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Allura’s Moving Castle AU

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Sims Tag Yourself Meme Challenge

by @itsoceansecret

I’m Sweet & Sour and sometimes Spicy Nuggetz! This was really fun to do btw ;-;

Challenge rules: Tag your challenge with #simstagyourself and make a meme based on the tag yourself memes that fits the characters (must be your sims) you used. Tag other 5 people. 

Gonna do more than 5 but.. I tag @plumb-barb@simtasia, @simgallery, @sims3hasstoppedworking, @literallywhothe, @obsimmian, @cakenoodles, @freckled-pixels, @touchmypixels, @pixelddump, @simovee, @riley-annette, @baehaved, @fanaskher, @spladoum, @buckleysims, @remysims & whoever wants to do this! 

I’m not someone who can be happy with fanon, I’m not someone who’s satisfied with “sq always belonged to the fandom”. I’m not someone who’s “glad a&e didn’t make sq a couple ‘cause they would’ve ruined them”. I’m not someone who’s okay with none of their non-canon femslash ships becoming canon or never wants them to be canon in the first place. I want all my ships to become canon. No matter how awful it could’ve been I wanted to see sq kiss, and properly hug, and hold hands, and talk about their love for each other, and do everything else all the hetero couples get that heteros take for granted. I wanted that footage, I wanted that visual to keep forever in my memories- to gif, to print out as pictures, to set as my lock screen. I want all of it. I’ll never stop hoping for swan queen, even it has to only happen in the one episode that witch said she’d do in season 7, fucking k0rrasami style. At this point I’m so desperate I’ll take anything, even though it’s not what sq, or swen deserves. I’ll never accept that what happened is what was originally planned, because over 10 years ago all that existed as a concept for the show was the evil queen and a savior.

firstbreaths  asked:

literati au where they both go to the same school (either chilton or stars hollow high)

oh goddddd you know my weakness (for the sake of these headcanons, rory and dean stayed broken up after s1)

  • okay but it’s chilton, for sure. he has still moved to stars hollow, but she meets him at school beforehand and they immediately dislike each other; something about the way she talks to much in class and covets authors that make him want to gouge his eyes out and how he seemingly does absolutely nothing but still makes higher marks than her that drives her ~crazy~ and they do nothing but argue but there’s just something they can’t pinpoint
    • (but he can’t deny the way her tights fit to her legs and how her pouty bottom lip drives him wild and her eyes – oh her eyes; she’s a leggy blue eyed angel of death)
    • (and don’t even get her started on the picture he makes; pen placed behind his ear and a paperback stuffed in his back pocket and his sleeves rolled up his forearms and devil may care way he seems to go about everything that makes her want to jostle him but also makes her want to know if those stories that madeline and louise tell her about the goings on in the deserted hallway on the west side of campus really live up to her imagination)
  • she knows it’s him who pulls the anonymous pranks – stealing all the teachers chalk, pilfering the chilton bell in headmaster charleston’s office (shout out to kris on that one), and placing all the textbooks floor to ceiling in the teachers lounge – because he pulled the same shit in stars hollow; she remembers the chalk outline outside of doose’s and how he smirked until she cracked but at least she got through to him that he shouldn’t treat luke like shit or the video store ‘rory curtain’ debacle where she had a feeling of what he put in the g-rated movie cases
    • (and when he gets caught and is forced to leave campus, he still smirks eyes dark and intense as they focus on hers while he’s leaving; he winks and she blushes, fighting to stop smiling, and she opens her locker later that afternoon surprised to find the picture placed in the video store is rolled and locked up tight away from the prying eyes of taylor)
  • they serve detention together one day, him for stealing the bell or her for sneaking in with the god forsaken Puffs, and they’re the only one’s there; sitting several tables apart in the middle of the library. she tries to focus on her homework, and he’s nose deep in a book she’s certain not for any class taken here but she can’t concentrate. he starts humming ‘sheena is a punk rocker’ under his breath, flipping his pen between his fingers and she forgot her walkman at home today and it’s distracting as hell
    • (it doesn’t help that there’s no supervision; not even the librarian who stays late to put new books away; just them and their books and the clock ticking away)
    • (he’s no longer reading, she can feel his eyes on her hunched form; she’s shucked off her sweater and pulled up her a skirt a bit, her legs stretched out in front of her and all he sees is the edges of the pleats resting against the middle of her thighs and all he can picture is himself on his knees, head resting under her skirt and fingers digging into her smooth skin)
    • (could you stop staring at me please, it’s distracting passes from her lips as she throws her pen down, done with taking notes and focusing all her attention on him; her fingers wrap up in the hem of her skirt and once again, it’s him who’s distracted)
    • (i just can’t understand why on earth you want to bore yourself with writing a paper on poetry; just say it already we’re dying here he says, as he comes closer, resting his book – “a tree grows in brooklyn” – right next to hers as he sits two chairs over, head resting on his closed fist and bottom lip bit as he look at her and her heart beat quickens and he questions his distaste for poetry with come on you have to love at least something as her blue eyes shine up at him and her hair falls over her shoulder, her lips turned up at the corners)
    • (and when he smirks, his tongue running along his bottom lip, and shakes his head ‘no’ she takes his hand, the warmth spreading through her fast, and pulls him in the direction of the poetry section and places them directly in front of Neruda; she reads a couple lines – her favourite “i want to do with you what spring does to the cherry trees” – before he sticks his finger in the crease of the book, stopping her completely as he tilts her face up with a finger under her chin and his lips are on hers and a moan escapes her throat as his tongue tangles with hers and the words of love and lust and beauty make her taste like nothing he’s ever experienced)
    • (she ends up with her back pressed against the shelves, one of his hands sliding up her thigh and under her skirt and hers running along his collarbone and she lets out a breathless laugh as his mouth whispers the verses of “i crave, i want, i hunger” along the column of her neck and she just knew he had to know something)

I will always be happy for my friends’ achievements and whatever that makes them happy. But fuck trust me, never ever fuck with their feelings, break their hearts and ruined their welfare cause I will step in. I will protect them. I will love them everytime he won’t.

I’m sorry to say this to all Aria is A theorists but this show is not going to have that kind of revelation, i mean we’re nearly half way through and BARELY got any questions answered, all they care is romantic ships (that no one finds romantic cause they freaking ruined them) and 14 year olds problems. I’m honestly so disappointed in the way they’re “wrapping” this up

easy | l.h

a/n: this is pure secret relationship au! I lost myself at some point in this so it definitely turned out unlike I’d expected but I really hope y’all dig it anyway! also feedback is cool and encouraged if you’re so inclined! / wc: 3k / masterlist 

“They’ll be back any minute now,” You breathed heavy against Luke’s ear, his teeth and tongue pulling expertly at the skin against your collarbone. The empty dressing room was near silent, save Luke’s quiet groans when your fingers tugged against his curls or the gentle whimpers falling from your own lips.

“I don’t care,” He paused his actions to mumble against your now sensitive skin. “They can walk right in if they want.”

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This moment pretty much sums up one of the main reasons I’m in love Bonenzo right now:

Bonnie is free, she’s having fun. She’s flirting with a very attractive guy because it feels good, maybe she’s even got a little crush. She’s doing what many women her age would be doing. And why not?

In the present timeline she’s not in love with the guy nor does she have any expectations of what this will become - I mean the guy is pathetically hung up on another woman. Does Bonnie, in this moment, want a relationship? I imagine it would be nice but I think after a crappy few years (or is it year?) which included months trapped alone in a prison world loosing hope, some fun/flirty/sexy times with a guy she doesn’t see herself getting attached to might just be what she needs (remember her conversation with Caroline?).

Clearly as we see in the future timeline, however, somewhere over the course of three years flirting and fun turn into something more.

That hint of a smile right before she runs to him, the way he’s concerned for her and calls her “love”, it’s kind of beautiful to me and is the reason why I ship it and the possibility of what it could become.

Because this is what I see (or rather the potential that I see):

Two broken people who have had a shit ton to deal with over their lives (I mean dude was held prisoner and experimented on for decades, has constantly been abandoned by people be cared about/thought cared about him, lost the woman he loved while Bonnie has lost her whole family, her mother abandoned her, her friends are basically always putting her in situations where she must sacrifice herself, she was trapped in a prison world - you get the picture) finding each other and truly seeing the other person, finding some common ground, no abandoning, no second place, no sacrifices. Being that person for each other that they haven’t had. (Although the story could totally unfold in a different way).

I mean Enzo has to know Bonnie and her amazingness - he saw first hand what kind of person she was while she was the anchor, trying to get everyone back from the other side, including him (and yeah he was kind of pestering her to bring him back but whatever). How deeply she cares for the people she loves.

Take this moment here where Bonnie tells him deserves better:

How many people in his life do you think have said something to him in a genuine way? And this coming from someone, who at this moment in time could care less about the guy.

I have no doubt that when he falls for her he will fall hard. The guy is clearly wanting to belong, to care and be cared for. Can you imagine him finding that? Do you think he’s going to treat that person like crap? (I mean I don’t know what stupid writing choices they’ll make but it makes no sense for him to!!!)

And Bonnie, she deserves to be someone’s number one (her friends - with the exception of Damon - and love interests - I use that term loosely - have never done that). Bonnie is putting herself first and doing what she wants for herself now, which is great, and while something happens to completely break her over the next three years, she’s got someone that’s there for her, she’s not alone! She’s being support by someone, no strings attached (at least it’s what I’m hoping).

Basically this is my long winded way of saying that with so little time spent on them and I’m like 110% in. I tried to deny it, I tried to keep it low key, but I just can’t. The potential of this pairing is just too beautiful for words.

And I know, it’s not going to end well knowing that I went from having one OTP on this show to having two and both of those pairings have a person in common. But then again, I’m still skeptical about the writing here, so hopefully there will be enough fanfic on both sides to keep me happy.

(Gif sources: #1 - @bonneibennett from this set; #2 - @vampire-blondie from this set; #3 - @thefudge from this set - please let me know if you’d like me to remove your gifs)

  • Friend: But why do you want me to see this show, what is it about?
  • Me: (actually, is about two half brothers in the edge between life and death whom must walk the path of limbo in which they'll find lots of obstacles they'll avoid in order to keep living) Two little boys get lost in the forest :>
How You Meet (Stiles)

You sat on the bench outside the Sheriff’s office waiting for your friends to come out of interrogation. You knew it wasn’t a good idea to wander around the old Hale house, but you couldn’t convince them not to. You didn’t know that the police were investigating a crime there. But when you saw the torso of a dead woman, you called the police immediately.

“What’s going on in there?” asked the Sheriff’s son. You’d seen him around school a couple times, but you never really approached him since your friends tell. you not to.

“Your dad is interrogating my friends,” you told him nonchalantly.

“Why? Did they murder someone or something?” he asked as he took a seat next to you.

“We were hanging around the Hale house,” you said. “We saw the body they were investigating by accident.”

“Oh yeah, that case,” he began. “I’ve seen the body. Nearly threw up, but I saw it.”

“They should really set up some police tape around that area if they don’t want anyone to just walk all over it.”

“They would have if Dad didn’t need to drive me off of the sight. I guess it’s my fault for that one.”

“Well then I think you owe my friends and I an apology.”

“Last I checked, I’m not the one who called the police while at the scene of the crime.”

“Oh shut up.”

It went on like that for a while, but you didn’t mind. The Sheriff’s son was more honest than your friends and it was nice to speak your mind rather than look to your friends for approval on what you should say. After arguing about that for a while, the two of you talked about school and your friends and you learned a lot about each other. As it turns out, Stiles wasn’t his real name since no one could pronounce his name and that he and his best friend Scott were always  getting into trouble of that nature.

After about two hours, your friends came out of interrogation. They didn’t say much, just pulled you off of the bench and away from Stiles. They dragged you to their car, asking you why you would call the cops.

“There was a dead body! Why wouldn’t I call the cops?” you told them.

“Cause they always ruin all the fun,” one of the girls said.

“Why the hell are you such a goodie-goodie?” one of the guys asked.

“Excuse me if I’m responsible,” you rolled your eyes.

“Whatever, just don’t slip up like that again,” the leader said. “And don’t talk to Sheriff’s kid again. He’s weird.”

“But he’s really nice,” I disagreed.

“I don’t care,” he said. “No talking to the Sheriff’s kid.”

“Fine,” you huffed. You got into the car and didn’t say a word until they dropped you off at home.

The next day wasn’t that much better.

You walked to school since you didn’t feel like being picked up by your “friends”. That was kind of a mistake since you lived far away from the school.

You only made it halfway before a blue jeep pulled up in front of you. Looking up at the driver, you met Stiles’ eyes as he smiled at you.

“Need a ride?” he asked. You nodded and ran around the headlights into the passenger seat of the car.

“Why were you walking to school?” he asked. “Got into a fight with your friends?”

“More like I didn’t want to talk to them so I left before they could pick me up,” I told him.

“Yeah, no offense, but they look like jerks,” he said.

“You’re a better judge of character than you think,” you told him.

“Then why do you hang out with them?” he asked you.”

“I’ve been asking myself that too,” you said quietly. The rest of the drive to school was spent with you laughing at some of the crazy stuff that Stiles told you. When you pulled into the parking lot, your stomach turned when you saw that your “friends” were already there. 

Stiles parked the car close to the school and opened the door for you like a gentleman. Once the two of you entered the main hallway, your ‘friends’ glared at you. One of the girls grabbed you arm and dragged you away from him and looked you straight in the eye.

“Didn’t we tell you not to hang out with the Sheriff’s kid?” she asked you in a harsh tone. You wretched your arm away from her.

“I could be friends with whoever I want to be friends with,” you told her. “And I don’t think I wanna be friends with you guys anymore. You guys only ever get me into trouble and then blame me when I try to do the right thing. I’m done with all of you. I think I’d rather hang out with the Sheriff’s kid.”

With that, you turned your back on her and the whole group, walking back to Stiles. He looked at you with pride in your eyes and slung his arm over your shoulder, walking you over to your locker.

During lunch, you met Scott and the three of you hit it off immediately. 

You were going to like Stiles Stilinski.


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Sunrises and sunsets … We’ll see all of them together. I’ll stay by your side and you won’t be alone … ANYMORE.” [Yoneda Kou - color]

Merry Christmas!!

anonymous asked:

What are your cullistair headcanons?

weeeeeeeell. how much time do you have because we could be here all night. for real. i’ve received a bunch of similar asks lately, nothing particularly specific tho, so i’m gonna answer a lil ship thingy i came across a few days ago and hopefully it’ll satisfy your curiosity 8)

all answered based on my swords and broken shields verse:

  • Who’s more likely to find who wearing their clothes?: cullen. i feel like alistair would wear cullen’s clothes as some sort of prank, but also because he’s a sentimental dork, they both are, and still cullen is more subtle in his romantic endeavors. i picture alistair shoving his face into cullen’s pillow when he’s gone and wrapping himself in his scent as soon as morning comes and who does that and he’s not creepy.
  • Who enunciates hand holding?: …i don’t think that word means what you think it means. but. they both initiate hand holding, rarely in public, alistair’s touch comforting and firm, heartfelt, i’m here, i’m yours, and cullen’s fingers gentle, a question and a promise, warm, a tender glint in his eyes, as am i.
  • Who likes having their hair washed by who?: alistair. but he won’t let him style it
  • Who likes to slow dance?: alistair, and i don’t know why but i’ve always pictured him as a great dancer. cullen sometimes indulges him, tho slow dancing usually involves the both of them standing by the window, still in each other’s arms, hands everywhere, broken whispers on each other’s lips.
  • Muse that’s more likely to fall asleep with their head in the others lap?: cullen, even when he doesn’t mean to, always exhausted and fighting off sleep as much as he can, but it’s hard to keep his eyes open when alistair feels like home, safe, a harbor where demons aren’t as frightening.
  • Muse that does all the cuddling in a blanket fort?: are you kidding they both do all the cuddling. when they are together, alone, when alistair’s convinced cullen to let himself breathe, they are very much all over each other, hands and arms and lips, legs intertwined, and they breathe together.
  • Who hogs most of the covers at night?: alistair, and he snores too, until he wakes and finds cullen agitated beside him, a nightmare he can’t fight for him, so he inches closer and wraps himself around him, tender caresses to soothe his mind, his heart.

more questions under the cut 8)

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