'cause they're all his

nothing beats awkwardly trying to explain being ace without…actually using the word

what if midoriya's real quirk is crying really hard

“I’ve heard some rumors from some heartbroken students that you’re currently in a relationship, Elric. Care to inform me?”

“Oh ha ha, wonder where they got that idea, with you following me home everyday. You’re grading your own papers tonight, bastard.” 


*Throws my favorite RoyEd AUs*

Have I told you that I love College Professor AUs? 

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do you know if otabek is 18 or 19? in eps 10 and 11 it was said he was 18, then in ep 12 he was 19 and the wiki says 19? im confused. Ep 10 and 11 were after oct 31

I was very confused, too. The anime itself has done these kind of mash-ups before and no clarification was ever made. The wiki isn’t reliable or managed by some official source or anything, it’s fanbased, now looking like this: 

18 (Episode 1)

19 (Episode 12)

Now, I took the time to actually look through all those episodes. And, look, in Episode 1, his age isn’t mentioned, so no indication of what his age was during the previous season.

In episodes 10 and 11, there is Victor’s monologue about the skaters, in which he says Otabek is 18, but there’s also the official TV introductions of the skaters within the competition (beginning of 11), which is constructed like as it would show to the YOIverse audience at home, where he’s also 18. 

Then there seems to be a mix-up in Episode 12, making Otabek 19, both per someone else’s mention (Celestino) and also the introductory ‘TV clip’. The only truthful possibility is the creators fucked up and possibly mixed up Otabek and JJ (who’s all around 19) in the animation, just a technical mistake like the ‘Victor Niliforv’ in Episode 1.

I know we all like to believe there’s always a meaning behind everything artists do and like to treat these universes created by them like real worlds where everything has an explanation but sometimes it’s just artists going ‘well, shit happens’.

My favorite example:

My opinion is they just ‘forgot’ while advancing to the last episode lmao, and I stand by the fact that Otabek is 18 (going on 19) as it seems to be the initial age they had decided on.

Lelouch from CG was an anti-hero, an antagonist and a villain all in one. As I’ve said in the previous reblog post, he was incredibly charismatic, intriguing and compelling. He showed varied emotions, from anger to regret to guilt to happiness. He had motivation and conviction to see his plan through but he also understood and regretted. He had connections with the characters around him, from his sister to Suzaku to his family and friends. You can see how well he was written and developed throughout the show. You rooted for him but you also hate him because he’s still a villain but one that you can sympathized and feel for and understand his motives. That is how a well written and developed character is. 

Charioce from SNB: VS on the other hand is a very poor, watered down version. He’s supposed to be the antagonist and villain of the entire series but you don’t get to see much of it all. His motivations and convictions were muddy, unclear and vague. He was not given any backstory of his past and his childhood. You don’t see him interact with much of anyone else in this instance to actually get a feel of him. They wrapped him up in mystery, gave him a very forced romantic love story with the female lead. Someone who is essentially just a blank cardboard villain with very little to go on save for the romance and those barely there expressions don’t cut for me. It does not work that way and it’s more likely to break the show or turn people off the character. Sure, he’s mysterious and complex but no background, no history can only keep someone interested for so long. 

The writers should have done better with him but they screwed this one up badly by thinking that the romance will be the redeeming point. It isn’t. If they had gave him a backstory little by little throughout the show, fleshed his character out, then maybe I could have find him interesting and might even understood him. Instead I get this so-called tyrant king with the vaguest expressions ever involved in some romance and that’s it. Little wonder his character felt so flat to me. 

If they wanted him to be like Lelouch, they’d failed on this part.


I’m getting something; Something really strong. It’s the most p o w e r f u l thought in your mind. It’s a name. ……..Who’s Linda Park?

Titans #1

Jaal is a giant cinnamon roll and I fucking love him??? Like, I cannot handle how sweet and pure he is.


Brynn: Grandpa! How did you meet grandma?
Damian: Oh Boo, I’m so old. I can’t remember. Ask grandma as I pretend to search for something on the internet.
Brynn: ..grandma?
Nova: Oh. Well.. we sure were in high school. 
Brynn: Oh! Have you been together that long? Were you in the same class?
Damian: Only on Monday and Thursday mornings dear.
Nova: I’m trying to save our respectable reputation here Mr. Reed, could you cooperate?

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So I have a head can that I don't know who to tell it to so I picked you. So we know that yuuri has trophies everywhere in Yutopia, so after victuuri move to Russia, Victor starts sending all his trophies to Yutopia too. Cause you know. They're family.


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What if during all the highlight reel stress they're causing us Hoseok just drops his mixtape like suprise bitch

What if this is all just hype because of hoseoks mixtape? Like Jungkooks in a wheelchair cause the hixtape was so great, Yoongis struggling with his music because there’s no way he could ever do better, Joonie is riding around on trains all day cause he’s coming to terms with his emotions, Jimin is fucking miserable cause Hoseok is getting all the girls now, Tae has resulted to street crime because he never thought he could ever listen to something so great and Jin got hit by a car cause hixtape

Cause me too…


Olicity Meme: funny scenes [15]
“Shirtless….all the time”



This is gonna be great cause Erin might actually let me drive.

That will never happen.


I love him

@dumbae theres a lot of thoughts that can go into this because there are a lot of people opposed to this but tbh the blm flag symbolizes a movement much like the pride flag one does so i dont think anybody should be opposed to people bringing it there the real question lies in What Will Harry Do

does anyone else sit down to watch the 30 minute fansign fancams or is that just me?