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Ray and you are friends right cause you guys act like husbando and waifu and I'm new here; sorry (Yes I cringed too) If you don't want to answer it is completely fine

HAHA, you’re good man!

But yeah, Ray and I are best buds haha!

Here’s the (very much discussed) section of the Season 1 Araki/Isayama interview concerning Armin and his relationship with Eren, first published in the animation side-kou in Japan, 2014.  

The probably most notable part Isayama’s comment about Armin not being best friends with Eren forever, which, considering his comments in last year’s ANSWERS guidebook, seem to still be the direction Isa wants to take them. 

I’m uploading these only to provide everyone with the official translation, not to cause any character/ship drama^^ please interpret the comments however you may desire~

me, last night when I thought my best friend was abandoning me: I hate her and she’s the worst person ever and I’m never going to speak to her again so she’s knows how I feel!!
my best friend, this morning: hey, wanna hang out today
me, now: 💖💖💖💕💕💕❤❤😍😍😍😍✨✨❤❤💕😍😍💖💓😍💓💘💘😍💞💖💕💛💟😍💜❣💙💓💚💓💕❤😍😍💕💘😍💗 YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!! LET ME CLEAR MY SCHEDULE!!

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FUN ACE STORY One time a few friends were chatting about who they thought were attractive and how attraction works for them (their bi) and they looked at me and asked me to describe attraction cause I'm ace and it would be funny. The best thing I came up with was when a person looks at another person and immediately goes "yeah I'd kiss them" w out ever talking to them, they asked me to describe it like an ace person and I said wanting pizza but not it's a person and they laughed it was great

I´m really glad you have such nice friends and had a good time! Much love from all of us


EXO as things my friends say #3
  • Minseok: i'm the oldest, so by default i rule all of you bitches
  • Junmyeon: but i'm the funniest in this room don't even fight me
  • Yixing: dude i saw a bunny today... those shits are cute af
  • Baekhyun: i'm prepared to sell myself just so i can buy overwatch u don't understand
  • Chanyeol: i'm not saying my instrument is the best but it is top quality
  • Kyungsoo: i love my friends i do, i also like them when they're quiet, either way works for me
  • Jongin: why do i always come out sexy in all my pictures?? i want to look cute damnit!!
  • Sehun: stop moving i need to fill my Instagram aesthetic geez
— bts masterlist


♡= Fluff  ☾=Smut  ☂= Angst ☆= Crack

Last Updated: Apr. 07

N A M J O O N ↴

✧ Stay (♡, Sugardaddy!AU) 

 You meet with Namjoon once a week but you had work prier to your meeting and come to his house exhausted from work. But he doesn’t mind at all as long as he spends time with you. 

✧ Change (☾) 

 Namjoon proves to be not so much of a bad boy after all.

⇢ D r a b b l e s ⌇ I m a g i n e s

T A E H Y U N G↴

✧ Drunken Confessions (♡) 

 In between the too many shots you confess your feelings towards your best friend, but will he remember?

✧ Touched (☾) 

 The new teacher, Taehyung, has been rather a tease every time he sees you in the teacher’s lounge. You’re getting quite frustrated and you think it’s time to teach the young man a lesson.

✧ Whispers (♡, ☂) 

 Movie marathon with Taehyung always result in you paying more attention to him rather than the movie. Will you be able to tell him how you feel?

✧ A Small Push (♡, ☾) 

 Kim Taehyung, the boy who’s had a hold of your heart ever since high school. You were sure he’d never give you the time of day that is until you go to one of Jimin’s parties.

✧ Electric: 01 | 02 (♡, soulmate!au) 

Love that slowly begins.

⇢ D r a b b l e s ⌇ I m a g i n e s

H O S E O K↴

✧ Yellow (♡, Badboy!AU) 

 Your locker always had a little yellow paper that consisted of romantic song lyrics and description about you that a mysterious H found absolutely adorable.

✧ Cheer Up (♡) 

 You didn’t know it but something that you thought was foolish actually made your biases day.

✧ Coffee Beans (♡)

“I’m just here for the coffee not for the cute barista.”

⇢ D r a b b l e s ⌇ I m a g i n e s

S E O K J I N↴

✧ Heartbeat (♡, High School!AU) 

 Seokjin is the quiet boy in class and one day you’re finally paired up with him.

✧ Bet ☂ (ft. Jimin) 

 It all started with a bet and now one year later you still haven’t fallen in love with your ever so perfect boyfriend, Jin. Rather you fell for someone else and you know you have to break it off with Jin to keep him from hurting.

✧ Mine (☂, ☾) 

 It’s been far too long since your husband spent quality time with you.

⇢ D r a b b l e s ⌇ I m a g i n e s

(None yet)

J U N G K O O K↴

✧ A Little Help (☾,Roommate!AU) 

 Jungkook is stressed from work causing him to become short tempered. It’s pissing you off so decide to relieve a bit of his frustration.

✧ Dreams (☾, Roommate!AU, Sequel to A Little Help

 Jungkook’s dreams are going to be the death of you.

Play (☾, ft. Taehyung) 

 Dodging Jungkook’s annoying horny texts was easy but what happens when another boy accidentally joins in on the fun.

⇢ D r a b b l e s ⌇ I m a g i n e s

Y O O N G I↴

✧ One Way Love (☾) 

 Despite seeming like a playboy he’s actually never had any sex before. So after confessing to you, you decide to help with the predicament.

✧ Innocence (♡) 

 You call Yoongi to come over after you come home from your study group but you fall asleep while waiting for him.

✧ Get Away (☂) 

 The pressure was consuming Yoongi, to the point of breaking.

⇢ D r a b b l e s ⌇ I m a g i n e s

J I M I N↴

✧ Flight (☾) 

 You’ve been having wet dreams of your bodyguard and you finally get to make them a reality in the bathroom of an airplane.

✧ Break (☂) 

 Your parents don’t approve of your short-tempered boyfriend, Jimin, and one of you is going to have to call it quits.

✧ Warmth (♡, w/ suggestive smut) 

 You’re stressed from work and you call your boyfriend to come over but fall asleep before he arrives.

✧ Pick Up Line (☆) 

↳ You and Jimin have a mutual crush on each other and he confesses to you in a very cringy way making you laugh it off not really taking him seriously.

✧ Not a Match (☂, ft. Mamamoo) 

 You finally got the courage to confess to your best friend, Jimin. Will he accept your confession?

⇢ D r a b b l e s ⌇ I m a g i n e s

O T 7↴

✧ BTS With Their Sick Child 

They’re in charge of taking care of your sick son.

→ ♡: Jin &Yoongi | Hoseok & Namjoon | Maknae Line

✧ Slow Drive Home

Where they go to stop their crush from boarding the plane cause they want to confess before she leaves, but they end up going to the wrong airport.

→ ☂: Jin & Yoongi | Hoseok

S E R I E S↴

✧ My Pleasure | Namjoon, Yoongi, Jin, and Taehyung

You’re in need of extra cash and seek potential sugar daddies online. You receive a message from a rather interesting profile of Kim Namjoon. Things begin to turn dark during your first meeting.

☾ ☂: Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch.3 | Ch.4 | Ch.5 | Ch.6 | Ch.7 

✧ Don’t You See? ↠ Mend A Heart ↠ Vestige

It all started with falling in love with the wrong person at the wrong time.

→ ☂ ♡: Jungkook | Reader | Jimin

A U S↴

✧ Greek Gods:

All | Jungkook | Taehyung | Jimin | Namjoon | Hoseok | Yoongi | Seokjin


How Would BTS…

I just spent the last 3 days on Saltspring Island hiking and exploring tide pools and soaking up the sun and sitting around a campfire laughing with good friends and the ginger. The absolute best. My heart is so full. One night he told me “not to be sappy, but I’m really going to miss you when you leave.” Guys. I am so fucked. I’ve never felt this comfortable and couple-y and excited and myself around someone. Three days together and I still want to spend more time with him. We are the same person in too many ways. I want to be around him and touch him all the time. I sold him my bed lol cause he’s moving into his own place for the first time at the end of the month so I’m just staying with him for my last few days in Van. Like everything seems so easy and natural and like we’re an actual couple. But I leave in two weeks. So fuuuuuck. Time for a conversation to happen soon. I don’t know what I want to happen or what he wants, but I do know that I’ve never felt like anything with a guy was this easy or enjoyable. I should at least tell him that I guess. 

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Hi darling! I'm just curious, I don't have the best pc, does reshade have a huge impact on performance? I really want it but performance is more important to me. Thanks for answering and taking the time to do so ❤️❤️

Hello friend! From what I understand, reshade can have quite an impact on “lower performing” computers depending on the preset you have (if you even use one cause you can totally just tweak settings for yourself but hey i’m incompetent) But fear not because there are some that are designed for lower end computers like this one and this one! I’d say just try it out and see how it works for you :) You can always take it out if it doesn’t run well.

7 Days of Heaven (A GOT7 Smut Series Teaser)

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Teaser (Hyung line)

Teaser (Maknae Line)

Prologue  Day 1-Jaebum  Day 2-Mark  Day 3-Jinyoung  Day 4-Jackson  Day 5-Youngjae   Day 6-Bambam   Day 7-Yugyeom

“Wow, so you guys really blocked this week for my birthday?”  You eyed the boys and they all nodded, causing you to smile from ear to ear.

“Of course you are our best girl friend in the world; we only want what’s best for you on your birthday.”  Jackson says and you giggled before giving each one of them a hug; not noticing the evil smirks that are plastered on each of their faces, as their mind automatically drifted to the future events in the next seven days.

“Welcome to a week of heaven hell, _______.

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Nora :( this is probably so out of your lane of asks but,, do you know how to get over someone? Cause I've loved my best friend for almost a year now but I don't think we should keep doing this on and off again thing (he has commitment problems) and I'm sick of feeling? Sick when he has someone new to gush over... I don't know I just want to be the closest friends with him and find myself crushing on a different cute gay for once :((

ahh that’s tricky. i feel like the best way to get over someone would probably be to spend less time with them for awhile and just try not to think too much about them? by all means still be his friend (and after a while i’m sure you can become close again) but just take some time to focus on other things and perhaps meet some new people

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My take on the newest Gotham episode so far: Edward desperately seeks out a new sugardaddy dom. Meanwhile hallucination Oswald lingers in the background and tells Ed he’ll never find as good as sugardaddy dom as him.

This is a very acceptable interpretation of the evidence presented thus far. ((Okay my Sugardaddy!Oswald remarks were so long ago, is this what I’m known for? Is this my legacy??? I’m oddly okay with this. Domwald I’m pretty obvious about but I thought the sugardaddy thing was forgotten at this point.))

  • Kid in my class: Miss Reilly do you have a boyfriend
  • Me: I have a girlfriend
  • Kid in my class: why you wanna date a girl so bad
  • Me: she's my best friend
  • Kid in my class: I'm gonna marry her first
  • Me: I think that might be a problem
  • Kid in my class: I'm gonna do what I want. Are you gonna get married?
  • Me: that's a super big question
  • Kid in my class: no it's not 'cause I'm gonna marry her I asked 'cause you're not.

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I read 'Why don't you kiss her?' a few days ago and it made me think that my best friend might be in love with me, cause he fucking behaves like bucky... so yesterday my best friend and I went out, had a couple of drinks (maybe more) and on our way home I asked him to kiss me and he FUCKING DID! So, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much cause my life is much better now because of you. You're amazing.

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O-M-G!!!! I AM SPEECHLESS!!! CONGRATS ON YOUR KISS!!!! Thank you so much for the kind words, but at the end of the day–YOU were the brave soul who took a step out and did it!!! Once again, congrats!!! I hope you and your friend–now boyfriend??–share much more kisses!! 

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‘Why Don’t You Kiss Her’ Bucky x Reader

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Could you please write solangelo one-shot where Nico is 'this new emo kid' at school and Will is the first person to actually talk to him and he discoveres that Nico is just a really big nerd. And they talk for hours and everyone else is confused? ❤❤

I have a habit of makinig things longer than they need to be…. enjoy! 

Will had gotten tired of the same routine. The same kids at school talking about the same shallow things in the same too-white hallways under too-bright fluorescent lights. He had friends of course, and he enjoyed their company, but he couldn’t help feel bored. The days went by both much too slowly and much too fast for him.

One day in his Physics class, a kid nobody had seen before walked in. It wasn’t new for people to see kids they didn’t know. It was a big school and there were four grades’ worth of kids. Will barely new everyone in his own class. That wasn’t what made this guy stand out.

What made him stand out was the style he chose. The dark clothing, the skull ring, the long, shaggy, messy, raven hair, the seemingly permanent scowl on his face.

“Emo alert,” someone said under their breath. Will rolled his eyes at their ignorance. He turned his attention to his assignment, but couldn’t keep from letting his eyes skirt back to the boy in the black aviator jacket.

He spoke to the teacher quietly for a moment, and everyone else got bored and returned to their gossip. So only Will noticed him walk quietly to the empty lab table behind him. He kept his eyes on his paper. Nervously biting his lip, he tried to turn and at least greet the new kid. But his sudden uncharacteristic timidity prevented him from saying a word.

The bell rang right before Will managed to build up the nerve to say hi. Because he was going to. Really.

He had lunch next and followed his usual group of friends as the boy stayed behind some reason. While he was in the cafeteria, he couldn’t help but think about that new boy.

He had butterflies in his stomach just thinking about the deep brown eyes that skimmed the room almost superiorly. His friends noticed how distant he seemed but they didn’t have a clue why. Will hadn’t even paid attention until the darkly dressed teen walked past them and sat down alone at a further table, causing his friends to pounce.

“He’s so weird, isn’t he?”

“New kid but who knows from where. Looks like the kind that gets into trouble a lot.”

Then the other started singing, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in!” Will rolled his eyes again, letting his gaze drift and settle on him again.

Surprisingly, the chocolatey eyes caught his as they scanned the lunchroom. They looked away just as fast, not thinking much of the stare. He’d probably been getting looks all day. But the next time they skirted over Will, he managed a smile before he looked away, causing the raven haired teen to do a double take. Instead of smiling back, he furrowed his eyebrows and kept his gaze on his food for the rest of lunch.

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;;;; Don't feel bad about your own art-- I think it's really nice, and people wouldn't follow you if they didn't think the same. And although there are people out there who are better, I think it's a good idea to keep practicing art as much as you can so you can be just as good as you want to be! It's what I did- and I'm kinda happy in my current position(aside from backgrounds and... hands..)

Yeah that’s probably best. Thanks friend, it’s just kind of weird for me in that when I see good art I get both inspired to draw cause I get determined to get better, and I get jealous and kinda discouraged. But yeah, you’re right. Thanks friend <3

A thank you and some thoughts and feelings.

I just wanted to say that I’ve had a real outpouring of beautiful and encouraging words the last few days, and I’m starting to wonder if I deserve them. I know I can come across a moody arse at the best of times; flipping from a good mood to quite insecure and grouchy. And all I can do is apologise profusely for that. A lot of my insecurities have been coming back the last few months, and even caused divisions between friends and myself through my own stupidity. I just worry about losing friends, but wind up pushing myself away to avoid the pain. I really never mean to hurt anyone but I know I do in the long run, and I then wonder how I’ve come to know such beautiful people who haven’t given up on me. 

I can say that I had a really positive dream the other night, and it was me shouting at my ex about all the things I’ve done since we split and how I’m proud of who I am now. Maybe the ‘proud’ bit is exaggerated, but I know that I’ve come a long way. And I hope this dream is my subconscious way of shifting all the weight that I’ve been carrying for quite a while now. However, I dreamed of my dog last night who passed away in November. I was so happy to see her, but I knew in my dream that she’d passed. I’ve dreamed of her quite a lot since her passing, and I like to think it’s her way of letting me know she’s still around and cares. 

Some of the anons have been really heart warming and almost made me cry. I’m so grateful that you’ve been able to tell me that and made me feel so uplifted. I try my very best to be a good person and be there for people, but I do fail at times…I’m only human, after all. 

I can be lazy, procrastinate, become insecure with friends, be confrontational and very brutally honest about what I think/feel and ‘blow up’ when I get exceptionally frustrated, but I’m not perfect. We all have flaws, and I hope mine become a little less challenging over time as I acknowledge and understand them more. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for not giving up on me. You know who you all are. Some friends have disappeared, and that’s their choice, but a lot of wonderful friends have stayed beside me and I’ll always be eternally grateful. 

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I wanted to request a George Weasley x reader where she comes back from summer vacations with shorter hair (a little below the shoulders) but she's not confident with it and then George comes and fluff and cuteness. (I would really love that cause I just cut my hair and I don't feel very confident about it)

GIRL SHORT HAIR IS AMAZING! I’m just really jealous of every girl who has a short hair because okay, I love my long hair, but short looks so extra and pretty and wild at the same time. My best friend cut her hair weeks ago and I’m still amazed she looks SO. GOOD. And honestly every girl I saw with long hair but changed it short, they’re look so much more confident and different (in a good way). Sorry for the rambling, I hope you’ll like your hair and the imagine I wrote haha xx That was my first with George tbh and I was really afraid It’ll be up later today!

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I've literally just been excluded from my friends party like it's her birthday and everything? Wtf? I'm always loyal and her parents love me (don't worry it's not a little kids party it's her 19th lmao) like?? swear to god tho I invite her to everything and she calls me her best friend? EVERYONE else has gone and I'm just sat here at home? Am I being a bitch? Am I reacting too badly? Help me out lmao

no you’re not being a bitch and no you’re not reacting too badly. your reaction is fine, damn i’d be pretty angry and pissed off about it too. have you tried contacting your friend at all ? has anything happened between you two that could’ve caused her not to invite you over ? do you want me to fight ?

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Ok so I recently came out as bisexual to one of my best friends (woo). And I was really happy cause she totally accepted me but now I'm struggling with internalised homophobia thinking that I'm a "fake bi" and stuff like that. I want to come out to more people but I'm scared of judgment. Help :,)

Honey, you should understand that people always will find a thing to judge for, you’ll never be perfect for them so it’s not worth trying. Your business is telling everyone and feeling open about it, but how would people react is their own business. You can’t change their minds, do t even try. Just live your life. The main thing is that you feel yourself comfortable with your sexuality, another things don’t matter

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to that anon i'm 19 and dated the love of my life for 4 years. i knew him since i was 11. he passed away. it's been really hard and i want to give up cause i feel like nothing will ever feel like that again. he was my best friend and shaped me into who i am now. but life goes on. honestly i think you're blessed to not have experienced some world changing love yet bc this young it'll likely just hurt you. just focus on yourself while you're young and it'll fall into your lap sooner or later

i’m so sorry that happened. i completely agree with you. thank you for sharing lovey 💕