put his own one in his eye, so if someone tries to hurt him, they wouldn’t go for his eye, thinking it is the possessed body soul.

Can he possess people?

As a son of Paperjam, he forms his very own body, and as a son of Fresh, he can get inside of other bodies. Though he considerates the last one extremely disgusting and gross.

Why “Gray Scale”?

When I first presented him, I didn’t know what name to put him. While explaining why he wasn’t colorful I mentioned that his body was mostly in a Scale of Gray. People liked that detail so much, they told me “Gray Scale” must be his name. And I accepted it as canon.

A Scale of Gray? Where are all the colors?

This is a simple physic reason why he isn’t  bunch of beautiful colors as, for example, Splat is.

When you mix complementary colors, the residue of it is a pallete of Gray/Dull colors. And it can perfectly happen in the case of Fresh and PJ, since they are so colorful, the son of the two would be Gray and Gloomy as heck.

A Poker Faced Child.

Ficitional Reason:

Not because of his lack of colors, and the natural coldness of his body, he has become in a serious Gloomy child. He had to endure one of his parents leave when he was just 5 or 8 years old, and being a lonely kid. Doesn’t help he’s an introvert, and that his Dad, Fresh, acts far from it. Fresh always treated Gray as a smaller brother. The reasons of Paperjam to leave where that he couldn’t carry the responsibility of a kid, or a family, so once Gray could talk and walk moderately well, he left.

Maybe he will come back. Maybe. After all, Paperjam does love his son.

Real Reason:

He was based in the style of the late 90′s or early 2000′s. I wanted to expose more the other side of the 90′s, that carried a lot of rock and grunge (Blame my parents influence). His clothes are almost ripped off of Nirvana’s, Papa Roach and Goo Goo Dolls fashion. As a kid who likes this kind of things, he normaly would act, look and express in an unsatisfied or neutral way. He will never be satisfieeeeedd.

I wanted to make it easy to know how he would be. Just by looking at him.

What does he like? Or dislike?

He is a very passive person, he enjoys the calm and silence. He came out to be more like his Father Paperjam than Fresh, though he’s not grumpy, just gloomy. Still, he enjoys the loudness of Fresh and will allow himself to scream until his ribs explode if that makes his Dad proud and happy.

He dislikes the mystery or incertitude a lot (product of PJ leaving without saying goodbye), he dislikes when people lie out of shame. He’s jaded when it comes to know the truth, so people may dislike him for going straight to the point.

He also doesn’t understand people a lot, and it’s oblivious. He’s able to unerstand sarcasm, irony and such, but can’t understand the reasons of the people to do that. He can’t be very empathic too.

Doesn’t he like people then?

Depends the person, if they are kind with him, he likes them, if not, then not. Sadly there is not a lot of people who has been nice with him, or has even dared to notice he exists.

Is Fresh hurt about Paperjam Leaving?

He is naturally, but he knew what PJ would do (Paperjam told him years ago about it). Fresh doesn’t stagnate anyway, he dates people from time to time, mostly to annoy the other sanses and to find a role model for Gray.

Fresh doesn’t think he can actually be a good father figure to him.

What does Gray think of Paperjam?

He thinks of him as an independient person, not much as a family member, oftenly he calls him “Father”.

The first day without Paperjam marked him forever, for the very first time he felt incertitude, and he hated it. He wondered for years why someone would do something so cruel to their beloved ones.

In his birthday number 12, when Fresh gift him a Furby he understood: He loved that Furby, but in the first place, he didn’t even thought of ever wanting one.

I think that’s it, whatever I forgot, I will add it later :)

badcowboy69  asked:

Forgive the randomness of this, but could my courier, Travis, run his fingers through Riley's hair? His partner has that short military cut and he just wants to know what it feels like to sift through normal locks since he doesn't have that opportunity XD

“Sure thing, I love having hands in my hair. Hell, you can run your hands wherever you want.”

doodle from my calc class today

as i was drawing it i was kinda imagining a scenario where marinette was feeling overwhelmed by trying to live a double life (maybe this could also be due to some jealousy towards ladybug, since adrien likes her?) and she freaks out and gets akumatized!

starthebutterfly  asked:

So I usually don't send messages cause I'm too nervous I guess (also kinda weird) but I gotta admit it sucks hearing that you're getting hate over your art, it isn't right to bully, and harass people who like certain ships or to just hurt artists who make cool stuff like you sometimes wish those guys would fuck off but what i wanted to say is mainly I support you, and I know you've said thanks to everyone that does but I wanna thank you cause honestly you're art is awesome and your so cool!

Firstly~ its really sweet that you got the courage to message and means a lot that you let you shyness aside.

To be fair ;w; I really appreciate the love and support, but I was more just venting about the huge amount of negativity I saw in general, with people taking time to vent about every thing they hate… and while it is their place to vent as they like, I just dont like seeing artists and writers drug into that bad attention, cause I know how it feels.

Thank you so much though

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I really like your edits. I'm always blown away 'cause damn those look so cool. Talent! I was just wondering that is it okay to tag you to edits about Jack' egos? Do you wanna see our work or does it annoy you? I'd love to know what you think about my first story based gifset.

Of course it’s okay!! In fact, I’m really flattered! :D And thank you, that’s super nice of you to say!