'cause without you


        *:・゚✧HEX BREAKER ✧・゚*:

*This is a special zodiac potion for libra but anyone can use it.

This potion is ideal for when you feel like having extreme bad luck lately, feeling sad without no reason or even angry without a cause. You could have a hex and this potion could help you clear it.  ✧ Witchy Tip: Use Moon Water for better results ✧ 

we will be posting about the others soon!!

Just when I thought I lost hope, you stepped into my life; you were a fresh new start, a new beginning. You looked at me no other guy has ever looked at me before. You set your dark cocoa hues on my blue ones and said “you’re perfect.” I denied and denied and denied, I still don’t see how I am but nonetheless, you repeatedly tell me like it’s a mantra stuck in your head. You made me believe that I could actually be held, kissed, and possibly fall in love without causing damage. You made me believe that something greater than repeatedly staring and hoping endlessly at happiness could actually turn into real life.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1175 // i’ll never let you go 
lost without my blogger/your love

“I’d be lost without my blogger” (TGG)
‘I am lost without your love” (TFP)

It almost seems like they’re trying to say that Sherlock is lost without John in two different yet very similar ways.  

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Forget Nick and Judy, if anyone needed an apology, it was Manchas cause seriously the guy’s gonna get PTSD or something.

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“Fucking hell, you are  so beautiful.”

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Natalie Wood + Golden Globe Nominations and Wins


/I guess this is my attempt at a lyricstuck? Just this portion of the song, anyway.

Spoilers, yeah. I imagine Karkat and Gamzee’s reconciliation takes a toll on whatever he and Dave have going on.

(Oh, and it’s transparent. <3)

what if I don’t want to get over you
What if I know I should start putting
my pieces back together
start smiling more
Get busy
talk to my friends again
What happens when I know that I should
but moving on means a world without you

Cause I feel your distance
And I feel it like a knife
I felt it the second you stopped calling
But I never got the chance to say good bye

So I should be over it
And I know you’re nothing but a painful dial tone
I guess I just never thought I’d have to remember not to say I miss you

—  (Incase you were wondering,
I miss you more than words could say anyway)

clue(do) headcanons: akaashi’s character is always the murderer. why does this keep happening. he also wins most of the time, but incriminating yourself doesnt quite feel like victory

Decided to draw some of my favorite Gravity Falls AUs today.

First up: Reverse Portal AU, where Stan gets sucked into the portal while Ford is like “should I…? But the world…but Stan…world???” for 30 years.

Also one armed Stan.

GOT7 reaction - Coming home for christmas


The boys had talked to you before you came to the dorm. They wanted to surprise Jackson since they all knew how depressed he had been knowing that you guys could not spend christmas together. 

You: ‘Merry Christmas babe..’

Him:  ‘Wha.. Oh god i love you so much’

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“And you told me that you would not be home, i was almost about to cancel christmas!’

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‘Mark go away i’m trying to sle… Y/N YOU’RE HOME”

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“I knew that you would not miss out on christmas! Welcome home honey”

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“Y/N is home! Christmas can finally start! No i was not able to start christmas without you, cause the christmas tree always need the star”

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“And i was just told that my y/n is on her way home to spend christmas with me! I’m keeping my eyes on her after this”

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“Christmas without you was like a nightmare, never scare me like that again!” He tried to look mad, but failed to keep a straight face and just smiled like an idiot.

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Fahc au where Ryan and Ray are absolute shit at sleeping. Ryan’s been solo for so long that he’s too used to having his own back, staying vigilant and paranoid cause that’s the only way you don’t get got. Ray lived on the streets for years before some random gang took him in, and even there he wasn’t safe. So they have odd habits, even in the safety of the penthouse, because some habits die hard, but some habits were never mortal to begin with.

Ryan will refuse to lie down to sleep, because it’s hard to spring straight out of bed and into action. He’ll only ever sleep sitting down at best, leaning against a wall standing at worse. It makes his back and neck ache but it’s just flat out impossible for him to relax when he’s reclined. He rarely ever even changes into pajamas, feeling more secure in his leather jacket with its hidden knives

Ray on the other hand, can sleep anywhere in any position so long as it’s not an open area. On the floor or a king sized bed? Too noticeable, no where to hide, no where to pretend like you don’t exist and the people around you can’t see you, can’t sneak up on you, can’t take your things when your not looking and leave you with even more nothing than you had before. So he winds up in cabinets and rafters, closets and on top of the fridge. Michael and Gavin have a game of bingo going consisting of places they find Ray sleeping.

So they grab hours of sleep here and there, never all at once, never planned, only taking what they need when they absolutely need it. 

That is until one heist gone wrong when Ray and Ryan find themselves in a safe house to lay low for a while and Ray starts to freak out because there’s not enough furniture in this dinky place to hide, and it’s times like this, when everything goes wrong, that he most desperately needs to find some place secluded. 

But Ryan gets it, the need to hide (it took him literal years to take his mask off), the need to return to what became instinct out of necessity. So he wraps Ray up in the biggest, fluffiest blanket he can find and Ray immediately starts to calm. He lets Ryan lead him to the couch where he sits down in the corner, automatically curling into a ball, still not feeling the security he needs. 

and then Ryan sits down right next to him, sides pressed together, an arm wrapped around Ray’s shoulder and suddenly Ray goes completely still, then melts into Ryan’s warmth because Ryan is big and strong and is enough to cover Ray up, is always ready to spring into action should something happen. Normally it terrifies Ray when people are too close to him while he’s sleeping, but Ryan just makes him feel safe. And for the first time in years Ray sleeps straight through the night. And so does Ryan, because Ray is warm and calming. He’s good at reading situations, and if he’s relaxed and able to sleep then Ryan knows he can too. Knows for a fact that everything will be fine and calm, and if it’s not, he can handle it. 

every night that they’re in the safe house they do this, snuggle up to each other with Ray in the corner of the couch or even just in Ryan’s lap and they both feel the calm and the trust and catch up on years of sleep. When it’s finally time to rendezvous with the others, they return to the penthouse and try to return to their normal sleeping habits. But they’re still on edge, and most of Ray’s normal spots feel too cold, too insecure to find comfort in their solitude, and Ryan feels unsure, unsure if someone will choose now to come after him, unsure of if they will actually reach them, unsure of if he’d be able to stop them if he’s ever caught off guard. 

After a few days of not sleeping at all, Ray knocks on Ryan’s door, not sure exactly what he’s looking for, but knowing Ryan can give it to him. And Ryan takes one look at Ray’s worse-than-ever bags under his eyes and pulls Ray into his room, onto the rarely used bed. He wraps Ray up and sits him in his lap while resting his back on the headboard, sighing in contentment when he can feel Ray’s breathing and hold him close. And maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, and maybe it’s the felling of safety and trust, but Ray decides to stretch up and peck Ryan on the lips, nearly falling asleep as he settles back down. He’s asleep so fast he almost misses the kiss Ryan presses to his temple in return.