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What we really need is an adaptation of the original 1740 The Beauty and the Beast

So were you aware that the The Beauty and the Beast story we all know is a heavily abridged and rewritten version of a much longer novella by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve?  And that a lot of the plot holes existing in the current versions exist because the 1756 rewrite cut out the second half of the novella, which consisted entirely of the elaborate backstory that explains all the weird shit that happened before?  And that the elaborate backstory is presented in a way that’s kind of boring because the novel had only just been invented in 1740 and no one knew how they worked yet, but contains a bazillion awesome ideas that beg for a modern retelling?  And that you are probably not aware that the modern world needs this story like air but the modern world absolutely needs this story like air?  Allow me to explain:

The totally awesome elaborate backstory that explains Beauty and the Beast

  • Once upon a time there was a king, a queen, and their only son
  • But while the prince was still in his infancy, in a neat reversal of how these fairy tales usually go, the king tragically died, leaving his wife to act as Regent until their son reaches maturity
  • Unfortunately, the rulers of all the lands surrounding them go, “Hmm, the kingdom is ruled by a woman now, it must be weak, time for an invasion!”
  • And the Queen goes, “Well, if I let some general fight all these battles for me, he’ll totally amass enough fame and power to make a bid for the throne; if I want to protect my son’s crown, I have no choice but to take up arms and lead the troops myself!
  • (Btw, I want to stress that this woman is not Eowyn or Boudica and nothing in the way her story is presented suggests that she had any interest martial exploits before or in any way came to enjoy them during these battles.  This is a perfectly ordinary court lady who would much rather be embroidering altar covers for the royal chapel and playing with her child until necessity made her go, “Oh no, this sucks, I guess I have to become a Warrior Queen now” and she just happened to kick ass at it anyway.)
  • And the Queen totally kicked ass, but the whole “twice as good for half the credit” thing meant that no matter how many battles she won, potential enemies refused to take her and her army seriously until she had defeated them so no sooner would she fend off one invasion than another one would pop up on a different border.
  • So she spent the majority of her young son’s life away from the castle leading armies, but it was OK because she left him in the care of her two best friends, who just happen to be fairies!  This was an awesome idea because a) fairies have magic, and therefore are like the best people to protect the prince from any threats and b) fairies consider themselves to be so above humanity that the lowest fairy outranks the highest mortal, so they’d have no interest in taking a human throne.  Good thing they were both good fairies instead of one good and one evil one!
  • (Spoiler:  they were not both good fairies.)
  • So the two fairies basically take turns raising the prince until he’s old enough to rule.  And on the eve of his twenty-first birthday, the evil older one comes into the prince’s bedroom.
  • “So listen, kid.  You’re about to become king, your mother’s on her way home from the war to see you crowned, and I have a third piece of good news for you!  You see, I’ve actually been spending so much time here lately because Fairyland’s become a bit too hot to hold me for reasons totally not related to me being secretly evil.  And if I have to hang in the human world, I might as well reside in the upper echelons of it, so even though as a powerful fairy I completely eclipse your puny human status in a staggeringly unimaginable way, since you’re about to be king and since my premonition that I should stick this whole guardianship thing out because you would be hot one day has totally proved accurate (go me), I will graciously lower myself to allowing you to marry me.  Please feel free to grovel at my feet in gratitude.  (Btw, we can totally start the wedding night now, we’ll tell your mother about it when she arrives tomorrow.)”

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some neato stuff about gabriel reyes i felt like putting into list form just cause

  • led the overwatch strike team during the omnic crisis and won
  • is a tactical genius
  • sarcastic af
  • also chill 
  • makes dad jokes in game including such hits as “i work the graveyard shift” and “where’s your holiday spirit?” in his holiday skins
  • likes to pull pranks and have dramatic entrances
  • always smiling in every comic adaption we’ve seen him in
  • took down the entirety of deadlock pretty much by himself
  • took mccree under his wing when he could have just let him go to prison and now we got the cowboy dork we all know and love today
  • also likely had a hand in taking genji under his wing too
  • is a fan of basketball and basketball memes
  • likes costume design and can sew
  • angela ziegler asked him to design the overwatch uniforms once that’s how good he is at that shit
  • 6′1″
  • is the only one to show some compassion for the omnics in the uprising comic even though he led a strike team against them in a fucking war not too long ago
  • is the literal embodiment of the shrug emoji
  • is from LA and probably wears a hoodie in all types of weather because anything below 80 degrees might kill him
  • is sad they cleaned out the pollution in LA and now he coughs because he’s not used to the clean air
  • purposely put mccree in london after blackwatch’s suspension to make jack morrison help out the cause in kings row
  • both he and jack joined the SEP to help stop the omnic crisis—a program which is implied to have been extremely strenuous and probably didn’t have many successful cases
  • has a voice that could melt butter 
  • genuinely cares about his friends and seems pretty upset that overwatch left ana to die
  • knows jack morrison well enough to be able to predict his every move in a fight
  • “no one left behind” line when symmetra puts up a teleporter
  • friendly reaper lines are extremely tactical and also kinda quiet for someone who can jump onto the point and murder an entire team in 3 seconds
  • spares quite a few people during the animated shorts and comics when he could have easily killed them (ana, jack, winston, some of the guards in the infiltration short)

anyway i love gabriel reyes

avatarsymbolismsblogs  asked:

Can you draw old Mai and Zuko with their grandbabies, please?

sry, Izumi’s daughter probably wasn’t born yet 

Izumi is usually busy with “soon to be Fire Lord” lessons, so she probably asks her parents to babysit Iroh II a lot.

The Morning After

Sorry this took so long but thank you for being patient and thanks for your request!

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Waking up the morning after was never like they showed it in the movies. The reality was altogether a messier affair. Sheets clung uncomfortably in crevices, your bodies draped unceremoniously over one another, and a sweaty humidity still lingered in the air.

Jay was lightly snoring next to you. The scattered bits of sunlight that peaked through your bedroom curtains showed the stubble that lined his jaw. He looked almost innocent and you had to fight the impulse to kiss him.

How does he always manage to look so handsome?

You rolled over to check your phone that was charging on the bedside table. No new messages. A yawn escaped as you stretched your stiff muscles and wiped the sleep away from your eyes. Looking back over your shoulder to make sure Jay was still asleep, you went to wash yourself off in the bathroom. But his arm was pulling you back against him by your hips before your feet could touch the floor.

“Leaving me already?”

“Afraid I won’t come back?”

His face was nuzzled against the nape of your neck and you could feel his smile spread at your response.

“So feisty,” he teased, his hand shamelessly groping your ass. “But I haven’t given you permission to leave this bed. I’m not done having fun with you yet.”

“I feel gross, Jay. Let me go take a shower.”

His grip around you tightened in defiance when you tried to struggle free and you turned around to glare at him.

“You have to say the magic word first.”

“What are you? My mother?”

“Well if I remember last night I was your d-”

“Don’t remind me,” you groaned as you buried your face in the pillow. “It was a momentary lapse.”

His chest shook you as he chuckled and he leaned down to kiss the top of your head that was still exposed.

“I like your ‘momentary lapses.’”

He reached for your leg to lay it over his hip and your muscles clenched in anticipation. Jay smirked when he noticed your back arching at his touch. He loved how malleable you were in his hands. That just a simple touch could make you so willing. It was an affect he had on you that he would never be tired of.  He leaned closer to you so that he could nibble your earlobe.

“Your legs are like sandpaper, babe.”


You slapped him playfully on the chest before breaking free from his grip. He scrambled after you, the two of you tumbling across the bed in a mixture of limbs and laughter until Jay had you pinned underneath him. His eyes gazed fondly down at you as he swept a rogue strand of hair from your face. You rose up to meet his kiss and he shifted his weight to his elbows so that he could support your head. It left you with a sense of pride that you could still taste yourself on his lips.

“But seriously, babe. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m not even sore actually.”

He arched one of his eyebrows down at you as if your words were a challenge.

“I’ll have to fix that.”


unedited and lazy/borin but I couldn’t help myself :x It’s 4am here and I’ll have something proper tomorrow maybe whoops once I have some sleep but here have pics cause I’m really feelin him right now yessss

(PS all cause of the lovely @neversayenevermore and their fantastic photoshoot with the Ralphster Corbin was allowed to crash ;Dc lel)


“Do I need to make you swear an oath before a tree?”

“No.” Was that a jape? With Stannis, it was hard to tell.

Stannis + Sass


bbc merlin + colors
arthur in four colours > inspired by [x]

rich kid asshole paint me as a villain

Spot head cannons cause i wanna

-please imagine spot trying to keep it together when jack betrayed everyone

-like, spot just going to punch him, but stopping, and then when he goes back to brooklyn and has some time to himself just gets super upset

-the only reason he didn’t soak jack there and then was race  (ofc im adding sprace in this, who do you think i am)

-but like spot being all tough and scary, but feeling weak inside sometimes

-spot seeing crutchie get cornered one day after he defended another newsie, spot starts to go over and soak em, but crutchie smacks em in the leg with his crutch, hard

-spot has massive respect for crutchie since that day, he was never wary of him, but he gained respect that day.

-spot loves touch, he loves the pressure of hugs. but is super jittery when people touch him cause he’s king, no one should touch the king of brooklyn

-however when race hugs him for the first time (after they had to leg it for some reason) he cries

-he full on sobs, cause no one hugs him, he cant have people hug him. but race is different

-he trusts race with his life

-his first kiss is with race, when they were both drunk

-spot avoids race for 3 weeks before race storms into brooklyn and demands spot to talk to him

-race ends up with a shiner, but then they make up cause spot misses race.


Sas Nahn

I talk a lot about the part in TWoK that affected me so strongly that on my first read I threw the book across the room and didn’t touch it for a few days - I mean, I talk about that it happened that way. I was sideswiped. I threw the book. I let it lie there for a while. I don’t talk about That Chapter.

So, now I’m rereading the book, and got to Sas Nahn this morning. It’s been years and several rereads. I try not to look at it when I’m not doing a full reread, because of how it affects me.

But today, I was steeled for it.

And I finished the chapter. (More after the cut.)

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