'cause you're perfect

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I loved your headcanons for Iida's married life with his s/o! Could you do Todoroki?


Todoroki Shouto

  • Can’t start his day without gibing his s/o a morning kiss. If he doesn’t for whatever reason, the rest of the day he doesn’t feel right at all.
  • Holding them close when they’re in bed, being the big spoon so that he can protect them even in sleep.
  • Wanting to be the best man he can possibly be for his s/o. He’d seen how wicked and cruel his father was to his own mother and he wanted to be nothing like that. He wouldn’t dream of ever laying a finger on his s/o.
  • Dropping subtle hints about having children with his s/o.
  • Friday night is date night. Unless he’s absolutely 100% needed somewhere else, he’ll always make it for date night. 
  • Never taking his ring off. Sometimes will just leisurely take hold of his s/o’s hand and will hold them up to see his and his s/o’s matching rings shining in the light.
  • Using his quirk to either keep his s/o warm or cold if needed.
  • Can never get over the fact that he managed to get somethig so perfect in his life. 
“You would not dare”



Spies AU

“What the HELL were YOU thinking?” Clarke’s voice echoed through the room as Lexa attentions were still fully concentrated on locking the door “What were you even…” the blonde continued, but this time the commander stared at her for some eternal seconds before answering. Her eyes were as cold as her voice, as harsh as her tone “I saved you, Clarke. You and your people. I don’t really see how you can complain, after…” and in that moment Clarke’s words cut off hers, possibly in the roughest way “You…” she started taking a step closer “Raven almost died! And Octavia… she could have ended up with…” she continued moving her body imperceptibly towards the other woman.

Lexa raised her eyebrows, and Clarke felt almost frightened from her icy gaze. Almost. After that, the Commander’s soft voice reached her ears “Success stands on the back of sacrifice, Clarke.” and after a moment of hesitation her tone became stronger and angrier, and, Clarke had to admit to herself, sexier. Her green eyes stared at her and Clarke felt so small, so powerless. It was the Commander of the Canadian Private Service she was speaking to, it was one of the most powerful people she had ever met, not just a random girl and it was difficult not to feel inferior in her presence.

She was so strong. And fearless. And brave. And beautiful, so beautiful that Clarke almost got distracted and almost didn’t catch her following words. Almost. “Even YOU should know that by NOW, Clarke.”

After that, Clarke almost felt the urge to laugh hysterically, energetically, but she fought that, and with her most serious tone she hissed “I DO know, Commander. But what you’ve done today…”
“What your fellow companions were willing to do, willing to risk…” the brunette continued for her, never avoiding the blondie’s raged eyes.

“Don’t go there” Clarke warned her, but Lexa needed far more than that to be intimidated “I know that those kinds of choices haunt you, Clarke. But you need to learn how…”
“I don’t want to learn how to live with that, Lexa!” she cried, calling the other with her name for the first time in a long, very long, time. In that moment Lexa made a smiled that was half exasperated, half amused and her voice reflected that “You’re not above it all, Clarke!” she exclaimed “You are just like us, stop pretending otherwise” she continued irritated, and the blonde looked at her with a gaze that almost showed… disgust.

After that, Clarke stayed silent for a couple of seconds, allowing her anger to full her before continuing “We are not like you. WE don’t work like that, we… we have a moral! We perform our duties, we serve our country WITHOUT causing irremediable damage, WITHOUT…”
“Really Clarke?” Lexa whispered almost offended “Really?” she repeated with a smirk.
“Really” Clarke confirmed “I genuinely don’t understand how you can justify it, in your heart, in your… soul! These… terrible… shortcuts! You’re a curse, you’re… an abomination!” and after that, she looked away, in a motion of angry discontent but Lexa rolled her eyes exasperated before forcing the other one to look at her, then she grumbled “You know what, Clarke? Our job requires our hands to be drenched in blood” and saying that she took a step closer, forcing Clarke to take a step back and after that, she continued “And you know it, you’ve always known it. You…” she stopped for a moment, mad at the hypocrites the blondie was showing, then she went on “You, who have led so many to their destruction know it, you… the one that killed her own boyfriend with bare hands, you…” and in that instant, Clarke’s arms reached Lexa’s shoulders in a desperate movement. Not that Clarke accepted that “Don’t you dare! I warn you!” she cried “Don’t you…”
And Lexa’s hands responded that frontal attack reaching Clarke’s neck, pulling it closer “You killed him” she started “You killed him, without hesitation because you knew that what we do is far more important than a couple of human lives, you did that even if it was an impossible choice for anyone, and you did that because you knew that it was the right call.”
“Don’t you dare!” Clarke responded trying to free herself from that twisted embrace “Don’t…” she continued but the only result was that Lexa tightened her grab “You are no better than me, Clarke” she said seriously, but after a moment her tone became more kind “This is what we both are, my love” she whispered with a small smile.
Then she continued, “You can’t run away from who you are. From what we both are”.
In that moment Lexa suddenly felt Clarke’s body shaking under her pressure, but still didn’t let her go, no matter how many tears Clarke was starting to spill in that moment.

“I was 18” Clarke began “I was 18, and he was my first love!” she cried desperately “And what I did to him it almost destroyed me! It surely changed me and completely broke me. I was 18! And I loved him!”

Lexa nodded and tried to reassure her, or at least this was what she was trying to do “I know, Clarke. I was there, and I respected and supported your choice.”
“You did more than that” Clarke replied, with a calmer tone this time, “You encouraged that choice… And you helped me… And I hated you for that…”
“And I let you,” Lexa whispered doing something that Clarke had never expected her to do. She hugged her, trying to calm her down “It was the only reasonable choice, Clarke” she whispered again “It was needed, Clarke, and you know it, as it could have been needed today, as it could be needed in the future”
“Shut up… Just shut up…” Clarke repeated “Just…”
“Clarke…” Lexa called her again, kissing her forehead in an infinite moment of peace and sweetness “You did the right call back then. You did what I would have done and what I pray I will never have to do.”
Lexa separated from her and moved her head near Clarke’s, staring at her, her beautiful, deep, green eyes. Clarke tried to control herself, but then those words escaped her mouth regardless.
“I hate you, I detest you.”
“No you don’t, you never have and you never will.” Lexa said shaking her head in a sweet movement, and after that, she kept staring at Clarke’s mouth without saying a further word, and the blonde noticed that and reacted accordingly “You would not dare” she warned her, and this caused the brunette to smirk evidently “You’re right, Clarke. I wouldn’t. And I won’t” and then she paused for a moment before continuing “I won’t because you will.”

Clarke rolled her eyes before saying “You’re such an arrogant, superb, petulant, irritating… pain in the ass.”
“I love you, t…” Lexa started, but Clarke cut her off by kissing her roughly “Shut up Commander” she said pushing the other to the wall and reaching under her shirt impatiently “Just shut up.”

Michel ~again ;)

Because sketching -and studying a new face- gives me a sense freedom I haven’t felt in too long. Thanks, Michel <3


I would love to wield a light saber or play my favorite superhero, Batman. I’ve always wanted to incorporate another of my loves, baseball, into my work, so getting to play a baseball player would be a dream.- Chris Wood.


LUX AETERNA Chapter One by Ramonaflowersz (achilltatos​)

“It was weird, for he was not the most muscular, nor had he the longest legs, but as the starting shot rang out, he took steps that were almost hypnotizing; so fast he could not follow them. This boy made sport look like choreography, a dance, and Pat was left baffled.


The word popped up in his mind, almost as quick as the sound of the starting gun, and Pat grew confused. Was that a name? He couldn’t remember if he had ever heard that name before.”

Caroline’s perfect entrance into NOLA: Klaus will be sitting in his “poor me” corner, drinking whiskey and drowning his sorrows away because he’s surrounded by incompetent peasants and he misses his wife. Cue Caroline’s entrance, all clad in black leather (but still totally feminine and girly), perfectly manicured nails, the sexy curls from the “I dare you” scene, a pair of stilettos that can stab someone if she feels like it, and the song ‘Bad Girls’ by M.I.A. playing in the background as she saunters in like the queen that she is, while Klaus’s jaw hits the floor and he’s once again reduced to a babbling fool. Then, she’ll give him a slap for good measure and make sure she literally slaps the manpain out of him. Now that’s quality television I’d watch.


“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 7/25

Florent Dorin

  • Dear Ladies,
  • I really don't care how you look like, or how your body is shaped. I really don't care how messy your hair is, or how many split ends do you have. I don't care if you don't have that sexy lips. I really don't care if you have your flaws with you. I like seeing you wear you comfy shorts and shirt all day long. I don't care if you're moody and bipolar. I just like the way you are, and I'll love you for who you are. Cause baby you're perfect for me.
  • Sincerely,
  • Your Dream Man.

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Just surprised you don't cause you're literally the perfect guy. Let me love you

It’s just hard to fall in love after ya get fucked up from the last time you did

Earned It x The Weeknd

you make it look like it’s magic
‘cause i see no body, no body but you, you, you.
i’m never confused - but i’m so used to being used

so i love when you call unexpected 'cause i hate when the moments expected -  so
imma care for you, you, you
imma care you you you you.

'cause girl you’re perfect you’re always worth it and you deserve it the way you work it ’cause
girl you eared it, you earned it, yeah.(x2)

you know our love would be tragic
so you don’t pay it, don’t pay it no mind, we live with no lies
you’re my favorite kind of night.

so i love when you call unexpected 'cause i hate when the moments expected so
imma care for you, you, you
imma care you you you you.

'cause girl you're perfect you’re always worth it and you deserve it the way you work it ’cause
girl you eared it, you earned it, yeah. (x2)

on that lonely night
we said it wouldn’t be love but

we felt the rush
it made us believe it was only us
convinced we were broken
inside, yeah. (x2)

'cause girl you're perfect you're always worth it and you deserve it the way you work it ’cause
girl you eared it, you earned it yeah. (x2)

  • Me: I hate myself.
  • Friend: I don't know how anyone could say that.
  • My thoughts: that's because you are pretty. You're talented. You have boys who like you. You have all these friends. You have a loving, supporting family to back you up whenever. You never have trouble thinking positive. You never give yourself the guilt trip over dumb things. You get amazing grades. You have motivation to do anything. Of course you wouldn't understand cause you're so perfect and I'm just a piece of shit.
  • Me: I'm sorry.