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songs you shouldn’t mention to shawols unless you want to see them cry

MVPs: Rainy Blue

Blingers: Elevator / Skeleton Flower / I’m Sorry

Lockets: Wake Me Up When September Ends

Flamers: Kiseki

Taemints: Soldier

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Can I say something that's kinda gonna be an unpopular opinion and people are probably gonna disagree with? Ok so I'm a multi shipper, I ship both bellarke and clexa, more bellarke tbh, and I'm kinda really tired of some bellarke shippers who have done nothing but point out every flaw with clexa calling it abusive etc, but turn around and ship Raven/Murphy or Octavia/Illian. It's so incredibly frustrating and hypocritical for people to onlywrite paragraphs on that but only demonize the wlw ship

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633. Whenever the Marauders got in a fight, they'd change their names on the map. For instance, 'A Large Child' was one used often. James was once 'A Goddamn Horrible Getaway Driver' for almost a year and also due to that same incident, Remus was 'Jailbird' for four months.

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Mazandaran Coffee [Read it here!]

Rating: Mature

Main pairing: Erik/Nadir

Summary: Modern AU. Composer Erik is looking for inspiration and he thinks going outside will help him. He walks into the new coffee café around the corner, where he instead finds Nadir Khan.


“I had just screen tested for ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ in LA with her and then she said she really liked my screen test and whatever and that she hoped I got the role and then, uh, I was going back to New York for the weekend and she gave me a brown paper bag covered in duct tape and said ‘Don’t open it until I tell you to open it.” And I was in New York for like 5 days and I still had this bag in my desk or something and I got a call from the director, Josh Boone, of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ telling me that I got the role, and he says ‘did Shailene give you a package?’ and I said ‘yeah’ and he said ‘go open it’, and I went open the package, um. Hold on, flash back…" 

The Story of how Ansel Elgort got to know he got the role of Augustus Waters.