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The Morning After

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Waking up the morning after was never like they showed it in the movies. The reality was altogether a messier affair. Sheets clung uncomfortably in crevices, your bodies draped unceremoniously over one another, and a sweaty humidity still lingered in the air.

Jay was lightly snoring next to you. The scattered bits of sunlight that peaked through your bedroom curtains showed the stubble that lined his jaw. He looked almost innocent and you had to fight the impulse to kiss him.

How does he always manage to look so handsome?

You rolled over to check your phone that was charging on the bedside table. No new messages. A yawn escaped as you stretched your stiff muscles and wiped the sleep away from your eyes. Looking back over your shoulder to make sure Jay was still asleep, you went to wash yourself off in the bathroom. But his arm was pulling you back against him by your hips before your feet could touch the floor.

“Leaving me already?”

“Afraid I won’t come back?”

His face was nuzzled against the nape of your neck and you could feel his smile spread at your response.

“So feisty,” he teased, his hand shamelessly groping your ass. “But I haven’t given you permission to leave this bed. I’m not done having fun with you yet.”

“I feel gross, Jay. Let me go take a shower.”

His grip around you tightened in defiance when you tried to struggle free and you turned around to glare at him.

“You have to say the magic word first.”

“What are you? My mother?”

“Well if I remember last night I was your d-”

“Don’t remind me,” you groaned as you buried your face in the pillow. “It was a momentary lapse.”

His chest shook you as he chuckled and he leaned down to kiss the top of your head that was still exposed.

“I like your ‘momentary lapses.’”

He reached for your leg to lay it over his hip and your muscles clenched in anticipation. Jay smirked when he noticed your back arching at his touch. He loved how malleable you were in his hands. That just a simple touch could make you so willing. It was an affect he had on you that he would never be tired of.  He leaned closer to you so that he could nibble your earlobe.

“Your legs are like sandpaper, babe.”


You slapped him playfully on the chest before breaking free from his grip. He scrambled after you, the two of you tumbling across the bed in a mixture of limbs and laughter until Jay had you pinned underneath him. His eyes gazed fondly down at you as he swept a rogue strand of hair from your face. You rose up to meet his kiss and he shifted his weight to his elbows so that he could support your head. It left you with a sense of pride that you could still taste yourself on his lips.

“But seriously, babe. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m not even sore actually.”

He arched one of his eyebrows down at you as if your words were a challenge.

“I’ll have to fix that.”


My bf: *trying to sext me* What are you wearing tonight ;)

Me: Uhh…. uh..

Me: *Just finished putting my full drag makeup and beard on, dressed in men’s clothing*

Me: A tank top and panties

ok i remember seeing this in a fic and i wanted to expand a little. if this was your writing please do speak up cause i loved that fic (i thnk maybe it was Of Field Trips and Phantoms but idk)

so danny defeated pariah dark right??? well pariah was literally the king of the ghost zone. so wouldn’t that make the ghost zone his lair? and since danny beat him, isn’t the ENTIRE ghost zone HIS lair now??? hand in hand with that, shouldn’t he legit be the king of the ghost zone?

like. imagine all the ghosts suddenly respecting him because he actually beat pariah, and some genuinely like him but others just respect him becAuse they have to cause technically he’s king now. and they’re all confused when he doesn’t step up as king so they mention it to him during the regular mostly-for-sport fights, and danny’s like “what???” so clockwork comes and explains and. wow. suddenly danny has control of the entire ghsot zone and he has to step up and keep the world in order.

either danny would decline saying that clockwork should appoint a worthy person cause he needs to protect amity (clockwork knew he would refuse but tells danny anyway that “i can’t imagine a person more suited to the role”)

or danny would be like “fuck it” and steps up. he takes this opportunity to quell the ghost attacks and gather up the GZ into some semblance of an order, stopping warden walker’s unreasonableness and promoting Frostbite to a higher position to have him help keep the peace. he also decides to go ahead and tell his parents everything, with sam and tucker and an invisible dora outside to back him up cause he’s legit super afraid and his status as a ridiculously powerful ghost KING doesn’t matter cause tbese are his parent and have the ultimate authhority over him… but they hug him and say its okay and they’re proud of him but also he’s grounded for a month and frostbite has to take over for the time being, so he sends dora to deliver the news


just give me ghost king danny like i know there’s a ghostking au but there’s so little for it so im coming up with a little bit of speculating of my own


Y'know what fandom needs more OCs? Razia’s Shadow.

This is Nyx! Queen of the Dark, otherwise known as Pallis and Adakias’ mom. She’s most well known for killing her own father, the old king, cause he was just that awful. She lost her eye in that fight. If you look in the corner of the full pic, you will see @bonetiles has drawn that exact thing.

Nyx is terrifying, to be sure. But she’s known to be like, a decent person? She rules with an iron fist and maintains control, but she’s fundamentally a halfway-decent person. She treats her subjects fairly and without bias, and makes a point to visit them and learn about how everything’s going in her kingdom. I say she’s halfway-decent because if u try shit with her she might just kill you. So decent, but absolutely merciless.

She’s very protective of her sons. She worries about them a lot. She was like two seconds away from chasing Adakias herself and dragging him home by the ear, but Pallis convinced her that he could handle it. She had a kingdom to run, after all. Except we all know how that ends. Adakias’ death absolutely crushes her, and only serves to make her that much more overprotective of Pallis.

She could be telling someone to kneel in this pic, she could also be saying “children get your asses back here” or something along those lines. We just don’t know.

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