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What Does ____ Sound Like?

Describing the sound of a language is a really difficult thing to do, mostly because everybody hears things a little differently and we make different connections. I’ve heard people describe French as being “romantic” and I’ve also heard people say it sounds like “someone got something stuck in their throat”. Some people say Spanish sounds musical but I’ve also heard people describe it as angry. Mila Kunis even once compared Russian to Klingon, and there’s a scene from a TV show where one of the characters accidentally gives his blessings in Klingon, having believed it to be Hebrew. The fact of the matter is, the only way you’re going to know what a language sounds like is to hear it. So I’m compiling a list, separated by language, with various examples of said language in its natural context. This means there will be soap operas, youtubers, movie trailers (probably a lot of these ‘cause they’re easy to find), some newsreels, maybe advertisements. What there won’t be is music or those recorded dialogues they put in language learning textbooks. The point of this is to hear different languages actually sound with your own ears.

Some things you should know:

I am in the United States so all links are confirmed to work in the United States, I cannot guarantee they’ll work anywhere else.

This is (hopefully) not going to be the only post of it’s kind. I plan on making a series, here I just start with a few major languages. I’m hoping later I can make little series like “East Asian Languages” and “The Uralic Branch” kinda thing.

These are not meant to be comprehensive or even useful for studying. This is literally just a list of links so people can hear a few different languages and get a feel for them.

I will attempt to mark regional accents where I can. If no accent/region is marked it’s probably because I don’t know. If you see one of these and you DO know what accent/dialect it is, let me know, I’d love to include that kind of information.

Clearly there isn’t much here for people who are d/Deaf/HOH. I cannot caption the videos because they’re not mine though some of them do have captions put there by their creator. Later on I hope to do versions of this for “What does ____ look like?” and show written language as well as signed languages.

NONE OF THESE VIDEOS ARE GUARANTEED TO BE FREE FROM LANGUAGE, NUDITY, AND ADULT TOPICS. Partially because I can’t actually understand most of them so who knows what’s going on. I can tell you that the visuals are all pretty clean (so no porno or bloodfests).

There will be NO horror movies or trailers for horror movies. There might still be creepy stuff or horror like concepts but NO jumpscares. Mostly because I just really don’t wanna watch them and I don’t wanna accidentally expose someone else to some creepy horror movie trailer when they too really don’t wanna watch them. That’s just mean. And if for some reason someone finds something on here that they believe to be a jumpscare let me know so I can take care of it.

What does German sound like?

Die Welle (The Wave) 2008 Trailer

Goodbye, Lenin! 2003 Trailer

What does Italian sound like?

Quo Vado? 2016 Trailer

La Bella Gente 2015 Trailer

Interview with Il Volo, 1 Mar 2013 La Vita in Diretta, Roma

What does French sound like?

Celine Dion Interview on France 2 News 16 Nov 2013

Un homme idéal (A Perfect Man) 2015 Trailer

Entre amis 2015 Trailer

Venez comme vous êtes McDonald’s Ad

What does Spanish sound like?

Mexico Una Película de Huevos 2006 Trailer

Peru Esto son fueron los peores ‘roches’ en la televisión peruana  

Argentina 5 películas argentinas que no pueden dejar de ver

Spain Día De la Fiesta Nacional de España -  NOTICIAS 1

What does Portuguese sound like?

Brazil Apresentação no Bom Dia Brasil - Rede Globo  

Portugal Entrevista a Daniela Ruah Noticias Portugal

What does Mandarin Chinese sound like?

美人鱼  Mermaid (2016) 中文预告片

The Monkey King 2 2016 Trailer

What does Japanese sound like?


24時間テレビ 制作発表 生中継 V6 & Hey!Say!JUMP #150701

What does Cantonese sound like?

Scene from 花樣年華 (In the Mood for Love) 2000

What does Arabic sound like?

Egyptian Panda Cheese Commercial 2014

شاب سعودي يهكر عقل مقدم صباح العربية على الهواء  

What does Russian sound like?

Чёрная Молния (Black Lightning) 2009 Trailer

Putin’s Victory Speech 2012

Sometimes I think about angelic sex ending in natural phenomena, like their graces become overpowered and cause natural disturbances.  This just in, residents of a neighborhood are shocked when lightning flashes and thunder roars outside without any warning.  The rickety, old apartment buildings tremble and quake, and trees bow to the force of a sudden gust.  The electricity in the rooms fade in and out from a power surge, a scene straight out of a horror movie.  It’s an act of God, the more religiously inclined would say.  But really, it’s just Michael and Lucifer having some really awesome sex.

And when they lose their powers, Lucifer hates that he can no longer unintentionally manipulate nature from a really good orgasm.  He gets so frustrated about this after having sex with Michael that he smashes the light bulb on their bedside table lamp, so their room goes dark like it often used to after sex.

“Really, Lucifer?  That was our last light bulb.”

“It makes me feel better, Michael.”

“Oh so it’s okay, as long as you feel better.”

scattered thoughts about Rogue 1 (mostly rebelcaptain oops) pt. 2:

  • While I would have liked to see more of Jyn’s relationship with her mother Lyra, I think the connection between them is reinforced by the fact that even after all her years of cynicism, she never got rid of the kyber crystal necklace her mother gave her, which she reaches for and contemplates at several key moments in the film. And her relationship with Galen, was of course, beautifully developed. I think we would’ve seen more of her relationship with Saw prior to the reshoots so I’m hoping we get some more footage of their interactions on the DVD - I really liked what we did get to see. In any case, the focus on her father/daughter bonds was something we hadn’t seen much of in the SW movies up to this point - and it all made me deeply emotional (I cried…a lot).
  • From the very beginning, it makes sense to me that Cassian connects with Jyn bc he already knows everything about her from her file so he can’t help but connect - he’s been serving the Rebellion since he was six, she has a history as a child soldier as well, one she’s trying to put behind her. She doesn’t really know how much they have in common until he tells her how long he’s been with the Rebellion during their fight over his mission to kill Galen and then she gets it (up to that point, I think a lot of her attraction to him, besides their obvious physical chemistry, was based in his decision to trust her and maybe an unconscious sense that they were kindred spirits). So as my friend @kafrenes​ pointed out, when she steals the blaster pistol, he gets why she does it because he likely would have done the same in her place, being an intelligence operative trained to approach such situations with a vigilant mistrust of anyone who might put him in such a situation. And through his understanding of her mistrust and his consequent extension of trust to her by letting her keep the blaster, he gains her trust. His feelings for her are compounded when he sees that in spite of her code of self-preservation, she clearly thinks some things are worth dying for, as when she protects the little girl in Jedha. And there’s a recognition there, probably, that because she devotes herself to no cause she is free to choose to follow her own moral compunctions, whereas he often has to put his aside for the Rebellion.
  • Ultimately, Cassian can’t bring himself to kill Galen because of what he means to Jyn, and Jyn is upset when she finds out about this mission objective not just because he might have done such a thing and what she believes that says about him, but because this was a breach of their trust - a compact between them that had come to mean so much to her so quickly because it had been years since anyone had ever extended such trust to her. She’s had no one for so long, and that fragile bond seems to have shattered in the wake of the death of her father, so she’s feeling, perhaps, even more alone in the universe than she was before. She probably doesn’t even realize why his trust is so important to her, just as he has difficulty understanding why he didn’t kill Galen - these are people who haven’t made actual emotional connections for a long time so it’s a bizarre feeling for them they don’t totally comprehend on a conscious level. But when Cassian tells her he’s been with the Rebellion since he was six, that he’s devoted his life to the cause and that really, the cause is all he has and all that can save many similarly isolated and oppressed people like both of them, she realizes how similar they are and how this is a cause worth dying for, beyond her own personal stake in it because of the death of her family. 
  • This is why she’s the one who gives the speech at the Rebel base. Her confrontation with Cassian made her realize this was a mission worth being selfless for, while it made Cassian realize that it was a mission worth disobeying orders and going against pragmatism for - recognizing that his moral intuition was worth following in this instance, like when Jyn protected the little girl in Jedha. Cassian probably knows they can’t convince the Alliance, I think, which is why he assembles a team - and Jyn is taking up his idealism in her speech, reiterating his belief that rebellions are built on hope and adding onto it - they sort of swap roles in that scene. He sees that she’s invested and that gives him the motivation to disobey orders for the mission she envisions, and she finds a reason to believe in the cause beyond just her personal pain bc she knows she’s not alone after Cassian tells her how long he’s been with the Rebellion. For the first time she sees how similar they are and he’s known they were all along. 
  • These two physically and emotionally gravitate towards each other like magnets. There’s something very touch-starved about both of them. I’ve only seen the movie once (so far), but isn’t there a scene where she brushes past him on the ship and they just sort of PAUSE and its so fucking charged what the hell (and this is separate from the ridiculously charged “Welcome home” scene btw) 
  • Imagine being K-2SO on the outside looking in on this relationship. His job is to minimize negative probabilities and HOO BOY is Jyn Erso ever a negative probability, starting with the blaster pistol she steals! He’s protective of Cassian and can probably tell this girl very well might mess him up emotionally, but in the end, he realizes that Jyn often defies his statistical calculations. “You’re a surprising person, Jyn Erso.” (I need so many gifsets about the Jyn/K-2SO/Cassian friendship!)

The way TFP portrayed Vehicons in general was not great IMO.  You look at Stormtroopers in Star Wars and they die pretty easily, just shoot them anywhere on that flimsy armor.  BUT the heroes generally run away from MASSES of Stormtroopers.  That is one of the narrative purposes of the Stormtroopers, to push the heroes where the plot needs them to be, or to boost the tension by forcing the heroes away from The Thing They Need or The Place They Want To Be.

But the Autobots usually stand and face their nameless bad-guy grunts, and cut down masses of them with little effort. Their purpose is not to drive the plot forward, but to put the plot on pause so the viewer can gush about how STRONG the Autobots are and how PRETTY the fight scene is.  

I feel the indirect influence of the Bay movies is to blame for this with its “LOOK AT THIS COOL EXPLOSION, SOMEHOW METAL HITTING GRASS CAUSES SPARKS TO FLY EVERYWHERE” aesthetic.

BTS as things my friends have said or done p.2
  • Jin: call me a beach cause im SHORE
  • Yoongi: ill take anal for the team from jimin but u know
  • Namjoon: seriously worried about language barriers between cats and dogs from different countries
  • Hoseok: it's brokay
  • Jimin: she just sounds like natural selection shouldve taken her sooner
  • Taehyung: *during sex scene in movie* God i miss acting
  • Jungkook: : self defence cant help you shield you from the blows to your heart
Lana Del Rey sentence starters
  • "Look at you, looking at me."
  • "Loving you is hard, being here is harder."
  • "I don't wanna do this anymore."
  • "I can't survive if this is all that's real."
  • "All I wanna do is get high by the beach."
  • "I never bought into your bullshit."
  • "You could be a bad motherfucker, but that don't make you a man."
  • "Now you're just another one of my problems."
  • "I'll do it on my own."
  • "Don't need your money to get me what I want."
  • "Everyone can start again."
  • "Should have let me know that I never had a chance at all."
  • "I could never be what you wanted."
  • "I know that you're scared to death."
  • "You're afraid to love me."
  • "Our kind of love, it was once in a lifetime."
  • "It was doomed from the first time."
  • "I always fall for the wrong guy."
  • "Things that are bad always taste nice."
  • "That's what girls like me do... lose you."
  • "You're sickeningly beautiful."
  • "This kind of life wasn't meant for the good girl."
  • "That's what girls like me like - the limelight."
  • "If you should go before me then know that I always loved you."
  • "There's nobody for you but me."
  • "We make the rules."
  • "Say you want me, too."
  • "Will my forever love never come back to me?"
  • "How quickly you forget how I made you smile."
  • "I remember everything."
  • "Does she know I'm tattooed onto your heart?"
  • "She's not me."
  • "Promise I won't hurt you, kid."
  • "Baby, we were born to live fast and die young."
  • "It's a game, I don't wanna play."
  • "Never let me go."
  • "We're gonna go far, I can already taste it."
  • "I remember when I saw you for the first time, you were laughing, sparking like a new dime."
  • "Baby, it's a sweet life."
  • "It’s just another lonely day on the playground."
  • "I just wanna party, boy, I don’t wanna fight."
  • "They all know my name now."
  • "I'm not looking for true love tonight."
  • "If you want me, you know where to find me."
  • "I don't wanna get you running scared when there's no pressure there at all."
  • "I'm the sweetest girl in town so why are you so mean?"
  • "You were talking so brave and so sweet."
  • "You got away, didn't you, baby? You just turned your back on the crowd."
  • "You were famous, your heart was a legend."
  • "You told me again you preferred handsome men, but for me you would make an exception."
  • "We are ugly but we have the music."
  • "I don't mean to suggest that I loved you the best."
  • "I remember you well, that's all, I don't even think of you that often."
  • "Let me be your dangerous girl."
  • "Its been so long since someone made me different."
  • "Even my best days without you were nothing in comparison to my worst days once I had found you."
  • "It's all happening."
  • "Pillow talk to me."
  • "I never knew I'd find somebody like you."
  • "You say it's not true, but I know how you do."
  • "I'm like a child who belongs to nobody."
  • "I wear you like my clothes, hold you close to my body."
  • "You hurt so good, you feel so bad, honey."
  • "I just want you to want me."
  • "I'm not what you want."
  • "Let's get out of this place 'cause you're starting to waste within this teenage wasteland."
  • "I'm leaving, are you coming with me?"
  • "I know that they think I've come undone."
  • "It's late, walk me home and put your hand in mine."
  • "Be my valentine."
  • "You are, by far, the brightest star I've ever seen."
  • "I never dreamed I'd be so happy that I could die."
  • "I can get you hooked on love and desire."
  • "I know what you’ve done, I can be your alibi."
  • "Would you kill for me? Would you die for me?"
  • "It's either live or die."
  • "I burnt your toast but baby, I'm still the bestest."
  • "This is not a school girl crush."
  • "This is not puppy love."
  • "I'm your leading lady."
  • "You're everybody's hero and you're hitting it home."
  • "I don't wanna go."
  • "He's a sweet baby, but he looks mean."
  • "I’m America’s sweetheart tryin’ to get away."
  • "You make it hard to leave, but it’s easier for me to stay."
  • "We're not fooling anyone these days."
  • "I don't wanna stay, but I'm so afraid."
  • "It's not love what keeps me here and it's not what you want to hear."
  • "Never coming back, no matter what you do or say."
  • "I've had it up to here with the panic and the fear."
  • "There's nothing in your heart, I thought that I could make you change."
  • "We were just teenagers when we fell in love."
  • "You should never come between a woman and her dream."
  • "I was addicted to you, but I didn't know it."
  • "Put yourself on back to bed."
  • "I was addicted to you, didn't wanna blow it."
  • "You were a dick with your crew."
  • "Why can't you give it a rest?"
  • "You're not that bright for a star, burned yourself out nothing left."
  • "Death doesn't come with a warning."
  • "You should hear me sing."
  • "I know what they say about me, I know that they think I'm danger."
  • "I'll be taking drugs, doing shots, making out in parking lots."
  • "You can't stop me."
  • "Money is my saviour."
  • "Ours was the greatest love story ever told."
  • "You've got it and I want it."
  • "Doomed from the start, we met with a goodbye kiss."
  • "I won't cry myself to sleep like a sucker."
  • "Now you fall asleep with another... Damn you."
  • "Remember how we used to escape for the summer?"
  • "Nothing to lose and we got messed up for fun."
  • "We went too fast, too young."
  • "Flowers in my hair and your breath smelled like whiskey, promised anywhere that I go, take you with me."
  • "If you get lonely, think of me."
  • "Living without you is like TV in black and white."
  • "When I’m around you suddenly I realize that I was blind before I saw the world through your eyes."
  • "I'm a really good girl, you a very bad guy. We're a little match made in heaven."
  • "I don't wanna know I'm wrong."
  • "If we got together, I know it would be hot."
  • "Put the radio on."
  • "My man is crazy... but I like him, in fact, I love him."
  • "I've been waiting on your love, baby, for too long now."
  • "I thought that I could change you like the others but I don't know how."
  • "It's gonna backfire."
  • "Everybody’s saying you’re no good for me."
  • "I wanna fly."
  • "I can't be with the man I love."
  • "With the rate I was going, I'd be lucky to die."
  • "You wanna watch me while I watch TV, while your touching me."
  • "We're gonna party like were running outta time."
  • "We dance like nobody's watching us and we live like we want to."
  • "I was a young girl, selfish and wild."
  • "Look at me now, I have everything."
  • "Had a face like an angel, but inside, my heart was as black as a broke movie screen."
  • "I hope you remember me like this."
  • "I don't know a thing, but of this I'm sure - there's nowhere on this Earth I'd rather be."
  • "You're beautiful, but hopeless."
  • "I think you're so cool, babe."
  • "I love you more with each and everyday."
  • "Do you think you'll love me, too?"
  • "You know I love the thrill of the rush."
  • "Play you like a game, boy."
  • "What's the thrill of the same toy?"
  • "I love you, but I don't know why."
  • "You can be the boss, daddy."
  • "You taste like the Fourth of July."
  • "You’re wrong, but you’re so much fun."
  • "Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"
  • "I'm a party girl, and I'm just warnin' you."
  • "Do you think it's really mean that I'm only on the scene cause I want a little danger, boy?"
  • "I told you so."
  • "You know sometimes I think God's playing a little game with me, looking down from heaven, laughing, trying to see how much I can take."
  • "Nobody's had more shots at the moon and missed than me."
  • "My boyfriend says I'm like an old movie star with loneliness as my occupation."
  • "You haven't seen the best of me."
  • "You can look, but please don't touch."
  • "Everyone knows I'm a good girl."
  • "I am the baddest, you liking what you see?"
  • "You should stay away from me."
  • "We're children of the bad revolution."
  • "We're acting really tough like the world belongs to us, 'cause it does, yeah, it must."
  • "You've been pretty stupid ever since you got famous."
  • "Your friends all swear that you've changed but, I still keep it O.G."
  • "Let's go back to the basics."
  • "We were best friends, crazy and shameless in love."
  • "I'm just making up for what I never had."
  • "I was born to live fast, die young."
  • "I think we're losing what we used to have, you know?"
  • "You loved me better one year ago."
  • "I won't be all that mad if you go."
  • "You're always spending all that stupid with your band on the road."
  • "You can still come home when you want and I won't be ashamed to take you back in."
  • "It's been five nights since I heard the tone of your voice."
  • "You act like everything's alright, but we both know that it's not."
  • "You're so special."
  • "No one lives forever, but that’s no reason to give up."
  • "Don’t you wanna fall in love?"
  • "Sometimes I get lonely, but millions all know me now."
  • "You're the bad boy/girl that I always dreamed of."
  • "You know I was more than just a party girl."
  • "We're the broken ones."

my favorite part of batman v superman is just how the movie is structured???? like its so good. it isn’t structured like a movie, which is a apparently one reason critics didn’t like it very much, but you know why that’s okay??? cause it’s structured like a goddamn comic book instead. it goes from one scene with x character(s) doing x thing in x place with x tone, to another scene with a different character doing a different thing with a different tone, and so on and so forth. one may think this would cause the viewers to get some kinda whiplash feeling, but the scenes are long enough and the relocations aren’t drastic enough to really be confusing, and, most importantly, that’s how comic books are. like 10 minutes into watching it i realized that it kinda felt like reading a comic book, and they kept it up throughout the film, which is great. i’m not sure if i’m explaining it well though so if you dont understand what im saying just watch the movie yourself and you will probably get what i mean lmao.

Beware the streets of NYC at night cause there’s a MANIAC COP on the loose!

Remake coming soon from Ed Brubaker and Nicolas Winding Refn!


Row over new Transformers film

A Beijing property developer says it has terminated cooperation with the new Transformers movie, and is asking China to suspend screenings of the blockbuster film.

Beijing Pangu Investment Co Ltd said that Paramount and two Chinese associate partners failed to fulfill their obligations in a sponsorship deal.

“The loss of rights and interests not only caused the Pangu company’s original business plan to fail, incurring huge losses, more seriously, it has affected Pangu Plaza’s image and reputation,” the statement said.

Pangu said it is suing its Chinese partners for contract fraud and demanding that Paramount delete scenes from the movie that feature images of its logo and properties. The company also said that it has asked the Chinese government’s film regulator to suspend or stop screenings of the movie, which is due to open in Chinese cinemas on Friday.

Pangu said its Chinese partners never delivered on pledges to hold the movie premiere at Pangu’s hotel and feature images of its property in trailers and movie posters.

Instead, the movie’s worldwide premiere was held in Hong Kong on Thursday and was attended by stars that included Mark Wahlberg and the good-guy robot, Optimus Prime.

Paramount did not immediately respond to an e-mailed request for comment, while calls to the Chinese partners named in Pangu’s statement - Jiaflix China and the Beijing Chengxin Shengshi Sports Culture Development Company Ltd. - were unanswered.

Official silence, however, was answered by the vociferous comments of Chinese netizens on Sina Weibo.

Why I have the sense that it is just a method for supporting Chinese film.@Qianyuqianyu

I thought Beijing property developer Pangu and the producers of Transformers want to make cooperation for hype.@Feidianxingheixingxing

If the news is true, it’s right for Pangu to safeguard its deserved right.@Lixianshengzaoshanghao

Adapted from China Daily


Wedding Singer!AU
Zayn is on stage with the band singing “lets stay together” making it his own.. It’s the end of the night, audience dancing to the sweet melody and his warm voice. Liam is clearing the tables with others.
“Let me be the one you come running to.. I’ll spend my whole life lovin’ you.. A Lot of people break up turn around and make up, that’s not for me.. Let me be the one you come running to, you make me feel so brand new… Babe…”
A drunken guy interrupts and the band stops playing
“Hey! let’s hear something livelier huh man?the song is bumming me out big time”
“I’m sorry this song is bringing you down. But there are other ways to celebrate than getting drunk and shaking your ass although I’ve been known to do both of those things. In case you’ve forgotten we are here at a wedding. Celebrating a union and possibility and joy. And I don’t know anybody that does it better than Al Green. Instead of dulling our senses or moving faster than we really feel like moving, isn’t it nice to slow to a gentle pace where you can appreciate gazing into another persons eyes who loves you like you love yourself. ‘Lets stay together’ feels like a song written in the moonlight. It’s a blessing, a prayer that the best we feel when we’re side by side with the one we love will last throughout our lives”
Liam is listening spellbound.
Zayn continues “So if you don’t mind, I’m going to finish this song celebrating the promise made here today. After which I will be singing ‘Play That Funky Music White Boy’ which is probably a little bit more to your liking” the drunk guy is looking at him weirded out. Zayn continues to sing putting hi heart in every word “Let’s..Let’s stay together.. Lovin’ you whenever.. Times are good or bad or happy or sad..baby..”
There are tears in Liam’s eyes. He heads to the kitchen to place the empty glasses and plates to the dishwasher. He hears James taking over starting to sing.
Zayn comes to the kitchen because he’s hungry as hell “Harry can I have some chicken and potatoes?” Liam sees him and approaches “hey”.
Zayn smiles “hey”
“You were great up there. I mean, that was really, really beautiful” Zayn huffs out a laugh “well, yeah thanks. Drunks tend to make me pretentious” Liam was quick to say “that wasn’t pretentious, it was poetic”
“You think? I just can’t stand anyone trashing Al Green. I mean he pours his heart out for us, right?” Liam smiles softly at him “it’s a beautiful song. And after that I definitely want you to sing that at my wedding”
Zayn’s demeanor changes “um look, I’d love to but I’m kind of phasing out if the wedding business” Liam’s face drops “really? No… You can’t, you’re so… So good. I mean you almost had me crying in there” Zayn looks away “that wasn’t me. That was Al Green. I just sang it, I mean I’d love to write a song like that. One that people hear and say ‘hey, I’ve felt what that guy has felt’ I used to think I could do that, but now I’m not sure.”
Liam puts his hand on Zayn’s on the counter “sure you could. Did you see how you just entranced them out there. i mean if you can do that, you can do anything” Zayn’s eyes were on Liam’s hand on his he looks up to meet his eyes Zayn moves his hand away his Adam apple bobs words coming out a bit hard “that’s really nice thing to say, but I disagree” Zayn says. Liam goes to speak again but Zayn says “good night Li” and leaves Liam behind tears filling his eyes.

In the scene where Jane answers a phone call from her daughter Lauren, she is clearly surprised by Jake who kisses her causing her to say “You’re still on the phone” instead of “You’re still on the plane.” This was a genuine reaction from Meryl Streep, who did not expect Alec Baldwin to kiss her. Fortunately, Streep kept the scene going and incorporated her mistake therefore the scene could be kept in the movie.

Surprise Me

Pairing: Dean x reader

Prompt: gif below

Words: 1905

Warnings: none, just lots of fluff!!!!

A/N: This is my entry for the SPN Celebration Challenge by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing. I got the number SFW09. Hope y’all enjoy!! Feedback is always appreciated!

“Dean, where are you taking me?” you sighed as you sagged further into the front seat of the impala, the leather sticking to your bare skin. It was warm outside, a hot summer evening, making your body sticky with sweat. The windows were rolled down and caused a light breeze to wash over your skin, making goose bumps appear even though the temperature outside was high. 

“It’s a surprise,” Dean smirked as he grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers. You rolled your eyes, looking outside curiously. You noticed you had never been too this part of town before, not recognizing the asphalted roads lined by high trees. 

“Surprise me then,” you smiled while squeezing his hand and leaning closer to him, snuggling against his side. 

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Hi there! Sterek prompt ahed. It's a bit detailed cause' I got the idea from a movie scene I loved. So Derek, Stiles and Scott are going to some kind of music academy in NYC. Stiles and Scott come together from Beacon Hills, while Derek is from NY. When holiday break comes,Scott and stiles plan to go together back to hometown for the break, but stiles somehow misses the flight and Scott flies alone. Having no place to stay and no money to buy another ticket, Derek suggest stiles to stay with him

(Human AU, Christmas, fluff, angst -that’s it,  that’s the fic, just Chistmas and some fluffy angst. Read on AO3)

Stiles can’t believe it. Of all the days for the subway to completely go tits up, it’s today. He’s not even half-way to the airport, has no money for a taxi, and there’s only a half-hour left till his flight. He could try to walk, but the New York streets are busy enough during a normal day, right before the holidays it’s like trying to push through the crows to get to the stage at a One Direction concert.

He doesn’t respond to the first panicky texts Scott sends, asking Stiles where the hell he is. Finally, with only fifteen minutes till departure he texts Scott back to let him know he won’t make it. Fuck, he’d been really looking forward to this. He misses his dad, and Scott’s mom, and even the rest of their crappy little town. He’d wanted to stop by Mrs. Lavinia, his former piano teacher, and tell her how this year at Julliard has gone so far, it’s become a holiday tradition. He wouldn’t even be here if not for her.

Stiles watches the minutes go by dejectedly. He’s still in the subway station sitting on his suitcase, letting grumpy business people glare at him as they have to walk around him to find other means of transport. At the moment of the plane’s departure, he pockets his phone and starts making his way to the apartment he shares with Scott.

The place looks sad and empty when Stiles opens the door and flicks on the lights. They hadn’t decorated, they wouldn’t be here for the holidays anyway. Stiles drops his suitcase and makes a beeline for the piano. It’s a little crappy, but it works for practice. At least he won’t constantly need to reserve one of the piano’s at the school. Sometimes he’s a little jealous of the fact that Scott can just take his guitar with him everywhere he goes.

For the next couple hours Stiles plays whatever pops into his head. A lot of them are pieces he learned when he just started, simplified versions of Beethoven and Liszt, but after a while he moves on to Christmas songs. Partly because he likes them, but also because he’s a little bit of a masochist. He should be half-way to Beacon Hills by now, where he and Scott would play duets while his dad and Melissa prepare dinner.

A knock on his door pulls him out of a depressing rendition of Jingle Bells. When he opens the door he’s surprised to find Derek Hale on the other side. Derek was in a music theory class with him and Scott last year, and they’ve been friends ever since. When the apartment next to the one where Derek and his sister live became vacant, Derek had made a deal with the building manager so that Scott and Stiles could move out of their dorm and into the apartment. Most of the time it’s like all four of them live together.

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So what if one day during a mission, Kylo damages his helmet in a fight, he can't get it off and the voice modulator is malfunctioning, making his voice sound high pitched (like the scene from the movie UP where the dogs collar is broken, making its voice higher pitched) and Ren doesn't ask for help because he's too embarrassed. Ren is quiet for the remainder of the day, which Hux is happy because he can work without Ren bothering him yet slightly worried, so at the end of the day, he confronts

///him on the issue. Hux corners him and makes him talk, though hesitant, Ren speaks, but the squeaky voice causes Hux to start laughing, much to Rens annoyance, after Hux is done with his laughing fit, he helps Kylo take the helmet off and tells a nearby storm trooper to take it to repairs. Kylo is relieved to have the helmet off, and thanks Hux for the assistance///

This is so funny I was crying reading this!

After Kylo says thank you, he’s red in the face. Of course he’s relieved that Hux helped him take his helmet off, but it was /Hux/. He heard Kylo’s ridiculous high pitched voice, Kylo had to actually ask him to help, and he now got to see his bare face until the helmet was repaired. Also, Hux was giggling the entire time. Kylo was sure he’ll never get to live this down.
“I was almost tempted to leave it on,” Hux says smugly. “Your silence was a nice treat.”
“If that were true, you wouldn’t have come to me,” Kylo retorts. In attempt to shield his embarrassment, he decided to turn the conversation towards Hux. “General, were you worried about me?”
“Don’t flatter yourself,” but Hux was slightly flustered. Only people who know him well would be able to notice. “I don’t get paid enough to put up with you.”
“Hm, perhaps I could find you some other for of payment? For having to ‘put up with me’ for so long.” Kylo offered coyly, stepping closer.
“Oh? And how do you propose doing that?” Hux smirked.
Right then, Hux’s comm went off. It was a trooper telling him that the helmet will be repaired and ready in five hours.
“Well,” Hux sighed. “Looks like I’ll only have to look at your sad face for a few hours.”
“That should be enough time.” Hux looked at him confused, but had no time to think further as Kylo was pushing him back into the wall and kissing him hard.
Hux immediately ran his fingers through Kylo’s hair. That lovely hair he saw so rarely. He supposed this sort of payment might be just enough to make dealing with him worth it.

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The more we get infos about TheLast, the more I realize that we were right : If Sasuke or Naruto were a girl, eerything happening between them would be seen as romantic. They stole sentences and scenes from SNS to give them to NH cause indeed, the implication is there but since it was between two males, it wasn't acceptable, but between a male and woman then it's alright. I'm just lost for words now ...

The Last is a freaking joke. 

I can’t believe how insulting it is. As much as I dislike NH since ways before the ending, I could see how it would make sense. If it had to happen, let’s it be something like, all the possibilities there was. There is a reason why some NH shippers are also mad at this movie. As much as I am the first to point out the lack of development of NH, there were maybe a few details which if developed, could bring an acceptable lovestory. 

But in order to happen, Naruto had to cut his bonds with Sakura, had to not talk at all with Sasuke, had to be the Worst Scumbag, and had to do all the romantic tropes he had with Sasuke but with a girl with no personality (at least in the movie, out of the scraf I don’t see any personality with her there?). That is to say, they had to destroy the mere meaning of the manga, the bonds and friendships, in order to create a lovestory. 

SNS’s lines are here, but the situations are not. Look at all the reasons Naruto and Sasuke shared those moments and those lines. For exemple, when the Yin and the Yang / Sun and the Moon Parallel, or when we see them doing combinated techniques. Everything had a development for that. 

For instance, the Yin and the Yang / Sun and the Moon is introduced in the first fight in the Valley of the End, before being used in the war. The idea of Soulmate/Reincarnation is introduced since this very same fight when Sasuke tells Madara and Hashirama’s tale. And the combinated techniques are introduced since Naruto’s line “Only wind can save fire from dying and make it stronger”, and even before, when they faced Zabuza for the very first time. 

Do I even need to say why it makes no sense that the same thing would work with Hinata?

As for the words, they all hold a meaning for Sasuke and Naruto. When Naruto tells Sasuke he’s ging to die with him, he thought about it. He realized that it might come a point where Sasuke will die because of his actions, and that’s the result of so many chapters of thinking and a panic attack (and after having two girls confessing their loves for him, even if Sakura’s confession is a lie, and after seeing he’s on the road to have everything he always wished for) that he realize he doesn’t want any of those things if Sasuke isn’t here with him, if Sasuke is dead, which lead to this iconic quote. 

Didn’t Naruto say that to Hinata just after he almost give up on her when she joined the enemy? *cought* sure.

Remember that it is SP that wrote the script (even if yes, Kishi agreed, remember that). SP heard the words and the situations but they didn’t understand why it meant so much. They thought it will be enough but it wasn't 

If Naruto or Sasuke would have been a girl? We wouldn’t be having this debate. To me, it just confirm that we were more than right to see the romantic bond between Sasuke and Naruto and that’ why we’re being insulted right now. 

But guess heteronormativity and many babies are a good excuse for destroying your characters and giving them hollow words to say. 

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Is the pic on your mobile sidebar a howls moving castle au?? Im sorry if its not, it looks like the final scene from the ghibli movie! All i can think about now is akaashi pushing bokuto up the stairs while hes oozing green goop cause akaashi messed up his hair products

oh god it does doesn’t it (it’s actually from this )

listen. i have. so many things to say. about a howl’s moving castle au: 

kuroo the fire demon and shouyou the apprentice 

or just. this. is. i need this. someone write this. 

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My theory for why things are different in Dreamscaperers and ATOTS is actually that, since Stan is telling Soos a partially-true story, only some parts of the flashbacks are accurate. That's why you can see Ford in the background of the scene with the boxing ring, but Ford isn't anywhere to be seen in any of the other flashbacks and the fashion in the movie theatre scene is way historically inaccurate. Dipper thinks the door is Flashback Land, but it's actually Partially-Made-Up Memories 'cause

(Part 2)  Stan is a pathological liar, just like his mom, so while the core details are true, Stan is actually making a lot of it up or omitting stuff, and his imagination is filling in the blanks. So he’s depicting himself as weaker and nerdier than he was and the movie theatre scene aesthetics are historically inaccurate; because Stan is making those things up, even if the boxing lessons and the lesson Stan learned from boxing lessons is true and Stan’s motivations for being tough on Dipper are true.

Yes, there was a theory like that. Like, Stan might have started believing his own lies somewhere down the road, so some flashbacks are inaccurate. But yeah, his feelings and motivations are true as you said.